Ice Cube Says Everything’s Corrupt Weighs in on the Political System & Capitalism

Looks like folks are coming out and making serious statements. I wish Ice Cube dropped this song a month ago, because it would’ve got a lot of folks thinking and asking hard questions before the election. nevertheless its a dope song and good video. props to the Don mega…

Ice Cube drops a serious jam

12 comments on “Ice Cube Says Everything’s Corrupt Weighs in on the Political System & Capitalism

  1. Classic Cube!!! How come he or his team doesn’t promote this? Dave, we need an Ice Cube interview to get to the bottom of this asap!!

  2. What the hell is he complainin about? Last I heard Cubes’ net worth is 100 milliion. Anything corrupt about that?

  3. Dude you got it twisted. Cube from the old school, he is speaking for the people not for himself like the wack rappers of today who can only speak about $$$, drugs, etc. He may have $100 million, but he is still a Nigga With an Attitude.

  4. The people can speak for themselves, they don’t need somebody who’s livin in luxury to come out and bat for them. Cube ain’t there now man. He’s Hollywood. This the same guy that rapped True to the Game and Burn Hollywood Burn? The last album I bought of Cube was Lethal Injection, the last great album he made but when I heard him say ”HIP HOP STARTED IN THE WEST” and diss the East Coast, that was it for me. How the f–k does he figure that? What ever he did up to LI was legendary anything after that was garbage albums and garbage films. He’s a shell of his former self, sounds like such a put on and is embarassing to listen to. Even his own homies went on record and dissed him.

  5. Great video when it come to all the visuals and overall message
    Maybe all these wack,sell-out minstrel homothug rap coons might wake up yet

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