5 Dope Scary Songs Other Than ‘Thriller’ You Need for Halloween

Its Halloween and over the years there have been some great songs to mark the occasion.. Yes we all know and love Michael Jackson‘s Thriller.. That was epic and will never be topped, but here’s a few more that will always be in my iPod on Oct 31. They are the best of the best.

Whodini Haunted house of Rock .. This is a classic jam that you could rock all year long and to be honest when it first came out many people like myself did.. This song sounds as dope as it did when it first came out..



DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.. Nightmare on My Street... I miss the days of Will Smith when he second billing to Jazzy Jeff.. They were totally underrated even with the release of this song which was dope and got a lot of play when it first dropped


Grave Diggaz ‘Diary of a Madman’.. Folks forget when there was a sub genre of Hip Hop called Horrorcore… Folks like Rza, Prince Paul and the late Poetic were in the forefront of producing songs that had a darker more ominous edge that touched on the occult and eveil spirits.. Grave Diggaz was a dope group who delivered.. I’m including another favorite song.. No where No where to Hide



Ministry Everyday is Halloween This group was mostly associated with the New Wave when this song dropped although I’m not quite sure if the group itself would describe themselves that way. The song was dope and was often played at parties of all types. The 12 inch was a dance club classic.. Timeless joint..


Don’t Forget..Hurricane Sandy Wrecked Havoc on More Than Just NY..

Haiti has been hard hit

By now its obvious to all of us that Hurricane Sandy did some serious damage to New York City. We pray for those suffering and we pray for those 11 people reported dead in the aftermath of this huge storm. At the same time, while all our attention is focused on New York, there are a few things to keep in mind.. First NY has vast resources and lots of contingency plans. The eyes of the world is upon her and thus as bad as Sandy has been the path to recovery will be certain and it will be swift.

What many of us including folks in NY may want to do, is note that natural disaster know no boundaries and thus our collective attention should be on all those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Her fierce winds and waves wrecked havoc in Haiti, which was already beleaguered with hundreds of thousands of folks still living in tents 2 years after the 7.5 earthquake. Sandy wrecked havoc in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaican and throughout the Caribbean. More than 60 people have been killed in those neighboring countries. Haiti has lost her crops.. Over 200k are left homeless with far fewer resources to rescue and restore what was lost..

I wish here news outlets would be more mindful of this when speaking about Sandy.. It was a storm of immense proportions and devastation..Sadly what we see taking place are stories about when and how the stock exchange will open and what the cost will be.. I hope the rest of us recognize the humanity in others beyond  our borders and the narrow framing of corporate news outlets..We can’t say we recovered until the folks south of us have recovered. All lives our precious, not just ours in the US..


RIP Hip Hop Spray Can Art Pioneer Tracy 168 (Friends and Family Say this is a Hoax)

***UPDATE*** We been getting word from friends and family who are close to Michael Tracy that his death has not been confirmed and reports of his death are cruel hoax. Fellow graph writer Copes2 says Tracy is alive and well and has been on Facebook.. His family is not so sure and are still trying to confirm whats going on and his current whereabouts.. Hopefully he’s alive and well… That’ll be major good news..we’ll keep you posted…In the meantime we encourage folks to learn about Tracy 168..

Davey D 10-31-12

This morning I saw the FB status of  Grandmaster Caz alerting us that Hip Hop lost a pioneering legend.. Michael Tracy aka Tracy 168. For many in today’s world of Hip Hop, Tracy is not known. Within the world of spray can art, he’s iconic and was very much relevant after being on the scene for 4 decades. He’s one that was on the scene before there was a term called Hip Hop and even before folks were spinning records and rocking the mic..He was featured in the movie Style Wars

Tracy, a Bronx native is considered by many an architect of the Wildstyle technique. He was seen as an artist’s, artist who was recently profiled in fellow artist Justin Bua‘s book Hip Hop Legends. Tracy 168 will forever have a seat at the Hip Hop Table of Greats…. RIP Tracy 168