A Great Speech from Immortal Technique on Immigration, Race & Hip Hop

It’s always a pleasure to sit down and chop it up with Immortal Technique or to be in the audience when he speaks. The man is full of wisdom. When he addressed the large crowd at an event in Los Angles for the Soundstrike he did not disappoint. This is an incredible speech on immigration, race relation and the current state of affairs…Props to tech for bringing the heat..

Click the link Below to peep this speech from Immortal Technique

18 comments on “A Great Speech from Immortal Technique on Immigration, Race & Hip Hop

  1. Once again I have to say that this is one of my favorite blogs — always informative and on point. Great post and YES YES Immortal Technique is a great speaker — alarm clock in the graveyard here!

  2. Damn, it’s always good to see young artists that are so well informed, and speak and act with such conviction. Thank you for posting this. He is soooooo on point.


    “What they don’t want is for us to stay on the land that belonged to us ancestrally”.

    ” We have been on this side of the world for millennium”.

    “If you don’t evolve you will become extinct”

    “We need to stand up as a united people”.

    Sounds like the same tribalistic rhetoric he complains about from racists and other people he disagrees with.

  4. Well said yay. Funny, my origins are of this hemisphere and even South of this US border. I’m not talking sedition and then making a peace sign. The most crack pot thing this dude spoke of was the Spanish reconquista, about following that historical episode, Jews and Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity. He left out the context of that reconquista. Re taking the lands of the Iberian peninsula from tribalistic Islamic warmongering invaders, who imposed Islam and sharia on Spain. I don’t care for Spain or its disgusting history in the lands south of the US border but I have a suspicion that Spain became the monster it did in order to repel the monster that had conquered them- i.e., Islam. How could this speaker forget that context. He speak of people devaluing women. No religion in the world devalues women more than Islam- women’s word is 1/3 of a mans in Islam, women must cover up and women can be hit if they are disobedient, Islam even sanctions slavery and rape. Islamic slave traders were part of the western slave trade that brought Africans to the Americas. Context is everything and this speaker Immortal Technique spoke without providing full context. He also fails to point out how much harsher Mexican Immigration law is compared to that of the US. This is why I abandoned the left a long time ago. Like the right, the lack context, they are extremist. That this IT guy would champion Islam does not surprise me, Chicano open borders Nazis and Islamist are all about taking insisting that they have a right to everything they demand. The southwest belongs only to Chicanos? Tell a Hopi, Zuni, Pueble, Comanche, Navajo, Pima etc etc. that. Aztec/chicano origin myths are as lame as the excuses made by Israeli Jews make when they colonize land off the Palestinian west bank. Context is everything. There are extremist on both sides of the divide. OBTW, I am of indigenous ancestry and can name the village and ethnic of the village my clan comes from in the Americas and I don’t use that race card as a reason to be an extremist.

  5. Elvis stop with the racist crap.. You’re not who u say you are.. If u wanna spread islamaphobia go to another site.. Also It was more than on point.. ya gotta love guys like u trying to pull nonsense at every turn.. smdh..

  6. hey lil’ elvis, what’s wrong with Islam? Your ancestry means sh*t! Anyone with an ounce of truth and honesty would agree with Tech. white supremacy is the dam problem the world needs to get rid off. What “group of people” in the world still go around colonizing others and warring?

    Leave Islam alone cos Islam is not the reason why Palestinians are suffering. Islam did not genocide the Natives. Islam did not drop A-bombs on Japan. Islam did not gas the jews out of Germany. Islam did not kill all those Vietnamese. Islam was not responsible for the apartheid in South Africa. Islam did not launch “war on terror”, “war on drugs” and “war on poverty. Islam was not responsible for WWI-WWII.

    As for Islam devaluing women? Serious? you’re telling me lady “boy” gaga and britney “loony” spears are valued???Wtf!!

  7. In Islam the main problem is (on a macro scale) that there are still countries that will put you to death for burning a book or speaking bad about “mohammed” or whatever. The U.S. doesn’t have blasphemy laws thanks to the constitution but even in “Christian” countries that do, the most violators get are a few years in prison. In muslim nations you literally get murdered or whipped. So that’s one example of what is wrong with Islam. Outside of it’s national context it’s as tribal as anything including Judaism and Christianity and shouldn’t be “left alone” anymore than those two religions. “White supremacy” isn’t anymore a problem than any other form of group tribalism with an infringing ideology or agenda. Additionally I really can’t imagine walking down the street anywhere in the U.S. and burning a bible and getting more than yelled at, ignored or at the least punched. But I can imagine living in parts of Afaganistan and being noosed for it without a second thought. Killing people based on them burning a book or calling your religion stupid is a sign of an underdeveloped culture and it’s not one to be tolerated regardless of what religion it is. I don’t care if it’s fucking hillbillies in Texas with bibles, mentally backward muslims or yamaka wearing neo nazi isreali nut jobs.

  8. I don’t know ipH Brian Foulks is censoring the beef about my tweet, I suggest the E.T academy for sour strategic blights on spaceman ships and base narrations. Salaam and High 5!


  10. White supremacy isn’t the only problem the world needs to get rid of. Male supremacy is just as insidious, if not more so. Women and children constitute the vast majority of the world’s poor. If that is not corrected, and the status of women in every country is not substantially elevated, then there’s no hope for humanity in general. Even if white supremacy is defeated.

  11. ^ 100% with you Denise.

    Thanks for sharing this! Love that Tech has toned down the violent rhetoric from his earlier years for a more balanced, pragmatic approach to making revolutionary change.

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