Mayor Ed Lee Clarifies his position on Stop & Frisk Policy In San Francisco


In recent days SF Mayor Ed ‘Emperor’ Lee has come under fire about his public admiration of New York City’s infamous Stop and Frisk Police..The idea that he might adapt that policy led to a series of angry denouncements, demonstrations, lots of emails and phone calls to his office. Topping all of this was this recent stinging rebuke from Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report..


Mayor Ed Lee

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today issued the following statement on San Francisco and “Stop and Frisk Policy”:

“The month of June in San Francisco experienced a spike in shootings and homicides in our Southeast
neighborhoods. This is unacceptable and while I take this issue extremely seriously, I want to be clear that I
have not considered implementing a policy in San Francisco that would violate anyone’s constitutional rights or
that would result in racial profiling. I have stated that I am willing to look at what other cities are doing to
reduce gun violence, including cities like New York and Philadelphia that both have stop and frisk programs.

I have been meeting with community leaders, have attended services to meet with congregants and have met
with law enforcement about this issue. We share grave concerns about gun violence and its disproportionate
impact on communities of color and youth in San Francisco. We need to do more.

Public safety can only be achieved through collaboration and partnership between law enforcement and the
communities we all serve. Community policing and community development efforts have important roles to
play in the prevention of violence, and I will continue to meet with community leaders and faith based
organizations to advance these priorities.

I want to be very clear. As a former human rights director and civil rights attorney, I hold the individual
protections afforded to us all under the 4th Amendment as sacrosanct. As we continue our discussions to reduce
violence and get guns out of our communities, I will not support, nor will I put forward any proposal that will
violate any such protections, but I am willing to move forward with bold ideas that get to results.

I will continue to work with the community to end gun violence in San Francisco.”

7.17.12 Clarifying Stop & Frisk Policy Statement


8 comments on “Mayor Ed Lee Clarifies his position on Stop & Frisk Policy In San Francisco

  1. Stop and frisk is nothin new.
    It’s just a re-up of what used to be stop and confiscate. Where we re-sellin this swag yo.

    It does nothin positive. It only causes resentment.

    Once again a clueless expenditure that does nothin but cause anger and entrenchment.

    ITS JOBS !!!! OUTLETS!!!! How bout takin that millions and open up whatever trade associatiations, jobs fairs, music ect. Then if booboo from the block doesn’t want to take advantage then its on him : but least provide the ALTERNATIVE options !!!!!

  2. Ed Lee is lazy and wants to find the easy way out. He needs to work long and hard with the community to come up with solutions. Stop trying to use worthless strategies and find some of his own. Lazy A**. Playing with our lives.

  3. Though I agree that Stop and Frisk is racial profiling and Jim Crow all over again… I have to say your use of the term “Emperor” for an Asian man gives me pause. On the left we need to fight against ALL racism, not just for Black and Brown folks but hold Mayor Lee accountable to people of color without recycling other racist notions.

  4. Emperor Ed.. gets that name because of his political leanings where suppression and omission is an end game.. I have no idea why Ed being an Emperor is somehow racist.. I could call him Lord Ed, but doesn’t flow or King Ed or Emperor Ed.. He certainly hasn’t acted like a a mayor who is for all the people..

  5. the numbers are ridiculous. Coming from England, as tough as we have it, I could never imagine that amount of non-white people being murdered regularly. The figures are, in my view, astonomical.

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