AeroSoul3 Healing the Hood from Khemet 2 Aztlan (Hip Hop Pioneers Return to the Bay)

Refa One

Bay Area legend Refa One is no joke when it comes to fighting for the people in our community. He is uncompromising in the face of white supremacy and oppression. He’s clear about holding himself and all of us in the community accountable when it comes to setting  fast and hard guidelines for the youth he works with to follow.

When there’s a problem in the hood, Refa is not one to sit around waiting for the Mayor, the NAACP or some other messianic leader to come along and solve it. He and the Northstar Zulu Nation chapter he rolls with are quick to step up and show and prove.They show love.. Demonstrate skillz and speak to the importance of connecting back to the essence of who we are as a people and what Hip Hop ultimately is..

“Youngstas on the block should not have to go downtown and leave the neighborhood to see artist put in work designed to address issues and bring about social change”.. Refa would often say. He notes its important that him and others stay rooted in the hood and be visible to the community when they do their work. Over the years its made a difference. Places where Refa and his crew have painted have been claimed by the community as respected spaces where folks can gather and be free of drama.

Last year he brought several dozen African-American graf pioneers from NY and all over the world for AeroSoul 2. their goal was to build and work on ways to take back our neighborhoods and redirect Hip Hop culture which they felt was hijacked and misdirected by corporate interests..Aerosoul 3 is set to jump off this week.. It has abigger goal of not only using art to touch the masses and help heal, but also to connect and build bridges to various Black and Brown communities all over.. Hence the name from Khemet to Aztlan..

We got a chance to sit down and talk w/ Refa as well a Docta, a well-known artist from Senegal. Here’s our convo which aired on Hard Knock Radio.. In this interview you hear incredible music from Bay Area legend Bas1. Later this week we’ll be speaking with some of the pioneering graf writers out of NY..

For more info go to website where you can watch the trailer

Below is information Refa posted about the historic gathering of AeroSoul 3

That’s right ‘chall… AeroSoul, the world’s most comprehensive body of work focusing on the African/Black experience in Spray Can Writing Culture is coming to San Francisco California this summer July 13th-15th.

The Exhibit will break historical ground at the prestigious African-American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco’s Fillmore district. 2012 marks the 3rd year for this annual Pan-African Spray Can Art Festival.

AeroSoul 3, “From Khemet to Aztlan” will feature a body of work accentuating the African presence in art from Ancient Africa to the early African presence in the western hemisphere through the style lens of HipHop Calligraphy and iconography. This collection work and artifacts will represent some of the worlds most skilled muralist and illustrators in the African Diaspora.

AeroSoul3 will chart the historic evolution of Spray Can Writing Culture from it’s East Coast (New York City/Philadelphia) origins to it’s style successors world-wide through the narrative of the African experience. Artist from across the United States, Europe and West Africa will converge for this annual festival to celebrate the African Legacy in Spray Can Writing Culture as well as joining together to paint a Mural in the tradition of the HipHop genre. The Gallery exhibit will run a full 6 month period from July 2012-February 2013.

During the Opening weekend an Artist panel from around the globe as well as representatives from different dynastic periods will speak about the state of the art and their rich experience. This year AeroSoul 3 is proud present the Youth edition of the exhibit that will run congruently at the AAACC.

The Youth show will highlight the young and upcoming masters of the craft that have been engaged in programs provided by AeroSoul Art instructors. The AeroSoul line up is very impressive this year with a cast of writers from NewYorks 1970’s  & 80’s era, Riff170, Slave TF5, Butch2,Tean TMT, Kade TMT,Chain3,Skeme, Shame125, Sak MBT, and Soon1 to name a few. Mark your calendars folks, this historic event to promote the legacy of writing culture and end youth violence through art is not to be missed. For more info go and

HipHop Lives!

5 comments on “AeroSoul3 Healing the Hood from Khemet 2 Aztlan (Hip Hop Pioneers Return to the Bay)

  1. Thanks for this Davey D. I grew up on your virtual Hip Hop Corner message boards and 16 years later I’m still getting schooled. I feel empowered and motivated as I learn more because you do a phenomenal job promoting the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture. When I moved to Cali one of my main missions was and is to help enhance Black and Brown unity. One of the social justice orgs I joined is Association of Raza Educators in San Diego and in our reading circle we are reflecting on the “The Art of…Critical Pedagogy: Possibilities for Moving from Theory to Practice in Urban Schools” by Jeffrey M.R. Duncan-Andrade and Ernest Morrell. I mention this title because Refa One’s Spray Can Art graces the cover and it’s one of my favorite books not only to discuss, but to “show off.” I’m happy listening to Refa One’s voice; it’s so hella powerful and passionate and we hardly get to hear from graf/spray can artists. I truly appreciate the knowledge bombs dropped in this interview. The collaborative work he is facilitating is culturally relevant and monumental. I concur, it’s so essential for us to understand and connect the African Diaspora/Atzlan and for us to define/preserve our culture and health. It’s amazing because a week and a half ago I looked up “Hip Hop and Health” online and came across the innovative public health graffiti/spray can art work being done Dakar, Senegal. This all reminds of KRS ONE’s (H-LAWs), Health, Love, Awareness & Wealth or Hip Hop’s Lessons and Wisdoms. Thanks for creating conscious spaces for us to promote LOVE in Hip Hop, to celebrate and encouraging us to preserve our legacy. I look forward to promoting and supporting future events like AeroSoul 3 and visiting the Bay to see spaces like the African-American Art & Culture Complex. I wish all involved continued success. Inspiration is free! peace Sp!zz from Boston, MA now in San Diego, CA.

  2. Art exhibit, artist, music, the people, Hip Hop, and Brothers from Another Planet feet grinding floor, with synchronous double jointed moves to funk was amazing! Refa One, Great Job!

  3. Now this is what I’m talking about, Bro. Davey! MUCH LOVE and RESPECT to you for writing such a wonderful article and reporting this, and MUCH LOVE and RESPECT to Refa One for the informative, insightful interview, and for putting together this event! There need to be more of an exchange of information and ideas when it comes to HipHop that don’t just focus on rappers or recording artist on major record labels. Much attention should be given to aerosol artists, as well as the b-boys and b-girls/ dancers and the D.J.’s, when it comes to discussing HipHop Culture. With this being such a positive, uplifting and unifying HipHop Cultural event, one would think that many people would be up on this, just like everyone would be if something negative were to go down that had something to do with a rapper or rap music, of if there were some beef going on between rap artist.
    Thanks for the great post, Bro. Davey, and putting light on the spray can artist! Refa One, keep doing what you do!

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