California Assembly Passes Bill to Honor the Father of Crack w/ a Statue inside State Capitol

What the heck is wrong with our lawmakers in Sacramento? This past Friday the State Assembly unanimously approved a bill that would allow a statue of the Father of Crack Cocaine to be places inside the Capitol.

The men behind this move is Assemblyman Curt Hagman of Chino Hills and Martin Garrick of Solana Beach. They authored the AB2358 which passed 55-0. Obviously our lawmakers see nothing wrong with sending a bad example to our kids..How do we go about honoring the Father of Crack? Can we get a statue of Black Panther leader Huey P Newton or United farm worker leader Cesar Chavez inside the Capitol? Perhaps we can show some love to Angela Davis or Dolores Huerta?

With each passing year, we have delusional forces within our population who wish to rewrite history and make us forget about a man they call the ‘Great Communicator or the Gipper.. He’s the California actor-turned President turned Crack Cocaine Lord-Ronald Wilson Reagan..

They can honor Reagan with a statue if they want. Many of us will remember his destructive anti-heroic role. Thank God for Atlanta rapper Killer Mike who did this song reminding us about all the harm and dread Ronald Reagan brought to this country.. Here’s an article laying out all his evil deeds.. From supporting Apartheid to turning hsi back on the Aids Epidemic.. Read that article HERE

On last tidbit… The statue of a Civil War abolitionist named Thomas Starr King was removed back in 2006 to make room for Reagan.. How’s that for a nasty insidious twist? Get rid of a guy who fought against slavery to honor a man who turned his back on anti Apartheid efforts..Remember how Reagan stood against Nelson Mandela and the ANC?

3 comments on “California Assembly Passes Bill to Honor the Father of Crack w/ a Statue inside State Capitol

  1. When the US drug plane went down in CA, the WaPo was ready to break the story. Emergency White House meeting w K Graham & others stopped it. I assume they thought they were being patriotic.

    Only alternative & AA papers covered it at all. For most of America, it never happened.

  2. The admirers of Soviet Communism will never forgive Reagan for the total defeat they suffered at his hands.

  3. Taste the TRICKNOLOGY. Taste the DIVERSITY, oh puny inbred homo sapien. The greater diversity of our hybrid neanderthal fortified DNA gives us the ability to destroy MILLIONs with the tiniest of rocks.

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