Pete Rock Issues Statement About Lupe Interview… (Here’s Some Food for Thought)

New York, NY – – In an effort to add clarity and insight into a recent controversy that has been stirring this week, legendary Hip Hop producer Pete Rock speaks about the matter of Lupe Fiasco‘s take on his classic song from 1992, T.R.O.Y. / They Reminisce Over You. Pete Rock offers these statements to set the record straight:

It’s true that Lupe Fiasco’s representative from Atlantic Records contacted me last fall and he did so while I was in mourning over the sudden death of my cousin Heavy D. I gave the representative a conditional “yes” to use T.R.O.Y. for Lupe’s album but only based on the condition that I be involved on the project. It’s what I always say when approached by people who want to use that particular song. I was never contacted again. At no point was there any follow up from Atlantic Records. Now, the story gets twisted and it’s being said that I said “yes.” The part about my conditions has been left out to make me seem like I’m a hypocrite. When I heard about the song again, it was done, completed, and playing on the radio…and that was Monday night.

It’s true that people have made T.R.O.Y. over. I can’t control what’s done with my work after it’s already out there but I can control who gets my blessings. Those who involve me and respect me in the process, get my blessings. Those who work behind my back – but all the while putting up a front like I’m down with it – don’t.

I’m flattered that they wanted to remake my song and that they respect it for the classic that it is. I just think they should have talked to Atlantic Records to make sure things were done right. The biggest violation is from Atlantic Records but what can you expect? Labels are corporations and their whole point is to sell records. If they respect the artist in the process that would be nice, but they’re not required. For as political as Lupe as, I expected him to know that and to have hopefully made them more accountable. I’m surprised that he’s siding with the corporation on this.

Technically, there was no crime committed with the release of Lupe’s version of my song. Technically, the song can be out there but I’m not talking about legalities. I’m asking: Where’s the respect for the code among artists?

No ego, but I know my place in this game. I’m recognized as a legend and I accept that. But most of all, I’m a grown man. The love and admiration that people have for me as a producer and as a man of honor has been non-stop, consistent for over 20 years. That’s based on something that can’t be touched. My music and my character stands for itself. T.R.O.Y was a career-defining song has gotten me invited to the White House. It’s not just because people think the production is dope. It’s also because of what the song stands for. I want my music to touch people but I don’t want to be walked over or lied on in the process.

I admit that my outburst on Monday night on Twitter was based on my reminiscing about Heav and Troy. I think about them every day. I apologize for being emotional about this. I had no intentions of hurting Lupe’s career. That’s not me. I’m known for building up not breaking down careers. Moving forward, I’m 100% in control and focused on what’s good.

When asked why he felt it important speak out again, Pete Rock went on to say: I’ve been around this game long enough to know controversies come and they go and a lot of times the facts of the situation get blotted out. This situation is hot enough for me to set the record straight. Like I said before, I’m moving on.”

-Pete Rock-

Davey D’s Food for Thought:

This is an industry where from time to time folks will have some serious disagreements..We’re talking about works of art and when it comes down to it folks are extremely passionate about their craft..I can easily see the passion that Pete has about TROY and I can see why Lupe would be so upset with criticism that Pete launched on twitter.

All this gets complicated by folks access to social media and the growing fickleness of fans.. We now live in a world where artists whether they like it or not are brands. Their names and work are businesses connected to many others who are behind the scenes and not on the mic or on the stage..Sadly we are at a point where a misplaced word or public critic can seriously impact one’s career or business. This is by no means unique to Hip Hop.. Talk to a business who got a bad review on a site like Yelp.

I hope that Pete and Lupe can retire their disagreement and talk behind the scenes. While public disputes & beefs  are good fodder for all of us who write or broadcast, it adds to an increasingly destructive climate that all of us should take heed to..This is not to say that Pete or Lupe would do each other harm, but its all of us who weigh in and offer harsh opinions and barbs..

For example, it was sad to see some of the vitriol directed at Lupe when Pete tweeted out his criticisms. I personally wish he had called him vs tweeting.. I felt it was unfair for Lupe to be on the receiving end of folks reacting to Pete to suddenly start dissing Lupe, especially when Lupe is really trying to put some social commentary and food for thought into his music…

Yesterday when Lupe expressed his anger and disappointment on Sway’s Morning show it was sad to see folks react with harsh negativity toward Pete..For many of us, Pete’s a legend, who’s earned his stripes and it’s never good to see our heroes and sheroes torn down. We have enough folks outside our community who do this day in and day out…It’s this type of weighing that leads to unnecessary drama.

I hope all of us take this incident as an opportunity to grow and learn from.. All of us should be reaching out to Pete and Lupe and insisting they resolve their situation behind close doors. And if its gonna play out in public hopefully they conduct themselves in away that sets a tone for all of us to follow.. A lot of eyes are watching both men..

For those of us in the industry, journalist and bloggers included we should be working overtime to bring this in a forward productive direction.. Peace is an investment all of us can benefit from..And if we’re gonna weigh in and highlight beefs, there have been close to 30 police killings of Black people since Trayvon Martin.. That’s some beef to sink into..

They just arrested a brother in Oakland the other day named Chris Moreland and charged him with 3 Felonies for stepping to a lying police chief over the killing of an unarmed youth.. That’s beef..

Last week they had drones flying over Chicago as people protested NATO and their policies to advance war.. That’s beef..

New York City police are on pace to Stop and Frisk over 800 thousand people this years.. That’s some beef to highlight..

Have any of us taken a look at Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget?  That’s beef..  Food for Thought..

-Davey D-

PS..June 9th marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Mecca and the Soul Brother. Pete Rock will announce his new projects on this milestone date. Follow him on Twitter at @PeteRock

Read statement from May 23 at

18 comments on “Pete Rock Issues Statement About Lupe Interview… (Here’s Some Food for Thought)

  1. Davey D, I particularly liked the last part of that article, your food for thought.

    “Beef is oil prices and geo-politics/
    Beef is Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza Strip/
    some beef is big and some beef is small/
    but what y’all call beef is not beef at all”- Mos Def

  2. Lupe has disrespecting those who came before him once again. This is on par with going on stage not knowing the Tribe lyrics at Hip hop honors.

  3. No love for New Jacks that don’t respect the fact that they are disposable from the industry’s point of view. They kiss the pinky ring of the corporations unabashedly. The proper respect would have been for Lupe to say “NO. If Pete Rock is not involved it don’t get done.” If he doesn’t have that kind of control over his art then it ain’t art and it ain’t his, he’s just a packaged brand of a whore helping to further the Corporate Control of Rap Culture.

    Folks like Pete Rock are still around because they serve the art first which serves the people and then they fulfill their commitment to the corporations. We got into this shit just so our homies could hear it and we would be respected and get the chance to work with the people that inspired what we do. The money came later. The New Jacks are willing whores who too often sell their souls for dreams of gold and wealth.

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  5. All due respect to Pete Rock, but the jazz track which plays in the background on T.R.O.Y., which is now of course synonymous with the song, is actually a sample of a 1967 song called “Today” by Tony Scott and the California Dreamers. I haven’t heard the Lupe song in question yet, but if it samples that same jazz track as well, the sample is not really Pete Rock’s to claim, is it?

  6. I don’t use Twitter for this very reason. People are too emotional nowadays and just go in without thinking of the ramifications. It’s also a sad state of affairs when reality t.v. personalities have more followers than a Davey D or a Chuck D. Pete is a legend no doubt, but with that title comes responsibility and he should’ve stepped to Lupe on a personal level. Also kind of perplexed by the situation, because it was my understanding that Large Professor gave him the sample for T.R.O.Y.

  7. @ChicoUnbreakable: If you read the statement, Atlantic did not fulfill the conditions. Why? Because they were thinking of the money they might have to pay him If he got involved. So Pete had every right to vent of whatever outlet of social media possible. Lupe foolishly sided with the same label that played him during the disaster that was LASERS. As for the sample in that sense LP should have be given co producer credits but still doesnt detract from the Around my way beat being a poor rip off of a classic. Peace

  8. I think everyone is right here!
    One thing that people are forgetting is that Pete Rock has been through a lot in the last two years. Remember ,that members of his family and some of his friends were beaten by New York police at his Monumental release party.

    I think if you create something you have a right to go off! What’s missing from Rap and Hip-Hop culture is originality. People do their own renditions in other genre’s of music but I think there is so much room – samples, for rappers to use to make new songs. Rappers should quit biting and reminiscing about the golden age and keep sampling and making new music. We are going back too soon when there is so much further to go.

    What about black on black crime? Make a song about that!

  9. @Worldwide point well taken, but I also had the opportunity to read Pete’s tweets, on Vlad’s site and the brotha was calling the song wack, and all kind of other harsh tweets. I feel as men it should’ve been dealt with behind closed doors. Lupe is one of the only young rappers who attempts putting out conscience music, so I wish Pete would’ve took that into account before “spanking” him. I’m more a fan of Lupe’s politics than his music, whereas Pete Rock is probably only third to Premier and Large P as the greatest rap producers of all-time, in my eyes. I respect your POV still, and Pete’s right to be so emotional about someone/something dear to his heart.

  10. Where’s the link to Pete Rock’s twitter rant and Lupe’s phone call? It’s kinda taken out of context without knowing what was said before

  11. Pete Rock is dope! I don’t know too many people who can produce his caliber of music. If he gave any random critic the samples he has used, they could’t duplicate what he does. How many people have MPC’s or SP1200s? Too many!

    Everyone has gone off at some point in their life, be it at home with their momma or their girl or their boss at Kinko’s!

    True, he should have been a little more discreet but man, when someone takes your “%&$&$& that’s not right, especially in Rap music. It’s happened to me and I went off!

    In the digital age nobody has privacy. Everything you do is public. What would have been better, would have been a collaboration, like what Pete wanted. He’s had his music taken before but he said he moved on from that experience. All creative people have dilemmas they face. Didn’t the Tribe documentary address some of these issues?

  12. This is the same old Willie Lynch shit that got 2PAC & Biggie killed. The damage is done. But I pray that these 2 young brothers can fix this issue LIKE MEN, and be an example for some of us out here in these streets how to talk amicably about a disagreement and find a solution. They cannot go back in time. We all say things that in the heat of the moment we wish we could take back. But going forward, they both have to realize that they were set up. Both are soldiers in the hip hop army. Our young folks need their leadership and inlfuence as positive roles in the game. They cannot allow the distraction of the media continue to fan the fire.

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