Have We Forgotten All the Bank Foreclosures? Cali Rapper Bambu Hasn’t

There’s a lot of talk about Hip Hop being dead or completely compromised with messages and images that fulfill corporate agendas and while that may be true in terms of what is presented on some of the largest stages around us, we should not discount the fact that everyday folks are waking up and fighting the good fight… One cat that puts in work day in and day out is Bambu.. Some may be familiar with him as one half of the group Native Guns.. Others know him as a committed community activist who is always trying to find ways to uplift the youth..

This week many activists and concerned citizens are in Chicago protesting the NATO Summit.. Many are being arrested and tossed in jail with the bogus charge of terrorism for simply live streaming or marching. I hope people are paying attention to what is going on as we are witnessing a complete news blackout.. With that being said NATO is where you will find government forces from all over the world who are beholden to the 1%.  Many of us forget that our real fight is with that small cabal of people who dictate the direction of the economy and now the types of oppressive and restrictive laws we will live under.. Artist like Bambu haven’t forgotten as illustrated in this new video..He goes hard on the issue of foreclosures which in 2012 represent the biggest theft this country has ever seen..   He deserves major props for stepping up and reminding all of us what sort of truth we should be speaking in these turbulent times..

written by Davey D





8 comments on “Have We Forgotten All the Bank Foreclosures? Cali Rapper Bambu Hasn’t

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  2. Owning a house is a privilege not a right. Why should anyone feel sorry for these people? I can’t afford a house. Why the fuck should I care? I think the foreclosures are funny and entertaining.

    The problem isn’t the laws, the problem is a lack of educated lineage where people are willing to confront the reality of their personal economic situation. In short, the problem is these people never learned how to see through a superficial yes-man culture…..including their own.

    The next bubble is education and the debt around it, that should be fun too.

    And for the record “Non-corporate rap” is just as useless and confusing and the corporate rap. Corporations use ghetto rap because it’s stupid and appealing to people that don’t know anything which is exactly the same reason people in the hood use it. It’s all the same.

    I tried listening to the song. I couldn’t understand anything this guy was blabbling about. He must be speaking in some deep hiphop code that only the great and anointed can understand. lol

  3. This is wussup! Bambu is hot.
    Check out Jazi’s new album “I.D.G.A.F.” dropping June 1st and download it exclusively on reverb nation -jazihawaii – Also, download Jazi’s single “Get You Home” for free and be on the lookout for Jazi’s new music video dropping soon. Add Jazi on twitter – jaziHI – Thank you for all the love and support.

  4. I typed OWNING a house is a privilege not a right. And by U.S. norms,laws and customs housing in and of itself isn’t a “right” either (sad but true) . Anyone who’s been homeless knows this. You may consider it a right by your own personal value system, but whatever you idealize doesn’t necessarily extend outside your own head to the rest of society. Personally I wish housing was a right but this simply isn’t the case. I think I see things perfectly clear Dave – thanks, I’m not “lost”. I just don’t fuck around and blur the line between entertainment, idealism and the hard realities of this world.

  5. I saw what u typed and again HOUSING is a right many houses being foreclosed contain folks who live in them who are renting..so when that shuts down those folks are displaced.. the housing boom was a scan and millions got burned and as a society we have a responsibility to correct that..and make sure we own a home.. the reality is some of us will push to make sure its a right while those who are lost will not..

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