Gov Scott Walker You’re Fired! New Song Calling for Him to be Ousted Hits the Streets!

Props to Jasiri X who is back on the grind, bringing serious truth and hard-hitting music to key issues of the day..Last year around this time, Jasiri weighed in on the big debate around public union bargaining rights in Wisconsin when tens of thousands came out to oppose newly elected Governor, Koch brother puppet, Scott Walker.. The song ‘American Workers vs Multi-Billionaires‘ went over well and became an anthem of sorts for many who were vigorously opposing Walker’s attempts to end collective bargaining.

This time around Jasiri X weighed in with the recall efforts which are on full tilt.. His new song is called Scott Walker You’re Fired. Ya gotta love artists like Jasiri X, Rebel Diaz, Immortal Technique, Mos Def, Invincible and dead prez for constantly providing a soundtracks to struggles the people are undertaking..

7 comments on “Gov Scott Walker You’re Fired! New Song Calling for Him to be Ousted Hits the Streets!

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  2. What people do Not Know is Scott Walker is a Bad Republican and a Criminal. Scott Walker actually Fired a million American Citizens and replaced them with Foreigners With Criminal Backgrounds….All kinds of Foreigners Even Muslims with Big Turbans on their heads That Hate Americans. It’s True Look it Up…Wake Up People!!!

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