Looking Back at Huey Newton’s Thoughts on Gay Rights…In the Wake of Obama’s Endorsement

This was a speech given August 15 1970 by Huey Newton co-founder of the Black Panther Party..here he addresses the issue of Gay Rights… Its serious food for thought coming in the aftermath of President Obama endorsing Same-sex Message…

Huey Newton

During the past few years strong movements have developed among women and among homosexuals seeking their liberation. There has been some
uncertainty about how to relate to these movements.

Whatever your personal opinions and your insecurities about
homosexuality and the various liberation movements among homosexuals
and women (and I speak of the homosexuals and women as oppressed
groups), we should try to unite with them in a revolutionary fashion.
I say ” whatever your insecurities are” because as we very well know,
sometimes our first instinct is to want to hit a homosexual in the
mouth, and want a woman to be quiet. We want to hit a homosexual in
the mouth because we are afraid that we might be homosexual; and we
want to hit the women or shut her up because we are afraid that she
might castrate us, or take the nuts that we might not have to start

We must gain security in ourselves and therefore have respect and
feelings for all oppressed people. We must not use the racist attitude
that the White racists use against our people because they are Black
and poor. Many times the poorest White person is the most racist
because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover
something that he does not have. So you’re some kind of a threat to
him. This kind of psychology is in operation when we view oppressed
people and we are angry with them because of their particular kind of
behavior, or their particular kind of deviation from the established

Remember, we have not established a revolutionary value system; we are
only in the process of establishing it. I do not remember our ever
constituting any value that said that a revolutionary must say
offensive things towards homosexuals, or that a revolutionary should
make sure that women do not speak out about their own particular kind
of oppression. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite: we say
that we recognize the women’s right to be free. We have not said much
about the homosexual at all, but we must relate to the homosexual
movement because it is a real thing. And I know through reading, and
through my life experience and observations that homosexuals are not
given freedom and liberty by anyone in the society. They might be the
most oppresed people in the society.

And what made them homosexual? Perhaps it’s a phenomenon that I don’t
understand entirely. Some people say that it is the decadence of
capitalism. I don’t know if that is the case; I rather doubt it. But
whatever the case is, we know that homosexuality is a fact that
exists, and we must understand it in its purest form: that is, a
person should have the freedom to use his body in whatever way he

That is not endorsing things in homosexuality that we wouldn’t view as
revolutionary. But there is nothing to say that a homosexual cannot
also be a revolutionary. And maybe I’m now injecting some of my
prejudice by saying that “even a homosexual can be a revolutionary.”
Quite the contrary, maybe a homosexual could be the most

When we have revolutionary conferences, rallies, and demonstrations,
there should be full participation of the gay liberation movement and
the women’s liberation movement. Some groups might be more
revolutionary than others. We should not use the actions of a few to
say that they are all reactionary or counterrevolutionary, because
they are not.

We should deal with the factions just as we deal with any other group
or party that claims to be revolutionary. We should try to judge,
somehow, whether they are operating in a sincere revolutionary fashion
and from a really oppressed situation. (And we will grant that if they
are women they are probably oppressed.) If they do things that are
unrevolutionary or counterrevolutionary, then criticize that action.
If we feel that the group in spirit means to be revolutionary in
practice, but they make mistakes in interpretation of the
revolutionary philosophy, or they do not understand the dialectics of
the social forces in operation, we should criticize that and not
criticize them because they are women trying to be free. And the same
is true for homosexuals. We should never say a whole movement is
dishonest when in fact they are trying to be honest. They are just
making honest mistakes. Friends are allowed to make mistakes. The
enemy is not allowed to make mistakes because his whole existence is a
mistake, and we suffer from it. But the women’s liberation front and
gay liberation front are our friends, they are our potential allies,
and we need as many allies as possible.

We should be willing to discuss the insecurities that many people have
about homosexuality. When I say “insecurities,” I mean the fear that
they are some kind of threat to our manhood. I can understand this
fear. Because of the long conditioning process which builds insecurity
in the American male, homosexuality might produce certain hang-ups in
us. I have hang-ups myself about male homosexuality. But on the other
hand, I have no hang-up about female homosexuality. And that is a
phenomenon in itself. I think it is probably because male
homosexuality is a threat to me and female homosexuality is not.

We should be careful about using those terms that might turn our
friends off. The terms “faggot” and “punk” should be deleted from our
vocabulary, and especially we should not attach names normally
designed for homosexuals to men who are enemies of the people, such as
Nixon or Mitchell. Homosexuals are not enemies of the people.

We should try to form a working coalition with the gay liberation and
women’s liberation groups. We must always handle social forces in the
most appropriate manner.

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  1. Can’t TELL you how welcome and on time this is. I just got chewed out, called a feminist man-hater who doesn’t know anything about the Panthers and can’t get a man, who rides the bus, takes BART, and is probably a white girl, all because I questioned a young Panther’s post about an expensive car. So good to hear these words of brilliance, insight and compassion from the man who was the heart of the Panthers himself. Thanks for posting

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  3. In very many ways Doc Newton was ahead of his time in social and humanist theory as were many of the BPP leadership. The decapitation of the leadership didn’t really work because the leadership was so literate and their written words have become as much a part of His Story as it is now History. You should be lauded Davey, for taking this particular piece out of the My Story/Mystery categories, and dusting it off for new eyes to see. In as much as this might be a look back at some of Doc’s thoughts on this subject, it is also a look ahead. In that same vein, with a new look at the Death Penalty on the horizon, you might want to take a fresh look at another party leader, Angela Davis, who has written extensively on the Military/Industrial?Prison complex to that end.

  4. Wow, that was an interesting read. And for a few reasons.

    To start, Huey Newton sure did use colorful language when he spoke. And yet, his message is right on the mark, based on a clear understanding of the psychology of oppression and the appropriate way lead a revolution.

    To me the following quote says a lot about his ideology:

    “We must gain security in ourselves and therefore have respect and feelings for all oppressed people. We must not use the racist attitude that the White racists use against our people because they are Black and poor. Many times the poorest White person is the most racist because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover something that he does not have.”

    The following passage struck me as genuinely open, honest and insightful – both in regards to his own weaknesses as well as the broader “issue” our culture has with homosexuality:

    “We should be willing to discuss the insecurities that many people have about homosexuality. When I say “insecurities,” I mean the fear that they are some kind of threat to our manhood. I can understand this fear. Because of the long conditioning process which builds insecurity in the American male, homosexuality might produce certain hang-ups in us. I have hang-ups myself about male homosexuality. But on the other hand, I have no hang-up about female homosexuality. And that is a phenomenon in itself. I think it is probably because male homosexuality is a threat to me and female homosexuality is not.”

    And this one struck me as another example of how his presentation mixes in the individual perspective side-by-side with the universal issues involved in leading a revolution:

    “We should never say a whole movement is dishonest when in fact they are trying to be honest. They are just making honest mistakes. Friends are allowed to make mistakes. The enemy is not allowed to make mistakes because his whole existence is a mistake, and we suffer from it.”

    Thank you for sharing this. While I knew who Huey Newton was, I had never read anything by him. Now I’m curious to read more, and to learn more about the Black Panter Movement.

  5. I feel a deep loss because I did not get a chance to know Huey Newton. I, like many others, will make an effort to learn more about Huey Newton. We need this knowledge so much now.
    What we don’t know CAN be extremely detrimental to us all!

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  7. It’s time to broaden the conversation to those groups that would deem themselves as protecting manhood and masculinity, when in fact – they are further oppressing Black Men. I say revolutino NOW!!!

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  9. Given the climate of the ’70’s, this does not equate with the climate of the homosexual (Male and Female) community as it is being played to in the 21st century. The drama is set to seek votes from the gay community not to legitimize or validate their rights,which are in place, with the exclusion of same -sex marriage. This then begs the question what is the point and correlation with Pres. Obama’s change of position?

  10. @Brenda and @Miss D … what “climate” are you referring to exactly. Also, Barack hasn’t really changed his position on anything. He’s come out before as supporting civil unions. Now unless you think that civil unions and marriage are that different other than by name.. well. Also consider that the United Church of Christ, which Barack was a member of for 20 years, not only supports gay marriage, but has performed cerimonies, and has gay clergy. So it all adds up. No surprises here


  11. Brenda, please explain how same sex marriage is an “exclusion” of other people’s rights? Rights are not a zero sum proposition. Just because the gays get some doesn’t mean you get less. Huey understood that and he would have been down

  12. awesome. I just kind of feel like there’s more love in the world than I ever really thought about until this point. I had no idea that REAL progressives existed, but this man is an amazing human being. I cried a little when reading this aloud to my wonderful wife. My father is gay, and he is one of my heroes. I’m just really glad this happened I wish the speech was made today, so I could proudly carry a banner of someone I believe in. I feel like the fact that I care, but Im not active hurts everything, I’m sorry. Thank you for this though.

  13. thanks for sharing this man. I had no idea that Huey Newton held this position. Hope you don’t mind me reblogging this on Nocturnal Penstrokes.com

  14. Brenda, their rights are not “in place.” Look into it. I don’t have the time to be schooling your ignorant ass. Likely won’t do no good anyway.

  15. Huey Neuton was a posturing ghetto idiot with a gun, a leather jacket and just enough common sense to make racists like Buckley confused. He wasn’t anything more….other than a drug addict.
    Gays aren’t “oppressed” anymore than anyone else peddling that empty ideological shit. “Oppressed” individuals don’t have time for cheap theatrics, they’re too busy trying to survive or get out from all the confusion thrown at them. lol

  16. This was one of the best articles I’ve ever read. Most informative! Somewhere along the line, someone attempted, successfully, to make us believe that homosexuality and the Black Panther Party would have ABSOLUTELY no connection with one another. Glad to see that there WAS no truth to that. “Was” is in caps, because I don’t know about that today, seeing as though we, the United States of America continue to move backwards.
    I’ve always thought that Black people had, and still have NO room for the kind of controversy that has existed over the years, as it relates to homosexuality in our community. FAR TOO MANY other problems that are still NOT solved. It’s refreshing to feel that Mr. Newton felt that same way.

    God bless him, and his memory. Thanks to the person who posted this!!!

  17. uh, nice, what do you think the vast majority of gays – black and brown ones especially – are doing everyday?

  18. Tiffany, I don’t know every gay individual on the planet. Gays aren’t a monolithic group. There are wealthy spoiled Gays. Gays in the hood. Gays that live on less than a dollar a day,Professional Gays, Gangbanger Gays, HipHip Gays,Rocker Gays, and Gays that live comfortable middle class lifestyles.Each individual does something different everyday. The only thing that makes Gays gay is they have sex with members of their own gender – which is the only commonality.

  19. it was nice to read this statement again, it’s been a while. thank you for posting this davey, and keeping an amazing blog! i followed you for a few years on my old computer, and when i switched i didn’t have your page saved anymore. let me just say that it’s nice to become recacquainted with your page and your thoughts. you’re a truth teller, and lord knows we need as many of y’all around as we can have, with the shiny lights of falsity that surrounds us.

    on another note, some food for thought for the group:

    while i commend obama for his endorsement for same-sex marriage*, i just want to remind everyone that the situation for transgendered individuals in this country is ever precarious, prejudiced and dangerous. trans people face discrimination and violence in their families, the workplace, and by the police at extreme instances.

    the reason i bring this up is because i am apart of the lbgt movement and i see trans peoples’ important issues be swept aside for gay marriage all the time. remember this if you can!

    here’s an article outlining some of the murders against trans women that happened just this month: http://tranarchism.com/2012/05/01/i-believe-that-makes-three-trans-women-murdered-this-april/

    what’s really important to consider – and this relates a lot to this blog – is how being a poc and trans puts a lot of these people at further risk for esp. police violence.

    thanks for reading everybody

    *to some extent. politics are weird so i give him credit for coming out (pun intended) with his endorsement when he did, but it was obvious that he was for gay marriage and silent for his career.

  20. I do like many of the things he has to say, such as attacking the concept that homosexuality is an example of “capitalist decadence” and acknowledging his own discomfort as a straight man with the issue, but some things in the language of the article still make me feel a little uncomfortable:

    Firstly, and I’m not saying they aren’t similar or interrelated, however he displays the constant need to relate the gay-liberation movement to the women’s-liberation movement, as though the two groups either “belong” in the same category or that the latter is somehow essential to understand the former. It very-much reinforces the meme of cultural “feminization” of gay men, and therefore their oppression and objectification by patriarchal society, even if only on an indirect level.

    Secondly the fact that there is never once mentioned a first-hand example, even as a general one, of either female or gay “friend’s” statements, attitudes or voices on the issue, as though this is coming from someone who exists in an exclusively heterosexual male social-circle. I didn’t see a single example of him mentioning his friends, associates or comrades in women’s-liberation or gay-liberation, likewise there was no mention of personal contact or association with either in the article. Furthermore he only speaks of them in the collective impersonal, “our” friends, or allies, without even trying making them into an impersonal “other”, propagating the meme of systematic dehumanization of both groups, by the association that they are not part of “us” that the are “them”.

    This characterization, though apparently unintentional, is actually a way in which language and phraseology is used to silence gay men. Speaking as a gay man, it ignores the invisibility of our distinguishing characteristic; there is nothing physically, culturally or economically apparent that distinguishes any gay man form any other straight man, automatically assuming that they are not already part of the black-liberation struggle, even as men he already knows. Furthermore, the language does, even though an article urging people to overcome their insecurities and ally themselves with gay-liberation, make the receiver, if a gay man, automatically feel as though they are not the intended audience, and therefore out-of-pace to speak-out, or speak-up in response.

    I do appreciate the speech greatly, or for that matter see any insincerity in what he as to say; however, the fact that this article can still be considered “revolutionary” in any sense show just how far we still have to go.

    I also want to address some of the responses here:

    Nice, while you are correct that all oppressed individuals are immersed in the struggle to survive, you fail to realize that some of us take that experience as an impetuous to attempt to create substantive change in society. I didn’t already have time what you may call “theatrics”, however I made the time for it. Furthermore, saying that only commonality that gay people have is having sex with people of the same gender, is like saying skin color is the only commonality black people have.

    In reality, though not monolithic, and no group truly ever is, this commonality creates common and shared experiences that do go beyond just having sex with people of the same gender, just as the color of someone’s skin creates common and shared experiences that go beyond just happening to have a particular skin color.

    Glenn, you language is a little vague, however given you positive tone toward the article I hope you mean that you don’t believe the black community has room for the controversy created by putting them at-odds with the gay community.

    I will however take issue with the opposite possible meaning, which I can potentially see some people taking and have heard multiple times, that the black community cannot afford to take on issues of gay, or women’s liberation in addition to their own struggles, because they are “too controversial”. By dividing us, we are only made weaker, but together our combined strengths for progress and revolutionary change cannot hope to be stopped.

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  22. @Carey Neal Dunn. The only commonality that makes gay people gay is that they have sex with people of the same gender. Case closed. The cultural associations around SOME gay people are a completely separate issue, just like with White people or Black people or anyone. I really don’t see how anyone can disagree with that unless they have some ideological assumptions underpinning it. Which is fine, but that ideology belongs to you as an individual and doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone else. And for the record I think Gays should be able to marry or whatever else anyone else does.

  23. Reblogged this on KymmieTheWriter and commented:
    Why I love Huey. He gave an insightful and humanistic view on homosexuality. Comparing exactly how it should be to the oppression of Black Americans. It’s contradictory how we have adapted to twisted the hatred to homosexuals and backing it by biblical words.

    Awesome Huey, this is why I love you!

  24. I would like to address all the straight people who have gay friends, brothers, sisters, & relatives who they love, and feel that WE also deserve the same rights as any other AMERICAN citizen, THANK YOU! Prejudice people; are also the ones who feel denying the rights of other oppressed people, based off sexual indifference is okay, especially the ones who LAY on the Bible as their smoking gun. Why is it that SOME black people feel it necessary to take steps backwards when it comes to the rights of homosexuals in demand of CIVIL RIGHTS, why not be civil and understand that GAY is not a white group of white men who gather in mobs to promote an agenda to advance themselves, GAY is just another word for black, white, & gray homosexuals who have fought all their lives to live in peace- and wanting the afforded rights that go along with being a FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN just like the wars our families fight and die in, when defending this country- MYCHAELTODD

  25. Personally, I don’t want to hear about any other groups’ personal banner of civil rights violations as long as we have, and we continue to allow the mass incarceration of Blacks for profit along with the continued mis-education, unemployment and under-employment of Blacks as well as the under-education of our youth! I don’t see any groups, gay or otherwise opposed to those issues and non of that seems to be an issue of concern with this current Presidential administration either.

  26. Thanks for posting, Davey. What an enlightening and refreshing read. This should bring at least some insight to the seemingly accepted argument that black people are to blame for homophobic politics, like the passing of prop 8.

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  28. I don’t think Brenda is trying to say that the LGBT community shouldn’t have rights, or that their rights to marry take away from those of anyone else (though I do disagree, LGBT is lacking in more rights than just marriage). I think what Brenda is getting at is that Obama and the Dems are only fishing for votes. If you look at what he said, he thinks gay couples SHOULD be able to get married, not that they have a fundamental RIGHT to do so, and his rhetoric completely lacks any emphasis on actively fighting for those rights while in the White House.

    Both the Dems and GOP abuse and exploit the LGBT community. Republicans demonize gay marriage in order to scare working class people away from the Democrats (who rarely fight for workers’ rights anyway, but that’s another story) and the Democrats give lip service to gay marriage in order to get more votes. Both parties have a strict corporate-capitalist agenda though, so ultimately, it doesn’t matter at all who’s in power. Working class people – gay, straight, black, white, male, female – are all fucked no matter what so long as we continue to support the two-capitalist-party system. Oppressed people need independent politics.

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  30. Reblogging this also.

    Another example of why we must study history FOR OURSELVES.

  31. Reblogged this on Lifting As We Climb and commented:
    Many thanks to Davey D for continuing to inform the people. Here is Huey Newton speaking against homophobia in 1970!!!

    It is essential to look at history – not interpretations, summaries or conjectures about it – for yourself.

  32. Huey Newton’s speech here reminds me of Che Guevara’s famous statement, “The true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

    On the other hand, Obama’s embrace of same-sex marriage may be as a result of seeing that his daughters have friends with two fathers or two mothers and that their generation can’t accept discrimination – or it could just be political posturing.

    An alternate view from World Socialist website:

  33. a revolutionary thinker indeed. it should always be the case that oppressed minorities respect and support each other. the right to freedom and being is universal.

  34. @ Carey Niel dunn You my friend are holding a speech made in 1970 (42 years ago) to a standard that would be hard to hold against someone in 2012! This is a progressive stance even by todays standard. I am proud to know that Huey was on point. What the real issue is, why has he been vilified for so long and why is he and many other black nationalist given the proper credit for their enlightened views.

    We have been lied to for to long!

  35. A previous comment by Brenda mentioned “The drama is set to seek votes from the gay community not to legitimize or validate their rights,which are in place, with the exclusion of same -sex marriage.” This is completely inaccurate. In many states, gay couples cannot adopt. Heterosexual couples can do so. In many states, gay couples cannot add their partner to their insurance. Heterosexual couples can. In many places, homosexual partners are not permitted to stay in the hospital with their significant other. In many places, homosexual couples are not permitted to make decisions for those loved ones in hospitals/nursing facilities/etc, DESPITE being named to do so.
    There are still places that do not list sexual orientation/preference/identity in notices of discrimination. Meaning, when they say “we do not discriminate based on age, gender, etc.” sexual orientation is not listed, making it completely legal for gay people to be discriminated against in the workplace.
    And these are only a few examples.
    To say that gay people have all of the same rights as everyone else, with the exception of marriage, seems to mimimize the issue.

  36. Thanks Davey for this great post, and thanks to Making Light blog for the point. At a late stage in my life (for many reasons) I’m trying to understand cultures that I’ve been isolated from. The article AND the comments are terrific. Just, thanks.

  37. Anj – some of those Black folks in prison are LGBTQ Black folks. Some of those Black folks in homeless shelters are LGBTQ Black folks. In fact, one of the things that these critiques lose out on is something that Black women have been saying for hundreds of years, to wit, there are those of us who have to live with MULTIPLE forms of oppression. When communities are pitted against each other, it is LGBTQ People of Color who lose out the most. So, according to Huey, who might be the most revolutionary? For more info on that conversation. #2012QWOCFF #IDoandIDon’t – Queer Women of Color Film Festival

  38. Brutha D, I thank you and wish more of Us would Do the Research and not merely spout the garbage and fear of Our time! This needs to be the direction of Our and old that know so that we all will be more than simple drowns to the typical blah-blah…

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  40. It simply doesn’t matter what we mortal, created beings think about homosexuality: God is (unlike us), all-knowing, all-powerful, and he is love. Just like our parents who knew better when we were young know-it-all’s, he knows better than us. The Bible (his mind) considers it wrong and warns us against it, so if we heed what it says, we’re safe. If not, we’re doomed. It’s not how much fun and freedom you enjoy here, it’s how much peace you will have in your last moments of life. I never want to hear the following words from my creator God: “I never knew you. Depart from me you worker of iniquity.”

  41. To the conniving heart every good act has a selfish motive. If I do what is good I don’t have to explain it to anyone other than a fool. If I receive a benefit for doing what is good and right I don’t have to dignify or explain that either. Idiots who suggest that President Obama made the statement he made about Equality in Marriage as a part of some sort of political calculus are using a calculation themselves which is a reflection of their own jaded thinking. FOOL, you don’t even know Obama. You should SHUT UP! It is people like you who turn the word opportunity, which is a good thing, into opportunism, which is the mindset of the selfish.

  42. This has nothing to do with marriage. I am very secure and agree, that to each it’s own. But, marriage was created by God for male and female.

  43. Ali Baba, it is people like you that I fear! Why so much hate when one voices their own opinion. We should never try to silence one, just because they don’t agree with our view point.

  44. WoW!!! Awesome article. @ Milly, if G-d created marriage then why do atheist and other non christians get married?

  45. Thanks so much for sharing this, Davey D.

    @Mom, I am willing to hear your god out in either a personal conversation or a televised appearance. Heck, even a written statement could suffice — directly written, mind you, not this “told via other people” stuff — if authenticated. Until such time, I will regard your comments as hearsay, gossip, and mere speculation based on your *own* sentiments on the issue. In short, your god’s got to show up with his own “I love you but I’ll make you burn in Hell” opinions like the rest of us.

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  47. This man was ahead of his time. People fear the unconfortable.Sometimes when change is in the air mainstreet America is trying to hold onto it’s old core values at any cost. Majority only rules when the people are united.

  48. Please leave the Bible out of this. People seem to pick and choose what to heed based on what they feel is right. The Bible also states “You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard (Leviticus 19:27).” Or what about eating pork? Leviticus 11:7-8 discusses how pigs are unclean and therefore bacon, ham, etc are out of the question.
    The Bible also discusses how one should not tattoo or cut themselves. Last time I checked, there were a couple heterosexual folks with tats – why aren’t you condemning them as well?
    I’m tired of people taking their fears and insecurities and then using the Bible as their crutch as to why they think/speak the way they do. Stop taking random parts of the Bible to support your cause of oppressing a group of people when you’re not reading the entire thing. Because apparently you missed the part about loving your neighbor.

  49. Thanks for posting Davey D! Thanks for generating the conversation.

    Hey, we have opinions…, but in the mean time…,AMERICAN LAWS should protect all humans…,


    Let us all have Liberty and Justice under everybody’s FAITH/RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!

  50. I’ll read this in a bit… gotta few things to do to prep for this meeting and this busy day ahead, but I didn’t want to lose this post. As I grow the G D footprint, and traffic increases on my own blog, I have found myself preparing more for life in the public spotlight. Everyone has a right to their own view point, so I’m pretty anxious to see what Huey’s was, and understand a bit more about the pulse that beat in 1970. I was too young and unconcerned back then to grasp politics and world views…. we’ll see. And these are the (reflections of a writer) GD

  51. Lets have respect for the human beings. but issue of gay and lesbianism is unethical and totally have no place in the society. Ladies and gentlemen lets standup against this vice.

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  53. Yes Abdulfatah.. gays and lesbians have no place in society… We’ve heard those words before.. Lets replace that with Native peoples…”these people are savages and have no place in civilized society”.. end result wholesale genocide.. At the time anyone living off the earth and having a non-christian God was said to be savage.. Let’s replace that with enslaved Afrikans…Who were said to be beasts and less than humans and have no place in ‘civilized’ society.. In fact many were denied access to religion bc God didn’t want ‘animals’ worshipping .. Only when it was discovered religion ‘tamed the wild beast were we allowed into those churches whose members enslaved us.. We can pick a country any country and find similar rhetoric from the what took place in Rwanada to what took place in serbia to what took place in Turkey.. etc.. Same ridiculous rhetoric.. ‘These people do not belong, they are less than’.. hell that shyt is going on in Libya right now with its ‘new rulers’ having dark skinned people in cages on display talking about they are less than.. We wont even talk about caste systems all over the planet..Sorry my friend.. the only thing that doesn’t belong is hatred and bigotry..that’s what ur practicing today… nuff said..

  54. Thank you, I really appreciate this article. I have always looked up to Huey P. Newton as a man of reason and reading this article has given me an even greater sense of appreciation for Mr. Newton

  55. Mr. D: Even some affluent, tall, Christian, white, English-speaking, handsome, able-bodied, males are not as good as other examples of the same “breed”. Thank yu for your eloquence and efforts.

  56. I reblogged this as well on harveysglobalpolitics.blogspot.com. Great post and it provides a deeper insight on a person and movement that has been presented as thuggish angry black men with guns yelling nothing more than black power.

  57. Obviously most of you don’t know Barak’s background. When Baraka Obama lived in Indonesia the nanny who cared for him was a cross gender who had been beating near to death because of that person’s sexual orientation. It is only for the Creator to judge a person to the point of death not you or I. To engage into your sexual preferrence is your on perogative. What judgments will be is left to Our Creator on your personal judgement. I think President Barack Obama as the President has an obligation to make all Americans benefit from what this nation has offered to everyone here. I am not gay but have learned and benefited from some of the most brillant gay men and women on the planet. Their level of intelligence and their committment to society has been tremendous.
    However I don’t like when they try to turn on the seductive light to me. My prefererence is women. And I thank God for that. I see many young people being disoriented by the older gays turning them away from the true nature that they might have lived if not seduced. I also see this injustice to the young from heterosexual as well. It’s sad that we humans are so engaed in sexual conflict that the happiness we should all share has become the topic of the day. “LIVE AND LET LIVE” . THE ALMIGHTY GOD IS THE JUDGE IN THE FINAL MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE.
    Huey Newton said; “All Power To THe People”.

  58. @Milly — Fear me? How the dickens needs to hear the cacophany of knee jerk reactions that clutter up the air and make it even harder to rationally address these issues? Who the heck needs to have to listen to strawman arguements and red herring impulse group speak. I say SHUT UP top ignorant puppets and you fear me? #COWARDFAIL.

    Just stay in the confines of your room and be an internet intellectual. That’s better for you. I knew Huey Newton. I can proudly say that he was a friend of mine. If I scare you you would have shit your pants if you would have been in the same room with .Huey

  59. “The drama is set to seek votes from the gay community not to legitimize or validate their rights,which are in place, with the exclusion of same -sex marriage.”

    Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered/transsexuals (GLBT) people can be legally denied employment or fired because of their innate identity. They can be denied housing — whether it be a hotel, rental property, sale of a home, or access to lending. They can be denied schooling — whether it be private, theological, or public institution, and whether the issue be with the identity of the pupil or his/her parent(s).

    Same-sex couples have no automatic legal rights to their partner’s estate, access to their partner in medical emergencies, nor authority to make medical or legal decisions if their partner is incapacitated These gaps can be partially covered by expensive legal paperwork but can be–and often are–contested by biological family.

    Few states allow GLBT people to foster or adopt children. Even fewer states allow fostering or adoption by GLBT couples.

    Although GLB are now allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military, their partners are not entitled to benefits afforded heterosexual couples. This includes housing allowance, relocation allowance, family separation allowance, healthcare, legal assistance, pension, survivor benefits, and access to PX/commissary.

    Although some states and municipalities have equal protection laws that extend some of the above rights to LGBT people, only 21 states have any such laws. No state covers all of the rights that heterosexuals typically enjoy.

  60. I guess that was before he lost his mind and allowed his “boys” to break a woman’s jaw for calling one of them a “punk.” See Elaine Brown. Really.

  61. “Lets have respect for the human beings. but issue of gay and lesbianism is unethical and totally have no place in the society. Ladies and gentlemen lets standup against this vice.”

    Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and sex are vices.

    Religion, political affiliation, family status are choices. We aren’t born with them, but choose to adopt them later in life.

    Race, ethnic background, national origin, sex, gender, disability and age are innate human characteristics.

    Regardless of whether you believe sexuality is mutable, legal rights already extend to both choices and innate characteristics. The question becomes: “Should gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered/transsexual people enjoy the same rights and freedoms as heterosexual people?”

  62. @PhdReed

    You asked, “if G-d created marriage then why do atheist and other non christians get married?”

    Because they want to? That seems like the simplest and “best” answer to me.

    But what does that have to do w/ ANYTHING related to this post?

    But back to the underlying issue of your question … …

    The institution of marriage was created as a covenant/contract/binding relationship for His creation which at that time was Hetero (male and female).

    There were no Atheist to consider

    There were no Christians to consider

    Just him and her

  63. Thank you very much for your smart comments. Abdul…whatever is a little sickning! Thank you for being smart. That’s rare now-a-days!

  64. This is a brilliant speech and comes right on time. I am a Christian and will always be one and I am secure enough with my self and who I am to not be afraid to say Obama was Right on his position. I have read some of the posts and some say that this was a political ploy on the Presidents behalf to gain the Gay vote. Wake up people he already had their vote… check your sources. Further more for the ones that don’t know POTUS is a Christian, however he is the leader of MANY. He did not become President based on ONE groups vote… He became POTUS because White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Young, OLD, Gay, Straight, Women, Men, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Atheist voted for someone they thought would be fare. Now in the wake of everything we wished and hoped for we DON’T like FARE when it applies to something that makes us uncomfortable. FARE is FARE… Done! I have a remedy for all who are adamantly against Same sex Marriages… DON”T MARRY THE SAME SEX!!!! When judgement day comes everyone will have to answer to their own demons… and there are a host of them. There is nowhere I have read where the LORD is forgiving everything else except being gay.
    ** Obama Said he supports SSM… he never said he was going to enforce any Federal legislation with regard to it. He would leave that up to the individual states.

  65. @Carey Neil Dunn

    When you wrote “Firstly, and I’m not saying they aren’t similar or interrelated, however he displays the constant need to relate the gay-liberation movement to the women’s-liberation movement, as though the two groups either “belong” in the same category or that the latter is somehow essential to understand the former. It very-much reinforces the meme of cultural “feminization” of gay men, and therefore their oppression and objectification by patriarchal society, even if only on an indirect level” my reaction is that somehow you processed this in a way that differed rather dramatically from the way that I made sense of his statement.

    As I’m sure you’re well aware, there were a number of groups who were fighting for equality during the period that has come to be recognized as the civil rights movement; however, each of the movements for equality appeared split along gender, racial, and other lines. The way that I read this statement is an acknowlgement that in order to make change we need to resist rather than reify the systems that silence some groups while elevating the needs of others.

    Interestingly enough, your second paragraph appears to suggest that Huey’s failure to provide a personal acoount of or experience in knowing someone who idetifies as gay or an interchange with groups that support LGBTQ folk or women reifies the othering of the groups that he was speaking about and to that I say that this is a stretch to say the least. The fact that he-a leader in the Black Panter Movement-chose to speak up in such a pucblic way discounts and in my view greatly diminishes the narritive that you appear to have elevated in your brief post. Although is is possible for him to occupy both a position of privilege (hetero identified and male) as well as a position of marginalization (black), I hardly gathered from his post that it was his intent to strenghthen the very ‘capitolist decodence’ that he purports resist. In the end, as a person of color who identifies as queer, I think that you’ve read far to much into his speach…

  66. @Milly

    You wrote

    May 14, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    You wrote “This has nothing to do with marriage. I am very secure and agree, that to each it’s own. But, marriage was created by God for male and female.” and then went on to state that you ‘feared people’ like Ali Aba and I ask why-because his position differs from yours?

    It is your position that ‘God’ created marriage and to that I say that marriage is a social construct that many suggest is supported by biblical writings about creation. Interestingly enough, if it was God’s intent for marriage to be defined as a union between one man and one woman-surely this being thought about the fact that the offspring of Adam and Eve would need to procreate too right? So when you make your reductionistic claims about marriage you should take care to remember that some of the earliest unions were close relatives. But then, even though that may have been the case in the early biblical days, we have since co-constructed laws which suggest that such unions are against God. But go figure…

    While it may be your belief that ‘God’ created marriage, he certainly didn’t construct the socially supported benefits that are associated with these unions; however, many like you believe that you should be rewarded for your status as someone who is hetero identified-someone who brings life into the world. You forget that the same good book that you use to devalue the lives of folk whose identities differ from heterosexuality had at a point not so long ago been used to silence the voice that you appear to take for granted today. In the not so distant past (and depending on your geocultural background) you would have had little say in your sexuality, the presentation of your gender, activities outside of your home, or in reaction to violence agaisnt you at the hands of the men in your life but Ali Aba is the one that you ‘fear’.

    You appear to have internalized the dominant discourse that Heuy deconstructed in his speach. You appear to be a shining example of the very person who needed to be reached.


    May 14, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Ali Baba, it is people like you that I fear! Why so much hate when one voices their own opinion. We should never try to silence one, just because they don’t agree with our view point.

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  68. As a white, gay, Jewish guy I appreciate what Huey Newton said so many years ago. It came from the heart and not out of a political agenda. He did not care how his black brothers reacted. He recognized women and gays as being oppressed just as blacks were and still are oppressed.

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  70. The prophet speaks. The message was so on point. The haters really need to take a close look at themselves. How can you hate so vehemently and not take a look at self.

    I originally read this article more that twenty years ago. It was refreshing to read it again. The man is a prophet and his words are so relevant.

  71. ‎”Gay Rights” hmmm… some how we have created a special class of people based solely on their bedroom perversions. Does every sexual deviant deserve special recognition? What about the bi-sexual? Does their ‘rights’ change as easily as …their preference? Does this mean that someone who practices celibacy shouldn’t have any rights? I attempted to read the link but I couldn’t stomach it. Race and sexual behavior are two completely different things. Sure lets address the fact that everyone deserves respect but that fact has nothing to do with accepting said behavior. Gay is not the new black and it is completely illogical to think so. Politicians and supporters of this lifestyle tie these two things together because together they engender sympathy. Words like ‘bullying’, ‘tolerance’, and ‘hate’ have been redefined and thrown around to squelch intelligent opposition through skillful ad hominem attacks. Proponents of this agenda will never win the argument but they continue to gain momentum (or atleast appear to) because they have become professional name callers who gather support by appeals to celebrity and emotion. The fact that the POTUS would use his office to promote such a sinful cause at the surrendering of his professed religious convictions is shameful. Child molesters are an oppressed people. Do they deserve the same level of support? The polygamist? necrophiliacs? I mean if there isn’t a standard of what constitutes moral sexual behavior then anything goes… right?

  72. Since we raised the issue of Biblical definitions of marriage, consider:

    A man might chose any woman he wants for his wife (Gen 6:2, Deut 21:11), provided only that she is not already another man’s wife (Lev 18:14-16, Deut. 22:30) or his [half-]sister (Lev 18:11, 20:17), nor the mother (Lev 20:14) or the sister (Lev 18:18) of a woman who is already his wife. The concept of a woman giving her consent to being married is foreign to the Biblical mindset.

    If a woman cannot be proven to be a virgin at the time of marriage, she shall be stoned (Deut 22:13-21).

    A rapist must marry his victim (Ex. 22:16, Deut. 22:28-29) – unless she was already a fiancé, in which case he should be put to death if he raped her in the country, but both of them killed if he raped her in town (Deut. 22:23-27).

    If a man dies childless, his brother must marry the widow (Gen 38:6-10, Deut 25:5-10, Mark 12:19, Luke 20:28).

    Women marry the man of their father’s choosing (Gen. 24:4, Josh.15:16-17, Judges 1:12-13, 12:9, 21:1, 1 Sam 17:25, 18:19, 1 Kings 2:21, 1 Chron 2:35, Jer 29:6, Dan 11:17).

    Women are the property of their father until married and their husband after that (Ex. 20:17, 22:17, Deut. 22:24, Mat 22:25).

    The value of a woman might be approximately seven years’ work (Gen 29:14-30).

    Inter-faith marriages are prohibited (Gen 24:3, 28:1, 28:6, Num 25:1-9, Ezra 9:12, Neh 10:30, 2 Cor 6:14).

    Divorce is forbidden (Deut 22:19, Matt 5:32, 19:9, Mark 10:9-12, Luke 16:18, Rom 7:2, 1 Cor 7:10-11, 7:39).

    Better to not get married at all – although marriage is not a sin (Matt 19:10, I Cor 7:1, 7:27-28, 7:32-34, 7:38).

    Furthermore, the Old Testament documents many polygamous marriages:

    Lamech married two women (Gen 4:19).

    Abraham, Jacob, David, and Solomon had multiple wives. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3).

    God, speaking through the prophet Nathan, said that if David’s wives and concubines were not enough, He would have given David even more (2 Sam 12:8).

    And there’s this helpful chart to sort it out:

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  74. Beautiful post. It’s been a long time since I thought about what it means to be revolutionary, and I’m inspired to think about it now because of this. I echo the remark by commentor Paul B, who said that Huey’s remarks, both personally candid and politically committed, reminded him of Che Guevara’s famous statement, “The true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

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  76. Wow! Huey and the Black Panthers were awesome, the breakfast program for children that they initiated was just an example of how socially conscious they were. Although I wasn’t aware of Huey’s speech about homosexuals and lesbians, I’m not surprised that he weighed in, publicly, on this issue. With all the issues most of us have to deal with, trying to sustain ourselves; unless we’re in the Recovering Entrepreneur column, I would argue that our energy is better spent focusing on rebuilding our game, and concentrating on our personal legacy. Human behavior is very complicated, and there is usually never one answer that defines any aspect of it. Thus, it’s wonderful to provide a perspective, but then, having done that, we need to move on to other more important matters.

  77. Miss D and Brenda, what rights are in place for gays? We cannot marry, we do not get the same tax benefits as married heterosexuals, we cannot get our spouses social security as heterosexuals couples do and we cannot add our partners to our health insurance. If my partner goes into the hospital, I am denied access to his medical records. The Drs will not speak to me about his condition because I am not a family member. When my partner died, I could not get access to our JOINT accounts. I had to go to a lawyer to get access to our financial records, medical records and the will…which left me everything, but I had to prove it. At his military funeral, I was not given his flag. We had been together for 30 years. So what rights do have that are in place? You obviously know nothing of what you speak. Until you educate yourself, its best you just keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself. It only shows your ignorance.

  78. I agree with all of this writing except one part. I dissagree with ” Many times the poorest White person is the most racist because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover
    something that he does not have. ” A lot of the wealthy whites are undercover racist because they are afraid of other races taking what they already stole from the other races. Just look at the corporations on Wall Street.

  79. Fantastic article and great followup commentary/discussion. What this underscores for me is that absolute truth does not waiver, is not bound by time or circumstance, but is true to itself regardless.

    It doesn’t need to evolve with time or learn from its mistakes, nor does it need re-interpretation to account for ‘special’ conditions, but rather is absolute and true to the mark wherever it is found.

    Huey demonstrated that despite the era, he was willing to consider what ‘must’ be the attributes of truth being neither convenient, conditional, or necessarily familiar. I encourage us all to pursue absolutes in our searches, digging deeper whenever our beliefs fail to pass the test, rather than embrace partial understandings that meet our current circumstance. One Love!

  80. I enjoyed this read. we have came a long way. And looks like we are steady moving in a good direction.

  81. Older white lesbian here, remembering the Black Panthers in Seattle for their breakfast programs back in the day. I always was fond of the Panthers. I was never harassed by them, always treated courteously, used to contribute change when I had it for the breakfast program, and bought the papers–though it good to get all sides of issues. Huey Newton was an exceptional man. Thanks for reposting this. Given that GLBTQ people are still struggling, and black GLBTQ people moreso, it’s very timely. Here’s to the day when we all have the civil rights and privileges of a free people. Not there yet, but I can hope it’ll be in my lifetime.

    To those of you who equate sexual orientation to “sex acts” or “what people do in the bedroom,” one has to wonder at your own relationships that you boil down sexuality to “bedroom,” as though there are no celibate homosexuals. For those that think it’s a “choice” here’s a clue and a challenge–choose to be homosexual for one hour. No, I don’t mean “have sex.” Just be attracted to and oriented to the same gender. One hour. I double-dog dare you.

    We still have far to go. Huey Newton was a right on man. Thanks again for posting this.

  82. Am I missing something here? Huey Lewis spoke on gay oppression in his own opinion, and somehow you people of today are fascinated by this. What were his motives for stating as such? Obama knows exactly what he did, he already has the left in his pocket, he didn’t need the votes. This was a pure evil act, then Jay z, and now this article from 42 yrs. ago pops up to legitimize this abomination. HL was clearly uninformed, the world is ran by evil, racist, homosexual men, and Obama did exactly what those men told him to do. Homosexuality has destroyed every empire throughout history, and now it’s being shoved down our throats. We’re the only people to speak out against this(blacks), and now they’re trying to get us to accept sodomy. From all the comments it’s working. Know propaganda when it is presented to you and for at reasons.

    This isn’t about politics and rights anymore, more and more rights are being taken from the Constitution everyday, not added. This is good versus evil, period! Do you fear God or the State? God’s Law comes first,(not some crap Huey said) and only then are nations built around his law, not make up things as we go. God’s Law does not change! Satan makes everything wrong seem right and everything right seem twice wrong. Read your scripture, with it you cannot be fooled nor deceived.

  83. Yes Sodom you are missing lots starting with the fact that Huey Lewis didn’t write anything except songs… Dr Huey P Newton wrote the article, gave the speech and laid out consistently the importance of what he talked about.. The fact that you couldn’t get his name right speaks volumes to your dribble.. You are uninformed..Also the article just didn’t pop up.. It’s been around for 4 decades.. Perhaps if you read any of Newton’s books or any history for that matter you would’ve known..But its all good.. As for Gods law.. do u fear it? There are lots of laws, including that of judging folks..

  84. Davey, perhaps you didn’t catch on, what’s the group called again? Huey lewis and the News, this is old news which is my point. And the article did just pop up, just as the so called hate joke Romney played on a gay guy 50years ago, do you not see the pattern. And show me where someone is judged in what I wrote. The truth hurts! Had I not referenced his name to “The News”, which is propaganda, you actually said nothing to argue the facts my gay brother.

  85. Sodom, nope u played yourself..U didn’t know what you were talking about, have a seat and leave this discussion to more seasoned minds..

  86. “Sodom’s” comment still has me laughing. Huey Lewis?? And don’t backtrack and claim it was a typo or slip, because you later on repeated it with references to “HL.” Maybe “Sodom” needs a new drug. One that won’t make him sick. One that won’t him crash his car. Or make him SOUND THREE FEET THICK.

  87. Where is the discussion about revolution. Isn’t Huey’s theme one of deliberate and justifiable inclusion of those with reason to join in and participate in the revolution. All of you here have turned Huey’s theme into a discussion of gay rights. The subject is “revolution”! Did you miss it; does in frighten you, did you not see its repetition??? Who are you people???

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  89. I disagree with Huey Newton.

    Revolution is supposed to be toward an end. Huey Newton appears to be mixing “Revolution” with “Rebellion.”

    Homosexuality relates to individualistic (Occidental) culture. African people should not revolt into an Occidental society.

    We need to understand how to organize before we go around endorsing characteristics contrary to how we ought organize.

  90. I hate to break it to you, Onitaset, but homosexuality is in EVERY human society. It’s part of the spectrum of human sexuality. It’s not “endorsing characteristics.” And it’s not “rebellion” , any more than lefthandedness is “rebellion.”

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  93. Reblogged this on The Vine Events and commented:
    Everyone is talking about President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality. We ran across this blog that gives an interesting perspective on gay rights from Huey Newton co-founder of the Black Panther Party that we would like to share with our followers. The words he spoke over 40 years ago is a prophecy of where we are now…

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  95. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you. These are the things we should have been reading in school.

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  97. A big portion of the neighborhood I grew up in has been gentrified with black people moving out & white lezbians moving in. Catholic priests (control armies/plunder riches) are homosexual & pedifiles do they count as oppressed or oppressors? Hmm. I live near SF where gay white men run things. I’ve watched gay police harassing homeless black Vietnam vets on the street. Basically saying you can’t be poor & black Here. That is power. I don’t see black men even religious ones, even Muslims going around telling gay people you can’t act gay here. I see nuff police in the Bay stopping & questioning folks for being black in public. I have yet to see any pull someone over for being gay in public. I wonder what Huey would say about the gay white cops who sodomized (Haitian/African) Abner Louima. Would he unite with them as “oppressed groups”? Gay activists in the US & UK have used the governments to ban certain Jamaican artists from performing. I have yet to hear of any Black people organizing though government to get any gay artists ban from performing or even any racist Country or Punk bands. I would ask Huey, who got the power? Bohemian Grove which is the summer camp of the countries richest (almost all white) men is know to have allot of homosexual activity & male prostitutes. They are the same ones putting 1/3 of black men in prison & exposing/forcing them to be around homosexuality which is not part of most traditional African culture. Same goes for black women also disproportionally locked up compared to other ethnicities. Aside from prison slave labor homosexuality is an effective way to decrease the black (or any) population. Dave Chapelle asked why does hollywood put every famous blackman in a dress at some point in their career? Bugs Bunny is a cross dresser Ernie & Bert seem to have a “civil union”. US got gay/lez soldiers taking highly religious men w/ ancient cultures & forcing them to pose nude in homosexual acts at prison camps. It’s a matter or perspective, I think Huey was dealing w/ White vs. Black as a shade of skin. Some check it as European vs. African culturally. As I see it we (in the westernized world) live in modern day Rome (very gay) not modern day Meroe.

  98. No one community has ownership of oppression nor persecution. Most races have found themselves on both lines of the line throughout history. Nor does being a member of an oppressed minority magically rid an individual of racism, sexism, ageism, or any other “ism”.

    The cycle of oppression is vicious — it gets passed on, reflected, institutionalized, and internalized. That is at the heart of its nature.

    As for the question of western culture introducing homosexuality to African culture, I would encourage you to research “Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum”, “yan dauda”, “dan dauda”, “gbowo”, or the documentation of precolonial homosexuality in the Hausa peoples of northern Nigeria, the San peoples of Zimbabwe, and the Pangwe peoples of Camaroon.

    Or you could look at homosexuality that occurs in nature. Homosexuality is commonly observed in lions, spotted hyenas, and all of the great apes. The bonobo is an interesting example, because it is a fully bisexual species — both males and females engage in heterosexual and homosexual behavior. All of these species originate from and are native to Africa.

  99. I don’t believe homosexuality is a western phenomenon but do believe there are homosexual elites in the western world that are woking to promote & spread homosexuality to the masses & more specifically to ethnic groups they wish to further manipulate and depopulate. I don’t believe all the products containing endocrine disruptors are just coincidence. Now there are laundry detergents that are sold as high end that don’t contain them & of course those with less $ & less education will keep buying their Cheer & Fab advertised on the same tv that speaks of the Tide of human abnormalities & cancers plaguing humans. It could just be for the sake of capitalism. Ever since Nazi scientists studied people like lab rats I don’t rule out that these folks are well aware of what they are doing. “The average American is exposed to at least six endocrine disruptors before leaving home daily for work or school.”
    Source: redOrbit (http://s.tt/15ZCa)

  100. Onegin Publishin Okay, let’s pretend we are in fifth grade: In each sentence there is a subject and an object. What is the subject of the article??? To suggest it is gay rights demeans his mention of women’s rights as less significant when in fact he treats both equally. So…, is the subject women’s rights. Clearly the answer is no. The subject is revolution. This little article is consistent with much of Huey’s writings and talks on the need for revolution through which he commonly included enlightening thoughts considered “beyond his time and years”. Such was his brilliance!!! The abject illiteracy convoluting his message to suit political correctness represents the dummied down of American analytical analysis. I mentioned earlier, my dismay with the depth of thought and emotional review of facts not just on fb but likewise and especially what passes for news in this country and so called African American blogs. Huey is defining and affirming the inclusiveness of his vision of revolution!!!

  101. Brenda has made a good point and has opened the door for dialogue & discussion.So i must say to her and Miss D,and others that we must sometimes agree to disagree. There will always be varying opinions and perspectives.There is however, a point and a correlation with President Obama’s position.(note i said position and not change in position!).Brenda u have stated and answered part of the question all at once;when u say the drama is to seek votes from the gay community,and so it may be.! However, the president’s position..( not drama) is one of inclusion and endorsement and helps to validate and legitimize their rights.
    We all know that in this 21st Century the rights of the male and female Gay and Homosexual community are in place and are a work in progress. they rights are not yet fully entrenched in the society for sure. When “The Commander in Chief” makes such a bold move,and when the rights of the Gay ,Lesbian,homosexual,etc. community have been endorsed by the highest Office in the land and perhaps the world,at this time in history; again i say it certainly helps to shed light on their plight.!
    These are the times we live in, lets all learn to live and let live.The world needs more love and tolerance.and lets all strive to be part of the solution not the problem. And so the dialogue and discussion continues…..I’m enjoying it all with an open mind ……!!!!

  102. African-American homophobia is a cancer that destroys us all.

    The inability of the African-American community to recognize and celbrate the lievs and achivements of gay and lesbian African-Americans sickens me beyond recall.

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  104. Milly stop being an ass,I suggest u study your bible well and stop quoting ,we all love and believe in God yet we live the lives we ought to live,if u str8 then bloody be and stop your stupid judging

  105. Thank you for sharing this amazing insight into the way to view a movement. Often that is the weakness of revolutions seeing them out of the greater context and not seeing that there is something even bigger in play.

    Thank you!

  106. Reblogged this on holaa! and commented:
    This is amazing and insightful and should read by all who seek change…if you think your moment happens in isolation…it doesn’t.

  107. first, homosexuality is not only in human communities, its also in animals and fish and birds.why should ‘Negro’ people be an exception? throughout the long history of Africa we have instances of homosexuality occurring, for instance Queen Nzinga of Angola had both wives and concubines. In my native Shona spirituality we believe in reincarnation of some sorts, where an ancestor’s spirit can find a home in the consciousness of a latter descended according to blood lines, it often happens that a girl is possessed by the ‘spirit’ or consciousness of a male ancestor, the result is ‘transsexual’ tendencies and a homosexual orientation. the bible is unscientific and a savage writing, i can not imagine using its principles to govern our communities. African and Negroe folks in general should recall that the bible was the tool for colonialism, fed to the slaves in plantations and even Hitler was in pact with the church. In England they still sing ‘god save the queen’, it is that godcomplex that has to be uprooted and the oppressors have no hold on us! secondly some air head named Sodom equated ‘homosexuality’ to ‘sodomy’? GET A FUCKING EDUCATION! AND READ THAT BIBLE OF YOURS! in fact, here are verses you should meditate on; Murder, rape, and pillage at Jabesh-gilead (Judges 21:10-24 NLT), Murder, rape and pillage of the Midianites (Numbers 31:7-18 NLT), More Murder Rape and Pillage (Deuteronomy 20:10-14), Laws of Rape (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT), Death to the Rape Victim (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB), Sex Slaves (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT), God Assists Rape and Plunder (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB), the list is endless. the bible is not a fit moral campus, take the story of Lot Genesis 19,the holy man in Sodom and Gomorrah, he would rather give his to be gang raped, than give the angels away (if they were angels they should have some shield) -‘Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them.’. such lose morals leads the same ‘holy man rescued out of a city of sexual immorality’ to have group sex with his daughters, like they do in porn films man! disgusting! the bible? that book has no say on sexual morality! maybe the only valuable sexual lesson you can learn from the bible is how to be apro at masturbating, Judah 38:8-10: coz god himself is a wanker, but mind, god would rather you rape the woman. the bible is full of really skanky sex stories and dressed up in a lot of flowery words?

  108. sorry brother huey, i gotta disagree then back it up with a smack upside your head. if you wanted to use proper terminology, why didn’t you use the term “rebellion” rather than revolution? the tires on our cars perform revolutions….anyway, homosexuality is an all together different agenda to be “revolutionary” about. as marcus garvey has often said, “race first”. none of these fools were born homosexuals, but were born black. none of their mothers knew about the sexual preference but they did know the baby would come out brown. huey was wrong for that nonsense.

  109. I think Chairman Huey was expressing very clear revolutionary principles that hold to this day. Although, the Chairman could not have predicted the total destruction of the revolutionary movement and the rise of liberalism. People have to be reminded that the Panthers were Maoists on the west coast and Marxists in the east. Both Maoism and Marxism considers liberalism to be ” unprincipled peace” or a cancer to the revolutionary party. If given the opportunity, the Party would have taken issue with much of the later developments of the American women’s and gay movements. They would have delivered well deserved critiques of todays bourgeois feminism and gay rights movements. There is nothing revolutionary about “bourgeois American liberalism”. Huey could not predict the white paternalism and arrogance that would eventually control Black progressive movements in this country. I know many people will disagree with my comments and that’s part of the problem. “Liberal Progressives” tend to think their world outlook is the one that we all should hold. What Huey was saying then could never be see as reactionary or lacking human compassion. But what is being demanded by today’s “bourgeois liberals” is that everyone be abundantly liberalized. I’m speaking of cultural sovereignty vs. western chauvinism. It’s the same with racism.. A revolutionary does not seek to make their racist oppressor love them. A revolutionary seeks to remove the oppressors mechanisms of power over them. I don’t care if my oppressor likes me or not. But he can no longer control whether I can work and feed myself.. That’s the difference between revolutionary politics and that of liberal sentiment.

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  111. Davey, Thanks for posting the article. It brings some very good food for thought. To ANSWER: I’m familiar with some of what you talked about, and will be doing some more research about that – curious about one thing, though: where did you read that statement about Queen Nzingha? In what I read about her, I never came across that. Looking forward to hearing back. In the end, while I don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle, I do agree that they have rights just like everyone else, and there also has been found homosexual behavior in animals. As far as those of you using the Bible to constantly condemn homosexuals, let’s not forget that the same Bible (and some other religious texts as well) was also used(and is still used) to support the oppression, slavery, pillaging, plundering, and state-sanctioned murder of Africans, Indigenous Peoples, and several other peoples around the globe.

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  113. @nice

    I see where you are coming from, but I think you are overlooking the most important commonality among gays: they are widely discriminated against because they are gay. That’s what matters. It has nothing to do with their income or other factors.

    You can select any group, subculture, or minority population you like, and point out how different the individuals are. That doesn’t mean that there’s no such things as groups, subcultures, or minority populations. The grouping is usually based solely on a single factor.

    The fact that you admit that the only thing gays have in common is same-gender sex confirms that they are a group. The fact that they are discriminated against for this common factor makes them an oppressed group.

  114. @JP

    It doesn’t matter who or what “nice” is. What if “nice” is a gay black woman? Would that lend her argument any credence? When you ask “who and what are you?”, what you are really saying is “please reveal that you’re a straight white male so that I can dismiss your opinion”. In a way, it’s an admission that you have no rebuttal to his or statements.

    An opinion is either valid or invalid based on its own merits. It doesn’t matter who says it. The allegations “nice” levels against Huey Newton are also irrelevant for the same reasons. What the Newton said was true, so any personal failings he may have had aren’t relevant.

  115. @Carey Neal Dunn

    I think you are reading too much “between the lines”. Huey was acknowledging that there was homophobia and misogyny within the Panthers and the black community. He spoke of them as two distinct groups that share a common fight with the blacks against oppression. He wasn’t associating them in any other way. In fact, he specifically *does* associate both groups with blacks as oppressed peoples, so are you also suggesting that he’s somehow “blackified” gay people?

    You suggest that this is the subtle appearance of discrimination. I’d suggest that the discrimination is your own. You *expect* straight people to discriminate and when it’s not there, you inject it yourself.

    The fact that he never mentions gay associates is uninteresting. He may not have had any that he was aware of. Even if he did, he may not have felt that it was relevant (and I agree with him). Finding him at fault for something he *didn’t* say only affirms my earlier statement: you are injecting your own prejudices and paranoia.

    As an aside, when a straight man comes out vocally supporting gays, and gets nitpicked by gays for things they didn’t even say, it doesn’t encourage others to follow suit.

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  117. @kamau

    I’m not sure I understand how the factors of whether a person was ‘born’ a certain way or whether their mothers knew they were coming out a certain way has any relevance as to whether or not their circumstance is worthy of a revolution or defense. Huey (nor any other thoughtful revolutionary) was not fighting for the rights of blacks & other minorities for those reasons. They fought because of the principle that ‘no groups of people should be subject to oppression or discrimination because they are different or choose to live differently than others’…period. We were and are standing on a greater platform of truth that goes well beyond any single grouping or race of people but that applies to all life. That is what makes the principle so grand and so worthy of defending.

    Stopping short of the core principle will only have us have to fight more battles later on (i.e. when we decide to begin living differently) because the basis of our initial civil rights argument was too limited and didn’t address the all-encompassing truth.

    Also, don’t you find the difference between the words ‘rebellion’ and ‘revolution’ somewhat immaterial to the discussion given the fact that everyone is clear as to what his ‘meaning’ was?

  118. I had never read this before. I can just hear Huey speaking this as he always spoke, so strong and sure and dedicated. I’m so glad we had strong revolutionary leaders in the 60s and early 70s, otherwise the significant progress that has been made might never have gotten off the ground. Thanks Davey – this is a great pece, even if it took me a long time to find it!

  119. funny how so many peole quote this but many ignore and overlook the female who claimed that black males are possibly the most oppressed segment of society. Maybe this is becuase it is normalised to the extent it is expected and yet, should that be so, as in, ought it not be challenged immediately. *tut*

  120. The NWO is in full effect… oppressors would have you think they are the oppressed. Where is the show about racist police & mass incarceration. Today gay & white gets the most promotion. Gay & black coming soon to decrease the black population. Eugenics = The extinction agenda. Keep doing your masters bidding, go on boy put on that lipstick. One day you’ll be on tv. I’ll make you rich & famous-Lucifer

  121. One more reason my youth(s) will not be watching tell-lie-vision. “All Tavistock and American foundation techniques have a single goal—to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order. Any technique which helps to break down the family unit, and family inculcated principles of religion, honor, patriotism and sexual behavior, is used by the Tavistock scientists as weapons of crowd control.”

  122. Obama knows about this, he works for them. I don’t think Huey did but no way to know for sure. Many do their bidding totally unaware of the extent of their own manipulation. Free your mind & your ass will follow. Free your mind & stop chasing ass. Check for others with a free mind & you will find… no tv. Their greatest weapon of mass obedience & deception.

  123. I simply couldn’t depart your site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information an individual provide in your guests? Is going to be back regularly to investigate cross-check new posts

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  125. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is the little changes
    that will make the largest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  126. It is perfect time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to
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  127. I thought this man was going to affirm what the bible says in Romans chapter 1. The bible is RIGHT and somebody is wrong. Repent is all Jesus would say….

  128. You know what’s amazing to me? The amount of people who, regardless of whether it’s indirectly done or blatantly, are angry, disappointed, disturbed or any other sense of discomfort they want to voice, want the POTUS to be their own personal savior! Black people say that he hasn’t done anything for black people, gay people saying the same thing, conservatives, and the liberals included but if Obama actually did exceptionally extend himself to back any one group then the conversation would switch gears and every heterosexual would be angry that he really went in exclusively for LGBT rights, or he’s a “black President,” or he only cares about liberals and the list goes on. That argument goes against the reality that no one President can EVER be able to do it all AND get it all right, bottom line. What we don’t have in the executive office is a consistency of policies that improve the existence of all Americans over the period of four or five Presidencies. How about that?!

    This country has been going down an unstoppable spiral into oblivion since Johnson gave the keys to Nixon, the first President who started the deregulation of banks during his Presidency! But we won’t go any further on that one since I mentioned that as an example of the things that affect all of us; oppressed groups even more so. Huey was speaking in the realm of necessity and possibility regarding the unity of all three movements merging into a seemingly unstoppable tour de force of economic, legal, and most importantly societal change for all oppressed peoples in America. It is a speech that is beyond visionary considering that in spite of all the movements that were evolving and growing during the 70’s the trajectories were different because each group had specific needs that would be particular to their unique struggles. He was looking at it from the perspective that he and Stokely Carmichael/Kwame Ture (RIP) attained from studying the Pan Africanist ideas of Muhammad Mossadeq and Kwame Nkruham hat propelled the concept of the power of multi-national/cultural/racial freedom and equality movements before the eyes and minds of the international diplomatic communities. A mindset that irrefutably challenged the systematic machinations of oppression in all imperialist governments in particular.

    The fact that Huey’s words were so enlightening, prophetic and encompassing, where as you’re not going to find a conversation like that coming from the other communities he was ideologically courting AT THAT SAME TIME FRAME, says quite a bit concerning his willingness to at least open up a dialogue that couldv’e led to so much more with said groups. But then again, the imperfection of his context consumed a few of you until you realized that it sounded like bashing and gears had to be switched for the sake of political (or cyberspace) correctness. Some of you have that 21st century disease, “I’ll critique what I can first and then I’ll give accolades to sound endearing or conceptually engaged and finish off on a good note.” And that in and of itself is an issue.

    But this is only a fraction of what Huey and Fred Hammond and all the other leaders of the Black Panther stood for and made an actual attempt to implement in black communities that spread all over black neighborhoods in America and anyone who was a true follower/student of Black Panther philosophies knows this. RIP to Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, Alice Paul, Harvey Milk, and all the leaders in all the struggles that have been lost who dedicated their lives to make America spiritually and socially whole one person at a time.

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