Suge Knight think 2Pac is Alive-Could You Imagine What Pac Say if he was Here Today??

The past couple of days everyone’s been bugging off the fact that Suge Knight during an interview on LA radio station KDAY asserted that he thinks 2Pac is still alive..He noted that ‘no one has actually seen the body’ and that he gave Pac 3 million dollars in cash just before he perished or in Suge’s case, ‘disappeared’. . We think Suge just said that all this to get everyone talking about him..

Over the years the former Death Row CEO has long been coy about all the rumors and speculation of Pac being alive.. The mystique around this has been nothing but beneficial for Suge and many others in the industry. Pac was our Elvis, who has also been rumored to still be alive. I’m sure at the end of the day Suge has a project or two coming down the pipe..He of all people knows better..

On the other hand, it’s interesting seeing the huge amount of interest Suge’s remarks have garnered because it speaks to a much bigger issue. One has got to take note about all the fame, fortune and popularity 2Pac has garnered in death vs being alive. Why are some of our best and brightest worth more dead than alive?  Are dead Black artists ‘safer’? Are they more ‘controlled’? Does their absence represent huge voids in the type of leadership, many may be yearning for?

So many really want 2Pac to be around. They want him to be alive, because in contrast to many others who have that level of popularity,  Pac was one to speak out forcefully and unapologetically to keen issues of the day.

While it was great seeing the video of his hologram, for those of us who knew Pac it was too limiting. By that I mean, think about what 2Pac would’ve said before tens of thousands of people today in 2012 if he was alive and on stage at Coachella. he would’ve done more than hype the crowd.. You don’t think 2Pac wouldn’t have seized the moment and spoke on the Trayvon Martin situation? I could hear Pac speaking out loud and forcefully about George Zimmerman and his weak apology. You don’t think Pac would’ve put President Obama on blast for reneging on promises or not speaking out enough on keen issues facing young Black males?

People keep forgetting that a couple of months before 2Pac died he, Snoop and MC Hammer spoke at an NAACP Press conference in Beverly Hills, where they promised to energize and politicize their fans and have them ‘throw monkey wrenches into future elections’.. Pac had long had sharp critiques of those sitting in elected office.

You don’t think Pac would’ve spoken out on all the overt racism coming in the forms of Fox News anchors or far right-wing radio jocks..Heck, one but can’t help thinking that if Pac was around today, he might’ve had some critiques of Suge but that’s another story. The bottom line is many who miss Pac, miss him because he was one of those folks who was down to speak truth to power and do so eloquently.

In the meantime.. check out these clips including one that shows another angle of the ‘2Pac Hologram’ (yes we know it’s not a real hologram). From this angle, I gotta say what appeared on stage the other night in Coachella is really impressive.. I can see why folks are thinking about taking this on tour..You really can’t tell the difference from a real life performer and this ‘hologram’.

Here’s a couple of videos to check out of 2Pac.. We often forget dude was 25 when he left us..He was already sharp and getting sharper..  He was well on his way to doing bigger and better things..

This is the speech Pac gave at the Malcolm x Grassroots Movement dinner..He was on fire here..

11 comments on “Suge Knight think 2Pac is Alive-Could You Imagine What Pac Say if he was Here Today??

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  2. I think Tupac would use the media to impose his thug ghetto mentality on to the youth and pass it off as “knowledge” to privileged people who are fascinated by ghetto caricatures. And that’s all this shit is and was ever really about.

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  5. LOOK you really need to LOOK aite . Thug ghetto mentality is not something to effing spread. Thug life is about poverty. It is a circumstance poor people live in. Its not something to achieve but rather get the fuck outta. People living in poverty with no hope. When 2pac said thug he didnot mean that ass who jacks your car and grabs your purse, he meant that person who is born in extreme poverty with no hope.Thats what a real thug means. So remember that ghetto and thug is not a disease. Its called poverty. Tupac rapped and spoke out about thugs and gangsters because that is WHO He is and was born as. So please analyze an artist instead of shooting your mouth with half knowledge about an artist like that

  6. all u mother fukers on here talking shit saying something about ghetto shit niggas get it right if u guys never lived in the ghetto than dont say shit about it! like forreal if PAC was alive i hope he would be tellling u lil bitches something!

  7. Men!wn i xo dat i woz hapy ma niga bak bt i woz fucked up kz it woz sam bitch ass nigaz doin biz!i wish pac if he’s arnd 2kam out me outlaw,coolest mathafaka on planet mathafakin world miss him…i mon yu til i join yu niga bt i knw ur alive!

  8. what every body think or side about tupac, he is alive and not death what many people think he is dead yes but no tupac is still liviv

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