Trayvon Martin Tribute: Mos Def, Dead Prez & MikeFlo “Made You Die”

M-1 of dead prez always represents for the people

Mos Def and dead prez come together to do a song that pays tribute to Trayvon.. We had a great convo with M1 the other day about this.. He reminded us that Florida is also home to the Uhuru Movement an oragnization that helped shape and mold him.He said the spirit of resistance in the Sunshine State is strong and should not be overlooked or underplayed.. Here’s what they did..–I

6 comments on “Trayvon Martin Tribute: Mos Def, Dead Prez & MikeFlo “Made You Die”

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  2. I am happy that Hip Hop is standing up for this issue…it’s not about color to me, it’s about our American citizens being devalued because of their manner of dress or being in a location that they “aren’t” supposed to be. I am just as outraged when senseless violence is perpetrated by people of color. BUT, as a Hip Hop fan and advocate, I am energized and inspired by real giants of Hip Hop step forward and tell the stories that need to be told. Great post and thank you.


  3. I have always appreciated moses def, his words and lyrics for keeping it real and heartfelt depth to that of a malcolm x…sing for this child he is identical to my brandon j at same age 17 picture of my beautiful boy at his school city honors in new york (buff-city) he like to call it, that pic in his hoodie, when i saw article on Trayvon, it made me go strait to that pic of my BrandonJ i almost collasped at the resemblence, when i know it was my son’s blood still crying from the ground to God ear’s just now only through trayvon…my brandon was 22 when jealousy gunned him down which is the true root of bold, brazen, blatant spirit of Redrum/Murder like this Is always jealousy, he never aged a day from his good youthful looks of innocence wonders…Sing for Trayvon and may God bless you for it and sing louder for all our murdered Son’s & Daughter’s who have only us to Sing and write and Cry for Justice as in love for the continued survival of The Family!

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