29 Black People Have Been Killed by Police/Security Since Jan 2012: 16 Since Trayvon

First thing that needs to be noted is that we just had another police shooting of an unarmed man in Austin, Texas on Thursday night.. This happened after the report was compiled, so add another name to this grisly toll..

Second, folks have got to understand this is not coincident, it’s quite deliberate. Police have moved from a point of trying to de-escalate or prevention to a shoot first ask questions later policy..

The list below are just noting the deaths at hands of the police, its not highlighting the enormous amounts of brutality and outright disrespect many in the Black community have to endure on a daily basis.. The report below is to say the least disturbing and underscores a low wage war going on in our communities…

Twenty-eight Black People (27 Men and 1 Female) Killed by Police Officials, Security
Guards, and Self-Appointed “Keepers of the Peace” between January 1, 2012 and March
31, 2012

– 28 cases of state sanctioned or justified murder of Black people in the first 3
months of 2012 alone have been found (due to under reporting and discriminatory
methods of documentation, it is likely that there are more that our research has yet
to uncover)

– Of the 28 killed people, 18 were definitely unarmed. 2 probably had firearms, 8
were alleged to have non-lethal weapons.

– Of the 28 killed people,

. 11 were innocent of any illegal behavior or behavior that involved a
threat to anyone (although the shooters claimed they looked “suspicious”);

. 7 were emotionally disturbed and/or displaying strange behavior.

. The remaining 10 were either engaged in illegal or potentially illegal
activity, or there was too little info to determine circumstances of their
killing. It appears that in all but two of these cases, illegal and/or harmful
behavior could have been stopped without the use of lethal force.

[4]This list of28 names was collected between 3/28/2012 and 3/30/2012 by reviewing google

search results to the question, “who have police killed in 2012”. Only the first 65 pages out of
712,000,000 were reviewed.

[5] News One.com reported Rodriguez was African America however other reports and family

photos indicate he was Latino.

[6] Many written reports do not explicitly identify the race of the victim. Most, however, do show

photographs. In the case of Warren, no photo was displayed.

This document was researched, written and produced by Kali Akuno and Arlene Eisen working
on behalf of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Black Left Unity Network, and US Human
Rights Network.

Phillip Gardiner, Dr. P. H.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Neurosciences and Nicotine Dependence

Research Administrator

Tobacco Related Disease Research Program

University of California Office of the President

300 Lakeside Drive, 6th Floor

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  2. Reblogged this on Moorbey's Blog and commented:
    Asante sana Komrade Davey D 4 sharing the truth and trying to get those with blinders on to see what it iz real and now realize to be Afrikan in amerikkka is to have a target on ur back

  3. Peace Davey, thanks for posting and spreading the word. Please post the demands and the petition link for National Plan of Action for Racial Justice if you can so we can move folks to press for concrete action from the Federal Government.
    – Unity and Struggle, Kali

  4. These people had guns pointed at police, knives drawn at their family and police,ran away from crime scenes and hid in other people’s property.

    At what point will black america start taking personal responsibility seriously? Do you expect police to not shoot when they are threatening their lives or the lives of others? Trayvon was an obvious mistake on the part of Zimmerman, and he should be punished, but some of these are just off point.

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  7. @use your head:
    What do you mean by “these people”? how many out of the TWENTY EIGHT are you referring to? How many are reported to have pointed guns? How many are reported to have run away from crime scenes? Were they witnesses running away? Is hiding on “people’s property” a capital offence? Are the police justified in using deadly force for this?

    WHO should “take responsibility” for the the death of others, if not the killers?
    Should all “black people take responsibility, or should the VICTIMS take responsibility?

    You make us all look bad, and WE WILL NOT TOLERATE IT.

    PLEASE RETRACT and/or DELETE your comments.

  8. @ use your head. Deadly force should NOT be in the top 5 options for a fleeing or threatening person. Period.

  9. You stupid ignorant blind prick. Are you actually as stupid as you sound. Black Americans are profiled because of there own lack of control towards the decades of crimes they’ve committed. Stop knocking off liquor stores and robbing helpless civilians on the street and maybe we won’t profile you. Your society has done this to themselves. Oh yeah, that unarmed civilian your talking about in Austin Texas? That was a police officer who was shot in the neck. He died in the line of duty protecting your sorry existence.

  10. The information complied here is pertinent to the struggle and thank you for putting it together. We must also historicize this. In 1919, black people in America suffered the Red Summer – a time period with a stark increase of lynchings. How are these related?

  11. @proudwhiteman: your ignorance and bigotry is appalling. To insunate that “Black Americans are profiled because of there (correction: the word is their NOT there) own lack of control towards the decades of crimes they’ve committed” is an absolute lie. Black Americans are profiled due to the ingrained belief we are an inferior ethnic group and the mindset of we are nothing but mere puppets in the arenas of sports and music. The atrocities committed against MY race far out weighs ANY offense a black person may commit. For instance, how is a white person caught with an ounce of marijauna given a slap on the wrist, and yet a black person faces incarceration or rendered a misdemeanor? How is it a white person can drive a FULLY customized BMW 6 series or Mercedes S class and not be pulled over? Is it because our money has a less value than yours or our stature in life couldn’t allow us to afford such a car?! No! It’s because of the color of my skin!

    Our society has made more advances to the fields of engineering, medicine and law than we will EVER receive credit for. Our society filled the ranks of the US Army in order to grant this country independence from Britain. Our society is denied access to welfare because YOUR white trailer trash willingly and freely accepts gov’t handouts when they have more chances of finding employment than my society. Why?! Because they are not judged by the color of their skin but rather by their accomplishments and education unlike Black Americans.

    Are you bemoaning the deplorable acts of violence by Black cops against your sons?! Are our Black cops killing your sons at record numbers and covering up cases by justifying it with “He looked suspicious or acted in a suspicious manner?!” NO!! You are not! So keep your slave master mentality where it belongs…to yourself!!

  12. @proudwhiteman you need to get your facts straight before you continue to make yourself look like a ignorant fool! 1st off the unarmed man that was killed 4-5 in Austin was a African American men who was unarmed shot by Austin Police Officer. 2nd the officer that lost his life 4-6 is not related to the black man that was shot and killed. These 2 events happened at 2 different times & 2 different parts of Austin. 3rd the person that shot officer Pardon was not AFRICAN AMERICAN he was of Asian race dummy!!!

  13. I am appalled by the statistics. No one should be killed just because they ‘look suspicious’. What may look suspicious to me, may not look suspicious to another person and vice versa. I have many black friends, but none of us were aware of these numbers. I agree that the National Plan of Action for Racial Justice is the answer. What bothers me the most is that out of all the pages received, only a fraction were actually used. How many more are hidden in those unused pages? No one deserves to lose a child.

  14. Wow we been at war with r self,now the enemy helping out the mayhelm bt it ok yall we getting freedom we leaving this planet to these racis cracker to burn in hell so cracker keep doing wht u do we getting fuck out here r parents r looking for us.

  15. Well if I was not needed y am I here u crackers rob us first came in my home and got me, a god to teach u how live son of bitchz bt now the godz r cumming home !


  16. Articles like this are written by people who like drowning in these kinds of statistics. Cops are stupid but only thing in your power is to adopt a cultural code of staying out of trouble and let all the idiots kill each other. I like watching cops, idiots and everyone else in between fight and kill each other. When I see wars on TV….. I laugh.

    Bad eating habits like McDonalds statistically kills more blacks than crooked cops.

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  18. Can someone comment as to what the procedures are in the US for addressing the fact that a police officer, etc. fired their weapon / used a taser. I can only speak for Canada but if an officer discahrges a weapon they are pulled in front of a police advisory board – regards of what kind of person they used it on, and the boards are REALLY tough. The last thing you want is officers of the peace killing or hurting citiszens, then again you can’t have the general population thinking it’s the wild west.

    This post made me sad to think about how mean people are to each other… We’re all humans and deserve a right to live and be free so long as we’re not harming others. I’d hate to think about the number of African Americans who have been hurt by guns / tasers since your list indicates those whose lives were taken. What about the ones who were shot at but have to live with that horror the rest of their lives – not trusting officers, physical and emotional stress.

    Not a great way to treat anyone, let alone a community.

    Great post!

  19. I wonder how will the world feel when Blacks start killing off police officers…just walk up and shoot them for NO SOLID REASON AT ALL! Would we be wrong…of course, because Murder is MURDER no matter who pulls the trigger! But to say its okay to kill a young black male/female is simply saying Blacks dont deserve LIFE & A RIGHT TO LIVE as whites do! This is just a Racist Hand that has been hidden for decades revealing itself to the extreme! I dont promote violence but i will say this “If black cops were killing young whites kids then it would be different! But its not” (SO NOW IS THE TIME TO RETURN FIRE!!! THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO SEE CLEARLY THAT WHAT IS WRONG IS WRONG!) U DONT HAVE TO LIKE US…BUT YOU WILL RESPECT US……..OR ELSE!

  20. This type of action by police and others needs to be stopped and stopped now by officials at the highest level that includes the President by writing an executive order that stops police from using deadly force with the exception of the most extreme of situations. He needs to do so now. This is the only thing that I see that can be affective in helping to stop this type of thing from happening.

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  22. these types of actions needs to be stopped overall. should’ve included other statistics of non-blacks.

  23. It seems to never end; the annihilation of our Black community by the hands of law enforcement.

  24. If you “hide” on my back porch in the middle of the night, you will be shot. I should not have to live in fear that you will rob, rape, or murder me because you are “hiding” on my property.

    That case should not be included in this list.

  25. This frightens white people too. The police can run rampant and do anything to anyone. The old terminology is “run amuck” run / go amuck,
    to rush about in a murderous frenzy: The maniac ran amuck in the crowd, shooting at random.
    to rush about wildly; lose self-control: When the nightclub caught fire the patrons ran amuck, blocking the exits.

    Before they create something far worse this has to be brought to a stop!

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  27. This article implies that there were no women (clearly no black women), no hispanic or people of any color including white.
    The descriptions are worth reading. They do give a more complete picture. Is it not mandatory that the use of deadly force always be investigated? Are these cases not being investigated?
    As to Trevor… the absence of an arrest of Zimmerman on manslaughter charges has to be an offense to justice in the US. Or it is an illustration of its failure.
    Zimmerman may surely be found innocent, but it is unacceptable that he is not charged. That’s nuts. That’s right out of Kafka.

  28. Reblogged this on teesepowell and commented:
    28 more and Still We Can’t get our Moneyed Class to Sponsor a Sit IN to Send a message to the US, BLacks will not be randomly killed with the full force of the Black Community coming down on you.

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  30. TO: amythompson172 I DONT KNOW IF “amythompson172” was being sarcastic when she asked the question below…

    “Okay, and how many “White people” have been killed by police/security sinse jan 2012?”



  32. genocide,eugenics right in ourr faces.We are going thru a prep period for it to get like over in Libya,Afrika and Syria.Better wake up and snap out of the dream scheme.

  33. I am still stuck on how RUDE proudwhiteman was up there and then he was like, “I have black friends” Really? Cause I would like to speak to them and find out why they would subject themselves to put up with you!! It is one thing to be proud of your race. It is another to SPEW hateful words and then turn around and say ‘My black friends” Are you harbouring a few old black southern folks who haven’t been told that “slavery has been abolished”? SMH…you are the reason that sometimes I wish that I wasn’t mixed with white. I cannot even trust that my own white family and friends really don’t think they way you do and probably HIDE behind the computers under fake name to say what they TRULY feel!!!

  34. why did you include Bo Morrison? good list but nothing new to anyone that is going to read this and those who do not know – don’t care to know. black people have always been held in their place by this country. the police have been killing us but they don’t need to. 130 murders in Chicago alone. mostly black on black, so what is the big deal 30 pigs kills us?

  35. @Wise…you are a black male? I am quite skeptic based on the comments made above, but it is the internet and i guess anything is possible (or fake-able!) The “pigs” are killing us v. the fact that we kill each other is a very useless and redundant argument. I am not saying that killing our own is better. However, to say that it shouldn’t ne a BIG deal because we KILL ourselves is silly at best. Most of our people are killing each other over SELF-HATRED. Hatred that is derivitive of “THE WHITE MAN”. Probably the same reason you “as a black man” came on here and spoke the way you did about our people. The crimes would begin to STOP within our communities if we could begin to RISE above some of the things that have been keeping us down and fighting each other.

  36. Matter of fact, that argument is like “Why do we care about people killing of innocent children when statistics show that the majority of children get killed at the hands of their parents everyday” I am baffled at the above noted comment. To say the least, this article wasn’t to say that “blacks are always innocent.” In ths world, people of EVERY race have their issues. This was just to show that so many of the BLACK community vs. any other community is being KILLED for reasons that are NOT killing worthy. You don’t just shoot someone because they are sitting on your back porch. Bet if that was a WHITE kid on the back porch, he would have been YELLED at and maybe had the gun pointed at him…but I bet he wouldn’t SCARE that man enough to shoot. America needs to change their laws. That seems to be the #1 problem!

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  39. Uhuru! Thank you so much Davey D for posting this article and for Kali Akuno and Arlene Eisen for compiling the data of the African people killed by the police and security since January 2012.
    This is chilling! As a white person, I want to say that no, just like our comrade in the video said, I’m not Trayvon Martin, but I am a member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, organized white allies under the leadership of the strategy for African Liberation.

    We have to join organization and challenge this white nationalist state and vigilante terror coming down on the African community. I saw the news last night of white nationalist violence against black people in Tulsa and the North Carolina where a white man killed an African man and woman in front of their children!! This has got to stop! We must take a public stand! Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement! http://www.uhurusolidarity.wordpress.com

    – Wendy Snyder
    Uhuru Solidarity Oakland

  40. I am a black man Sglatte. it is sad and unfortunate that the pigs overpolice our communities, search us and kill us, especially when innocent and unarmed. they have been doing it since the 1600s, ok now what?

    things are not good and the powerful will never become just

    blacks aren’t going to do anything

    the law is not the problem

    civil rights laws were passed 150 years ago

    then again 50 years ago

    still no justice

    if you just realized that police are killing us this week then you should go jump off of a building

    I didn’t say it isn’t relevant or significant

    what’s next?

  41. uhm, has anyone done a background check? i randomly picked one name and it turns out it was a drug dealer who shot at the police during a drug raid and then got killed, doesn’t sound that innocent to me. people should start background checking things like this, propaganda like this spreads like a disease and only furthers hatred. doesn’t help the black community nor the trustworthiness of reports like this…

  42. Background check? The background check that needs to be done, and as @Wise points out would reveal to us a rap sheet that dates back hundreds of years, is on the police, US government and system that has been systematically criminalizing, attacking and killing and African people since the first European set foot in Africa. That’s the truth!! Also, who is the biggest drug dealer that has imposed a drug economy on the black community designed to lock up the people? the US government! So, do your background check please mr./ms gnulpf!


  44. “130 murders in Chicago alone. mostly black on black, so what is the big deal 30 pigs kills us?” That statement alone was very telling in the manner that it sounded like “Who cares, we kill each other so what’s the big deal.” It is a VERY big deal and BEING dismissive isn’t going to help the situation. Like a few people have pointed out, we already have our backs against the wall. We already have the ODDS against us. So please tell me WHY we need to have our OWN pointing out a “TRUTH” that is irrelevant to this post? I don’t wrong you for being honest, I am taken back at the REASON why it needed to be in this post. That is a whole separate issue and the causal link that can connect the two together, is one that will ONLY help once we can get some level playing field with the majority to address this ISSUE. It is sad, but this is what it is!

  45. Roughly 6,000 blacks are killed each year by blacks. That breaks down to 1500 in the first 3 months of 2012. To sit back and even write this article is ridiculous and misguided. But I’m sure you don’t want to look like a “sell-out” like Bill Cosby and actually speak the truth. More blacks have been murdered by other blacks just for there sneakers than murdered by peace officers. Just take a second and Google “teenager murdered for hia sneakers” Articles like that won’t get you in the company of Al and Jesse though.

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  47. @proudwhiteman, get your facts straight, an asian man shot and killed the officer in walmart. The black guy in Austin Tx that was shot, he was shot by a policemen who knew him, who had already made threats against him thats why he ran. Since when is running the death penalty. You keep being proud , I bet you were proud of slavery, unjustified prison sentencing, you need to look in the mirror. I am glad I’m not you.

  48. Questions:

    How many of the officers were non-caucasion ??
    How many white, hispanic, asian people were killed in same time frame?
    How many police officers have been killed in same time frame ? If so, how many by blacks and how many by other races ??
    How many blacks have been killed by other black citizens during same time ???

  49. Although black on black crime still exists,Trayvon being totally disrespected with that bullsh*t sign in Michigan after his death is DEFINITELY uncalled for and sickening! What is WRONG with white people? Although I’m Black and I’m proud (it hurts my heart to even say this), we are the most hated race on the planet. I’m also beginning to believe that suffering from racism and injustice is apart of what we’re here for…smh…

  50. You people try to jusitfy the killing of blacks by saying that blacks should be profiled cause of the crimes they committed.But how about all the crimes whites commited like serial killings child Molestations,Scams,terrorism like the unibomber,okalhoma city bombing,9/11(yes you read right,we all know whites really did that to have an excuse to wage war agianst other countries).Whites don`t get profiled and statistically they commit as much crimes as Blacks in porportion to their population And most of the crimes in this country are committed by whites cause of thier higher population.

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  52. The racist pigs have been killing blacks since slavery ended.BLACKMAN IS GOD AND THE WHITE MAN IS THE DEVIL!!! The police have been militarised for decades to oppress black people because they protect only whites by design.Police dont valúe blacks lives so in self defense arm yourself with weapons and shot to kill these racist krakkas and send them to HELL where they belong.

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  54. What about the blacks killed by members of their own race? Where is the outrage for black on black murder that runs rampant in our cities? 93% of black murders are perpetrated by… other black people.

    So if you want to get fired up, get fired up about THAT. You’re probably safer hanging out with the white cops.

  55. Mister Devil lizard , I’m. A black Muslim from South Africa who helps my black people and has no self hatred or fear of my own black brothas and black sistas on the planet Earth. SO PLEASE TAKE THAT OLD SLAVEMASTER/COLONIALMASTER MINDSET AND SHOVE IT WERE THE SUN DONT SHINE.LIKE I SAID BEFORE WHITES ARE OUR OPEN ENEMIES NOT OUR DAMN ALLIES! !!!!

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  58. This is conspiracy related. What an outrage. I can not believe in America the beautiful this is happening now.

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  60. As I’ve stated on other blogs, when us black folks start walking like the kings and Queens we are, we will see less and less of this non sense. It’s unfortunate, but how can you expect those that don’t care about black folks to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves? The first thing that we need to deal with in our culture is this “no snitching” mantra. How can you expect a bigot behind a badge to think twice before pulling a trigger if my own brother is not thinking twice about robbing, killing, raping, or selling dope and pulling a trigger—to his own brother and sister? Is this appalling? Yes, without a doubt. But what is more appalling is that thousands of us are dying everyday and it’s not by the hand of those that oppress us. It’s by those that look just like us, who share the same plight. We need to gain our identities back, stop acting like this self hate does not exist, and start dealing with things. Stuff like this is going to continue to happen until we start taking care of our own stuff. Again, if we don’t care about ourselves, others won’t. This same mobilization going on in this Trayvon Martin case, I want to see on record companies that perpetuate negative stereotypes and ideologies in black communities. I want to see this same outrage with black on black crime. This is ridiculous. Peace.

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  62. 130 MURDERED IN CHICAGO ALONE. The pigs killing us has been happening since the 17th century. It is very unfortunate, it is not irrelevant, but 130 murdered in Chicago this year alone is very telling and IS RELEVANT to this. We are doomed. DOOMED. in less than 100 years the black population will be greatly reduced due to homicide, drugs, disease and prison.

  63. Thanks, Davey, for posting this. I’ve been looking all over the web for such a listing, even trying to compile my own (from New Zealand!!)
    This is so blatant it’s shocking. I have to say, the foundation on which this kind of inexcusable violence sits is the ignorance and rationalizations of people who somehow get to “they deserved it” from unarmed men (and women) being murdered by police. Zimmerman’s comment that he felt “threatened” is instructive: Dude, you felt “threatened” because the kid was black! That’s how we’ve all been trained. Take a look at how the news & media present black people. If that’s an excuse for murder then–well it is the excuse. That’s exactly what’s going on right now. It will stop when we all stand up and say “Hell no! No more genocide in my name!”
    The first step is making people aware. No, Trayvon was not unfortunately an aberration, just one piece of the whole picture. Thanks for helping us take that first step, Davey. You da man.

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  69. @proudwhiteman wrote (after a sting of insults) “Stop [doing blah blah blah] and maybe we won’t profile you.”

    Speak for yourself, you arrogant ass. I’m near to as white as it gets, but do NOT *dare* say “we” as though I, or anyone else, is included in your nasty would-be gang of micro-brained bigots. You don’t read this blog for information; you’re not looking to learn about other people’s experiences – all you want to do is throw gasoline onto a raging fire and laugh at the destruction.

    Leave me out of your pathetic delusions of superiority.

    No, I don’t like reading police referred to as “pigs”, because that, too, is incendiary. But I can’t criticize, because I (and you!) *don’t* know what it’s like to be targeted and profiled the instant someone sees, not even your whole face, but merely the color of your hand when you wave to a friend. I’ve *seen* and *read about* people being arrested for “DWB”, but it’s not something I’ve ever experienced, so I can only imagine the continual undercurrent of fear and resentment eating away at people’s spirits.

    I believe you can also imagine it, because you seem to actively *revel* in the fact that some people live with that constant fear.

    I would prefer to find ways to stop the profiling, and alleviate the fear. It makes no sense to fear someone just because they don’t look like oneself – and yet, this fear, this unproductive, corrosive distrust, just goes on and on.

    Well, I’m too old, too tired, and have been too many places and met too many different people, to feel any connection whatsoever to your pathetic “white pride”. My pride lies in the things I can accomplish, the small acts of kindness I can extend to others, the creative actions I can do. It’s a simple pride that I think every Human Being should be able to feel. But the fact is that it’s very hard to take pride in oneself, when one has been put down, underestimated, and judged unfairly from birth, *merely* because of the melanin content of one’s skin. Far from instilling any sort of ludicrous “white pride” in me, the blatant injustice of it makes me sad, and frustrated, and yes, angry.


  71. @MESSEJ (and everyone else I suppose), I guess you didn’t hear about the group of people that pulled a married out of their cars and beat them nearly to death just because they were white reporters and simply supplied unbiased information to the public about the Trayvon Martin case. I believe that could fall under black people patrolling communities finding people to maim simply because of their race. I wouldn’t expect you to, because of course these stories are being squelched by the media in fear of having the race card pulled on them. You could argue “Oh but the blacks aren’t killing the whites so it makes it okay,”. Violence is never okay. Both races are at fault, even if their acts are in retaliation to other violent acts. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
    I agree wholeheartedly that there should be more discretion in firearm use for policemen and security officers, don’t get me wrong. And especially for the neighborhood watch, who should be doing nothing but watching, not shooting. But to everyone commenting, referring to the police as “pigs” isn’t helping you out very much.
    Racism might die out a bit if everyone would stop representing their whole race in their comments. Just some food for thought.

  72. Oscar Grant II
    By Ras Griot

    It happened in Chicago
    Like it happened in New York
    It happened in Houston, Cincinnati and Washington, DC
    Murdered by Police

    It happened to Timothy Thomas
    Just like Johnny Goodwin and Geoffrey Johnson
    They were unarmed
    They were Black

    Aaron Harrison was shot in the back
    Khiel Coppin had a hairbrush
    Lorenzo Collins had a brick

    Jeffrey Lewis, DeOnte Rawlins
    They were kids

    Julian Alexander was a newly wed
    Prince Carmen Jones Jr. was a new Dad
    Both of them are dead
    Murdered by police
    Just like:

    Ousmane Zango, Patrick Dorismond
    Ronnie White and Roger Owensby….

    May they all rest in peace.

    © 2009

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  75. The killing of black people in America, and the perpetrators getting away with it is nothing new. It has become an almost expected procedure of the police doing their “job” to shoot and kill people who cannot possibly attack them or shoot back. To shoot someone 22 times is simply inhumane overkill. It is obvious the intent is to murder them. The killing of the mentally ill, poor, and socially rejected saves the community where they live the trouble and expense of a trial, lawyers and time, and who can or will protest? How is the life of any minority of such equal value, seems to be how the police, guards and ordinary citizens protected by irrational laws rationalize their actions.

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  77. i came to this post after googling “list of people killed by oakland police,” having heard the news about allan blueford really late. i’m a data person and would really like to know more about how you compiled the spreadsheet you post. it’s such a valuable (if insanely depressing) resource. presumably you have my email from my log-in — let me know if you get a chance?

  78. Please add Malcolm Garcia a 15 year old boy that was shot 6 times and killed by New Bedford Police New Bedford Ma.

  79. Is there a solution? The intent of the Original Black Panther Party with Ancestor Huey Newton was to monitor the police while doing their business. The theory was that the police would not kill innocent people if no one was watching. Ifthere were any unity with us in our communities maybe we could get back to patrolling the police. Is there a solution?

  80. I have read 99% of the comments here and I must say that overall there are some very good points. The problem, however, goes deeper than just the crime. We cannot outrun crime. There will be criminals, whether they wear a badge or not, in every society. The problem lies in the justice system. It’s not just about the police officers unjustly killing black people. Its about the fact that they get away with it. That is the main difference between black on black crime and white on black crime. Why don’t we stand and march and fight against the crime against our own people? The justice system, for the most part, puts away black men that commit crimes and also to the highest extent of the law. But when it comes to white COPS and back men they walk away with a slap on the wrist. Our white police officers do not fear for their freedom or their lives in the hands of the courts because they know they have a great chance of getting off. The Sean Bell case is a great example. Black man, killed by a white cop, no weapon found at the scene of the crime. If I’m not mistaken that cop got 2 years? Maybe? Funny because Michale Vick got the same sentence for killing dogs that same year. But just recently a black woman from FL was sentence to 20 years in prison for shooting a warning shot in the air when her abusive husband was trying to attack her. No one was even harmed by her warning shot. Fair? Just? Absolutely not. It cannot just be us black people standing, marching, and fighting. It has to be everyone from the neighborhood moms and dads to the ones that work in our judicial system. When we march on our own its just a march. We are just using the race card AGAIN. When we riot we are monsters and no one understands why we would do such a thing. But if we as a PEOPLE, not just the black race, stand together only then will this end. Until then, I’ll have to keep praying every night that my 2 year old son will be able to grow up and live his whole life as God intends.

  81. Well, I am volunteering to start the grassroots march organization in Baltimore. I dont think that I will encounter many issues getting people motivated. The justice system here is a mess and the city is still segregated.they never give enough investigation or intervention to gang conflict, they just seem to racially profile. Its time to police police like the Black Panthers but non violent.

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  85. If you were at a casino and had a 7 times more likely to win at table A than table B, which would you play at? No question, table A. I have a 700% better chance of winning there. Now if I were a police officer, or a civilian for that matter, if I had 700% more of a chance to be murdered by a black man than any other race, I would be on the defensive and be ready to use deadly force. All I ever see on facebook and social media is about white on black crime. Black on black crime is even higher. But yet, all the black media wants to do is exploit when there is, what they consider to be, a racially motivated crime, Check out these statistics:

    Here is one way to lower the number of blacks killed by police, STOP COMMITTING the crimes. Stop rapping about killing cops, doing drugs, and slapping your bitch up. It draws attention and glorifies a lifestyle that most (both black and white) finds repugnant. Stop killing each other. Get an education. Work for a living. There are more opportunities for black and minority citizens in the United States today than there are for me. I am a single, white male. I don’t get consideration for affirmative action (at least not in a positive way). I don’t get points on a civil service test because of my race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. I don’t have the benefit of a NAAWP or a White Student Government, or a White College Fund, or (the list in endless). If we attach the word “White” to anything it is automatically “racist”.

    Here is another idea of how not to get shot by the police, when they say “get on the ground”, get on the ground. They have the guns, taser, and law on their side. If you feel you are being wrongly stopped or accused, call Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, they’ll stand up for you..If Rodney King would have listened to the police he would not have been tasered or forced to comply. He would have stopped numerous other murders by black rioters if he would have just LISTENED.

  86. I’m a white man in southeastern Arkansas. I can assure you that the police here in Pine Bluff do focus on young black men. They do pull them over for DWB. And these young men do serve longer sentences for the same crime than a white man would. But here’s the deal. The police here, from the chief on down, are over 85% black. Some of these officers (not all, not even most) have gotten a little power and a gun on their belt and they abuse that power. There is no excuse for pulling someone over just because of their race. But my point is it isn’t a white against black issue (at least not here), it is a BUSINESS issue! Prisons in the U.S. are run more and more by corporations, not the state. And this is one profitable business! The U.S. has more of its people in prison than any other country in the world and the reason is MONEY! A couple of years ago Arkansas made some reasonable changes to the drug laws here, making it far less likely for anyone convicted of a drug charge ending up in prison. The laws don’t go far enough, but they are a start and an unexpected victory for reason and sanity in this insane world. The representatives of the prison corporations as well as those of the companies who do business with the prisons were outraged at these changes and lobbied against them. There is a lot of money in supplying goods and services to prisons and jails. The economy of this country would take a severe hit if we were to do something as sane as legalize marijuana. If we were to release all those jailed for non-violent crimes most of these corporations would fold almost immediately. We have created a situation where business people (of all races) see changing drug laws as a threat to their livelihood. And now many propose to elect a man as president who PROMISES to run our country as a business. Do not doubt what that means for the poor and powerless. I can understand the bitterness against white people that many of you who read and post here feel. But do not misunderstand the conflict or the war against us, it is the rich vs. the poor. It truly is about color, but the color is green!

  87. I like African-Americans as a group. I love hip-hop and I think African-Americans have some of the best athletic talent in the world. These slam dunk contests put everyone to shame-globally! Micheal Jordan, Tyson, 2pac and MJ are just the latest in a long line of African-Americans entertaining us and making America a fun place to live! BUT AT THE SAME TIME I’M ROOTING FOR THEM TO MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT IN OTHER WAYS.
    Listen, without slavery America as we know it today wouldn’t have been possible. We couldn’t free ourselves from England and fight the Indians then turn around and build these economies on our own. History is full of slavery, every major race has been enslaved at one point or another. BUT I wish we REALLY freed the blacks after the Civil War-instead of this segregation crap! The KKK was bullshit! Blacks earned their spot in America with blood, sweat and tears. Why not give them their due respect after that. No, whites had to drag it out, didn’t they? And this crap racial crap led all the way up to the Watts riots. Then they started getting some freedom. Martin Luther King wasn’t the only influence towards true freedom, Malcom X and the Black Panthers with their violence and riots played a big part too. SO WHAT WAS THE LESSON THERE? VIOLENCE WILL EARN BLACKS RESPECT THAT WHITES JUST WONT HAND OVER! Thats a problem, whites problems. But it has also become a black problem for themselves.
    You look at these black neighborhoods and they are full of crime, ‘Black on Black’ crime. DC is one example. It’s common knowledge that white people are not welcome in South East D.C. isn’t it. I went there from Utah thinking it was ‘all good’. But I was wrong! This is one example of how an open mind can get you killed—if you think you can’t make generalizations or listen to stereotypes then take your white ass to South East D.C. and walk around all night and see if your alive the in the morning. Then do the same thing in Compton, CA. So what do we have now, reverse racism? But the fact remains that the biggest threat to a black man ages 18-25 in America is another black man–not white people. White people have fought each other to make it as equal as possible. Remember that the KKK killed “nigger lovers” too and the Civil War cost more lives than all our other wars combined.
    SO NOW ITS UP TO BLACK PEOPLE AS A WHOLE TO GET IT TOGETHER. In New York black kids still jump the nerdy black kids, thats a black problem. We spend more money on a education as a nation than most European countries but our test scores are lower. Where do we spend the most money? We spend more money on inner-city schools than we do on suburban schools but they still test lower, don’t they? Why? Culture! In my WHITE family if you dont go to a university than your dis-owned. Same thing with many Asian and Eastern Indian families. “China Men” faced racism too. They were American slaves too, where do you think we got our railroads from? But they got their shit together and started “China Towns” in every major American city from SF to NYC. These are all Chinese areas with their own little economies independent from white people completely! They aren’t as violent as the above mentioned “black” neighborhoods. WE DON’T HAVE POLICE SHOOTING THEM, DO WE?
    Its time for a great black empire. The Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Europeans have made great empires in history. Why not black people? Why can’t Africa unite and build a world power leading the way into space, medicine and technology? Why don’t black people just make “Africa Towns” and show us how educated/independent they can get? I believe they can do it! I hope they do it because history is being written everyday and so far there has never been a great African empire (unless you believe the Egyptians were black). But as long as they value “tough guys”,rappers and jocks they won’t get there. Its time for these black girls to demand nerds, not gangsters. Which, in their defense, I have seen some try. They say,”We need to get it together, niggas. No more Black on Black crime” and “You fools need to stop hating and vote!” —-until then these shooting of unarmed-innocent-black-kids in the least of their problems!

  88. Well you guys are wrong about at least one of these, justin sipp fired at least 14 shots at police before he was killed and you have him listed as unarmed

    Why Highlight 29 killings when the real statistics are Black on Black Crime? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/race-wars-part-1-the-shocking-data-on-black-on-black-crime/
    There was a comment above about “Be Responsible”

    A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans.

    To put these number in perspective, recall that over 6,400 U.S. service men and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined over the course of a decade-long war fought in those nations. During the Vietnam War, which lasted nearly 13 years, some 58,000 Americans were killed — nearly 13 percent of whom were African American.

    The racial composition of the US population as of 2008 was 79.79% European American (65.60% non-Hispanic and 14.19% Hispanic), 12.84% African American (12.22% non-Hispanic and 0.62% Hispanic), 4.45% Asian American (4.35% non-Hispanic and 0.10% Hispanic), 1.01% American Indian or Alaska Native (0.76% non-Hispanic and 0.25% Hispanic), 0.18% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander American (0.14% non-Hispanic and 0.04% Hispanic), and 1.69% Multiracial American (1.64% non-Hispanic and 0.05% Hispanic). 15.25% of the total US population identified their ethnicity as Hispanic.[5]

    Check this out!

    Sort the data yourself by race http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/html/cvus/race.cfm

  90. Wayne we don’t pay criminals in the streets to keep us safe we pay police.. Nor are we allowed to take the law into our own hands and go around killing criminals who we feel have done us wrong. If some thug on the street acts crazy we pay police to stop them.. we don’t pay police to shoot civilians.. It’s interesting that u wanted to site stats.. why not site all the stats.. what do those stats show that crimes are overwhelmingly committed by people of one race against people of that same race. This means we can paint a crazy picture of any ethnic group and call that the real issue..With that being said, one has nothing to do with the other..How does Ray ray shooting Pookie over a gang fight have to do with the officer in Chicago who shot unarmed Rekia Boyd in the head ‘by accident’.? 34 questionable police shootings since Trayvon, the majority of them of unarmed suspects.. So thats a big issue that will not go away..

    In terms of the real issue at hand.. what programs are u personally involved in Wayne?? I teach and work with youngsters everyday. its cool to pull a wiki stat page, but what is Wayne doing to show his work.. U involved with HHC? Homeboy Hotline, barrios Unidos, Homei, Sister Circle, 100 Black men.. Boy scouts? No? I didnt think so.. Thank You..

  91. Davey D,
    Some of your comments are great, I always like to focus on the positive.
    I grew up in Flint Michigan, at the time of my graduation from High School Flint was the murder capital per population plagued with the “crack”, gangs and much more ruthless activity.
    That was 20 plus years ago, now I am a Law Enforcement trainer and product support specialist really dealing with High End training products and methods to help save the lives of innocent victims no matter the color, race or religion.
    I could privately send you some information but this is not the forum to discuss tactics for saving lives but I will give you a synopsis;
    We use moving target systems in training for bank robberies, store robberies, hostage threat training all of this is done with stationary targets in the background as civilians so BULLET ACCOUNTABILITY is a must. The unfortunate part is all departments can not afford this training or don’t even know it is available due to budget cuts and other financial issues. Currently I live outside of Detroit another city plagued with crime shootings every week.
    So far all of the Police Officers and SWAT members I have trained are very professional, never a racial comment , joke or anything related in that issue.
    The largest comment when we do a focus group is “GOD Forbid I ever have to use this training but if I do I am glad I am now trained so i don’t hurt anyone by accident”
    In any group – job – organization- forum Most all people are good people and there are a few bad apples as well- this is human nature.

    You are right about “What are we all doing to be better role models in our communities”.
    In the area that I live in there was 8 heroin overdoes in the past year. SAD in any community.

    The key word in Community is UNITY. In most part not to be political but if we really define our nations politicians it appears that “they” like segregation by spending so much time and money dealing with separate agenda groups rather than on Uniting Americans as a whole. We are all immigrants here with the exception of the native Indian population.
    What would happen if we all untied against the concepts of what our country was founded on;
    1. Freedom of Speech
    2. The Right to Bear Arms – ironically only illegal in Washington DC, New York City and similar areas.- Why is that!

    I know in Detroit they have the Detroit 300 a self appointed organization that patrols the streets and tries to get inside info to help solve crimes.

    I have personally fought alongside men (no women in my time) of every nationality, race color and creed the bottom line is we all BLEED RED!
    So what do we do to be more constructive at UNITY!
    My stats were used to provide the “View from 10,000 feet” we all have issues in our communities as a human race we are not perfect but when we see a homeless person do we turn the other way, a drug addict, an alcoholic, a beggar?

    I think in any community that you should have the right to bear arms to protect yourself as long as you are not a gun welding felon and abide by laws as a law abiding citizen.

    I have spent some time with my church we have some programs that help feed the homeless here in Detroit and I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica on a mission trip.
    I have learned a lot from these experiences.
    It is my wish and prayers that we end this needless violence on any side of the fence….PERIOD…
    At the same time GOD helps those who help themselves, the more we volunteer and give sometimes has a negative effect as well then it creates a dependency. I too have fallen pray to issues of economy and when I need meat I Hunt for it!
    Even in these economic times I am truly blessed.
    I hope this projects my true feelings.

  92. Davey D,
    Please email me privately and I will show you a few videos NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION but for the education of Police Officers to assist in saving lives. Truly a heart felt offer.
    Matter of fact you may enjoy some of the free training videos that I provide to help in exactly that not killing innocent people.
    We are on the same side as crazy as that sounds!
    As a youth I was guilty of a “Piss Poor Mentality” bumping music of NWA “F the Police” so much I still know the words.
    But it is that type of music that forms a generation of racist separation us against them mentality and I get it “a few bad apples” everywhere do more to shape a nation than most of the do gooders.
    REV King, was a fine man and promoted unity in total peace and harmony and once again some “very bad apples” ruined that.

    Now look at today’s society: Are more influenced by Rap Hip Hop stars or REV King?

    How would he be today if he were still alive?
    He is an example that I could probably never live up too, truly a very courageous man and like a soldier fighting for the rights of others; it cost him his life but so many benefited from his life more than his death.

    In terms of music it is free speech but it does influence our culture greatly.

    I CHOOSE not to listen to music, people, events, talk, chatter and basically BS that is racist, drug dealing, murdering, degrading to women, degrading to the human race.

    Try this out for music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCunuL58odQ it personally touches my heart

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  94. Let us truly examine these incidents and realize there are stereotypes being created by black entertainers who glamorize and deify, gang violence, ignorance and the mistreatment of women. Couple this with a welfare system that breeds realiance, and subsistence living,compounded by failing school systems,and an almost non-existant black family structure and you wonder why 1000s of young black men die at the hands of other black men and truthfully you worry about the young black men killed by cops ? Ask yourself when was the last time you watched the news and the shootings and murders were perpetrated by a white person seriously. I really wish black people would for once look at themselves as perhaps creating or at least perpetuating the problems that they have. I know this is a generalization and I know that there are plenty of hardworking educated black people in america like me who are quite frequently embarassed by alot of black behavior, and the constant whining and complaining about what the man is doing to you, get an education get a job try marrying the mother of your children, and for God sakes BLACK WOMEN STOP HAVING SO MANY BABIES YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF SUPPORTING!!!!!!

  95. I’m sick and tired of hearing about these poor black men that have been killed by police. I agree there might be one or two that might have been a bad shoot, so prosecute the shooter as you would anyone else. No one knows the true and complete story when an officer shoots a suspect because the media is never correct on what they report. Then you have people like most that have commented on this story, who have no idea on what they are talking about. If a black man commits a crime and is shot by a white police officer, the black community immediately comes down

  96. on the officer without knowing what happen. 98% of police shooting are justified no matter what you idiots say.
    Why don’t we here any of you bitching about a black man shooting a young incident black female during a drive-by gang shooting? Why don’t we hear you bitching when a black man shoots and kills a police officer? Shut your freaking mouths and grow the hell up and realize these men make there own decision to put themselves in these positions. Their not all innocent like the media likes to portray. Get a life and open your eyes.

  97. Dear Tom Jones,

    One has nothing to do with another.. we pay officers and get to hold them accountable.. we don’t pay thugs who act foolish.. but since u decided to go there in terms of addressing crime.. lets get a few things out the way..a quick look at my track record shows I have long been one to address that issue in my community.. My radio shows speak to it, my work speaks to it the dozens of organizations I work with speak to it..But that’s not really ur point here Tom.. Tom Jones doesn’t care about those issues.. otherwise he would be aware of the work.. Tom is a defender of corrupt police who assumed I was one not involved in my community.. Nice try Tom. Now back to the issue at hand..
    Crime, any type of crime usually committed by folks of one race agst folks of the same race.. so ur assertion could easily apply to anyone.. ie.. if we talked about police abuse in the Asian community which we have lots of situations out here.. we could say, why are u quiet on Asian gang violence vs complaining about the police.. If i was Mexican speaking about the large amounts of police violence agst Brown folks.. U Tom could assert that same cookie cutter response..heck Tom.. we see and read about more crime in general then we do about police.. So what ur basically saying is that bc crime exist in a particular community wrongful actions by the police should be ignored..If an unarmed man gets shot by police it should not be addressed until someone says something about a drive by? Sorry Tommy that doesn’t fly.. I pay taxes, probably more than most and expect the police to be top notch in their behavior..Until then I’m gonna let u address drivebys and crime.. Send me an invite to ur organization so we can see what sort of work ur putting in..

  98. My children you are all missing a very important point. The Most High have forsaken his people because we have forsaken Him and turned away from His Commandments do to a lack of spirtual knowledge. And this destruction will continue until we wake up an find out who really are and stop living like the heathens who do not know the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We are not teaching our children to fear The Most High because we don’t and because we don’t He has allowed destuction and corruption to come upon us like a plague. Come out of the Heathen false church and such the Holy Scripture for yourself. And I promise you this will all change at the appointed time,.

  99. Here is the other side of the story: Police Offiers Killed 52
    Honoring Officers Killed in 2012
    United States > Search > 2012

    Sergeant Abimael Castro-Berrocales
    Puerto Rico Police Department, PR
    EOW: Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Park Ranger Margaret Anderson
    United States Department of the Interior – National Park Service, US
    EOW: Sunday, January 1, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Director of Field Operations Julio La Rosa
    United States Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation, US
    EOW: Tuesday, January 3, 2012
    Cause of Death: Heart attack

    Agent Jared Francom
    Ogden Police Department, UT
    EOW: Thursday, January 5, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff William Coleman
    Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, AZ
    EOW: Sunday, January 8, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Detective Andrew F. Faggio
    New Haven Police Department, CT
    EOW: Wednesday, January 11, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Correctional Officer Clarence Tariq Hammond, III
    Michigan Department of Corrections, MI
    EOW: Saturday, January 14, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff Denny Lawrence
    Elko County Sheriff’s Office, NV
    EOW: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff Randall L. Benoit
    Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA
    EOW: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Agent Francis Crespo-Mandry
    Puerto Rico Police Department, PR
    EOW: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Corporal Barbara Ester
    Arkansas Department of Correction, AR
    EOW: Friday, January 20, 2012
    Cause of Death: Stabbed

    Correctional Officer Tracy Hardin
    Nevada Department of Corrections, NV
    EOW: Friday, January 20, 2012
    Cause of Death: Heart attack

    Officer Garret Davis
    Honolulu Police Department, HI
    EOW: Saturday, January 21, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Deputy Sheriff James I. Thacker
    Pike County Sheriff’s Department, KY
    EOW: Monday, January 23, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Senior Police Officer Gail Thomas
    Atlanta Police Department, GA
    EOW: Tuesday, January 24, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicular assault

    Police Officer William D. “Bill” Talbert
    Montgomery County Police Department, MD
    EOW: Friday, January 27, 2012
    Cause of Death: Duty related illness

    Master Corporal Sandra E. “Sandy” Rogers
    Aiken Department of Public Safety, SC
    EOW: Saturday, January 28, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Police Officer Steven Green
    Mobile Police Department, AL
    EOW: Friday, February 3, 2012
    Cause of Death: Stabbed

    Reserve Deputy Don Williams
    Dale County Sheriff’s Office, AL
    EOW: Wednesday, February 8, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Detective David White
    Clay County Sheriff’s Office, FL
    EOW: Thursday, February 16, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Sergeant Michael Todd May
    Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department, WV
    EOW: Saturday, February 18, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicle pursuit

    Trooper Tony V. Radulescu
    Washington State Patrol, WA
    EOW: Thursday, February 23, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff Barbara Pill
    Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, FL
    EOW: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Corrections Officer Britney Rachelle Meux
    Lake County Sheriff’s Department, IN
    EOW: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicular assault

    Sergeant Ruben Howard Thomas, III
    Florida Department of Corrections, FL
    EOW: Sunday, March 18, 2012
    Cause of Death: Stabbed

    Trooper Javier Arana, Jr.
    Texas Department of Public Safety – Texas Highway Patrol, TX
    EOW: Saturday, March 24, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Deputy Sheriff Michael C. Walizer
    Charles City County Sheriff’s Office, VA
    EOW: Saturday, March 31, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Senior Police Officer Jaime Padron
    Austin Police Department, TX
    EOW: Friday, April 6, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff Ryan Tvelia
    Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office, MA
    EOW: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
    Cause of Death: Motorcycle accident

    Correctional Officer William Wright
    North Carolina Department of Public Safety – Division of Adult Correction, NC
    EOW: Wednesday, April 11, 2012
    Cause of Death: Fall

    Deputy Sheriff Robert Paris
    Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, CA
    EOW: Thursday, April 12, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Police Chief Michael P. Maloney
    Greenland Police Department, NH
    EOW: Thursday, April 12, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Sergeant Maxwell Dorley
    Providence Police Department, RI
    EOW: Thursday, April 19, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Deputy Sheriff Brian Hayden
    Choctaw County Sheriff’s Office, OK
    EOW: Thursday, April 19, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Patrolman Avery Freeman
    Chester Police Department, PA
    EOW: Monday, April 30, 2012
    Cause of Death: Duty related illness

    Investigator Michael J. Walter
    Pearl Police Department, MS
    EOW: Tuesday, May 1, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff David Wargo
    Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, AZ
    EOW: Tuesday, May 1, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicular assault

    Probation / Parole Officer Jeffrey McCoy
    Oklahoma Department of Corrections, OK
    EOW: Friday, May 18, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Police Officer Justin Maples
    Cleveland Police Department, TN
    EOW: Sunday, May 20, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Trooper Amanda Anna
    New York State Police, NY
    EOW: Saturday, May 26, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Detective Jeremy Bitner
    Englewood Police Department, CO
    EOW: Monday, May 28, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicular assault

    Police Officer Kevin Ambrose
    Springfield Police Department, MA
    EOW: Monday, June 4, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Deputy Sheriff Michael Smith
    Upton County Sheriff’s Department, TX
    EOW: Friday, June 8, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Deputy Sheriff Dewayne Charles Hester
    Bladen County Sheriff’s Office, NC
    EOW: Friday, June 8, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Reserve Deputy Sheriff William Charles “Charley” Coen
    Harper County Sheriff’s Office, OK
    EOW: Sunday, June 10, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Sergeant Robert Warren “Bobby” Crapse, Sr.
    Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, GA
    EOW: Friday, June 15, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Police Officer Celena Hollis
    Denver Police Department, CO
    EOW: Sunday, June 24, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Agent Victor Manuel Soto-Velez
    Puerto Rico Police Department, PR
    EOW: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
    Cause of Death: Gunfire

    Trooper Aaron Beesley
    Utah Highway Patrol, UT
    EOW: Saturday, June 30, 2012
    Cause of Death: Fall

    Border Patrol Agent Leopoldo Cavazos, Jr.
    United States Department of Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection – Border Patrol, US
    EOW: Friday, July 6, 2012
    Cause of Death: Automobile accident

    Patrolman Christopher Reeves
    Millville Police Department, NJ
    EOW: Sunday, July 8, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicle pursuit

    Police Officer Brian Lorenzo
    Philadelphia Police Department, PA
    EOW: Sunday, July 8, 2012
    Cause of Death: Vehicular assault

    Read more: http://www.odmp.org/search/year/#ixzz20bVIJUFX

  100. Davey D replying to your comments to Tom Jones:
    One has nothing to do with another.. WRONG: AN OFFICERS DUTY TO DO THEIR BEST IN PROTECTING THE COMMUNITY: we pay officers and get to hold them accountable..WE DO PAY POLICE AND THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE: we don’t pay thugs who act foolish..YOU SUPPORT RAP MUSIC AND THE THUG LIFE WHETHER YOU KNOW IT OR NOT – YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE THUG BY SUPPORTING THE LIFE STYLE—–WAKE UP! but since u decided to go there in terms of addressing crime.. YES TAKE A LOOK AT IT IN REGARDS TO GENERATION WELFARE AS WELL EVER DO A STAT ON THAT? lets get a few things out the way..a quick look at my track record shows I have long been one to address that issue in my community..

  101. Wayne ur generalizations are ignorant and false..You have no idea what work I do.. who I educate or what I stand for.. We can start with that.. the fact remains the police kill an African American once every 40 hrs-that’s absolutely outrageous.. That’s coupled w/ 58 million dollars in police brutality settlements over past 10 years in Oakland alone.. more than 120 million in LA, 27 in San Jose and 23 in SF and that’s just for starters and a short list.. If I had time I can pull out the long list of abuses of those who disrespect the badge and the far reaching extent its had..These killings aren’t happening in isolation.. Its part of a culture that has never ever improved..From the recent revelation of Tango squads, Jump out boys in LA sheriff department..

    You mentioned rap music as the main culprit for diminished lifestyle.. Again what does that have to do with police killings? Was rap music the cause for all the police killings of Blacks in the 1950s?? Oh wait..back then the culprit was rock and roll.. I actually have footage of police blaming Blacks and rock and roll for our country’s problems.. Was it rap music in the 1960s or 1970s when the rates of Blacks being killed may have actually been higher?? Oh wait.. that was probably the Black Panthers and Hippie music.. Was rap music the cause for execessive force in the 1980s under operation Hammer in LA? Was it the cause in the 1920s when they had to keep red books chronically lynchings and killings?

    Wayne stop ur bullshit.. if the bad police are in the minority then make sure u speak out about them..

  102. Lawsuits against Police are a dime a dozen! IT IS EASY TO BRING UP THE MISTAKES OF 29 PEOPLE RATHER THAN THE SUCCESSES OF 1000′S!

  103. No wayne.. 58 million dollars in one city is not 29 people.. Its unexcusable and you are foul for not owning up to them.. Its a disgrace to tax payers and to those who work hard.. You should be working to eradicate those trangressions..

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  105. With the greatest respect to all those involved, I am a white British guy who has traveled around the states a bit and can see from an outsiders perspective. The African-Americans I have met showed me nothing but friendship, but it is fair to say that there were areas that i avoided out of common sense. In comparison to other industrialized nations, there seems to be a disproportionate risk in being black in the US as opposed to other countries, there seems to be a good deal of racism deeply rooted in American society and a truly horrific record going back over decades. HOWEVER, there is also a large part of America that is just as selfish in their treatment of anyone poorer than themselves. I doubt if I have ever visited a country where folks care less about there fellow man. In looking at the list above, at the risk of causing offence, some of those guys were never going to cure cancer or win a Nobel prize. I would be interested to know the number of victims of black on black gun crime during the same period. The key to resolving just about any issue I can think of is education. Too many problems are caused by keeping people in poor neighbourhoods where there is no hope, no future and no education. I would love to see some real role models for kids and projects that make them believe that they have a better future.
    There is good and bad in every society, but a really good start is to stop young black kids killing each other. It’s going to take a lot of small steps before we can all “just get along”, but the first goals have to be achievable to get the ball rolling. The majority of America just watches the inner cities destroy themselves, THAT is where we need to start.

  106. So who cares about the “race” of who were killed. Dam you give them free welfare, free housing,free cell phones and food stamps. They are all like wild animals. F them feedem fish eggs. All i hear is AWWW Im black poor me. Im a victim of circumstance…bull shit… you are a victim of our own stupidiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for the cops that are killed by the big lipped animals. Dam they got everthing they need B.E.T. , F.U.B.U. , B.S.N. I wish i could slap the coppered color president that turned his back on all others.

  107. Let me tell you something miss jackass jessica bridgers — You’re very lucky all Blacks aren’t like me and my cousins — because we never took any shit from any white person who was cocky – We were known for beating up half the police dept . — Half the time the police were scared to come in our neighborhood which wasn’t a ghetto — We didn’t tolerate any profiling or anything like that . It’s a shame that most Blacks are scardy cats — and that’s what the police are used to . You’re probably too young and stupid to know about the Black Panthers or other stand up Black Organizations who would step deep into your ass if you even looked like you wanted some action , because we’d stump you in the ground in a heartbeat ! — and by the way , there are more Whites on welfare than anybody else — and I bet you didn’t know that . I’ve suggested to my kids that they get the hell out of the U.S. and move to Canada where they can find a decent life , so as to not be around crazed maniac Whites out on a shooting spree . American Whites only pick on the WEAK — If every Black neighborhood was like the one I grew up in , there wouldn’t ever be any news or reports of the police killing any Blacks — ever ! You could almost look at us as BLACK ITALIANS — because we never have , we don’t now , and never will take any misconduct from anybody ! Understand !? Pretty soon you guys won’t have to worry about the weak Negroes – You better prepare yourselves for the growing Hispanics — who most definitely will make you earn your keep — and another thing Miss Prissy — It was my Ancestors who made it possible for you low life whites to have what you have by making this country rich — bitch . You better know what you’re talking about — or SHUT YOUR MOUTH — Go ahead and reply — but I’m sure you wouldn’t even mumble if you were in my neighborhood .

  108. Stop talking about it and do something about. Bullies only respect you when you hit back. Have to make them so afraid they will be terrified to kill another unarmed black man. They won’t stop til we stand up and hit back. That’s all bullies understand. The courts and judges don’t care. Who else you gonna call? Jesus said Satan is the ruler of this world. Just the way it has to be. Something almost short of a civil war in the streets in the only thing that will stop it. This is 2012 closer to 2013 and they’re still basically lynching black men. Better arm yourselves. A lot of people have to die before they respect us. Just the way it has to go down.

  109. What’s up J C — You’re exactly right — but there’s just not enough of us – and it makes me sick that many of the young dumb whites think all Blacks are afraid of them – We went through school knocking them out like Bowling Pins – but , as just stated , there’s far too few of us — and that’s why they will peck at you . Now , don’t get me wrong , I did have white friends , but they were cool and authentic mellow white boys – but their unruly brothers makes you have a tendency of hating them all . They’re so tough , when it’s just a BLOG , but I’m sure you notice that they’re very quiet and almost overly respectful when they’re just two feet from you . I’m really not shocked at anything whites do — especially not the police — I learned who they were a long time ago .
    The shock only comes in on how Big Mouth Black guys talk a lot of shit , but then turn tail and run for the hills when confronted by the police . The police would get very smart , very quick , if all of us started shooting back . As I tried explaining to the sponge head female blogger , who I look at as incapacited when it comes to thinking , that there are some Blacks who know quite well that without their guns , police , or any other so called tough white boy , is absolutely NOTHING , . Blacks need to wake up and get off of that Jesus kick – because he won’t be helping Blacks , any time soon . I’m sure you know about the BATAAN DEATH MARCH , where the JAPANESE captured thousands of whites who surrendered , and they had guns ! The JAPANESE gave them such a fight – that I don’t think any white nation would try tampering with the Orientals again . Do you know why ? It’s like you said — because they fought back ! — and then some ! If you’re that Black individual who sits back , after a police shooting , and mumbles , god will take care of them — then you ain’t my brother — brother ! I must admit , where many Blacks wouldn’t even dare mention , that Blacks are sorry — when it comes to striking back – and that’s precisely the reason my all time guys were THE BLACK PANTHERS and today’s Muslims , although I’m not a religious person . You can’t be truly religious , and shoot back at the at the police — it just doesn’t work — and as long as they don’t get shot back at – I guarantee you , Young Blacks will continue getting shot down in cold blood . Thank goodness , I’m not a part of this new pussy generation . All the real Black men are gone .


  110. Message to all, base on the holy scripture (Matthew.24) it is only going to get worse. We are now in Jacob troubles and the Messiah is sealing those who are for him and The Father and the others will receive the mark of the beast. When he comes he will have no pity on those with the mark. Blood will run 200 hundred miles long and up to a horse bridle. WHO side are you on! Get your house in order and I don’t mean one that you live in. Much Love!

  111. Hello Mary – How are You ? You seem like a genuine nice person – and I do think you are sincere in what you believe in — but you have to realize that many individuals don’t fall for that fake religious rhetoric . Christianity never did my people any good . Oh sure , I’m sure you’ll find most Blacks still enthralled into the bible and such – but Christianity doesn’t have a decent resume for rescuing a desperate people – none at all — especially with Blacks – or any other poor people . There are about 40 to 50 million people worldwide who are starving – doesn’t that tell you anything ? You don’t have to read the bible if you are a World Observer – and have good common sense . During the second World War the streets ran with blood and bodies of little children – so what else is new ? During the American Civil War , the fields and valleys ran with more blood than you could shake a stick at . So, what you’re saying is nothing spectacular. If you really believe in that stuff – then your message should be directed toward the police department – not to the innocent bystander . When it comes to the lying government , hardly a word of discipline comes from the church . Many like myself don’t go for what’s being said , or what’s being promised — because talk is cheap , especially when you quote the bible . Cops will never change in America . Everybody wants to know why White guys go out and kill a bunch of innocent people . That’s not such a big mystery when you look at how the police conduct themselves , now is it ? This is a dangerous country that won’t be changing any time soon .
    America’s history is drenched in blood – so Matthew – 24 is on the late show . Always remember this ; The man who survives is the man who is up on his toes, and aware of his adversaries — and certainly not the man out there standing with a bible in his hand .


  112. Dear Eddie, I came out of Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth(The false Church) a long time ago. And whether you believe me are not what I stated will come to pass. My hope for you is that you will asked The Most High to reveal the truth to you. Time will tell if what I say is false or not but your precious soul is to valuable for you not to research the Holy Scriptures for yourself.

  113. Eddie you must be from the Lincoln states. Cause if you were from the south you would have been silented by now. Blank panthers faded away and the KKK renamed into the U.S. Goverment. Good luck on your soap box and dumb ass ideas. By the way its called POPULATION CONTROL(police,sicklecell,crack,community projects,guns,liquor) You cant change fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  115. Yeah , you’re a BIG MOUTH BITCH when you’re out of reach – just like your diseased ancestors — and I’m from Mississippi — you guys ain’t shit down there – you’re just mad cause now the Mexicans are taking over — you can talk all the shit you want — as long as you’re out of reach . Nobody rules me honey bunch — like most , you’re nothing but a white POLE CAT who’s meowing for a BLACK CAT – but you’re just too UGLY to get anyone – you probably look like a stack of tires — a miserable Bitch is always crying out for help – but you’re beyond help — a person with AIDS is much better off than you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I’ve been handling and knocking out your kind ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper Miss Southern Belle from HELL — I would say you better start learning spanish — Oh , but , come to think of it — You don’t even speak proper English yet — do you ? You can’t even spell — and Whether you noticed or not sweetheart — you guys lost the CIVIL WAR — and now — little by little you’re losing the country – so what the HELL are you talking about — you better watch the NEWS — that is — if your TRAILER PARK can afford it ! Now don’t forget what you’ve learned today Miss Jerk ass jessica — Blacks were among the Union Soldiers who kicked the kkk in their rotten asses during the CIVIL WAR — and if we have to — we’ll go to war and kick your unworthy asses again ! ANYTIME — ANYWHERE . You’re nothing but a FLEE in a Dog’s Ass !

  117. Black people are ruining EVERY city in america. You low life piles of shit complain about not being able to get a job because you dress all a like and who talk like DIS NIGGA. Nobody wants to hire a nigger because you will steal and fuck up some how because you got to keepz it realz. Real dumb. It’s scary to walk anywhere in Philly because of black people you’re animals in the wild there. Even without a job you can’t clean up your own communities. You just blame it on someone else you lazy fuckers…. Israel is doing what ever other country wishes they could do, SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY instead of letting them mess up theirs. I love black people but I hate niggers, and niggas got to go….

  118. To Balmy — Hey Balmy , this is Eddie Smith , and you’re the first person , besides myself who tells it like it is — You’re exactly right – ’cause I hate niggers too . I’m a Black Writer who also hates laziness and slurred speech — which I’ve never been a part of — it makes me sick , because that’s just what Whites use against us — so it’s kind of hard to belong to an asinine bunch of bubble brains who don’t know a damn thing because they don’t fucking read . They want to be recognized , but they don’t put in the time and effort to get to a better position . I’ve only met a few Black individuals who have my same Motto which is ; not to do unto people as you have them do unto you — BUT RATHER – DO UNTO PEOPLE AS THEY DO UNTO YOU ! If you’re a cool Black guy that knows something besides bullshit , I can respect you , but if all you know is talking shit all day long — then to me , you’re worse than a white racist — because you’re keeping the race down just like he does , by being a dumb son of a bitch . During Slavery days , Blacks paid a big price for the privilege of being able to read — now , all there is throughout the Black race are a bunch of illiterates . . I’m only for guys like Barack and Colin Powell — and Blacks who want to fill their shoes . . They Rock ! Guys like Rev. Jessie Jackson or Alan Keyes can jump In the river with a pair of cement shoes — they’re back stabbers — They’re a good example of how Blacks can be towards each other . Nevertheless , there are a few upstarts out there who do make the grade of a sensible person —- and with a trade. By the same token , your White boys are killing other Whites , with their lethal GUNS — Did you forget about those wacky Motherfuckers ? What’s up with that GOOFY SHIT !? Even though , I think you speak from the heart , I don’t think you’ve traveled much around the U. S. – because there are Black Neighborhoods that can put many White neighborhoods to shame – every Black community or neighborhood isn’t a Ghetto my friend — but it seems , that’s all you’ve seen . Never forget that there can be two sides to any coin . Maybe you should get out of Philly – that may be your problem . It’s not the only town on earth . By the way , there are Whites whose house is so full of garbage that you can’t even get through the door — for all I know your house could be one of these . Being White doesn’t impress me in the least – because I’ve done my homework . It’s WHO YOU ARE that counts . I used to know Whites who hardly changed their fucking clothes . Whether you’re Black ,White or Hispanic – if you’re a Nasty Fucker , then you’re just a nasty fucker ! Oh ,and another thing Balmy — it’s not the Blacks who are trampling the country — it’s the Hispanics my dear . Too late to get rid of them now . Did you know they out number the NIGGERS ? You better start learning Spanish ! You better do some reading and traveling yourself . Some of you Whites are so busy calculating the moves of poor niggers , that you don’t even realize that the country is being invaded and overrun by everybody else – especially the Hispanics . And , if Romney becomes President , I’ll oblige you by packing up my things and getting the fuck out with pleasure . I promise to leave this bitch to you and your niggers if that BUM Romney stumbles into the White House ! I’ve been to many other countries in my career , and I’m sure I won’t miss this shit hole if the Republicans – or should I say — Repugnant – Cons start neglecting its own true American citizens ! It’s not the Niggers who have fucked up the country – not by a long shot . It’s the STUPID WHITES who are stuck in the mud , stubborn to real progress — and that’s why countries like JAPAN are on Top . America rates 16th in the World when it comes to education — so you see , it’s not just the Niggas – it’s the Dumb White sons of bitches who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground ! Nothing but White Laboratory Mice

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  121. we all get shit from the fucking POlice no good prick rats. I have never been aressted but, because I was in a rock n roll band and, still have long hair I say that because I stopped playing music in 1979. and was fed up with the whole world and, had a record contract but, because of our drummer and, our lead player dying and dave couldn’t help that, we lost everything and I said ftw married my beautiful babyand stopped playing singing and playing music for good. I did play for twenty years but after dave banjock got sick I got depressed and didn’t care anymore we moved to florida then to georgia. Oh I played christian rock as lead singer until my ra got bad and I became crippled with that ankalosing spondalitis now Iam in a wheel chair and david banjock died fron huntingtons corea.

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  124. What I really want to know is where in the hell does anyone think that the killing of black people can be justified using the question “how many blacks have been killed by blacks”? WTF? First, what the hell does that have to do with anything? White people don’t kill white people? Second, you have to be one soulless SOB to be able to justify the murder of ANYONE. I don’t care if you’re black. white, or sky-blue pink. Third, that list of dead police officers. I don’t see what the hell that has to do with anything either. Were they all killed by black men? I doubt it. So why would anyone think that list is a justification of anything either? No black cops get killed in the line of duty?

    This crap just makes me realize that there are always going to be trash that think just by virtue of their skin color they can mistreat and abuse other human beings. Just like a lot of men run around thinking that women are lesser beings as well. The life of a woman in this country counts for very little. And if you’re a black woman, well then you are really in the shit. But I digress.

    I grew up in the North Omaha Housing Projects. Went to predominantly black schools. I had friends both black and white. And I can honest to God sit here and ‘say’ with an absolutely clear conscience that there were no differences between us. We all wanted the same things. To get an education. Some to marry and have families. Some to get a college degree and establish themselves in a successful career. Some of us hadn’t made up their minds yet. But I say again, we were all alike. We felt sorrow, shame, joy, laughter, pain, pride, love, and yes hate, all in the same way. We were kids. Not black kids, not white kids. Just kids. Like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. We all wanted to live the ‘American Dream’.

    Something has got to be done so that all kids have that right. It is a right. They have the right to a good life just like my son does. I am a white mother and this shit just breaks my heart.

  125. Chicanos killed by cops?

    American Indians killed by cops?

    No need to ask about any crackers getting wasted while unarmed in a trailer park – we all know white trash deserves whatever they get.

    Don’t pretend to be a revolutionary when you’re unable to judge all humans as equally worthy of your “attention”.

  126. No, it’s why you need more GOOD cops capable of knowing when to make the call to draw a weapon and shoot. Colour or race doesn’t come into it. In a country of 250 million there is a bigger problem with the huge number of CHILDREN killed by guns than focusing on an apparent conspiracy among cops to wipe out blacks, having only managed to kill 29. To put things into context, vending machines kill around 13 per year in the US, 450 people die falling out of bed and 6000 die from driving while texting.

  127. Please, don’t try to justify this. Have you NOT been paying attention? Have you not seen the statistics on how a black or hispanic person is far more likely to be pulled over than we are? This is true. Just because you can pull statistics out of the air citing how many people are killed by this or that does not mean that you can say that this is not a problem, because it is. I am an old white woman. I was a kid during the 60s. I live in the city that saw one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice that ever occurred in this country. I am talking about the way the police department here in Omaha framed 2 black men for the murder of a white police office, Larry Minard. That officer did not deserve to die, but Edward Rice and David Poindexter didn’t deserve to be framed for it either. This was a BIG issue for us back then, and by ‘us’ I mean the youth in the community. We never thought that they’d really be convicted. But they were. And that was the day I learned to watch very closely and beware of the police. (I know that it may sound like I’m mixing oranges and apples so to speak, but I’m not. It’s all part and parcel of the same problem. I just pointed this out because I wanted to be able to explain why I know that racial profiling is a problem. I’ve been watching it happen for a long long time.)

    Having said that I must agree that the problem is not the color of the police man’s skin that is the problem. It’s the mndset of some of these clowns that is dangerous. And now days, not only for black kids but all kids. Kids are being thrown into the prison system for next to nothing anymore. Punishment for profit is one of America’s fasted growing ‘industries’. You are right. We need police officers who are better grounded in their humanity. Unfortunately we’re getting a lot of these clowns straight out of the military. Not good not good not good.

    I want ALL children to be safe walking down the street. Not just some.

  128. Wow! Ideaville is Right! GOOD Cops are the ticket! Now I will throw holes in your thinking about the statement “You need more Black Cops”
    Just look at the statistics of black on black violent crimes! The death toll is no where near cops shooting blacks. Try taking care of the internal racism first!
    Just look around if you have ever been on the street? blacks calling other blacks the “N” word in a disrespectful fashion. If a “token white guy” did that, it is racism. Hmmmm! now if black on black crime is the highest death toll for blacks then why not look at growing your communities with unity. Better yet! Compare black on black crime to the KKK violent crimes against blacks.
    I know a lot of black cops and minority cops as well, when asked off the record, they will tell you that they are more likely to be in an incident with blacks than any other race, so why is that?
    Lack of Respect maybe!
    Look at the family model most of the behavior starts and ends from the home!
    Generation Welfare?
    Who’s your babies daddy?
    God Bless You!

  129. Where did I say we need more black cops? I said we need better cops.

    And where do live? I want to move to White Man’s Heaven too. Apparently no one of our race kills where you live.

    And you talk about family models. My friends had wonderful families. Generation welfare? I guess you don’t know that statistically more whites receive welfare. And I am NOT knocking whites, blacks, or anyone who is on welfare. Most who are on welfare are on it out of necessity. Not because they’re shiftless or lazy.

    The nasty snide racist way you ended your post says everything one needs to know about you Wayne. I bet you’re a Bagger, aren’t you?

    All I can say about you is ick ick ick. (That’s not what I typed first, it’s just what I had to change it to so I didn’t sound like the thorough waste of skin and oxygen that you are,)

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  132. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different page and thought I should check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to checking out your web page again.

  133. As a Black Man we need to look at ourselves first and ask ourselves why things are the way they are? its easy to blame white people, but what did we do to make them feel this way? our younger counterparts are killing more of us everyday, people arre scared of them and they should be. We can change ourselves and in affect change the opinion of our race. Just my thoughts.

  134. I’ve read several comments calling on Black brothers to kill white cops on this blog. THIS IS OUR CRIME! WE made it happen. How many out there have been teaching kids in our communities how to read and write? How many have been teaching science and math? You cannot blame whites for profiling when we ourselves are the cause! Blue here, Red there, Black hats here and green hats there. WE CAUSED our own profiling! It is time for us to STOP blaming whites and take back our OWN communities from OUR OWN people! We are slaves to the gangs and drug dealers we allow to sell to our children! not to whites! We have enslaved ourselves by not educating our kids so that they have the keys to the world! Stop calling successful black men Uncle Toms and sell out. ASK them for help! Talk to them and ask what they did and how they did it! Be proud of your minds and your families, not your gold chains and sneakers! Don’t buy into the Victim hood that has so long cast us into darkness. When we take back our streets and stand up to be recognized… ONLY THEN WILL WE BE FREE MEN !! Whether there is racism or NOT!

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  141. White people are 60% of the U.S. population and Blacks are about 18%. If white people committed 60% of the crime and blacks committed 18% of the crime and only blacks were getting shoot by cops then I would say that is Racist. But when 18% of the population is committing 85% then you can expect more to get shoot. Ask a black cops if they are more afraid of whites or blacks and see what he says. Black cops shoot more black people than white people. Are they racist?

  142. ” But when 18% of the population is committing 85% then you can expect more to get shoot.” WRONG!

    Fact: 2011(last year compiled as of this post) – The percentage of Whites arrested was 69.2 and Black 28.4. Blacks only surpassed Whites in Murder, Robbery and Gambling.

    But this talk about “police kill black people” is crap too.

    Fact: 2003-2009 (last years compiled as of this post) – The FBI estimated state and local law enforcement officers made 97.9 million arrests from 2003 through 2009.
    During the same period, 4,813 arrest-related deaths were reported to BJS.

    Homicide by law enforcement personnel accounted for 2,931(61%) of reported arrest-related deaths from 2003 through 2009. Whites accounted for 42% of reported arrest-related deaths, 32% were black, and 20% were Hispanic.

    So statically speaking, if you are White you are more likely die at the hands of the police…

    Oh… And I am a Black Man. Born and raised in the hood. Was dirt poor. Went to public school. Got arrested once for something I actually did. And still graduated college.. Voted for Obama and still likes him. Married a strong black woman. Still believes racism is alive and well in America (just more covert and strategic). But I do like mayo (my one white vice).

  143. Piece of writing writing is also a fun, if you be familiar with after
    that you can write if not it is difficult to write.

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  146. Not this shit again I though this site was going to be different…Check it out I have respect for all people weather they are black, white, brown whatever but I have a simple question that’s been bugging me that no one seems capable of answering…Now we all know what’s going on at the moment with this Zimmerman thing and we all know Its because this guy is half white. Now with that being said Mexicans have been profiling, targeting even kicking blacks out of there community and they have been doing this for years and I have seen no protest no black leaders make that big of a deal of it… Can anyone answer me why…. And one more thing I was reading a story about a black kid who refused to join a gang at school, weeks later they found his dead body so decomposed he couldn’t be recognized and there was no press on it, no Jamie Fox t shirts nothing.. That story saddens me because its the GANGS that are one of the biggest killer of black youth in country and no one paid attention to it but when a man that’s half white pulled a crime on a black youth everyone jumps in that’s just bullshit!!

  147. 500 black youth killed in Chicago in gang violence last year. Chicago is an experiment in institutionalized poverty. “Let’s see what happens when social policies and the distribution of the hundreds of millions in the state’s budget neglect African-Americans and the poor, and don’t effect any real change.” Trayvon and Chicago are two sides of the same coin. Most black families in gang-infested areas are not trying to see violence, but are trying to make the best of their situation. Their kids might buy guns illegally because they don’t feel safe in their poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Look up William Julius Wilson’s When Work Disappears. His stats prove that the level of gun violence in a community directly relates to the levels of unemployment there. Where are the jobs programs? Why not have a public-works program like in the Depression-era? Why not invest more in programs for low-income mothers and their children? Why not invest more in unions and increasing the minimum wage to a livable wage? This could solve much of the problems you speak of. But because 60% of the country doesn’t give a damn about 13%, because white people have the unearned privilege of not giving a damn to try and understand how the other half live, whether its profiled unarmed black boys like Trayvon or abandoned ghettos and invisible jobless hopeless fearful youths in Chicago, we live in a racist society.

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  150. Just a theory! Are we so sure! that the children in Chicago is being murdered by gangs are was it made to look like its gang related?

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  152. WHAT YOU GOING TO DO? Forget what I think. Thats why they are dying because all blacks in power and leaderships do is make dead posts asking other blacks what we think. DO SOMETHING! You have the position. So what you posting. Big deal a black made the whites laugh because another unarmed black was killed by whites and again all he did is make a post so they can fuss and complain. So what! Make a video of blacks in power and leaderships in the politicians faces telling them to report statistics of how many unarmed blacks have been killed by whites and aquitted. Make a video of blacks in power and leaderships in the politicians faces telling them to stop the killings of blacks being killed by whites when blacks have been killed while unarmed, backs are turned, because they LOOK suspicious, because they have freedom of speech during an argument. Do something about it then post.

  153. In agreement with Mayah, after doing research on my own and seeing the names of victims of these ‘black on black’ crimes, I thought the same exact thing. Are these crimes actually being committed by other blacks or are they made just appear that way by whites or even some black cops? Are innocent blacks going to prison to pay for these crimes they didnt commit? Probably w/o proof, evidence, or even a lawyer provided. Yes, they do lock us up without evidence, investigations, and even without seeing an argument attorney when asking for one in front of a judge. It happens. It happens because it happened to me without getting justice after contacting DOJ. I wasn’t allowed to and I couldn’t call a lawyer. I just sat in jail for 2 weeks uncared for properly rotting until someone remembered me. All these powerful blacks in america and that happened and still happens. How many innocent young and old blacks sit in prison for these, so called ‘black on black’ crimes? How many of have done, do or are willing to find out

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