Metro P Steps Up and Asks; ‘Are We Slaves to the World?’

As I mentioned earlier there are quite a few artist from the Bay Area who have been stepping up and speaking truth to power. I like to refer to them as the New Messengers.. One of the cats falling into that category is Metro P.. He comes out of San Francisco and is definitely knocking down doors in a major way… His new song ‘Slave to the World‘ is on point and straight butta..

Below is another joint Metro P did with Mistah Fab.. Its called ‘PriceTag‘.. I remember when he dropped this late last year… It turned a lot of heads.. It’s pretty damn dope..

Dregs One: A Letter to the President (Some Serious Food for Thought)

This is the homie Dreg’s One out of San Francisco.. Folks need to be up on him… He’s a serious activist, commentator and dope emcee..He’s one of the increasing number of artists especially out of the Bay Area who is all about taking his/her music and using it as a tool to serve the people.. In the tradition of Chuck D from Public Enemy , Dregs is not about rhyming for the sake of riddling, that’s clear by his new song and video ‘Letter to the President‘…It’s one that our Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama may wanna peep.

Below is one of the many commentaries Dregs One  does on issues off importance..  check out this joint here where he breaks down the impact of gentrification in his native San Francisco