Editorial: To Those Who Keep Asking; ‘Why ya’ll don’t care when Black folks kill Black folks’

This is for those folks who ask the question “Why ya’ll don’t care when Black folks kill Black folks all the time?”

Black people are just as hurt and concerned and angry when Black men die from gang violence, driveby shootings and “being caught up” every single day, as we are when white racist representatives of governmental institutions (that are supposed to protect and serve us) and ordinary white racist citizens murder us in cold blood.

Black people are just as hurt and concerned and angry when Black women die from domestic violence – murdered by those who say they love us – AND gang violence AND driveby shootings AND “being caught up” as we are when white racist representatives of governmental institutions (that are supposed to protect and serve us) – like Mitrice Richardson and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department – and ordinary white racist citizens murder us in cold blood.


1.  If you are dependent on the mainstream media to tell you that, you will not see it; they have no stake in that.

2.  If you are dependent on Black media, you may not see it there either; they may not have the resources to do it consistently.

3.  If you are not in close proximity to Black institutions or Black people – in other words, if you don’t know the folks that know – you are OOL – Out Of Luck.

In answer to your question “Why ya’ll don’t care when Black folks kill Black folks all the time?”  I say this:  “How come YOU don’t you care?”  It appears that this question ONLY gets raised when Black people vent their RIGHTEOUS indignation and anger over unjustified, racist murders.

If YOU really cared, then you would know about the organizations that exist to stop the senseless, every day murders of Black people by Black people:

1. You would know the names of these organizations

2. You would know when their meetings are

3.  You would know where their meetings were

4.  You would know the people who are a part of these organizations by name

5.  You would know the people who are a part of these organizations by sight

6.  You would go to their meetings

7.  You would ask them, “What can I do to help ya’ll?”

8.  You would ask your Black and mainstream media, “How come ya’ll don’t write/broadcast anything about these organizations on a REGULAR basis?”

9.  You would give them much needed money

10.  You would give them much needed money.

I live in Los Angeles, California.  These are the names I know:  Cease Fire, 2nd Call, Unity One, Unity Two, Professional Community Intervention Training Institute, Project Cry No More, Mothers of the Community, Unity in the Community, Peace in the Streets

What city do you live in?  Do you know the names?  Why not?

That’s what I thought.

If you genuinely and sincerely wanted to know the answer to that question, then I apologize for my tone.  If you just like to stir up crap and make a scene because you’d rather the attention be on you, instead of JUSTICE for Trayvon Martin AND ALL THE OTHERS, you are a sick, sad creature.

written byThandisizwe Chimurenga


Davey D Notes:

I’m glad my sista and fellow journalist/activist, Thandi wrote this piece… It needed to be said, and quite frankly a few folks needed to be called out on this. Folks who are guilty of this; are well-meaning but flawed at best and disingenuous at worse.

I been hit with the question/ assertion all this week and calmly had to point out that I had been to three well attended marches, town hall actions dealing with trauma and drama in our own communities.where were the folks asking? 

One of the activities, was a town hall with Too Short focusing on teen violence and misogyny at jam -packed Oakland City Hall.. I posted up the entire video and article so folks could see and experience themselves, Not one person who asserted that Black people don’t care had bothered to pass / share around that video and write up..You can peep the article and video HERE

Nor did they pass around the flyer and article about local rap artists and activist including T-Kash running a marathon this weekend to stop gun violence..Its something he frequently does…You can peep the info HERE

We have cats like Adisa Banjoko and the Hip Hop Chess Federation.. Not only is working w/ T-Kash, but he frequently does events that focus on martial arts, chess and Hip Hop.

He works with youngstas in the Mission district of San Francisco as well as goes to prisons to work with young brothas..His events are always free, well attended and inspiring… He was just up at SF State at our Hip Hop class working with folks and offering up internships for students to help with his efforts.. he also writes quite few columns for News One about what we can and should do to improve our communities.. You can peep him HERE

None who ask where the outcry for Black on Black crime, bothered to join the thousand plus folks who showed up at Allen Temple Church 3 weeks ago to address the issue of human trafficking/ teenage pimping and prostitution. It was put together by author/ activist Reverend Harry Williams who heads up a organization called Street Disciples/ Hood Movement 21 They are out and about every week in the streets trying to turn lives around.. 2 months ago they had a big gathering for community groups to come together and maximize efforts.. Reach him HERE

Almost none of the naysayers got on board to support the efforts of the 44% Coalition , a group of Black, Latina women along with a number of male allies who stepped to both Too Short and XXL Magazine around the issue of sexual assaults on Black and Latina women..

Apparently these folks weren’t up on the Detroit 300 who are patrolling their neighborhoods and coming after those seek to do harm… or 1Hood out of Pittsburgh, PA  where they not only patrolled the streets but set up youth media academy with the purpose of changing our image. Many of the videos done by Jasiri-x were put together by youth they work with and now train..You can see one of the projects they did about Pittsburgh HERE

These folks don’t seem to know about the tireless work and documentaries put together by former gang member Silky Slim out of Baton Rouge..This brother keeps himself on the front line of trying to stop the killings and turn people around from a life that he once led. You can peep his organization Stop the Killing Inc HERE

These folks don’t seem to know about United Roots, Urban Peace Movement, Silence the Violence, Love Life Foundation, Youth Speaks, United Playza , Homey, Barrios Unidos, Leadership Excellence  the Sista Circle, Homeboy Hotline, Dereca Blackmon’s Gender Walk,  Susan Taylor’s National Cares Mentoring Movement or the tireless work graph writers/ organizer like Refa 1 does .. I think it was last weekend he was out putting in work..and is gearing up[ to do a big event in the summer called Aerosoul  You can peep his work HERE

Maybe they don’t know about the work of Truth Minista Paul Scott out of North Carolina who frequently writes about ways for us to improve our community and backs it up with action.. You can read his columns HERE You can peep the video of him stepping to a malt liquor company -BLAST who he felt was trying to poison his neighborhood..HERE 

Maybe they dont know about artist like Mistah FAB who frequently goes to schools, does keep the Peace rallies, gives away school supplies and tries to give back..You can peep that HERE

He’s one of scores of artists I can name from Rebel Diaz in NY to dead prez to Ise Lyfe to Naughty By Nature, KRS-One, Bambu, Bun B, Kiwi, Metro P, Fly Benzo, Mystic, Mommas Hip Hop Kitchen, NY Oil, Wise Intelligent  who are always in their communities working to uplift, heal and end violence.

Maybe they don’t know about the work local artist Jahi does with young men who he takes under his wings.. A couple of months back they did a Guns Down Stop the Violence actions..Here’s a video


There are so many more organizations and people to mention..Forgive me if I overlooked anyone.. because the list is super long, but I think folks get the point.. People are putting in work everyday in our communities, often unsung and highlighted in the media.. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, nor does it mean work isn’t being done..

I will also add from my own experience, many of those who organize to heal our communities also organize around egregious incidents like Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant or Sean Bell. They do it because life is precious and they step up whether or not its done by a cop or it comes at the hands of each other..They do when the cameras are there and when they are not there..

But hey, as was pointed out in the article, there are many who ask the question ‘where’s the Black community when we kill each other?’ who are simply waiting for BET or CNN to cover it and blow things up-Don’t hold your breath..or even worse, maybe these folks simply can’t help but think the worse when it comes to us.. Like we somehow don’t care… 

-Davey D-

33 comments on “Editorial: To Those Who Keep Asking; ‘Why ya’ll don’t care when Black folks kill Black folks’

  1. THANK YOU!!

    I also wrote about an event that happened in Oakland around the same time as the Allen Temple MLK event: “Stop the Gunfire- MLK Day Gathering 2012” a grassroots program hoping to find a solution towards reducing the violent crimes in Oakland .. at Regeneration Church. (Allen Temple sent their praise team out to support this one as well). You can read more about the event here: http://wp.me/pGyoW-bL

    There are PLENTY of orgs in Oakland that support youth, families affected by violence, or council potential offenders out there that need up-liftment and encouragement and monetary support..like:

    -Shalom of Oakland – and afterschool program that teaches the way of Jesus to youth in East Oakland

    – Oakland Trybe , a nondenominational faith organization

    – 1000 Mothers Against Violence They are having a Mother’s Against Violence May 5th at San Leandro Marina check their website: http://1000mpv.com

    – Oakland’s Kids First: an organization that develops leadership opportunities for teens in order to help them graduate with a back pocket of skills..

    – The Khadafi Foundation for Non-Violence: an organization that provides support for victims

    – Measure Y Outreach Team: who interact with the youth of Oakland in the areas most hardest hit by violence.

    And probably many more!

    The naysayers and complainers are just trying to deflect responsibility that their policies and their privilege have in allowing crimes against black and other minority youth to continue.

  2. Thank you for that!! If it doesn’t sting our ears a little, then maybe it isn’t the truth.

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  4. Thanks again, Davey D, for posting this article and thanks to Thandi as well! We have to continue to speak our truths and take advantage of every opportunity to do so. Thank God for social media. Imagine what this case of Trayvon would be without Twitter and Facebook. Another child shot dead in the streets.

  5. I feel everything you just said brotha I work with young brothas everyday so I was one who said why dont we give a fu** about blacks killing blacks. Sure theres numerous programs out here to stop the violence but I wasnt talking about them I was focusing on the others who dont lift a finger to give back to the hood they left but will wear a hoodie and throw on a hoodie when injustice is done. I want those people to start helping and giving a damn when theres a black on black crime instead of saying aw man they dont care why should I. So basically what were saying is its ok to kill blacks as long as its by us. We have the power to stop black on black killings but it has to be a collective effort. That means the brotha in the suit has to come back to where he was raised and help another brotha who was just like him better himself. I just want the same energy that we put out for white on black killings to be the same when its black on black.

  6. So just to respond to this my name is Brenda Grisham and my 17 year old son Christopher LaVell Jones was the last murder of 2010 high school senior, church musician we were on our way to eat before we went to church take the time to read about it http://www.christopherlavelljonesfoundationinc.org. I dont’ need anybody to see me I stand for all who have been lost and all of those I pledge to save. I work and speak with many of the organizations in oakland. I have always worked in the community with various groups trying to bring unity on all levels. But the same focus you give situations from out of state you should do here there are hundreds of hurting families who sit and watch this stuff there children meant just as much and the difference is they are family, they are right here with you. My son has not been gone two years but I speak with other mothers who have lost their children i speak with children who have lost their brothers and sister and one thing about it everything goes back to home. we play into perception black folks in hoodies as I said earlier on another post what should have been done was 1 million folks dress up in their sunday best. But we play right into the media traps and the scandles i don’t go around carrying my sons pictures for all the world to see that great young man made a name for himself in the city of Oakland chris was who he was no scars an no marks he loved God more than a whole lot of folks my son was shot and killed right infront of my face trying to save his mom, sisters and niece. The over a thousand people that attended his celebration of life hopped on planes and trains to get here they were loved ones who know him at least another hundred waited outside and those were probably the spectators because they did not know chris was the man yes his name is engraved in the meorial wall in Oakland, his name is posted on the meorial in chicago his name was called in sacramento, a seat at East Oakland School of the Arts where he was a graduating senior will bear his name, and the alameda county supervisors office is effecting a staute in tribute to fallen children with only three childrens images and they picked the 17 year old african american boy to portray innocence. we just need to act like we care about someone beside our selves. We gave a $1,000 scholarship to a senior at chris school last year 5 months after he was murdered and will continute to support for years to come. The CLJ Performing Arts and Life Enrichement Center will open soon to help familys come together again.
    Chris Jones mom is giving back to the community that my son loved.

  7. I so agree with this. It is very sad that folks are so quick to post stuff on social media about lost loved ones. They complain out loud but does nothing to help the situation beside just that complain, cry, and post. Instead of trying to stop the violence and sticking up for what you want. If the civil rights activist did not continue the fight that they wanted us as colored people would still not be able to vote, to ride in the front of the bus, get the same education as people that are not colored, etc… We do not come together but we fall short, short of coming together to stop what is killing us, short of what the past civil right activist stood for, short of burying our loved ones at a young age and for senseless crimes. So sad that we speak out on social media but won’t put the work in to stop what we complain about. Some do not try to find the help that is out here to stop the violence. Do not volunteer for the programs that are available in the neighborhoods to receive the help that we desperately need. I pray that this will change, but until then I will continue to do what I’ve been and volunteer my time to the programs because I may not have the money but I have time and a voice. God Bless

  8. I am quite tired of this question from people in the wake of Trayvon being murdered by a white/hispanic racist. I’ve also spent time thinking about what could be done about black on black crime. First, I want to say this. Black on Black crime happens in Black neighborhoods and Latino on Latino crimes happen in Latino ‘hoods, same with every race of people. Black on Black crime is put to the forefront in my opinion for one simple reason; the media is run by whites who focus on Black on Black crime as a means to demonize our race and to make blacks look like the savages they say we are. No one ever gives the rising statistics on Asian on Asian crime because Asians aren’t a threat, Latinos aren’t a threat to whites.

    Now, the reason Trayvon’s case is front and center and should be is because IT’S TIME FOR AMERICA TO DISCUSS THE TABOO WORDS WHITES DON’T WANT TO FACE Racism, Prejudice, Hate Crimes – all perpetuated and committed by WHITES and primarily against Blacks.

    Now, once we as Americans talk about fixing the attitudes of racist people and legislature changes to punish racist people appropriately – NOTHING will get done with black on black, asian on asian, or latino on latino, etc crimes. Trust me, start locking up whites and making them accountable for their ignorant hatred of blacks and making the punishment equal to the crime and the scales will be balanced, therefore, if whites have to pay then surely blacks and the rest will pay for these heinous crimes committed.

    I think it borders disrespectful and selfish to bring this up right now. Have they forgotten, racism has been our enemy since we’ve gotten to this God forsaken land – IT NEEDS TO STOP! White America needs to beat their demons down, face the fact that from the beginning, their forefathers came here criminal as hell: raping, stealing pillaging, bringing famine and disease to an peaceful people (Native Americans). Became lazy and trifling and needed to feel superior and justified slavery of Africans as an intelligent means of having a cheap workforce. THEY DON’T WANT TO FACE THEIR DEMONIC PAST!

    Also, BLACK on BLACK crime will stop when we as a people stop embracing this thug ass code of ethics of not snitching. You know what’s right and what’s wrong, speak up, if you are afraid, do so anonymously. But taking a stance of “I’m just gonna mind my business and stay out of it” is what allows this [expletive] to continue to happen.

    Most making this complaint are guilty of not doing a damn thing about it. Hell, if we marched for every black on black crime, etc. we’d never stop marching. Stand up and do something and stop complaining!!!!!

  9. Amen, it’s the truth anyhow! I work for a local African American owned tv station and we want things like this on our tv. You know contacting certain African American owned companies to work together like this. It gets overwhelming. I mean we r trying as much as we can to keep this up. We need help and support and it’s hard, but God is our helper. We don’t wanna blow things up in a negative way but in a positive way to show our community what’s really happening around the US! We also want to see us on tv with tv shows, tlk shows such as community outreaching etc. I personally really appreciate this article. Bless up and God bless all of those who r going out in our communities. #ittakesavillage. I also outreach to our youth in the school system as well. I motivate and encourage them and talk to them like their my lil brothers & sisters. Will share this article. Peace

  10. this is not about black on black crime its about being wrong and this man should MAN-UP and do the jail time .

  11. This is an amazing list. I knew about a few in Chicago. TYSM for having this all together and thoroughly detailed. Any opportunity to link this I will take.

  12. I 100% agree with this article. What people fail to understand is that people are not marching and up in arms because Trayvon was murdered by a white man we are upset, because there was no proper investigation and Zimmerman was not arrested and charged for his crime. Now if Zimmerman did go through due process and a proper investigation was done there would not be this huge outcry. The media plays a huge part in this as well, because often times we don’t know what’s going on in other communities unless it is on the news. Trayvon parents MADE people pay attention.

  13. Yes! there are many groups, individuals, and organizations out here in our communities fighting to stop the violence, especially against one another. I am involved with a few, and I live right smack in the thick of it. I talk about why we don’t respond like this when we kill each other, our lil babies, raping and beating our women. As a group, we don’t collaborate and get together like we are today. Most of these groups are federally funded, grants etc. so they become bound by laws that keeps them local. Until we all come together and demand that our communities be safe from ourselves; that reparations should be made, and polictians held accountable; that we don’t need the police to police us. they only come after the fact anyway, and keep us out of their communities.. What’s happened to Trayvon is not new. They killing, and beating us everyday and no one is punished for their Murder. Justified Homicide! It don’t matter if we wear a hoodie or not, we still racial profiled, steerio typed, and/or whatever u want to call it because of the color of our skins. Hopefully we won’t stop now because whatever happens to Zimmerman, we still have to come together and bring our resources, and communities together and have a plan just like what started the Boycott after Rosa Parks made the stand she did. We all have thoughts, and opinions so let’s not fuss about who’s right or wrong. We all suffer from the same circumstances; Slavery! They gonna continue to kill us anyway so we midas well stay out there. Don’t go back home after whatever gonna happen to Zimmerman. Everything happening to everyone else but Zimmerman. Hoodie, skittles, travel, gas, T- shirts, News, all making money, benefiting like everyone always does from us. While We arguing with each other about who sensitive or not., People getting fired, mad at the president, Fox news talking about us, while we being distracted and Russ Limbaugh gets a pass…. If we were taking care of our people and business like we supposed to Brothers!!! then we wouldn’t have all these killings already in Philly, Detroit, And even the smaller cities like Camden N.J. Flint Mich. etc. Trayvon is the sacrifice for all of us. It’s time! Lets’ don’t let him down..Lets go for it all!

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  15. Just curious, but where was this story in the media? (http://www.wthr.com/global/story.asp?s=8525058) Perhaps this case with Martin is an attempt to distract people from other matters, mainly wars with Iran and Syria, plus gas prices on the rise. If we focus on the racism of this story, the the story can only be about racism…so when we contribute to it, isnt that like being an enabler? My mother was killed by a black man who was drunk, so should I focus all of my energy into perpetuating the steroetypes even more? No,because nothing changes if nothing changes, and fueling the fire only makes it get out of control, just a thought, Good day to all of you

  16. Not true LL about when Blacks kills Blacks someone is charged. There are many Brothers out here thats got what you call, ” A Pass” for killing someone. Everybody know they did it, even the police, but who’s gonna stand up in court to testify. Of course, sooner or later, they get caught, even by telling on themselves, or end up getting killed themselves; one way or another, but the facts are, are that they not always charged with the crime. Real talk! Real live stories! Truth!

  17. I am usually in agreement with much of what Davy D. has to say, being familar with him since the early 90’s and being a lifelong resident of Oakland. , but not so much with this article as well as the editorial by the young lady. I think they make strong points but they have gone into attack mode on who they refer to as the ‘naysayers’ as oppossed to using encouraging, enlightening, or an informative approach to unifying against violence in our communities.

  18. I appreciate the list of organizations that are on the ground trying to provide solutions in our community but I think the attack tone of the author is counter productive. The question about black folks ignoring black on black murders is legitimate and needs to be discussed. This article was geared towards shutting down the conversation instead of having an open honest discussion. Calling people sick and sad for asking tough hard questions about our community takes away from the positive information that was provided. Despite your lists of organizations there is no way that Travon’s case would be a national news story if his killer was a black man. Too many of us have lost young ones whose murder barely makes the local news and certainly does not draw the attention of black leaders in this country bcz they were killed by another black man.

  19. I want to Big up my Big Sista Thandi for her much need words and inspiration to answers these continued questions. We have been programmed to think against ourselves. I am a Native of the Bay Area yet i have spent over a decade in Los Angeles, so from the Bay to L.A and everything in between these are the organizations i work with to help cease fire on community violence: Anything the comrade Thandi is on…Im pushin>>>also: Blood Crip Foundation(Coalitions of Bloods and Crips for Unity), The Moors of North America Dhanifu Karim-Bey, Building Communities and Families with Hussayn Bey and Twilight Bey (l.a.and also in Europe hoods where black folk is killing each other as well in London), My Brown Brothers Watsonville Brown Berets, Santa Cruz Barrios Unidas, Homies Empowerment w/ the Comrade Cesar Cruz, Cease Fire L.A. (Taco), Certs Program with Kumasi Simmons…..the work is being done no doubt. Ase!


  21. Eliminate “Don’t snitch” from your vocabulary and people will start to have mor respect for
    your race

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  24. Wow, I didnt know just how much damage us “crackers” did to your great, great grandfathers and mothers. Now they are all dead and obama is going to pay you for being lazy. perhaps we should get you a one way ticket back to africa, after all thats where you came from. And why cant africa be self sustaining?

  25. Sapphire it’s so funny how racist your comment is yet just like a lot of other people you pretend you aren’t a racist. People are people, if you label a person based on a color you are a racist. The issue to me is that a person killed another person, I don’t care about the color of either one of their skins. Stop being a hypocrite and see the real issues. Since you are so concerned with color I am mixed. Labels don’t stick to me. I am a person and I bleed red just like everyone else. You’ll never have unity if we don’t eliminate these color labels!

  26. There isn’t an epidemic of whites killing blacks. There is and has been an epidemic of black on black crime. Have you heard the president say one thing about black on black crime? No. The second a Hispanic shoots a black kid, suddenly the president cares. (If the president is black then GZ is Mexican) the liberally biased media, race baiters Sharpton and Jackson, and this administration see an opportunity to drum up hate and create a divide in our nation, and you guys eat it right out of their hand.

  27. I quit reading after the second mention of racism. Anytime a white kills any minority it’s called racist. That word gets thrown around way to much. There is a big, huge difference between racism and prejudice. Maybe sometimes bad people kill people and it has nothing to do with race? But I guess if you say that then you lose a excuse that can justify anything that doesn’t happen your way.

    Let me add that I know not all minorities throw the race card around. But the ones that do are only perpetuating the stereotype, and actually taking steps back. The ones that admit they didn’t get a job because they were less qualified, and not because their skin tone are the ones that will go out and do better in the future. The ones that use race for an excuse for everything just throw themselves a pity party and never do anything more. Hate me all you want, but this is fact.

  28. I sent this to John Legend after he tweeted this very thing and and it pissed me off when he said “over hyped”….

  29. Unfortunately, “Reverend” Paul Scott is regarded as a blowhard joke in North Carolina. If he is our most credible man on the street, we need to seek another man on the street.

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