Newt to Black People: Get off Food stamps Demand a Paycheck

Newt Gingrich

So today many of us woke up to the news of former House Speaker and Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich boldly stating that he was gonna address Black people at the upcoming NAACP Convention and tell us to Demand a Paycheck and Not Food Stamps...You can read the story of that HERE at the GRIO

We should be demanding that Newt Gingrich give back some of the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac money he got and own up to any role he may have played in the collapse of this economy..

We should demand that Newt Gingrich get some damn sense..Theres an estimated 100 million folks on Food stamps.. Black folks comprise of 30 million in this nations population.. Do the math Newt.. Why are there 100 Million folks on Food stamps..How about we get some economic justice jumping off…

Black folks aint running around here all on food stamps.. People who are on food stamps are those who are poor and that includes folks of all races. We should all be demanding economic justice and a guarantee for basic needs, food, clothing and shelter.. so there’s no need for food stamps

Lastly Newt needs to stop worrying about Black folks with his fraudulent azz .. If he wants to make demands to Black people, Perhaps we should make demands of him.. We can start by telling him to step his marriage game up and give John McCain back his wife….

Are Newt Gingrich & John McCain married to the same woman?

Is that Callista or Cindy?

5 comments on “Newt to Black People: Get off Food stamps Demand a Paycheck

  1. This is nothing new,so I wonder how many black people will get all mad and reactionary and say ” oh he is a racist “. Black Nationalist and Pan-Afrikanist’s have been telling black’s to get off these food stamps for years.But some black’s love to hustle and get over like they think.
    But really ole slave master has been pimping poverty for years.Why you think they like to hired so many poverty pimp counselors in the first place.

  2. We both know this coward ass old redneck kluxer,ain’t gona show at no NAACP event. Even among them conservative bible sucking house negrobots in this time he’d get a serious ass whipping from someone in the audience. I wish he’d go and all the people would start throwing old dirty sneakers and shoes at his dinge,stank,rotten to the core white racist ass.Like all of these white cowards,this mf talks shit cuz he doesn’t think,the blks who would fuck him up are not able to get to his coward ass. All these old white bastards operate on that same premise.

  3. white people don’t like him either. The educated amongst us despise his “anybody but the brother” not-so-secret-coded messages. newt is a mean motherfucker and has no business in the presidency. He can take his hatred and racism shove them straight up his big fat ass.

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