A Tale of Two Colleges: Unrest over Fees, Unrest over a Shady Football Coach

Alameda County Sheriffs Beat Cal Berekely Students

Here’s a tale of two colleges…Not just any college, but two of the nation’s most prestigious...UC Berkeley and Penn State University. This is where the best and the brightest among us attend school.

This is an interesting tale, that clearly spells out this nation’s dysfunctional. What took place yesterday, Nov 9 2011 on two campuses 3ooo miles apart is an indication of where our priorities are as a nation and just how out of touch and diabolical the 1% is…

Take a look at the video below. It shows students from the University of California at Berkeley, peacefully protesting. They wanted to set up tents and do an Occupy Movement on camp to bring attention to the outrageous fee hikes hitting students over the past couple of years. Thus far fees have increased a whooping 53%… There are proposals before the board of regents to raise fees an addition 81%.. yes you read that correctly 81%.

Whats going on at Cal is there are folks, many of them bankers who sit on

Richard Blum

the Board of Regents who feel that state universities should be privatized. One of the main people pushing this plan is Richard Blum who is the husband to California US senator Diana Feinstein.

We should note that when Blum went to Cal it was free.. When I went to Cal it cost $200 per semester. Today students pay a whooping 12k in tuition..

Here’s how police treat peaceful protesters. They beat Cal students with batons, and arrest 37. The beatings were excessive and brutal.. The videos show it all..

Notice there are no bottles, rocks, bricks or paint being thrown.. Notice there are no windows being busted. Notice these students are not swarming, causing dangerous situation or goading the cops..Notice these students are ‘dirty hippies’, ‘Black bloc anarchists’, saggin’ pants wearing thugs or any other number of stereotypes hoisted on those who wish to protest an egregious wrong.


We’ll show you another angle of this outrageous behavior just in case one wants to suggest that camera angle was off or we had slick editing going on.. This footage is from the campus newspaper, The Daily Cal.


Penn State Students Riot

Now lets take a trip to the other side of the country to University Park, Pennsylvania where Penn State sits.. As many of y’all know Penn State has been embroiled in huge child abuse sports related scandal. It centers around long time assistant coach Jerry Sandusky who has been hit with a whooping 40 counts of child sexual abuse. In short Pedophilia.

That in itself is beyond horrible,. but if that’s not enough, we come to find out that Sandusky’s alleged abuses have taken place over the past decade and was likely to have been known to university officials as well as famed head football coach Joe Paterno. Its been reported that Sandusky was spotted raping a 10-year-old and instead of calling police, Paterno was called. Instead of him calling the police, another higher up was called. The who saga is heart-wrenching.

To make a long story short, the Board of Trusties decided to basically clean house. They fired Paterno as well as the university President Graham Spanier. One would think that’s a great first step toward healing, but apparently Penn State Students didn’t get the memo and decided to riot. They flipped over a TV news van and went ape shit..Whats the end result for Penn State students who obviously were more concerned about Joe Paterno a child molester protector, then the well-being of all those abused kids? No arrests, No beatings.. It was just a case of kids being kids..

Peep the video and compare the lack of beatings for Penn State students rioting vs Cal students


It’s hard to explain to young students today, why folks were flipping vans and rioting because of Joe Paterno being fired. Were they upset about the sexually abused kids? Why no arrests for the outrageous act of flipping a TV van? Why were peaceful protestors at Cal beaten? I guess the message is clear.. Mess with our money get beat and carted off to jail. Mess with the kids and its all good.

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4 comments on “A Tale of Two Colleges: Unrest over Fees, Unrest over a Shady Football Coach

  1. Great article, Bro. Davey D:
    It really shows how &$?!€#-up many people’s priorities are. Then again, given this country’s history, and the wretched Greco-Roman stolen legacy it is built on, it’s really no surprise.

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