Even with Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh has Safety Issues


Most people when they hear about Pittsburgh think of one thing…the Steelers. Unless you’ve lived here or visited the neighborhoods of Homewood, the Hill District, or parts of the Northside (to name a few), you probably don’t know about the level of violence in Pittsburgh. If you watched our video “America’s Most Livable City” you might assume that a city with the poorest Black community in the nation, also has it’s far share of homicides, and you’d be right.

This year, Pennsylvania finally relinquished it’s title as the state with the most Black homicides, now we’re in second place behind Missouri. Most people credit Philly for that dubious distinction, but last year Pittsburgh saw it’s number of murders increase by 41%. To make matters even worse, Pittsburgh Police’s homicide clearance rate dropped to it’s second lowest rate in a decade. Plus the city’s new crime prevention program called, “Pittsburgh’s Initiative to Reduce Crime” is already being labeled a failure.

According to the New Pittsburgh Courier:

“The average homicide victim in 2010 was a 33–year-old Black male with four prior arrests, most likely shot on the North Side, in the Hill District or the East End with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol in the early morning hours of a Saturday in July. The average shooter was a 29-year-old Black male with four prior arrests. The motive was likely retaliation. And according to the clearance-rate data, there is a 46 percent chance that he is still at large.”

This is why we decided to dedicate our latest video to the problem of violence in our community. City of Steel was filmed on Pittsburgh’s Northside at, Northview Heights housing project, Allegheny County General Hospital, Zone No.1 Police Station, Union Dale Cemetery, and the newly reopened state prison, SCI Pittsburgh. City of Steel was produced by Rel!g!on and directed by Paradise Gray.

7 comments on “Even with Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh has Safety Issues

  1. And I am sure that it’s “White people fault” right?… aint no white folks in this equation of murder, but it’s Whiteys Fault.. right?

  2. Pitts-burgh. It’s like Oak-land…

    People struggling to survive, a tone-deaf upper class in denial, and punk ass fucking pigs.

  3. I’m waiting for the day when all these washed up HipHop people finally get hit in the head with reality that drowning in sorrow and perpetuating all this predictable bullshit in the media is a waste of time and a waste of life. It’s no a big deal if you’re already old but for young people reading this, and being brought down by all this self-perpetuate drowning in sorrow nonsense is a real bummer. There is nothing to see here. If school and home is crap or you see your surroundings as a cluttered chaotic mess then you will have to, in effect, learn to be a self educated recluse until you can escape whatever dumbed down vidiot community environment you’re in. The Davey’D’s, Progressives, Tea Party,Republicans and HipHop-JayZ-fruit-fuck-nation of the world gives even less of a shit. Hard reality. Learn to attach yourself to what feeds you and divorce yourself from the rest.

  4. Damn, Davey, almost a month has gone by.

    Katt Williams just went in on Mexican immigrants. What’s your view on that?

  5. Peace and overall,updated 21st century genocide right in our faces.Check the history.
    Guns and whiskey was given to the Native american’s.In this time period it has been guns,kkkrack,self destructive rap music and disfunctional families and neighborhoods and can’t forget underfunded schools.Then factor in the promotion of these games and media movies and tv shows featuring crime and mayhem over and over.
    The average black person need’s to get the book ” Black On Black Violence by Amos Wilson.
    In chapter 9 he basically breaks down the overall state of mind of the so-called black male criminal.Basically,no matter how we slice it.A vast % of black males who commit crime are following in the footsteps of slavemaster,the original G, not all these pretend gangstas that so many black people look up to. Seeing how this going down in the 21st century,overall black america has been souled out. ” Who stole the soul ” ? The overall solution is a new liberation paradigm of mental independence and not this plantation state of mind a vast % of black people still have.
    This is a byproduct from living and being on plantation’s owned and operated by white slavemasters,who did have afrikan/black helpers assisting in their activities.
    It’s the same thing now for sure.

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