To Live and Die, in the City of Steel


On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, at the Homewood Library at 7:00 p.m. Jasiri X will debut his newest video entitled “City of Steel” a montage set to introduce the viewer to the real Pittsburgh, a landscape not necessarily forged of skylines and reemerged economies, but instead the viewer will be introduced to the stark juxtaposition of a landscape wrought by violence and bereft of hope.  Jasiri X will also moderate a community based discussion surrounding the effects of a community plagued by violence, its negative impact, and possible solutions; with special guest speaker Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, former gang leader turned acclaimed director who will host a free screening of “To Live and Die in Amerikkka”an honest study of the causes, effects, and results of urban youth violence on society, documented by “real life footage detailing the harsh realities of violence” documenting “the brutal nature of today’s youth in real time footage”.


This is the third of the four video series entitled “The Pittsburgh Press” and forums planned; each subsequent presentation will include a discussion to specifically identify solutions to issues raised in each episodic study.  The Pittsburgh Press was made possible by a generous Seed Award from the Sprout Fund.

Emcee and community activist Jasiri X is the creative force and artist behind the ground breaking internet news series, This Week with Jasiri X, which has garnered close to one million internet views and thousands of subscribers.  His most recent and most popular video to date is What if the Tea Party was Black, has resulted in a variety of opportunities showcasing the singular ability of Jasiri X to adequately surmise a situation within a the confines of a verse.  Jasiri X continues to travel the world opening minds via multiple speaking engagements and performances.

Paradise “The Arkitech” Gray, founding member of legendary rap group X-Clan and the Blackwatch Movement, is the man behind the camera responsible for framing the images that make the Hip-Hop series so unique. Paradise’s work as a pioneer, photographer, writer and archivist in the Hip-Hop community, is rivaled only by his work as a dedicated activist in our community.

If you would like more information regarding this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jasiri X or Paradise Gray please contact us at 412-404-2347 or email

3 comments on “To Live and Die, in the City of Steel

  1. I know about the phony place with all that football BS.I don;t even watch football no more.The way that young brother got beat by the police and all the murders of black males.
    It’s all by designed, a vast % of the black males pulling triggers on each other don;t even know they have been set up and souled out long time ago to pull triggers on each other.Then people be all reactionary and keep asking why it keep’s happening.The real answer is genocide,eugenics and population control of black males,black females,designed to disorganized,disunity and keep people divided.In spite of the modern appearance of things,access to all this moderng material stuff the average black person is blinded and in denial about the current reality of terror going down. Every black person need to read ” Black on Black Violence by Amos Wilson ” .

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  3. There’s really nothing anyone can do about any of this other than to tip toe away and let these people wallow in this disgusting petri dish of an existence. I’m glad the director got out and now is making money off this bullshit. The sad part is he is perpetuating all this to people that shouldn’t concern themselves with any of it. There is nothing to see here. Avoid this trash like the plaque

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