Hip-Hop Activists Host Live Discussion on Recent Cases of Police Brutality

A Conversation About Police Brutality
Paradise Gray and Jasiri X Will Host a Live Discussion Online


Every week, a new story emerges of a local community rocked by police violence. These stories typically follow a similar pattern: a young man of color, alleged to be carrying a weapon that is never recovered, gunned down by police officers in a mysterious altercation that, too often, disappears under a mountain of police pressure and legal mismanagement. Taken individually, these stories are surreal tragedies; viewed as a whole, they reveal a disturbing pattern of police abuse and a serious need for a commitment to a 180-degree makeover of community police procedures. This conversation will be a chance for us to work together as activists and Americans to discuss ways to rebuild the trust between police departments and the communities that they are sworn to protect.

WHO: Paradise Gray, Jasiri X, The League of Young Voters Education Fund

WHAT: Live Online Broadcast of the Summer Chat Series from Pittsburgh

WHEN: Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 4 p.m. EDT

WHERE: YoungVoterLive.com

WHY: To encourage a provocative and real conversation on how to deal with police brutality in our communities.

Opportunity to Join the Conversation:
Tweet your questions @TheLeague99 to get them answered live.

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Paradise Gray is a founding member of X-Clan and the Blackwatch Movement. He is a dedicated activist and member of the hip-hop community. Along with Jasiri X, he is one of the founders of One Hood Media, which is a project to train urban youth on media outreach.

Emcee and community activist Jasiri X is the creative force and artist behind the ground breaking internet news series, This Week with Jasiri X, which has garnered critical acclaim, thousands of subscribers, and millions of internet views. From the controversial viral video What if the Tea Party was Black?, to the hard hitting hilarity of Republican Woman…stay away from me, Jasiri X cleverly uses Hip-Hop to provide social commentary on a variety of issues.

The League of Young Voters Education Fund is a non-profit political organization that engages young people who have been shut out of the political process. We train them to be sophisticated organizers in their own communities, where they learn to build multi-racial, multi-issue alliances.

For more information, contact Sarah Stern at (347) 464-8683 or media@99problems.org

9 comments on “Hip-Hop Activists Host Live Discussion on Recent Cases of Police Brutality

  1. Something I noticed about Black folks in the Bay Area.

    Black folks don’t care about their females.

    Little girls, proud females, single moms, their own daughters, their own moms.

    Black men don’t give a fu@k about females, you’re just another b*tch to them.

    Look at Lovelle Mixon

    Dude raped several females in the Bay Area and amonst the most so called radicall leftist support of that piece of human garbage I never once heard anyone say a prayer to the females he raped.

    Look around you right now

    Can you find any of this recent dead punks supporters that have stopped to say a prayer to the pregnant girl that got murdered up in Seattle or the 13-year-old girl that this recent generic punk raped and then later tried to pimp out when she was 14?

    Yeah, I thought so.

    Pay attention, Sisters.

    This is what Black folks think about you.

  2. The tide could be turning on police. It seems their purse strings are being cut back nation wide. Prisons still seem to have an open check book, but cops are on the bubble. Could be that Americans are getting sick of cops and crooks alike. I don’t agree with the tea party movement, but every cloud has a silver lining. With these cries for less government, politicians are scrambling to cut back wherever they can, to avoid the wrath of the tea party, who many of them believe took Democrats out of power in the house. At first they were reluctant to cut back law enforcement, but now they’re trimming fat wherever they can, because this tea party rage isn’t relenting in the slightest. Don’t know what to tell you, coppers. Times they are a changin’. And you guys are feeling the heat like everyone else. If I’m you, I’m watching my attitude around day to day citizens. Because they’re also your bosses. And, they’re making cut backs!

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  7. Jim Bragg, retired police officer, is a member of the policelink.com website under the profile name Robocop33. He posts these, in my opinion, very racist comments about black people and flash mobs on the policelink.com website

    “I have not seen anything posted about this problem and very little is even appearing in the news! Why?
    Suddenly there have been numerous incidents of “Flash Mobs” suddenly turning up and they do one of three things.
    1. They either suddenly trash businesses or other places that are either owned by or used by mainly White people.
    2. They suddenly appear in stores and then start taking goods and walking out with them, (stealing), without paying.
    3. They suddenly apear as a large group and physically assault and brutally beat any and all White People in the area.
    Thes “Flash Mobs” consist of a large number of Blacks who seem to delight in doing this. They attack ONLY Whites and these Mobs are made up of ONLY Blacks. THIS is nothing more than bigoted attacks from one race of individuals against another.and cannot be allowed! We would not allow this to happen if it were White mobs attacking Blacks or any other minority group. I do not care who is doing this to whom, it is not only illegal but immoral and dispicable.
    The NAACP and other prominant Black groups and Black Leaders also need to be speaking out against this. So far the only Black Leader to do this has been the Mayor of either Chicago or Detroit, not sure which one. Come on folks, this is wrong no matter who the victims are.”


    Let policelink.com know how you feel about their members posting these type of racist comments at info@policelink.com

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