Why Does Safeway Support Animal Cruelty?


It seems like whenever big corporations get in the mix they have no shame in showing their corruptive, cruel nature. This is a disturbing video of animal cruelty captured by Mercy For Animals…They point out the horrific practices of Iowa Select Farms shown in the video are routine. ISF is one of the major suppliers of pork to Safeway and other grocery store chains.. In the video which was initially shown on KTVU TV these are some of the images you will see…Peep the KTVU story HERE


  • Mother sows confined to barren metal crates barely larger than their own bodies – unable to turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives
  • Workers ripping out the testicles of conscious piglets without the use of painkillers
  • Piglets suffering with herniated intestines, due to botched castration
  • Conscious piglets having their tails painfully sliced into and yanked off with dull clippers
  • Large, open, pus-filled wounds and pressure sores
  • Sick and injured pigs left to languish and slowly die without proper veterinary care
  • Mother pigs – physically taxed from constant birthing – suffering from distended, inflamed, bleeding, and usually fatal uterine prolapses
  • Management training workers to throw piglets across the room – comparing it to a “roller coaster ride”

Yes I’m a proud pork eater, but after seeing this video, I’ll seriously reconsider my choices. I most definitely will not be shopping at Safeway or any other store that gets meat from Iowa Select Farms

One comment on “Why Does Safeway Support Animal Cruelty?

  1. Cruel doesn’t even begin to adequately describe what is shown in this video. It’s no surprise, either, as it shows one of the primary problems of a eurocentric world view – control and brutal domination of nature and other living things, rather than having a shared coexistence. I stopped eating pork and red meat over 10 years ago, and pretty much eat fish, vegetables, and fruit. The viciousness shown in the clip isn’t exclusive to pork producers-chicken and beef producers do similar things. Thanks for showing the video. Makes me want to re-listen to a Dead Prez song involving farm animals organizing a revolt.

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