Pete Rock’s Daughter brutalized & Arrested by NYPD

Just got this video showing NYPD beating down a woman at Pete Rock and Smif N Wessun‘s album release party..This took place in Brooklyn.. We sadly have seen this scenario before, where a peaceful gathering is broken up by police who as General Steele pointed out are bent on causing chaos..Such scenes routinely take place from Brooklyn to Oakland..

I’m looking at Pete Rock’s aka @chocboywunda time line on twitter.. He’s explaining that he came out and saw his boy being roughed up on the ground..He said he didn’t get beat up nor did his wife..but a woman did get beaten up. His wife was pushed over a garbage can trying to calm down their daughter.. Cops claim Pete’s daughter punched a cop in the face..

Coincidently this outrageous event went down on the same day that Oscar Grant‘s mother settled for a 1.3 million dollars with BART police for the murder of her son who was unarmed and restrained when shot point blank by police officer (Johannes Mehserle) on the Fruitvale Bart station in Oakland in January of 2009 … Mehserle is now home free after serving 11 months in jail..

I bring up the Grant case in relationship to the Smif N Wessun incident to point out that police feel embolden. They Feel they literally can get away with murder. If they can shoot and unarmed, restrained man in front of hundreds and get away with it, beating down a woman (in video they say its Pete Rock’s wifebut Pete says it was another woman..) is no big deal..

There are other videos floating around.. We’ll keep you posted on all this..

4 comments on “Pete Rock’s Daughter brutalized & Arrested by NYPD

  1. well my dad friend is a retired nypd officer i can trust. he has a son on the force too out their. ill place a call see what i can dig up and ill post it.

  2. This is racism, plain and simple. These enforcement officials have always killed/abused/disrespected people of color since this institution was started. The problem is the POC keep hoping things will change when clearly that’s not the case. We have to organize and act in our own best interest an preservation as a whole and stop being so individualistic. The police ALWAYS unite as a group and by doing so they win every gotdamn time! POC have to do the same and realize that when they kill a 19yr old for beating the fare and running away, that’s not just somebody else’s son. That’s your son too. That’s your brother. That’s your cousin. That’s you!!

  3. @stylist You are so right!!! I really wish there was someway to get people together but our society is too fragmented. You have so much technology now that people are now separated in their own personal bubbles. Sad.

  4. ALL POLICE OFFICERS/COPS ARE CORRUPT! Period! I don’t care what state what city they are all DIRTY! We do not call 911 for their help we help our own in our communities LEGALLY! 911 is a JOKE!

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