HKR: Jean Grae Speaks Her Mind to Davey D ….Cake or Death

One of my favorite emcees is the one and only Jean Grae. Witty, smart and deftly skilled on the mic, she’s one of the few folks in Hip Hop I hadn’t interviewed even though we’ve run into each other on a number of occasions. Finally when she touched down in Oakland to a do a show at the New Parrish, last summer (2011)  we got a chance to chop it up. During our interview we covered a variety of topics ranging from how she got her name to the highlights of her career to her roots in South Africa to her process for writing songs and executing her artistic vision…We also talked about the upcoming release of her album ‘Cake or Death’ In short we did Jean Grae 101…

Also we gotta give Jean props for doing a great show and being gracious after I spilled the drink she brought me all over her…

Click the link below to peep the Hard Knock Radio Interview w/ Jean Grae

You can also peep this interview on youtube… Davey D Interviews Jean Grae


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