Wonder if Anthony Weiner was Inspired by the Ying Yang Twins?

With all the madness surrounding the salacious antics of NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, very few people are addressing the ‘real issue’ at hand.

What would possess an outspoken, political firebrand like Wiener to send lewd pictures of himself and talk reckless to strange women over the internet?  What would possess a 46 year old married man to act a fool with no regard for his pregnant wife?

No one wants to say it-so I’ll say it..The answer is simple-It had to be rap music. Weiner was out of pocket because he’s been influenced by the large numbers of uncouth, pimpafied rappers who routinely grab their crotch on stage and talk about pimping women in songs. You know that’s what many of y’all was thinking.

The minute we got wind of Anthony Weiner sending pictures of his dick around, how many of y’all said to yourself, that poor man took the lyrics of the hit song Wait  (The Whisper Song)‘ by the Ying Yang Twins from a few years back to heart. Perhaps Weiner was influenced by x-rated hook that goes  ‘Wait Till You See My Dick’ ?

Me thinks our distinguished Congressman during his bachelor days must’ve frequented a bunch of nightclubs, heard the song often and decided this was the way to go about pleasing women..he must’ve said to himself; ‘Yeah thats the ticket.. lemme  send them pictures of dick.’

You know dude had to be listening to that song when he took those nasty pictures. The smirk on his face says it all.. Wait Till You See My…


Anthony Weiner- As Nasty As He Wants to Be

And if not the Ying Yang Twins, perhaps Weiner was inspired by the raunchy explicit antics of the 2 Live Crew from back in the days.  At 46, Weiner came up in the era where their controversial  album ‘As Nasty As They Wanna Be was all the rage..I recall playing all sorts of cuts off that album for drunken frat boys back in the days. I wonder if Warner was one of those frat boys being exposed to nastiness.. I wonder how many others are sitting at home taking pictures of their genitalia thinking to themselves Uncle Luke would be proud as they reminisce about hey days of the 2 Live Crew..

Maybe Weiner saw Ice T in the documentary ‘American Pimp‘ and decided that’s the way to go. Maybe he thought to himself, Ice T is a real life pimp, yet plays a cop on TV and just renewed his vows with his curvaceous wife CoCo.. Weiner must’ve said to himself, I wanna be like Ice T and have it all.. wife, career, and continued freaky behavior.

Who knows?  Maybe Weiner was influenced by Snoop Dogg who once famously showed up at the MTV awards with women wearing see through clothing on dog leashes, talking about he’s a ‘real pimp’ even though he was married with kids. Maybe Weiner thought to himself, this how pimps do, send pictures

Here’s my point, first I’m being facetious by suggesting the over the top behavior of Anthony Weiner was influenced by rap artists, even though over the years their have been numerous campaigns launched from the now defunct PMRC to Fox News protesting explicit rap lyrics that might have led one to draw such a conclusion.

If anything, I think the debasing behavior of powerful men holding elected office is what may be influencing, not only the rappers, but the kids that many of these office holders claim to care about. They see or hear about a powerful Congressman like Weiner who may have held court with young malleable minds on occasion, sex-ting away like there’s no tomorrow and thought to themselves why not me? After all, its not like Weiner is going to be kicked out of office..

Its funny listening to how some people are upset that gay folks wanna get  married. They vehemently protest the notion stating that allowing gays to wed will somehow going to destroy the sanctity of marriage and set a bad example for future generations..

Family values man senator David Vitter

I say the the unsavory adulteress antics and  disturbing sexual tryst  displayed by guys like Weiner,  his ‘family values’  colleagues like Senator David Vitter, Robert Allen and Newt Gingrinch along with former president Bill Clinton (Monica Lewinsky scandal), former SF mayor Gavin Newsom (sex scandal with campaign managers wife) and Reverend Jesse Jackson (child out of wedlock) to name just a short few is what lays down shaky foundations for marriage and ultimately influences the kids and maybe even a few of these rappers who grew up watching them do dirt and still remain relatively unscathed. Not only are they unscathed, but in many instances they are handsomely applauded and praised.

It was just two days ago that a huge fundraiser was held for David Vitter . Him hanging out with hookers while preaching family values is apparently no big deal.

Newsom just got elected to Lt Governor of California.

Newt Gingrich is apopular commentator and is now running for President..

You don’t think young folks aren’t watching all this and taking notes?

We won’t even talk about the sexual deviant behavior of hypocritical TV pundits who routinely skewer the rappers like Bill  O’reilly (loofah sponge-gate) and Rush Limbaugh (Viagra/ Domican Republic scandal ) They paved the way in showing the world that being hypocritical is the way to go..

Should our kids stay away from the foul mouth rappers?  One thing I can say, to my knowledge I don’t think Snoop, Ice T or Luke from 2 Live Crew have been sending too many pictures of their gonads around.. I know Kanye did, but he’s always been out there… In any case the way things are going its these nasty ass politicians our kids need to stay away from..

Something to Ponder

Davey D

7 comments on “Wonder if Anthony Weiner was Inspired by the Ying Yang Twins?

  1. Clearly dude wasn’t thinking rationally. He’s a reasonably high profile Congressman. Did he really think no one would find out?!?

  2. To be brutally honest, I expected someone like Weiner to do this – and I give NO passes to those rappers that exhibit similar behavior, or who rhyme about doing that type of behavior, or any other similar things, because WE should know better. We can talk about what “the man” is doing ’til the cows come home, but let’s not forget that WE must also keep ourselves in check. In the end, I really don’t care about Congressman Weiner, and there are more important issues to be concerned with. Peace.

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