Disturbing Details Emerge over SWAT Team Tuscon Masscare-Latino marine Shot 71x

The other day, I had the displeasure of watching both our local and national news do long drawn out features of MTV’s Jersey Shore cast kick off their trip to Italy. The features went on for a good 5-6 minutes and featured on the spot interviews  similar to the ‘news’ coverage given to the festivities around the Royal Wedding.. After the Jersey Shore piece, we were then subjected long drawn out coverage of Oprah‘s upcoming retirement show..

Again we saw on the spot interviews and lots of festiveness. Sprinkled in the Oprah coverage was a sidebar story about Maria Shriver and her reaction or lack thereof to her husband Arnold Swartzernegger’s out of wedlock child. I bring this up because while the airwaves why the American public was subjected to such stories what was omitted was the recent Supreme Court 8-1 ruling this past Monday which essentially gives police to burst into our homes un- announced in what are called ‘No Knock Warrants’. If the police suspect you have committed a crime and may possibly be in the process of destroying evidence, they can come into your home and ‘prevent that from happening.

Right now the state of California is currently debating a bill SB550 that will allow the police to come into your home or place of business if they suspect you are illegally making copies of movies and songs. This of course is being pushed by the Movie Industry and what’s left of the crumbling Music Industry..It’s being pushed by Alex Padilla, sadly  a DEMOCRAT who should be against warrantless searches. He’s out of  Pacioma, California. Oh yeah one other little facet to this bill just so you know.. Representatives of the Movie industry and the RIAA would be allowed to assist the police on these ‘No Knock Warrant raids..

I want y’all to ponder that for a moment because what I’m describing is connected to a heartbreaking story that has been ignored out of Tuscon, Arizona. Jose Guerena is a two tour 26 year old decorated Marine, a father of two with no criminal record. Two weeks ago on May 5th he was at home with his wife and kid asleep. It was about 9pm when his wife woke when she heard noise outside her house.. She noticed a masked man outside her window with a gun.. The wife fearing they were being robbed, woke up her husband who grabbbed his gun and told his wife and kid to hide in the closet. In that part of town, home invasion robberies have been all too commonplace. In fact Guerana’s sister and husband had recently been shot and assualted in a home invasion robbery. Arizona is also a state where people are allowed to carry concealed weapons. That’s important to note so one understands thats its not unusual for a former marine to have a weapon in his home.

As Jose’s wife and kids sought refuge in a closet, masked police from the Pima County SWAT team burst into the house, saw Guerana with his gun and lit him up 71 times in less than 7 seconds.  The rest of the story is a bit unclear but disturbing..Intially the police said Guerana opened fire, but it was discovered his gun was on safety. He had fired no shots.

Then the police said he threatened to shoot them. They said he bragged that ‘he had something for them‘, an account his wife vehemently refutes. The police made it sound like this father who has a spotless record was Tony Montana from the movie Scarface taking his last stand. It’s very counter to the persona and record of this decorated Marine.

Next the police claimed that they clearly identified themselves. It’s a claim refuted by neighbors who said they saw no police lights or heard no sirens. They supposedly had a search warrant, but no one knocked on the door to serve it.. Police took the No Knock approach. After Guerana was shot, his wife rushed out the closet saw him still alive and called 9-11.. The call which you can hear is beyond disturbing… She was dragged away by the SWAT team..and her husband is denied medical aid..

Click HERE to HEAR interview

Below is a link to the coverage of an interview done on our station (KPFA) with lawyer that was hired by the family and investigative reporter Dennis Bernstein of Flashpoints. What’s apprarent is that the police have changed their story several times and have essentially circled the wagon, lawyered up and are now on some sort of PR campaign to tarnish the clean reputation of the Marine. Many are saying there’s an attempt to cover up what appears to be a case of mistaken identity. You can also hear the 9-11 call and interview HERE…http://swft.fm/kAMOuV


9 comments on “Disturbing Details Emerge over SWAT Team Tuscon Masscare-Latino marine Shot 71x

  1. Peace my people as we can see the powers that be are not only shooting and killing people of color but, are shooting elderly, caucasion white males not as frequent and war veterans. This boils down to the havs being law makers politians policy supreme court as well as the lower courts and the super rich utilizing their dogs of war( the police, the military) on we the people. Most americans are caught in a daze with their flat screen dummy boxes watching dancing with the stars with their concerns on celebirty illusions and non reality reality shows. Everyone around the world is awaking to the true realities of their perspective goverments being agai nst the people except the home of the brave and their false perception of freedom. Soon and very soon the boots on the ground will be at our doors and we must ask ourselfs will we hide in the closet? as chaos and mayhem executed towards us or will we be ready for the mental and physical war that unfolds right before us? Blood is being shed no matter who you are a decorated war veteran or the common person living day to day which is most of us. I offer condolences to this man and his family and those before him and after whos blood shall be spilled but, will we fight back for the sake of our futures? Peace lordrah out!!!!!!!

  2. Just what will we do? My children are so tired of my alarmist ways that i fear they have been infected with a deadly dose of denial. So much is going wrong. Just so much. Davey D, i so appreciate your unflagging willingness to confront the dangerous downslide towards fascism that is in full swing. Masses need to resist. Will we? Wonder every day…..

  3. Its very sad what happened to the latino marine shot 71 times,but ameikkka has always been a police state.Law enforcement are taught to always fear blacks and latinos and kill with no mercy then coverup the corruption later.Always remember the war on drugs was a war on black people and immigration battles and debates is a war on latinos.The police are here to protect and serve only white people, not if youre black or latino.

  4. Peace,

    First this story makes me sick on multiple levels; if it was a mistake it’s inexcusable, if it was on purpose it’s even worse not being there it’s hard to be sure which it was. For this poor family it really doesn’t matter their lives have been horribly changed. My prayers are with them.

    Now let me say this, what is being done and has been done to blacks, Latinos and Asians isn’t only racist bullshit it is also practice. I do not believe for a minute that my white skin offers any real protection and no one else should either.

    I’m not dismissing white privilege just making the point that a fascist state only cares about itself and its power. For a long time now that power has been directed at non-whites and whites have been used as a buffer, a part of the control apparatus but we are only “protected” as long as we’re compliant, useful stooges. When we stand up and say, “Wait a goddamn minute this isn’t right!” we become “race traitors.”

    I was going to say, this Marine could have just as easily been my brother but instead let me say this Marine is my brother.

  5. As you try to live in a world that you nor your life matters, It does not matter what we call it is just the right to Kill Licensing that the police of the United States are not the the real O.G orig gangsters.

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