Cops Beat Down Professional Camera Man for Filming Them.. Very Scary

So this week we have all our so-called respectable news outlets rushing off to London to cover a Royal wedding.. While this is happening here’s what we are missing… Take a look at this Las Vegas cop beating up a professional camera man for filming him..Keep in mind there are numerous actors and celebrity types ranging from Sean Penn to Dennis Rodman who have faced jail time and made to p[ay serious fines for smashing on the paparazzi.. Apparently when it comes to the police, they can do whatever they want with impunity.. This is what Mitchell Crooks found out the hard way…Sad state of affairs..Whats the excuse for this?.

Just so folks know this isn’t isolated.. look what happened in Oakland 2 years ago. This incident caused a veteran ABC News camera man who been at his job 27 years to retire because of threats from police..

Homeless Woman Facing 20 Years for Sending Child to Better School District

This is a disturbing story on more levels than can be counted. First we have a homeless mother trying to do the best she can for a young child and his education who has no choice in his current circumstances. The mother wants her child to get a better education- perhaps to avoid having the same fate of homelessness fall on her…

We often read stories about parents who are down and out sitting home, watching TV and being totally irresponsible. Such is not the case here with Tanya McDowell and the response? Condemnation and outright callousness. They are claiming she’s stealing services..This story breaks your heart and unfortunately seems to be happening more and more. It was just a few months ago we read about a mother in Akron, Ohio facing similar charges of fraud..

What’s even more troubling is this sort of thing has happened 4 other times this year, but no charges were brought on the parents who falsified residency information. Why is this happening now?

-Davey D-

Outrage around homeless mom charged for sending son to better school
By Liz Goodwin

Education activists are rallying around a homeless woman who may face jail time for enrolling her son in kindergarten under a friend’s address. Supporters say the woman’s story is yet another dismaying example of inequality in the U.S. education system.

Tanya McDowell, a homeless single mother from Bridgeport, is charged with first-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny for signing up her 5-year-old son to attend nearby Norwalk schools under the address of a friend. (Her son went to the school for four months. Her friend has been evicted from public housing for letting McDowell use her address.) McDowell may face up to 20 years in prison and a $15,000 fine if convicted.

Gwen Samuel, a Connecticut education activist, is organizing a press conference to try to get the charges dropped and raise awareness about parents who are criminally prosecuted, rather than dealt with individually by the school district, for using false addresses.

She says she expects a few hundred people to show up at Norwalk superior court at 9 a.m. Wednesday, including Kelley Williams-Bolar (pictured), the Akron, Ohio-based mom who made national news in January, when she was jailed for using her father’s address to send her kids to a better-performing school. Bolar’s story ignited a debate about inequalities in the public education system, where poorer parents must send their kids to poorer schools because much of the funding is on the local level.

“This will continue to happen–this will set a precedent and districts will be like, ‘OK I found a new way to get my money back, let’s go after them,'” Samuel tells The Lookout.

Boyce Watkins, a Syracuse university professor and activist, tells The Lookout that Williams-Bolar heard about McDowell’s case and wanted to support her. “Kelley called me and said, ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this to her, how can I help?'” She’s now on her way to Connecticut, and her trip is paid for by Samuel’s newly founded non-profit Connecticut Parents Union.

“First it happens to Kelley, then it happens to Tanya–they both happen to be poor black mothers trying to find a way to provide a better life for their children,” Watkins said.

Samuel says McDowell “absolutely” sent her son to the Norwalk kindergarten because she knew it was better than the schools in nearby Bridgeport. “If you could see … where he is now compared to Brookside, you’d see why I chose Norwalk,” McDowell told the Daily Norwalk of her son’s new school, Thomas Hooker Elementary School in Bridgeport.

“There has to be a penalty for stealing our services,” school board president Jack Chiaramonte countered in The Daily Norwalk.

McDowell, who used to work in food services, told the Stamford Advocate she occasionally stayed in a Norwalk homeless shelter–but she didn’t register there, which would have made her son eligible to attend the school. “I had no idea whatsoever that if you enroll your child in another school district, it becomes a crime,” the 33-year-old told the paper.

Parents are rarely criminally prosecuted for using false addresses.

Jahi: What comes with a $37,000 meal with Obama?

To answer matter of fact, I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  I can only imagine the mounds of hummus and Birkenstock shoes, vegetarian and carnivores standing across from each other with food contests, fruits and rivers of vegetables, and oceans of drinks, sweets, and all you can eat.   I mean, a $37,000 meal must take a whole day to consume, right?  I want to see the silverware that comes with a $37,000 meal.  I wonder how many people that can feed?     How many courses is that?  Does that come with soup and salad, or just recycled rhetoric and smiles, handshakes, and no real action for the every day American trying to juggle two jobs just to get to work, afford college, run a business and not even making a profit?    I’ve been pondering this since the first African American president just left where I currently reside, the Bay Area.  To be more specific, I live in Oakland and the President was in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.   Two different worlds, although where I live in Oakland I feel safe, I can walk at night, and I mostly take public transportation.  I’m sorry, I got off the point.  $37,000 for a meal with Obama?  The reports said that the money generated, over a million dollars easy, in less than a whole weekend, will go towards Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Party.

Here’s my question, open to general discussion, but expounding on the amount of money raised I ask, (as an aside, now I realize it’s more than one question) why didn’t you stop at some youth center, some recreation center, some school, some hospital, some corner store in Deep East Oakland, or a community radio station, or a homeless bum in Berkeley and offer financial assistance in the lives of the every day human beings struggling out here while watching your motorcade go by?

The second question is what type of leader can be so insensitive to the fact that you can just swoop in and swoop out with all this cash, and not stop at a soup kitchen?   Do you not see the elite audacity to even have a $37,000 meal in these days and times when families can’t even see the American dream anymore?  What’s more important, your campaign war chests, or people out here, on the ground?

And who can pay for that kind of a date?   I can’t speak for the people who hosted or attended this gathering, but I will say that I am an artist educator in San Francisco, and Berkeley, and there are some youth who could use some school supplies, lunch to take to school, health services and counseling from all the crime and violence right here in this city, and real financial help.  I think your money would be better served locally.  Californians are proud of the label “eat local.”  I have one to add- “help more local.”

But back to our illustrious president Mr. Obama,   if you think you are going to come smile and shake some hands, not even in my neighborhood, but some safe suburban enclave,  and play the rock star this time around for my vote, you can forget it.  You want my vote, come to my hood.  Yep, an every day average American citizen, independent artist and educator, is calling out the president.  I have a right to.  Like Obama said, “Sometimes you have to give the system a push, sometimes you have to give it a shove.”   We’ll as an African American male, father, and husband, with some college education, I think my life is not a minority in that there are good men out here, who want to provide for themselves and families, and having a tough go at it in the face of $37,000 meals for campaigns.  If you really want have a real photo op Mr. President, if you really want to have the news coverage and media, come to the hood.  Pick one.  There’s at least one in all 52 of your states, and bring your checkbook.

If you want to play the roll of rockstar, then come make it rain, in the community.  It’s not like you didn’t have a few dollars to throw right?  No, in all seriousness, money is not the sum answers to the problems of this area, city, or world, but for responsible, hard working, everyday people, it can help.  Put an extra meal on the table, an extra pair of shoes, driving classes for a teenager, something that can help.  Everyday Americans know how to use money wisely, it’s just not enough it.  So when I see a $37000 meal, I’m not playa hatin’s all, I’m just nudging you on the shoulder to remind you to remember the hood.  You owe it to them.  They are as American as the people who hosted you.  They are as important as a Facebook CEO.

As a student of history, I’ve come to learn that most people don’t recall this Dr. King, but do you know his agenda was to end poverty, and to establish a guaranteed annual income to every American (about $4000 was his thinking at the time)?  Dr. King’s agenda was clearly on poor people, the less fortunate, and those suffering from poverty by slumlords and closed doors. Mr. President, it may very well be because of Dr. King that you became president, but your agenda seems more on the affluent than the impoverished, corporations over community, and elite gatherings, even the San Francisco event at Moscone Center was like a rap concert with people vying for VIP seats, and then the people who can only afford the balcony seat in general admission.

So back to my original point, what comes with a $37,000 meal?   I can tell you, after riding AC Transit the evening you left Mr. President, and saw a woman with her whole life in two oversized Walgreen’s bags, winter coat stained with earth which she is wearing in Spring, ashy hands and eyes of a tired soul with forgotten beauty wrinkles, winter hat tilted, exhausted and sleeping on the bus on my way down Park Blvd.  I can tell you, Mr. President, what doesn’t come with it is real tangible change to the millions of people in this country struggling to survive.  I saw that with my own eyes.  I hope you enjoyed your meal.


Concerned Citizen