Study Shows Saggy Pants Linked Erectile Dsyfunction & Other Health Issues

LOS ANGELES: In recent weeks the controversial urban/ Hip Hop inspired practice of sagging pants has come under fire.  Two weeks ago Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant was kicked out of a shopping mall along with several of his friends for wearing sagging pants.

In the state of Florida an anti-sagging bill was passed deeming the practice as vulgar. The bill which was the brainchild of  Rep. Hazelle Rogers was passed unanimously by the committee.

In the state of Arkansas Governor Mike Bebe recently signed a bill banning sagging pants in public schools.

“We feel the bill can improve the learning environment in schools,” said Donna Morey, president of the Arkansas Education Association.

One concern of the Arkansas General Assembly was that “student competition over the manner in which clothing is worn could lead to violence and injuries during school hours,” according to the legislation. Lawmakers also said that students should learn to dress in a way that is acceptable in the workplace as they prepare to enter it.

Along with this wave of anti-sagging legislative being proposed or enacted around the country comes a brand new study from the National American Medical Association that shows the health risks of prolonged ‘sagging’.

According to posture and vitality expert Aaron Parnell, one of the biggest health problems is severe bad posture. Parnell who treats over a dozen young people a year with problems directly related to wearing baggy pants or sagging pants without a belt says many fail to realize is that to keep their pants from falling down, young people are forced to walk in an awkward manner. They rotate their legs inwardly at the knees and turn their feet outward to keep balance. This creates bad posture.

He noted, walking this way can also lead to hip degeneration and low back problems. Further, rotating your legs like this everyday can lead to life-long knee misalignments and bunions.

A two year study by the NAMA set to be released on Monday April 5th builds off the ‘bad posture’ findings of Parnell. Dr Mark Oliver Mansbach explains that the continuous wearing of sagging pants severely impacts sexual performance.

“In our study we discovered that sagging pants wearers are 70% more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse. There is a 78% likelihood that sagging pants wearers have erectile dysfunction”, Mansbach noted.

“We are finding increasing number of cases where men as young as 23 are having severe cases of ED. The cause is traced back to the constant mis-aligning of their hips and lower torso from the gait (people’s walking patterns) which are symptomatic to sagging pants.”

Mansbach estimates that 75-82% of the men who wear saggy pants have some sort of sexual dysfunction. Because of the machismo associated with Hip Hop, gang and urban culture most men will keep the problem hidden. They mask their sexual inadequacy by displaying fits of anger and nihilistic behavior toward each other and toward women who they can not please.

“It’s the dirty little secret in urban communities that no one wants to talk about”, Mansbach said.

He points to the huge jump in sales for online Viagra and sexual enhancement drugs. Many urban males who lack health insurance for expensive erectile dysfunction remedies have turned to over the counter solutions which contain sildenafil or vardenafil the ingredients found in Viagra and Levitra, two of the most commonly used ED medicines.

The problem with over the counter ED remedies is that they cause the an over flow of blood to rush leading to early onsets of high blood pressure and other dibiletating side effects. Others have turned to excessive drinking or taking ecstasy bills.

Popular rapper Kim Sharpton says sagging in his early days caused all sorts of problems

We spoke with rapper Kim Sharpton of Staten Island, NY who has been on a crusade of sorts warning young men to stop sagging.

“When I was younger I was constantly getting it in and running the town. I was sagging hard B. The problem was I couldn’t get hard when the time counted”, Sharpton explained.

“At first I thought it was my diet or lack of exercise. Later I thought it was psychological because I was getting stressed out. It’s not like I could share my problem with the homeboys. Women wanted to know what the deal was and so I had to come up with all sorts of excuses as to why I wasn’t capable of delivering a nice package ya dig?”

Sharpton noted that he became so angry that he started writing songs targeting other rappers who wore sagging pants. At one point he even threatened to lynch them.

“It was bad B.. real bad, but I’m doing better now. Exercise, good diet, a strong belt and counseling to get my confidence back, help get me on track ” Sharpton said.

“You wont catch me sagging ever again, luckily we diagnosed my problem early on so the conditions could be reversed, but most young brothers aren’t so lucky”.

Sharpton concluded, “This NAMA study is serious and should come as a dire warning to young men everywhere. ‘If your sagging your lagging’… in the bedroom..Now that’s one to grow on..

For more information on the soon to be released NAMA study click HERE

27 comments on “Study Shows Saggy Pants Linked Erectile Dsyfunction & Other Health Issues

  1. Dave, the way you are able to get the empirical evidence to back up a colloquial argument at the time that the discussion is on deck is phenomenal! All I gotta say is YOU GO HARD IN THE PAINT BRUH! Here’s the link to my demo contribution to this timely discussion “Down Low Pants” .

    Ali Baba

  2. Keep your pants up thats one of the wackest displays of trying to look cool. Old heads play your position be a man keep your pants up. Peace to the Gods and Earths, lordrah out!

  3. Please get rid of this lame trend, along with skinny jeans. There is nothing cool about showing your butt (literally) to the public. I am willing to bet most of these guys sagging would NEVER do this in jail or places like the Castro District in SF.

  4. Why do they sag their pants? I have three possible answers.

    1. It’s a display of superficial manhood by displaying boxer underwear, which are the norm worn by men but not boys. It’s a case of boys attempting to teach themselves manhood.

    2. It’s iconoclastic and a passive-aggressive form of social protest.

    3. It displays latent homosexual desire. Woman don’t like the look. It seems dudes pay more attention to each other sagging than the girls do.

    At this point if you ask a kid why, he probably just say its comfortable or in style. Lord they know not what they do.

  5. This may piss some off, but I’m going to say it, because I feel it needs to be said: can WE give this April Fool’s BULLSHIT a rest? I mean, damn! We didn’t come up with it. I hate this pants-below-your-ass bullshit too, and have tried to educate cats on the slavery origins of it, but let’s let go of all this “holiday” bullshit that we had no hand in creating.

  6. I am hip hop to the bone marrow. But this style I never understood. I mean I was part of the 90’s backpack movement and we had our girbaud jeans baggy a bit ala’ Grand Puba Maxwell and maybe a few headz did a slight saggy more like Kris Kross. But just all the way down is that down South ingnorant hiphop thats strangling rap to death. Dam you No Limit, Cash Money, Lil’ John. Nice april fools tho. ; )

  7. this is sad, ridiculous, hilarious, tragic, …
    “A brotha might end up having critical long-term health issues, just CAUSE HE WANTED TO LOOK COOL!”

    Isnt that what it comes down to?!


    [Great article, Dave! one!]

  8. How cute. Tight slack wearing nerds trying to increase their chances in bed. My ‘bama black snake has all the venom it needs.

  9. I am much more offended by ugly obese people walking around displaying their rolls of fat, than any person in shape with a nice butt that wants to sag their pants. Saggy pants really don’t offend me, unless I see skid marks on their underwear

  10. The next trend is gong to be flys open on pants, or letting your pants rest just above the pubic hair

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  12. Hey! I just found your blog and I love it! I just started blogging! So I’m working on it lol. Could you comment and subsribe! and I will do the same!! =]

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  14. Thank God I don’t sag! So glad my mama didn’t tolerate that growing up! I had no clue of the health risk involved! Wow!

  15. Hey Davie our youth is lost our fathers are gone our mother are working I am so angry with this sagging and we must stand together and stop this crab in the pucket mess I love what your doing and im linking your blog so others can see what’s real come it up…….

  16. hahaha! I almost believed this until I saw the April 1 comments…..but hopefully enough people will believe it to put the trend out of style!

  17. Bullshit! 75 to 82% suffer ED’s? What were the controls for this study? I call bullshit on this article. This doctor does not exist and there was no study. But funny that so many people have stupidly bought into it.

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  19. For all the racists out there trying to legislate clothing, I guess you should be happy, they’ll be less successful breeders… so racists win with the pants down, me thinks they should STFU already and let people dress however.

    We’ve known for a century that high heels are extremely detrimental to female back/limb health, have we legislated those out? no. Cuz debilitated females serves the patriarchy. rolls eyes.

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