US Bombs Libya: Where’s Obama the Peacemaker?

As we enter into our third war, one has to wonder what’s the ultimate motivation? Many will try to fool themselves and say its needed to save lives.. The question is who’s lives exactly? In Libya is this a popular uprising or a civil war?

Are we on the side of those fighting oppression or are we giving lip service and using that as a good excuse while we aim for other things..In this case oil?

Is Ghadafy a detestable figure who is ruthless with his people? If so where’s our consistency around him? One minute we hating him ala Ronald Reagan.. the next minute we trying to do business with him under George W Bush.. Have we forgotten the US-Libya Business Association who have since took down their site but not before everyone from Haliburton to Chevron broke bread with a man we are now bombing..

Meanwhile all over the planet we have human rights violations being levied on all sorts of countries we consider friends with no talk of Regime Change.. We friendly with China in spite of their of their dastardly deeds.. We’re cool with Saudi Arabia inspite of their shoddy human rights track record. . We ain’t invading Yemen and it was there where we had a ship blown up USS Cole.  We could go on and on.. Hell lets talk about the drama with Israel and how they smash on their Palestinian neighbors..

What’s sad is the role President Obama has been playing. He came out the box saying he opposed the wars but as you can see over the years he’s ‘re-calibrated’ himself and seems as hawkish as any right wing war monger. How does a son of Africa bomb Africa?

I guess its when that Son of Africa sees himself as a politicians more interested in positioning himself and playing the game vs doing what is right. With all our collective brain trust there was no diplomatic solution?  We have a military that has no qualms applying pys-ops techniques on Senators to keep us at war.. But seemingly none to help nations be at peace..

What seems to be at play is those pys-op techniques being used to keep our anti-war movement silent.. Look most people would agree that folks fighting for liberation against oppressive regimes should be supported. But we can’t be selective and hwe have to stand on principal about being about peace.. We’re over in Libya demanding Ghadafiy bounce but we’ve yet to bring our own violators of human rights to justice. Can you say George W Bush? Dick Cheney? Or the soldier shown in the video below..

Peep the videos below outlining President Obama’s stance on the wars over the years.  As you watch ask yourself will there be consequences to our actions. Ghadafy has threatened to take down commercial airlines. he may not have the weaponry but he does have the money .. The US is fighting 3 Muslim countries is not good.

Below is the link to Obama speaking on us bombing Libya …

22 comments on “US Bombs Libya: Where’s Obama the Peacemaker?

  1. It is business as usual for U.S. international policies, what would you expect. It is funny that Ghadafi is now fighting the UN forces after saying he was going to play nice. The U.S. has a vicious track record of budding into other businesses with disastrous results (e.g. Afghanistan, Panama, Iraq, Haiti) while the U.N. (a joke of an international organization) plays benchwarmer and enjoys their diplomatic immunity here in the U.S. This is a matter that the U.N. should be handling, not the world police (aka U.S.). Also, Davey D, thank you for calling out China. Too many people have been giving China a get out of jail card as they grow by leaps and bounds without any repercussions. Especially here in the very liberal Bay Area, around is bending over backwards to please the Chinese government. Hell, tech firms, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and some our politicians (e.g. Mayor Quan, Mayor Lee and Lt. Gov Newsom) literally do business with without blinking an eye. Sorry for going off subject, but, it irks me when the U.S. engages in inconsistent foreign policies that let certain countries off the hook, while being a pain in the butt for others. Another questions, why is it okay to do business with China (aka the rules do not apply to us), while Cuba and Venezuela are deemed off limits to Americans?

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  3. When someone is a hawk and remains as a hawk; I know what I’m getting
    When someone is a dove and remains as a dove; I know what I’m getting.

    When someone starts out as this and goes to that and is all over the map; I’m watching someone with no backbone

  4. Regardless of who is sitting in the seat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a secret inner circle sitting secretly behind them, and when this circle says, “Jump”, the one in the seat best say, “How High?”. I’m not justifying what goes down, nor condoning it. A lot of times people get caught up in, “This wing is worst than that wing”, but they forget one irrefutable fundamental truth: that both wings are attached TO THE SAME BIRD.

  5. Mr Obama is clearly a joke.Yes we have a black president who is a son of africa who bombs other africans with no mercy.Why are we even in Libya in the first place?He just a warmonger like GW Bush and Reagan and pretty much a fraud and a puppet for the neo-con krakkas in Washington DC hunting for oil and putting fake goverments put in place for their agenda.That agenda has always been murder murder murder kill kill kill and new world order put in motion decades ago.

  6. There are alot of countries around the world in Europe,Africa,Asia,South America and North America that have bad human rights abuses and corruption and the Usa is in bed with. Our real foriegn policy is hear no evil,speak no evil,see no evil because other human beings of other races are seen as colateral damage in wars unless the people are American, then bye golly gosh they are real people and Christian. The Usa needs to get off their high horse as world policeman and fix our own damn problems in our own country.

  7. First sign of crisis Obama lifts his skirt and runs, out of the Country of course!
    Great example of…if you can’t take the heat get out of kitchen.
    In the case of this sorry Pres. its run, run run.
    What else is new…….
    Oh lets not forget he is giving his Obama money to Brazil to build oil rigs so WE can be THEIR biggest customer.
    Getting any smarter yet America?

  8. nick, Obama said during his campaign he wouldn’t hesitate to use military force if he had to, and said that he would seek to “hunt and kill” Bin Ladin (exact words, in debate with McCain). Where you got the idea that Obama is a “dove” is beyond me. You didn’t discern it from any of his foreign policy or quotes. Obama’s been pro military from day one. He just didn’t support the Iraq War, like most Americans didn’t by the time he was sworn in as senator. The problem isn’t Obama being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a “hawk” in the clothing of a “dove”, as you would put it, the problem is clearly with you and your sources of information, or perhaps your vivid imagination which has a loose relationship with reality.

  9. Rob,

    Guess i hit a raw nerve.
    We can keep it civil, though.

    My take on Obama in response to the article is one who tends to flip-flop between a dove and a hawk based upon what the polls dictate to him, like 80% of politicians.
    You see him as a pure hawk from the get go.
    Now you being the intellectual would like to see me analyze and breakdown his last 250 speeches to support my take. But let me ask you one question : How many Peace Prize winners have been straight military hawks? Or better yet how can you be both?

  10. Nick, you can try to make this about me all you want to. I’m only going to address your grossly misinformed point. Barack Obama was never a “dove”, as you put it, on national defense. Never. You’re not going to find one single quote of his that would remotely suggest Obama’s some kind of pacifist. You could have only gotten the idea from your own imagination, or some extremely biased source that was trying to make him look as such.

  11. @F.W. Lee

    From what I’ve been gathering as of late, this is involving the UN, NATO, and certain segments of the Arab League and the African Union. I’d also toss in the CIA in some respect. I don’t bother with the who’s doing what too much these days, since you have numerous segments within each of the groups I listed with their own agendas. Plus, I obviously can’t give folks like Gaddafi a pass, due to their own issues. Just an observer…:/

  12. Davey D,

    I’ve always respected your views and opinions. But please understand this from the libyans who have risen against this tyrant who is more violent and a bigger thief then mubarak and ben ali. Obama actually made the right decision this time. This is not afghanistan or iraq. this is more like tunisia and egypt, only gaddafi is williing to kill as many people as possible to hold power. like he said in his speech, he will fight till the last man, WOMAN and CHILD. also, this doesnt have to do with oil. gaddafi already gave the west all the oil they wanted. the problem was the people never saw this oil money and this is why they rose up. 40% live under the poverty line in an oil rich country?cant imagine how much money has been stolen the past 42 years. Giving it all away to stir up conflicts in africa and around the world. this insane man straight up in his speech said he was going to cleanse benghazi. and after what the world saw what he did in the cities of zawia and misrata, they couldnt imagine what he would do to the east as revenge since they first started the uprising. we should applaud the world for actually standing up before a massacre for once instead of bashing them for it. its clear that people who speak against the international communities involvement in libya have not been follow what has been going on in libya the since the first day of the uprising. i was just in libya a week ago, if your interested in listening to the libyan perspective, then holler at me. i suggest you talk to people who were involved in the first days of the uprising and understand their perspective, because in the end of the day, thats who really matters in this conflict. the libyan people.

    its easy to point out the flaws of US policies and i can agree with you. but lets not bash them when they got it right for once. they came because of the pressure from the arab world and international community. The libyan people asked only for assistance from air and the civilian population is willing to bravely fight gaddafi on their own. as much as they appreciate the help from the international community, which was necessary, they still dont trust them enough to have ground troops. You should respect the fact that regular civilians are willing to fight this on their own and refuse ground troops. i agree with the hypocrisy of the west. we libyans were disappointed when the west and the US legitimatized gaddafi a few years back for the sake of oil. their legitimizing of gaddafi is part of the reason why we are in this mess. allowing him to purchase weapons and create the battalions that he’s now using to kill us. but libyans also learned another tough lesson in this conflict. that they cant really trust anyone. EVERYONE, not only the west has their interest as a priority, but every nation does. The russians and chinese because of their anti-western agenda were against supporting the revolution. Turkey, our muslim brothers, took along time to recognize and support us because of its contracts with gaddafi. our african brothers are still standing with gaddafi after how much libyan blood he spilled. Algeria and Syria, our arab brothers supported gaddafi militarily. so its not about just imperialism or being anti west. its, dont trust anyone and go after mutual interests only. proceed with caution and thats how i feel the libyans are going about with this revolution. there is a lot we are learning and i think its all for the better.

  13. i suggest you talk to this libyan rapper named ibn thabit who has become popular on the radio in libya. he is now documenting on the front lines in the western mountains risking his life to bring news. let me know if you want get in contact with him. see below for one of his songs

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