American Workers vs Multi-Billionaires..Hip Hop Claps Back Hard

Our latest video “American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires” was filmed on location in Madison, Wisconsin, where thousands of hard working Americans came together in unity to fight back against a Governor bought and paid for by Billionaires to break up Unions and deny workers collective bargaining and a living wage. “American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires” was produced by Cynik Lethal and directed by Paradise Gray of X-Clan

Also you can catch our interview w/ Jasiri X on Hard Knock Radio by clicking the link below

Also related to this is a classic song from Rebel Diaz called ‘A Trillion


4 comments on “American Workers vs Multi-Billionaires..Hip Hop Claps Back Hard

  1. @Jose: What would be YOUR example of clapping back hard? I think that Rebel Diaz is spitting some truth about what’s going on in this U.S. economic system. Now, let’s compare that with predominates what passes as Hip Hop; IOW, let me put it this way:
    “Hip Hop about blingin’, @#$%#es, %$#@!s, baggin’ bricks, bad boys, and materialistic bullshit VS. Hip Hop that actually educates you on what is going down. I’d pick the latter EVERY TIME over the former.

    Let’s see you spit something better. Peace.

    Best Regards,

    Critical Eye

  2. Also, props to Jasiri X and Elder Paradise the Architect. Jasiri is TRULY the embodiment of what Chuck D mentioned about the CNN of rap. Peace!

  3. Thanks for the track and for telling it like it is! I was watching democracynow! live reporting from wisconsin when I ran into this song. The republican thieves had hijacked the legislative process and I was so enraged!! However listening to this song helped bring me back my cool and put it all back into perspective. I’m still angry but im glad JasiriX was able to express what many of us are feeling. Mad love yo!

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