Here’s What We Should Teach Our Kids on Ronald Reagan Day

Today, February 6 is Ronald Reagan Day and to be quite frank, I’m happy to celebrate. As folks gear up to pull out all the stops and all the bells and whistles to commemorate what would’ve been the Big Gipper’s 100th birthday, (today in 2012 with the re-issue of this article..its his 101st) I too wanna leave no stone unturned. People all over the world especially our children deserve to know the truth about the man who was nick named ‘The Great Communicator‘.

First let’s start by noting that it’s been fascinating to watch as many in power in particular corporate interest who greatly benefitted from his 8 year reign have been hard at work re-writing history and making one of the most detestable figures to ever reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave seem down right angelic.

Heck while these folks are busy constructing this revisionist make over of Ronald Reagan why not to make overs and put a smiley face on Idi Amin Dada, Saddam Huessin, Augusto Pinochet, François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier, Benito Mussolini and maybe white slave owners here in the US…Oops sorry, I went too far.. We are doing revisionist make overs of slavery,  thank to the Texas State Board of Education who want to refer to ‘slavery‘ as ‘Atlantic Triangular Trade’.

Thank you Kentucky Tea Party which is home to freshman Senator Rand Paul. These nut cases want to disassociate the fact that our founding fathers were slave owners. Certainly we won’t dwell on the fact that today’s congressional lawmakers after insisting on the Constitution be read during the swearing-in of the 112th congress decided to skip over the parts where it was declared that Black people are 3/5th human.

So in short revisionism here in the US is on par to the revisionism that notable figures like Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are undertaking. We are completely white washing important facts and the legacy of Ronald Reagan is a prime example.

So today as we celebrate Ronald Reagan Day lets remind the kids what this man was all about.

Should we start be reminding folks that Ronald Reagan was the ultimate corporate pitchman? Should we tell how he started out working for General Electric which as you know is one of the world’s largest weapons makers and that he modeled himself to be the ultimate peddler of corporate interests. He was one of the first indicators that the presidency was no longer for the people but for the corporation. Reagan was the personification. In their new documentary Rendezvous with Destiny, GE lays out how Reagan selling skills laid the groundwork for his assent to being the nation’s 40th president.

Should we remind the kids that Reagan was a union buster?  We should dig deep into the archives and look at the Air Traffic Controllers strike of 1981 where Reagan fired 11,ooo workers and ultimately got the union Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) decertified. Reagan’s mass firing was a major line drawn in the sand. The demonizing and attacks on unions especially those within the federal government have been going ever since.

Should we remind the kids how Reagan ignored the AIDs epidemic that sprung up during his two terms? People were dying all over and good ole Ronnie was steadfast in not talking about the dreaded disease in any form or fashion. The sad joke at the time was he cared more about UFO’s than he did victims of AIDs.  Ronnie was out to lunch on that crises.

Speaking of lunch, maybe we should teach the kids about how Ronald Reagan insisted that ketchup and relish were vegetables as he aggressively fought to push inner city school lunch programs to cut cooked and fresh vegetables from their menus. 30 years later we have a major health problems especially in the area of obesity amongst our youth.. Thanks Ronnie you did good.

I could always teach the kids about Reagan’s trickle down economic theory where he fought to allow rich corporations and businesses to cut taxes which would allow them to create new jobs thus benefitting the masses. I guess I should also teach the kids how many of those rich folks who got those tax breaks promptly took their American jobs overseas where they continued to enjoy tax breaks while our economy was turned upside down..

I’ll be sure to teach the kids how Reagan opposed the Equal Rights Amendment even though women at that time and even today still make less than men. we’ll also remind the kids about Reagan’s tricknology. he promised to name a woman to the supreme court (Sandra Day O’Connor) if the ERA was defeated. The end result is as we celebrate Reagan’s100th birthday he gets props for opening up the supreme court while forgetting that he threw the average everyday working woman under the bus.

We could also talk about how he was vehemently opposed to the Black Panthers and pushed for the Mulford Actwhich was specifically designed to target and disarm them

We should also remind the kids that Ronald Wilson Reagan opposed the 1965 Voting Rights Act which was championed by Dr Martin Luther King. He said its passage was a ‘humiliation to the South’.

The Father of Crack

I guess because so many kids are enamored with rap star Rick Ross, perhaps I could use his popularity as a teachable moment. I could start by letting kids know that Ross the rapper from Miami derived his name from Freeway Rick the drug dealer out of Los Angeles.

Freeway Rick who has been touring the country lecturing against the harmful impact of drugs is erroneously called the Father of Crack.  His South Central LA operations is legendary as he’s reported to have moved up to 3 million dollars worth of product a week,  but that’s only part of the story. Freeway Rick was not the Father but the proverbial God son.. The real Father of Crack was Ronald Reagan. It’s a sore point of contention to Reagan revisionists who bristle at the notion, but we know better.

You see Freeway Rick was allowed to flourish because our government at the time had some dirty war business they wanted to conduct and found it difficult to circumvent the law and limits set up by Congress. Freeway Rick was able to lavish the hood with tons of crack cocaine because of little scheme we came to know as the Iran Contra Scandal . It was the biggest scandal this country had ever known. Even bigger than Richard Nixon’s Watergate.

To sum it up what you had was in the early 80s, the US was beefing with Iran and the US was beefing with left leaning factions in Nicaragua called the Sandinistas. Reagan and his boys wanted to knock off the Sandinistas because they didn’t like their politics and the populus movement they represented. Latin America was on the rise and overthrowing dictators who were backed by the US. Reagan wanted to overthrow the Sandinistas by arming a bunch of CIA backed rebels called the Contras. Since we’re supposed to be a freedom loving country we couldn’t do our bidding publicly, and as I noted Congress wasnt with the program, so Reagan’s senior advisors launched a secret war.

What they did was covertly sell arms to Iran and take the money and use it to fund Contra operations in Nicaragua. Additional money was netted for the Contras through the sale of crack cocaine which suddenly overnight gained huge popularity in hoods throughout the country. Freeway Rick and South Central, LA was ground zero.

LAs notorious gangs became the main traffickers who spread all out the country with Freeway Rick being the kingpen. Some of this is outlined in Ice Cube’s song ‘Summer Vacation‘.

Freeway Rick’s connection to all the cocaine was a notorious drug supplier named Oscar Danilo Blandón who worked with the CIA and was a key link to the Contras. This is where the whole CIA-Crack connection story emerged . They were outlined in the explosive 1996 San Jose Mercury expose and book called Dark Alliances written by the late Gary Webb.

Oliver North

When all was said and done damn near all of Reagan’s senior advisors were convicted, like National Security Council member Oliver North who played a central role and was later pardoned. Reagan the Great Communicator was protected with folks saying he had no idea all this was happening on his watch. The exact term used was Reagan was ‘disengaged’

Supporter of Apartheid

The term disengaged is an interesting one because it’s in opposition to what Ronald Reagan prided himself. Here was a guy who supported South Africa’s Apartheid Regime. He aggressively opposed Nelson Mandela who was in jail as a political prisoner during Reagan’s presidency. Reagan called Mandela and his and the African National Congress a ‘terrorist organization‘.

During the early 80s, worldwide resistance to South Africa emerged including a call from the UN to have an embargo. Recording artists all over the world launched a boycott to Sun City which was a popular resort in South Africa where some of the Apartheid laws were relaxed.

Ronald Reagan Opposed Nelson Mandela. He saw him and the Adfrican national Congress as Terrorists

Ronald Reagan along with Israel and Great Britain opposed all of it. Reagan said he supported South Africa because they stood alongside us during all our wars.. He said the best way to get rid of Apartheid was not through embargos but through this term he coined called  ‘Constructive engagement‘. When he first used it left everyone stunned and asking WTF? There was nothing to engage. People were calling for an end to the brutal Apartheid regime and Reagan was opposing it. It was so bad that after he vetoed sanctions, Congress did a rare thing and over rode his veto.  This man who supposedly loved freedom was on the wrong side of history when it came to making sure it was a reality for Black South Africans. It’s no wonder Nelson Mandela didn’t attend his funeral in 2004.

We can go on and on when talking about Ronald Reagan. He was a hero for those who yearned for the days when many people in marginalized communities were behind the 8 ball not in front of it.  Yes when February 6th rolls around.. I will say Happy Ronald Reagan Day and commence to undo the revisionist history the power elite in this country have spent years constructing. I’ll leave with two musical heros who went in hard on Reagan back in the days. Gil Scott Heron with the song B-Movie and Melle-Mel with his song Jesse.

In the song Jesse, Mele-Mel goes in on Reagan with this classic verses.

See Ronald Reagan speaking on TV, smiling like everything’s fine and dandy
Sounded real good when he tried to give a pep talk to over 30 million poor people like me
How can we say we got to stick it out when his belly is full and his future is sunny?
I don’t need his jive advice but I sure do need his jive time money
The dream is a nightmare in disguise (Let’s talk about Jesse)
Red tape and lies fill your for spacious skies (Let’s talk about Jesse)
But don’t think that DC just did it first (Let’s talk about Jesse)
There’s a lot of DC’s all over this universe (His name is Jesse)
He started on the bottom, now he’s on the top
He proved that he could make it, so don’t ever stop
Brothers stand together and let the whole world see
Our brother Jesse Jackson go down in history

The 30th day that’s in December is a day that everyone’s gonna remember
Because on that day a righteous man, thought about taking a brand new stand
The name of the man is Jesse Jackson and his call is for peace without an action
‘Cause now is the time to change the nation without just another negotiation
He went to the East for human rights to free a lieutenant shot down in flight
Just another statistic and the government knew it, they didn’t even want the man to go do it
Before he left, he called the president’s home and Reagan didn’t even answer the phone
But I tell you one thing and that’s a natural fact, you can bet he calls Jesse when Jesse got back

Click HERE to peep song..

As we conclude.. lets celebrate Ronald Reagan Day with enthusiasm.. He was a piece of work that has been handsomely made over. If they can do it for him, they can do it for you. That means there’s hope for the most vile among us..

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52 comments on “Here’s What We Should Teach Our Kids on Ronald Reagan Day

  1. LOL nice try Brian… its easy to call names in a feeble attempt to dismiss what is rock solid truth.. Using buzz words like Marxist I guess is suppose to scare folks.. First my man.. nobody in 2011 knows what a Marxist is or cares.. Second there’s no half truth anywhere in this article.. Ronald Reagan was a mouth piece, a puppet for corporate interest and you my friend are having a hard time accepting the truth..Only pity we have going on today is the one we have for folks like yourself who are trying so desperately to hold onto to a fanciful era that is slipping away..

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  3. Davey D, good article. As The Black Panthers said back in the day, “FUCK RONALD REAGAN!!!!!”. I also recall reading about them storming the California Capitol Building back in the day when ol’ Ronnie was the governor of California. I also feel the same way as BBC reporter Greg Palast in regards to ol’ Ronnie, as eloquently expressed here at this link:

    Also, on a side note, since the super bowl just happens to be the same day as the remembrance of the “esteemed” ‘ol Ronnie, there’s a racist-ass commercial that aired during the Super Bowl called, “Love Hurts” which can be seen also at: Oh, also looking further at the name of the punk who submitted this “cinematic classic”, Brad Bosley, I found this: The writer and director of this piece of trash is clearly a WHITE BOY. Really no surprise. Seems that Mr. Bosley has a Dunwitty (as in the character in Spike Lee’s BAMBOOZLED) complex. At the same time, I’m not letting the Brotha and Sista off the hook that starred in this commercial, either.

    I’m going to fire off an email to Brad Bosley and the Pepsi Max folks to let them know that shit wasn’t cool, and I’m also going to ask US to stop drinking Pepsi products, since they clearly showed us today how they view Black people. Peace, and thanks for enlightening us Bro. Davey D.

    Best Regards,

    Critical Eye

  4. The father of the crack epidemic was not Ronald Reagan — a well meaning but slightly senile old neo liberal — but Carlos Lehder. Lehder was the first to see cocaine as something that could be sold to the masses in the United States, rather than just the elite, seizing control of Norman Cay off the coast of Florida to do it. Lehder, you see, was a Marxist, and saw cocaine as a way to bring the United States to its knees… Freeway Ricky Ross was a small time chump compared to Lehder, who was in deep with FARC and the 19th Of April Movement. Lehder would later point to Cuba’s involvement in all this as well, claiming he personally met with Castro. All of this, by the way, is quite well documented.

  5. Brian says:
    February 6, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    A sloppy mix of lies, half-truths, stale Marxist propaganda, self pity, and racial paranoia. Grow up.


    Yet still a more accurate portrayal of Reagan than what we see in the commercial media. Speaking of growing up…don’t you think the overall fascination with Reagan from the right is a little childish?

  6. Jose says:
    February 6, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    So what should we teach our kids about Obama, just curious…


    If he presides over a scandal as big as Iran-Contra, we should teach our kids the same things about him that we do of Reagan. As it stands, Obama’s yet to demonstrate he’s that inept, incompetent, and haphazardly out of touch with his own administration.

  7. So, Brian, you do admit there was a crack conspiracy, even if you don’t believe it was the U.S. government’s doing? Your invocation of any conspiracy theory only goes further to suggest that our government was involved, too. Because there’s several well documented connections between the cocaine trade of the ’80s and our government. I would never suggest that the Ross/Blandon/Noriega/North flow chart, for lack of a better term, was the only culprit in this type of conspiracy. But you want me to believe that someone named Carlos Lehder was? LOL. Listen to yourself.

  8. Rob, do you read newspapers? Lehder is the founder of the Medellin cartel. He is in a U.S. prison now. He has been tried. He has been convicted. He has been written about, extensively. You are simply ignorant. Do your homework.

  9. Ronald Reagan the leader of the free world who had at his disposal the best intelligence in the world.. is he father of crack.. On his watch this scourge came into the country from a marxist leaning cartel leader from an under developed country.. All the spy satellites and other technology he had at his disposal which we gathered doing decades of the cold war somehow didnt help.. GTFOH ..
    Reagan at the least was asleep at the wheel… or at worse he was apart of this and allowed chemical war to be waged upon large segments of the population..

    The fact that iran Contra was a covert operation that involved the use of crack to raise funds means he as pres knew what the hell was up.. He’s commander in chief.. He let it happen.. He’s the daddy.. staop making excuses for this disgusting man..

  10. He’s the “Daddy”? No, sorry, he was just the president.

    In fact Reagan wasn’t a terrifically effective one either. He was a senile, ideologically blinkered center-right neo-liberal.

    And yes, he had the world’s most powerful military at his disposal… which is nice, but read your Mao, read your Sun Tsu. Heck, read the headlines coming out of Afghanistan. Big armies with lots of resources are outmaneuvered all the time.

    The problem with being big is you’ve got blind spots, and history is full of examples of these blinds spots being exploited.

    Of course, reality tends to get in the way when you’re trying to manufacture a villain, doesn’t it?

    Well, sorry to dissapoint you.

    That Phil Hartman skit from the late 1990s portraying Reagan as an evil mastermind? It was meant to be a JOKE.

  11. In fact, if you study history, you can find insurgents from underdeveloped countries outmaneuvering larger, better equipped, more technologically sophisticated American forces all the time.

    Take Pershing’s Pancho Villa expedition (, the Tet Offensive in Viet Nam (, The Battle Of Mogadishu (, or the Battle of Little Big Horn (

    Now let’s step outside of military arena and look at history of smuggling. Smuggling is a classic example of a place where governments always fail. Whenever it’s profitable to smuggle something, smugglers will find a way. That’s because while resources and technology are unevenly distributed, street smarts can be found anywhere in the world. That means if there is a market for an illegal good, smugglers will find a way. Always have, always will.

  12. Brian big and ineffective does not remove him from the title he holds.. No two bit dealer from South central Rick Ross or a propped up cartel head in Columbia unleashed the devastation that destroyed so many communities.. That was Reagan.. was he figurehead? probably was.. But if he was this senile bumbling idiot that you described then why are we celebrating his 100th birthday? So I guess his ineffectiveness disappeared when he told the germans to tear down the wall and he ‘being the great communicator’ and giving millions all this hope.. We’re having Ronald Reagan Day for those things..but when it comes time to bring up his shortcomings suddenly he just an poor lil lamb lost in the woods..

    anyway you cut it.. Reagan the person or Reagan the figurehead is the Father of Crack…He gets no breaks, no sympathy and no revisionist walks down memory lane on my watch..

  13. Excellent article, Davey. Brilliantly written. I was a teenager during the 80’s and I remember everything, especially Reagan’s stance on apartheid and the Iran Contra affair.

  14. Truth.

    Where there is demand, there will be a Supplier.

    War on Drugs theory- Cut off Supplier. How has that worked?

    Cut-off demand then there won’t be a supplier. How do we cut off demand? Or is that possible?

    It’s very simple. However solution maybe complex.

    I know this deviates from the main discussion. Have much to say, but won’t.
    The discussion is nonsense Who is the father of crack ? Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. All I will say; when there is big time $; there is big time corruption.
    The real question is; Do the powers to be make certain segmants of our society expendable to achieve there means? I think we know the answer.

  15. Every victim needs a villain. Or else, who can you possibly blame? If Reagan isn’t — gasp — all powerful, then, then, then…. your whole world view crumbles, doesn’t it? Well, one day I hope you wake up to reality.

  16. @Davey

    Why entertain this fool?

    You have facts, he has an opinion!

    @whoever cares

    This country has gone down the drain since the so-called great communicator took office. The economy crash can be traced to him. All of this deregulation bullshit hurt industries more than it helped them. Corporations with the help of the great one, sold out the American people.

    Shortsightedness is the curse of fucking congress, I’m so tired of this shit. Then when you want to clean things up and make a difference, you got bitches like Sarah Palin, Huckabee and brian crying communism. i’m all for commensenscism. I grew up in DC, and like five feet from the white house, there was a war zone. Regain, Bush and the rest of them didn’t do shit to stop it. They just threw brothas in jail and that was supposed to end the problem. But what I noticed is that 75 of the people who come to the neighborhood were white, yet they weren’t prosecuted.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that he helped fuel the drug trade, however, the people that used the drugs helped fuel the trade as well. Most likely because life is so hard and fucked up that they needed a lift.




  17. Brian,

    You sound like a former washed up low level probation officer. Dude I know there cutting back. They probably laid you off because your one of those think your too smart guys that end up putting other officers in jeapardy.

    Rick’s connection was Blandon. Blandons connection was the IRan-Contra affair; which the Government was involoved with.

    Lehder was major wholesaler in Bahamas. He was doin the product and ended up a former rich junkie incarcerated for life with nothin. He didn’t quote invent crack. He was wholesalin k’s what did he give a s.. about turnin into crack. Of course I wouldn’t expect yu to figure that out becuz you know nothing once you step out of the library-fool.

    Before you email me back; ask mommy if you can go to library and do your research. Then feel free to unload your sucker comments.

  18. What’s wrong with this guy Brian, Dave? Doesn’t he know what the word “revision” means? Everything you said IS FACT! Tell these naysayers to google the name Eugene Hassenfus. He was shot down in a CIA plane filled with guns on the way into Nicaragua. The cocaine base resin in the bottom of the plane was three inches deep. It was “Guns in, drugs out”. Ronald Reagan fired his C. Everette Koop who was his Surgeon General at the time, the top medical guy with the cabinet. He was the only cabinet head at the time who wore a general’s uniform because he was leading a war and the war was against AIDS/HIV. Ronald Reagan fired him because HE REFUSED TO LIE and say that HIV/AIDS was a disease that was the result of being gay or being a substance abuser. They wanted him to say also, that AIDS was a Black Gay Disease. Although Koop also was and is a reactionary mother fucker, to his credit he refused to lie stating his mandated adherence to the Hippocratic oath. He cared more about his standing with the medical community at some point down the road than he did the people effected but he still didn’t cross that line. And here you had that bitch Nancy talking about “Just say no” which is the proven LEAST effective way to deal with drug abuse in progress. This man was a truly evil, fully controlled automaton for corporate interests. He should have been impeached. He was to Nixon what Mussolini was to Hitler. Fuck him. I’d shit on his grave if I knew where it was.

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  20. Ha ha ha. Brian…. A Reagan fanatic, calling others ignorant. Ha ha ha ha!!!

    The fascination with Reagan by corporate types and white rural rubes in this country is EMBARRASSING.

  21. The question of who to blame for crack is the same as who to praise for the fall of the iron curtain. Ronnie and his admirers like to point out it was his epic plea to Gorbachev that made the wall tumble. In fact, the Soviets were broke and inefficient and their satellite states had been rebelling (getting stomped on by Soviet army) years before Reagan took office. The arms race helped a great deal to flush Russia down the drain along with their wasted money, btw. The Soviet Union was going to fall apart one way or another. It was merely a question of which year precisely. And it was actually Gorbachev who managed to open up from the inside (Glasnost and Perestroika). So if we’re going to give credit to Ronnie for bringing down the evil Soviet empire, we might as well blame him for spreading crack in the hoods, both for the same reason. He was probably not in full control in either cases, but he happened to be in office as the USA’s highest leader when it went down. So it’s his job to take both praise and blame. It comes with the prestige of ruling the most powerful nation on earth. And he did a shit job at that.

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  23. Gary Webb, who wrote the article in the San Jose Mecury News exposing our government’s connection to the crack trade, also passed away in 2004. He allegedly committed suicide. I say allegedly because I believe he had 2 gun shots to the head.

  24. Don’t forget Reagan’s “vice” president was George H. W. Bush, former head of the CIA. Years later his son George W. Bush stole an election utilizing the help of his brother Jeb Bush whose minions rigged the election. Everywhere these people wage war, drugs are being produced and shipped to America from Heroin in Viet Nam to Cocaine in Central America and Heroin again in North Africa (the Middle East). These are not coincidental actions. These people are desperate, evil and diligent.

  25. @RobThomas: A Reagan fanatic? Hardly. Again, I’m no neo-liberal. Big picture: Obama and Reagan both live in that broad political camp.

    @Sirbumpalot: Good point, I’m arguing that Reagan’s not going down in the history books as responsible for either –> “So if we’re going to give credit to Ronnie for bringing down the evil Soviet empire, we might as well blame him for spreading crack in the hoods, both for the same reason.”

  26. @ Rob Thomas: Brian is just a provocateur. He probably was a baby, living in a house filled with fright at the mention of “Crack People” coming to kill everybody. He just wants to see what he can provoke. I was traveling around the world when Reagan was in the White House and in every country I went to people HATED Reagan. @Brian: Tell your handlers to get their pooper scoopers ready, because if I find out where they have planted that bastard Reagan I’m gonna shit on his grave. This ain’t a terrorist threat this is the cultural imperative.

  27. Craig 17x – The fact you don’t know where the grave is tells me you’re ignorant, the fact you haven’t looked it up yet tells me you’re lazy, and the fact you’re threatening to poop on someone’s grave tells me you’re an uncouth primitive. But hey, seriously, go for it — I could use a good laugh.

  28. @Brian: I’m still walking everyday through the thousands of graves in my world for which Reagan and his minions (perhaps you as well) are responsible for. I wipe and clean the stench of peckerwood shit everywhere i go, you can be sure of that one.

    The most sophisticated response I am capable of after so many years of witnessing the shitty lying insanity of White Supremacy is putting the shit back on y’all. I am sure you would be watching and laughing, voyeur that you are, throwing your own sick shit in as well, complicitor that you are. You would probably want to stick your fingers in it and smell it too, hater that you are. But alas, it was all a metaphor that has you screaming with glee to have heard me use, hoping that I had finally said something that you could call me on or get me agitated about, agent provocateur that you are.

    But it is all for naught. I don’t “know” where Ronald Reagan’s grave is, nor do I want to know and I don’t care. I just want him dead and since he is, no further action is required on any one’s part. Another one bites the dust, and if you don’t know how I feel about the shit by now, let me say for “the record”: The only good racist dog peckerwood president is a dead racist peckerwood president. File that with your next report cadet. I’m sure your handlers will get a kick out of that!

  29. I think you nailed it, Reverend. I just know that these people always defending Reagan just step in shit when they try to downplay his accountability. They’re so transparent. Cryn’ Brian thinks he’s a cut above. He’s not. We’ve heard it all before.

  30. Amen @ Brian. Everyone knows that Reagan was a gnats pee pee from being indicted and impeached. It is obvious who a defender of 666/Ronald Wilson Reagan must be: An agent provocateur or one of those historical revisionists.

  31. A cut above? Sure, a cut above threatening to poop in someone’s grave, hurling racial epithets, and accusing random people on the Internet of working for the FBI. Get help.

  32. I love this guy! Isn’t he a card? Random? I put my picture up here as does Davey. We don’t know who you are except that you don’t know that it’s impossible for a Black man to be racist. Racism is the sole province of the white supremacists which as we all know, is a form of insanity.

  33. Yeah, you have a point, Brian. Reagan’s leftover cronies in the FBI, retired or active, would never hit the internet to spin his image. You’re so logical.

  34. Yes, because former members of the Reagan administration care deeply about his reputation in the Bay Area hip hop community. That’s because in addition to overseeing the invention of crack cocaine and AIDS, Reagan DJ’d house parties in Oakland during his first term as California’s governor. He could have been eminem before Eminem, but he needed high political office to cover up his role in the assassinations of both JFK and William McKinley.

  35. Ronald reagan was the father of crack. How sad and pathetic this washed up actor/former General Electric business lobbyist became president.And HE WAS THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE.He believed that racism and apartheid was alright here in america and in south africa.He also thought that AIDS was heaven sent to kill blacks,latinos and gay people, but spare the rich white people. The war on drugs was really a war on black people. CIA really stood for crack in america, not central intelligence agency.The Iran-Contra agenda happened under his watch.So lets be real Ronald Reagan was on the wrong side of history just like J. Edgar Hoover,Richard Nixon,George Wallace,The Ku Klux Klan,Dixie Democrats and Republicans,Richard Cheney,George H. Bush and George W.Bush.Trickle down economics was bullshit that was just a fairytale that Republicans tell to steal from the poor and give to multinational corporations,lobbyists and politicans.White supremacy is a mental disease in which whites whethet poor or rich get wealth and delusions of power through warmongering,muder,slavery,racism.apartheid,jim crow laws,sexism,stealing of knowledge from other races and claim they came up with it.GTFOH with this fairytale whitewashing of Reagan ending communism by telling the Russians to tear down the Berlin Wall in East Germany.Old Ronnie will always be a joke of a president just Like GW Bush and his pimp next Door,Mr.Haliburton, Richard Cheney!!!!!!!!!

  36. DAVEY IS 100 PERCENT RIGHT! You know that saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it”? I think people take that the wrong way. If you lead a horse to water and he does not drink it, it’s because his instincts tell him the water will make him sick or kill him…he knows better than the person leading him. As such they try to get us to drink their foul water of lies and we get beat up for pointing out to the Sheeple that “Hey, these are lies, distortions and deceptions”. Chill, be silent, relax, calm down about spreading the truth? Never!

  37. This is real Reagon was a evil bastard who killed blacks dreams. Coporate people loved him because they want to keep us dumb. Its sad I hope he rots in hell with the devil and all his followers.

  38. This article hits a lot of major points dead on.

    Reagan was just straight up wrong on so many of his policies. It’s great to note that he was a corporate shill from the start, and that he managed to sell people the idea of “if we give the rich more money, some of it will come down!” as the surefire way to create a better society was his ultimate pitch. Though it’s been shown in theory and in practice and in history itself not to work, people still cling to the idea.

    I think a lot of it comes from people seeing how well America treats those who have a large amount of money, and combined with the idea that “if you work hard you can be there too!”, creates a horrible mixture of envy and hope. By placing a decent life up on a pedestal and faking the idea that America’s a meritocracy where hard work is rewarded, people completely ignore that they should have a shot at a decent life without having to luck out and join the upper class.

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  40. Regan foi o bandido corporativo!
    Ele recrudesceu as mazelas no mundo!
    Com ele teve inicio o Estado S.A, não foi?

  41. @ Brian just the fact that you referenced wikipedia(non-academic web site that anyone can post their personal opinions proves your ignorance) says a whole lot about your line of fallicies. Please explain why Ronald Reagan came up with the crack cocaine law that placed powder and rock in two different realms ( For every 1 gram of crack cocaine=1 year in jail vs. 5 grams of powder= 5 years in prison)? Who do you think benefited from this law since the crack cocaine was planted by the CIA into inner city black neighborhoods from their deal with the Contras during the 80’s?
    Look up Rayful Edmond and see how he supplied Frewway Rick Ross becasue this man at his peak, made about $300 million a week as a Washighton D.C resident during those times, way bigger on larger scale than Freeway Rick. Although, they both had somethoing in common from their documentaries…our U.S government!!

  42. @Davey D, very good blog. I remember the Grenada tragedy and I remember him cutting the mental health funding too which forced the mentally ill to the streets and now we are paying the prison systems to care for them and homeless.

  43. Reagan reigned over the introduction of “crack” as a tool, similar to “smack” as a tool for black ops funding during the Vietnam war. Reagan’s VP was the once the Southeast Asian theater-of-operations chief during AirAmerica and also South American desk assistant when the Guatemalan elections were disrupted and overthrown in the 50’s and early 60’s. Some say Bush’s connections to arms/drugs/assassination efforts for the CIA were his political leverage that got him involved in mid-east oil policy so deeply in the 70’s. Bush was actually the contact point for Oliver North. Carlos Lehder was no marxist. He saw himself as a Spanish colonialist, same as Pablo, Blandon and Ochoa. They were died in the wool Catholic Royalists that saw the indigenous “coca” as an exploitable resource that had been sold to US interests in large profitable amounts since the 1850’s. It was not a new business venture for wealthy Colombian, Peruvian and Bolivian landowners who identified heavily with Spanish colonialism. There has been cocaine infused wine served in the White House from the 1850’s until Harding was president. Bush was a major strategist when it came to using black market profits and control of supply to manipulate underworld agents into service for the CIA as everything from agent provocateurs to assassins to money launderers to arms dealers, often with horrible localized insurgency results that co-opted splinter organizations that would outwardly imply adversarial iconography to US interests, FARC being a final amalgamation of those groups that were actually controlled by CIA moles and used to divide what would come to be known as the Medillin cartel, so that CIA money laundering businesses could overtake the coca business and the cartels could be pushed out, also giving a violent, narcoterrorist face to the political landscape in south America and neutralizing other left leaning causes in the process. Bush was never asked or questioned about his connections to the CIA in a way that would have interfered with or exposed his connectivity to field operators. Reagan was an actor playing a role for corporate interests. He had demonstrated he was willing to do it effectively in his role as California governor, but he had never materialized support enough in the republican party to become president until his California cadre of wealthy anti-tax activist and the skull&bones Bush shadow government forces came into alliance. “Crack” is just a base of mucus/sero uptake derivative of the coca leaf that had been popular in America for over a century, cocaine hydrochloride. This product had made Sears & Roebuck what it was, one of the first mercantile corporations that used government support and agencies for expanding its interest. It had also launched a new type of beverage industry that was initially invented by southern Dr.’s after the civil war to cope the widespread morphine addiction. Today we have Wal-Mart, Target, Coca-Cola as the ultimate expressions of these endeavors. They are the “crack” version of a corporation. The derivative base concentrated into the effort of profit making at all costs with the support of the government because they are to insidiously large to fail or the markets will collapse. The same as the banking conglomerates that run the world monetary transactions, all “crack” like financial institutions that have been congealed and cooked together in a world financial money laundering expedition that is now laundering the illegally obtained “hedge” (crack money) of resource money that is purely based on speculation. Reagan was the figurehead and the constant go-to memorial figure for those that would perpetuate these soulless, heartless indulgences on the human spirit and experience in excess for the few at the horrible cost of the many who suffer without being able to extricate themselves from the entanglements of the powerful tentacles of corruption that worship Reagan as the turning point for this anti-cultural phenomenon that permeates our lives, the lives of every single person on this planet today, whether they embrace the philosophy of it or not. Reagan is the doom of us all unless we fight against that part of ourselves that would give in or be fooled into thinking that we can exist without being manipulated into being believers at some point similar to this Brian here. Being rich and politically powerful does not make you right or positive or necessary. It just makes you part of the problem until you forsake material in favor of the real human experience and live without the corporate umbilical to keep you comforted.

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