Back Down Mubarak by master Mimz

Many are stepping to the plate and speaking truth to power with their songs and lyrics to whats popping off in Egypt. yesterday we presented the new song and video from Jasiri X and M1 of deadprez. The other night we told you about Kev Choice spitting a freestyle about the drama during his set at the Black Thought show..

Today we have another video and song that uses Ludacris’ ‘Number One Spot’ beat . It’s called  ‘Back Down Mubarak’ by Master Mimz


Mubarak – not Barack, wanna make me go throw that rock
First things first – get me a job
Then lets talk about my hijab

It’s our town – like it or not
Wanna lock us down – no click no mouse
We burn your house – kids, spouse
Everybody gonna fuckin be knocked out

Flames cant keep us tamed
Yes we’re crazy and deranged
Days of rage are here to stay
Tyrants gotta be locked away

They wonder why we so raah –
We eat raah, breathe raah, why you think we feel raah
Cuz we sick and tired of the law
Not on my side – I tweet my speech
As we speek – they sending fleets
Kill, crush all our dreams
Staying alive will be your only treat

Everybody stomp your feet
Tired of being chewed like meat
Call it jasmin revolution
Lost world we are the solution
This shit don’t smell like a flower
It’s the rise of people power

Welcome to the 3rd world streets
Where the heart beats in times like these
Days of our lives – we feel alive
Get outta here – it’s our time to shine

Back Down Mubarak – Back Down!
Back Down Mubarak – Back Down!
Back Down Mubarak – Back Down!
Can’t Dictate – Just Back Down!

(BEAT – Ludacris – ‘Number One Spot’)




10 comments on “Back Down Mubarak by master Mimz

  1. I admire the courage of the Egyptians in their protest, I just hope they continue demanding for an entire regime change and not just President Mubarak. President Obama and his administration are trying their to maintain their influence over Egypt. It’s know being suggested that newly installed Vice President Omar Suleiman replace President Mubarak. Vice President Omar Suleiman was the contact person for the C.I.A for renditions in Egypt. Check the article in the New Yorker titled, Who Is Omar Suleiman, it lays it all out. In addition, we must watch the reaction of the global markets in this uprising. Monitor the price of oil and commodities. If the Hip Hop community was really organized and a force we could stand in solidarity with this uprising by exerting pressure on the Obama administration to fall back. But, then again, that would take a uprising!

  2. ah cmon jose, you gotta love lines like “first things first get me a job/then let’s talk about my hijab.”

  3. Nothing more entertaining than American ghetto rappers using other peoples problems as a means to promote themselves.

    They probably get a power trip off the fact that at least somebody is more fucked up than they are.

  4. @mo’realla:

    master mimz is moroccan (maghrébin/north african)…canadian and british educated. read her facebook page before commenting presumptuously.

    smart lyrics…

  5. @e-scribblah says, bro.. actually that was the line that turned me off. I’m one of those guys that believes that just because you are “political” doesn’t make you automatically dope… just my two cents..

  6. Mo’realla anyone can comment on problems.. Folks in Egypt want more people to talk about whats going on especially since they feel oppression exist in both the hood and in many places throughout egypt.. lastly Mimz is from Morocco if memory serves me correctly..

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  8. Davey D,

    I came across this artist because of this blog post, which indirectly led me to interview her for my radio show “Urban Nation” here in Winnipeg, Canada — thank you, sir! It will air Tuesday Feb 8 at Noon CST on STREETZ FM, with a podcast up soon if anyone is interested.


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