3 Things About Martin Luther King to Get U Through the Day

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As we continue to celebrate MLK Weekend, Here’s a few more pieces to get u through the Day

below is a nice speech from King where he talks about the schizophrenic nature of the American Dream. It’s very powerful and gives you lots to think about… We flipped it with a classic beat from Dr Dre.. Enjoy

MLK Meets Dr Dre -The American Dream is Schizophrenic….

Next up is a nice video that pays tribute to Bloody Sunday.. That was on March 7 1965 when Dr King and about 600 Civil Rights marchers attempted to walk from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. When they came to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge, they were met with a line of police and bully clubs.. many of the marchers were badly beaten.. This song captures the moment


Lastly is the speech that many speculate led to King being killed. It was the historic speech where he talks about why he opposed the War in Vietnam.. It was a compelling speech where he goes in on the US and her policy of military violence. He also talks about the intense poverty here in the country.

What many folks don’t like talking about is how shortly after the speech major newspapers from all over the country vilified King. They accused him of being unpatriotic. Not only did he lose support amongst the mainstream, he also lost a lot of popularity amongst other Blacks and Civil Rights leaders. Many felt that he stepped out of his lane and that by speaking on the war, it would mess up their funding. You don’t hear too many people apologizing years later for dissing King and abandoning him for speaking out against the war.


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