Sarah Palin Offers Up Fake Ass Condolences and Apologies

Phony-ass Sarah Palin has blood on her hands

This is an example of what we call an Epic Failure… It’s Sarah Palin doing damage control for her image and political prospects disguised as an apology/ offer of condolences… It’s straight BS..even Stevie Wonder can see that.. Sadly Fox News and many who are part of the right-wing propaganda machine will run with this and try to make us forget that shooting victim Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford damn near begged Ms Palin to tone down her gun talk rhetoric. Palin refused.

They will try to make us forget that Palin has long exploited violent imagery as a way to convey a message that she is somehow rough, rugged and raw like the the pioneer frontiersman of her native home Alaska.We know better.

Sarah Palin is no different then the fake gangsta rapper who spins vicious tall tales of a lifestyle he never experienced.  Palin is the Bernie Madoff of political discourse..Phony to the fullest.

We want people to remember this and never forget that her reckless behavior caused 6 deaths and 14 to be injured. That’s her Scarlet letter.. Ms Palin needs to be reminded that true redemption comes when you cease to do wrong things, not issue a PR video. It comes when you condemn those in your camp who continue to practice the same hurtful behavior you once endorsed

44 comments on “Sarah Palin Offers Up Fake Ass Condolences and Apologies

  1. Has her 15 seconds of fame ended? She is as worst as Housewives of (pick your show) and Jersey Shore with the constant attention being given for being (in)famous for being (in)famous. Enough already, STOP the insanity… Please!

  2. Like anything she ‘says is surprising . She’s not speaking to us she’s speaking to the assorted white racist,clowning negrobots and assorted nut cases who realize the amerikka they dream of ain’t gona be happening much longer. She is just the tip of the ugly iceberg of white world supremecy.
    If ya want to see her real face go to any of the Aryan Nation type websites and read what they are talking about and planning.She’s just the pretty face of FASCISM,nothing new or even remotely interesting about anything she does or says.

  3. I like her being in the news because it raises her chances of being considered for the Republican nomination in 2012. If she gets it, Obama wouldn’t even have to campaign. Self proclaimed independents are upset with Obama, but there’s no way they’re voting for her.

  4. Why know one call this guy a TERRORIST yet!!!! is it only me or if he was Muslim or from the Middle East there will be bigger story? But the code words are mental health fpr this person. Sarah has issues she looks good I will date her and make her my baby momma….lol

  5. Thank you for this heartfelt message Davey D! It is right on target…no pun intended!

    Bottom line she has blood on her hands! Finally, she inspired someone to kill. Now she needs to stop whining and take her whipping.

  6. “We want people to remember this and never forget that her reckless behavior caused 6 deaths and 14 to be injured.”

    Really? Because the last time I checked –

    1) The shooter’s friends described him as liberal or leftist.
    2) That the shooter wasn’t really all that interested in politics at all.
    3) He listed the Communist Manifest as a favorite read and one of his favorite videos was that or someone burning an American Flag. Yep, that sound like the signature of the Tea Party.

    If anything, it was liberal postings on the Daily Kos that were posted 48 hours before the shooting that seems to have more of a direct link –

    IS DAILY KOS INVOLVED IN ARIZONA MURDERS? “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!” — eerie Daily Kos hit piece on Gabrielle Giffords just two days before assassination attempt; repeated use of word “dead” in relation to Giffords just 48 hours before she and a dozen others were fired upon. UPDATE: Daily Kos scrubs “dead to me” thread but screengrabs document everything; UPDATE: school classmates and former friends describe shooter Jared Lee Loughner as committed Leftist

    Jared Loughner’s friend says suspect ‘Did not watch TV … disliked the news’

  7. @RobThomas

    Never understate the power of the media or the power of white people feeling defeated. I think that she can win.

    I hate what Sarah Palin stands for, however, I don’t think that her apology was insincere.

  8. Oh yea by the way, for those of you who defend Islam? What’s the difference from what Sarah Palin has said vs what it says in the Koran and how it incites certain types of Muslims.

  9. Nope Hawk all thats drivel.. One friend said he was a leftist and ain’t seen him since 2007 and his books ranged all over the political spectrum.. I have Bill oreillys ook culture Warrior, does that make me a Bill oreilly fan.. I actually like his book.. Don’t be silly with the analysis and larger point.. Palin created an environment of violence in the arena of politics.. Gifford asked her to stop with the vitriol and she refused..

    Palin’s rhetoric during the 08 campaign resulted in Obama getting increased death threats.. This was concern and this was when Bush was in office..

    As for the Daily Kos… its a false equivalent..
    Palin is the one with blood on her hands.. she knows it, I know it, You know closed

  10. I agree with 67tmac’s comment, but let us not forget the other roles each ethnic is casted by the media and some commenters as followed:

    When Middle Eastern get together, they are terrorist.

    When Asian get together, they are robots, communists, obedient, spies and the model minority.

    When Latinos get together, they are a illegals, drug dealers, gangbangers and baby-making factories. But, good for cheap slave labor, before we drop them like a bad habit (ask Whitman and the housewives of suburbia).

    When Black Americans get together, they are corrupt, criminals, whiners and a drain on government programs. “Why can’t they be like the Asians and the Black Africans and be educated, models citizens that do not milk the government?”, says the very close-minded individual to his/her friends.

    But when whites get together, it is progress and patriotism and they could do no wrong. McVeigh and this “disturbed” Arizona soul were not crazy, just individuals crying out for mental help (sarcastic smile). Oh and the guy flew his plane into an Texas IRS building, he was “just frustrated” with government, not a nutcase. People just don’t understand (smirk).

    Sad sterotypes, but it is played out daily in the U.S., including the Bay Area.

  11. Ha ha. Hawk says Loughner’s a liberal, then in the same breath says Loughner’s not interested in politics. Which is it? Ever heard of sticking with one lie?

    I think his target outweighs any anecdotal evidence.

  12. “caused 6 deaths and 14 to be injured”

    You are correct, this is PR to protect her image. However, Sarah Palin did not cause the deaths, Jared Loughner did. Correlation is not causation, to say that Sarah Palin caused the deaths is to say that she pulled the trigger, which is false. You are very correct that people should be careful in choosing there words, but ultimately, people are in control of there own actions. To shift the blame to other people who did not perform the action is a red herring. That’s the same excuse used by the media to blame rap music for peoples actions. Though words do influence people, it is up to the individual to choose how to act. No one caused Jared Lougnher to kill but Jared Loughner.

  13. Mars, your comment makes an excellent template for an argument against RICO laws, as well, and gang injunctions. I’ll pass your comment on to some ACLU buddies.

  14. Thanks, i’ll take that as a compliment (i hate text b/c sometimes i cant differentiate what someone means ie sarcasm).

    As much as i disagree with Sarah Palin, as a rational person i can not blame her for these events. There is no direct link between her and jared lougnher. I’ll use davey’s example of Paris’s song “Bush Killer”. If someone listened to this song then shot bush, how can we blame Paris? Had he sat down with the shooter and helped plot and plan the shooting, then yes, there is a direct link between him and the shooter and that would be a conspiracy to commit murder. But, there is not. We could go on to say that R. Kelly should pay child support to all his fans b/c, had they not listened to him, they wouldn’t be “bumping and grinding” 🙂 or the makers ov “V for Vendetta” should go to guantanamo for incinting terrorism. Sarah Palin’s rhetoric, no matter how much we dislike it, was a figure of speech aimed at exciting her base to support her. I do not not believe her intent was to see people killed, no matter how fake her apology was. It’s sad to see a dislike of someone’s ideas clouding rational judgement.

  15. Mars, like I said, your case to separate Palin from violent right wing extremists is a great template for a rebuttal against RICO statutes and gang injunctions, or any laws which charge criminal elements as groups. You put it best. Each individual is responsible for their own action. So why are we punishing gangs as groups? Why are we suing entire street gangs? Why not just punish people for the crimes they commit? And, I agree. We can’t blame Sarah Palin, and the likes of Glen Beck and Mark Levin, for violent behavior by right wing extremists, even if a case can be made that they try to incite such violence. They don’t pull the triggers. Prosecute the individuals, based on their behavior, whether they’re right wing extremists in rural America, or street thugs in the city. Thanks for the ideas. You’re on to something. And I’m going to forward your brilliant ideas to some friends in the ACLU. Your vision is appreciated.

  16. She doesn’t sound like she’s trying to apologize at all, she sounds like she’s faulting liberal commentators for expecting her to. She’s defending her words and actions and saying they’re a healthy part of the democratic process, whereas those who criticize her are trying to restrict freedom of speech.

    It’s offensive on so many levels (eg. the mindnumbing nonsense, and the ‘blood libel’ comment which has caused widespread outrage), but I can’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable that she’s often represented as this omnopotent monster, similar to how Hilary Clinton and other women have been vilified from the right. At the end of the day she’s reading a speech someone wrote for her, she gets paid a lot of money to do that, and the reason she’s asked to do it is because it placates a lot of women that she’s pretending to speak to their concerns and problems, otherwise they might lean to the political left seeking solutions.

    ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’, as they say.

    Peace to all.

  17. The only way to apologize:

    1) to clearly say you apologize

    2) to specify what you did wrong

    3) to acknowledge those you’ve harmed

    4) to promise to never do it again

    Sarah did none of the 4. No apology.

  18. “Ha ha. Hawk says Loughner’s a liberal, then in the same breath says Loughner’s not interested in politics. Which is it? Ever heard of sticking with one lie?”

    I’m reporting on the facts as they present themselves and yes, you’re often times going to get conflicting reports.

    There are reports that both the shooter and Giffords are Jewish and went to the same small 140 family synagogue so maybe he had a fatal attraction to her? He was reported doing heavy psychedelics on a daily basis so who knows?

    There are reports that he also just put the Hitler book in a list of his favorites just to piss off a relative.

    And there a fresh one that claims the shooter made a public death threat against a Tea Party person

    So maybe we should all just step back and let the facts speak for themselves as they present themselves. When people go around exploiting a dead 9 year old girl to further their own political agenda, facts be damned, they become no better then the “God Hates Fags” protesters.

  19. How about this hawk.. lets stop looking for shopping for facts… U seem bent on ignoring that it doesn’t matter what the party was for the shooter.. After all as was stated in both my article and here earlier.. The shooter was out of his mind.. The party may not be of any significance.. What we do know is the shooter saw violence as a viable option and thats what Sarah palin and Giffords opponent preached. There’s nothing left to say.. Words mean things.. It was planted in the air for all to embrace..

    There weren’t other high profile folks running around using such language.. Palin’s candidate invited folks to target practice to get rid of Gifford.. Gifford asked her to stop.. she didn’t.. Sarah Palin is to blame.. fam no one else..

  20. Mars ur missing the point.. secret service did blame Paris.. they visited him.. His record label was under pressure to not release the song until after the election.. Meaning they knew his words had power.. Palin suggested violence as an answer in political discourse..

  21. “There weren’t other high profile folks running around using such language..”

    I think ANY politican has said something at one time or another that could be interperted as violent.

    Like when Obama tweeted “If they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun”

  22. Thats true Zack.. But palin wasn’t limited to a quote or a word.. It’s been on going with her.. The Obama comparison doesnt stack up.. Palin endorsed a guy who had target practice and invited the public to watch ..Obama never did that.. and if he did then blood would be on his hands

  23. FYI:

    If Palin was in the Animal Rights movement she would have been indicted, sentenced and imprisoned long ago. To draw a specific comparison: the SHAC 7 were convicted of “animal enterprise terrorism” for running a website which posted the names and addresses of individuals tied to the animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences. They were not charged with any act of property destruction, they were charged with “conspiracy” on the grounds that they should be held accountable for the actions of others in the same movement.

    More background:

    There is already a petition about it:

  24. hawk says:
    January 16, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    I’m reporting on the facts as they present themselves and yes, you’re often times going to get conflicting reports.


    So, all we’re getting from you is conflicting reports. Thanks, but we can get conflicting reports checking google news on our own. But then there’s the fact that his target just so happened to be a Democratic congresswoman. I mean, I’m sure he was just some lunatic who was ready to kill anyone, and just happened to stumble upon Giffords rally and said fuck it, and started shooting. Or, or, get this, he was a total left wing nut job, and was on his way to a Minuteman rally at the Tuscon Moose Club to cap off some rednecks, yet figured he’d roll up on Giffords rally and put a bullet in her head on the way. Oh, but those would be conflicting reports. However, it’s all you have for us right now. Guess we’ll have to sift through it and find the truth on our own. But thanks for keeping us informed. We had our heads in the sand until you showed up.

  25. My first intention was to stop reading hawk’s comment at the ridiculous point which I responded to, but I couldn’t help but to keep reading, and noticed that he’s offering us a 3rd logical reason for this not being motivated by right wing politics: Fatal Attraction. My goodness does Hawk have his finger on the pulse. I mean, if we’d just drawn that conclusion all along. Because here I was starting to believe that he was actually a left winger upset at Giffords for not being as far left as he is. But oh well. I’m just taking your word for it. And now you’re saying it’s fatal attraction. Glad you filled me in. I was just about to change my party affiliation to Republican.

  26. Davey,
    We will more than likely end up agreeing to disagree, but being the stubborn person i am i have to respond 🙂 i think i understand the point perfectly: Words have power. I noted that in my response “words influence people.” but words do not cause action, it is the choice of people to act on the ideas they hear, especially from entertainers. Palin can only be responsible if she was directly involved, which she was not. You’re trying to draw a link between two people that doesn’t exist and you can’t isolate Palin’s words from the other variables (drug use, depression, etc.). Since there is no involvement, there is no causation. As i explained “don’t retreat, reload” is a figure of speech and is hardly a call to violence, the same with “Bush Killer.” Paris doesn’t kill people, assassins kill people 🙂 does a sports fan who yells “Kill that team!” really mean for his favorite player to take the others life, no. Why would we expect the same from Sarah Palin, who has no legitimate interest in inciting violence, hence the apology.

  27. And again mars palin said alot more than retreat and reload..

    Palin endorsed a candidate jesse kelly who held an event where voters coukld come down and help remove Gifford from office by shooting a M-16… Thats palin.. she rooted this guy on.. she endorsed him.. she didn’t distance herself.. she’s reponsible for formenting a climate in which this guy acted…If we’re gonna say no she had no connection then the Senate, Congress, a couple of presidents and a whole lot of other folks owe apologies and maybe even compensation for those who suffered after being accused of creating an unsafe climate..

  28. If i understand corrctley,your claiming that Palin created an environment that caused Jared Lougnher to shoot Giffords.
    You offered an endorsemnt of Jesse Kelly, as proof of creating this climate, but you have not been able to show direct cause, just words said by parties not involved. Your also leaving out Loughner’s mental state.
    Loughner is reported to have been a nihilist, he believes in nothing. There are branched of nihilism that believe in no moral rights. His behavior is also reported to have changed dramatically after highschool, when he began doing drugs. Those things have a more direct psychological affect, than slogans used by politicians who he may or may not have endorsed. No one else is responsible except Jared Loughner.

  29. Mars u don’t get it.. I’m not trying to make a direct connection in the over simplified scenario of she said and he did.. Thats not how this is being defined and only an idiot would see it this way..This is also not a situation where one is trying to prove in a court of law Palin is guilty.. She’s like OJ.. Yep she got off, but we all know she done did wrong.. She knows she did wrong and those who support her have to make a choice of continuing down this path of destruction or being accountable to the larger society..

    Again all the artists I mentioned were brought to task and so should Palin.. Does this mean Loughner wasn’t crazy, nihlistic out to lunch etc? Nope.. he probably was all of those things.. But Palin was major part of the apparatus that brought the crazy out of this cat and moved it from crazy talk to crazy action.. There is simply no getting around this..try as you might..

  30. Oh, I see, his nihilistic beliefs in nothing led him right to a Democratic Congresswoman’s rally. Mars, you should have been a detective…in Super Troopers.

  31. “I’m not trying to make a direct connection in the over simplified scenario of she said and he did.. ”

    Yet you claimed that sarah palin’s “wreckless behavior caused 6 deaths and 14 to be injured”. You drew a direct connection ie Palin’s words = cause of death. i don’t see this as being defined this way, that’s why i mentioned his mental state as another variable. You claimed Palin caused the deaths, i simply pointed out the other factors. I’m not treating this as a court of law, i am treating this as faulty ideas being presented and i’m asking for proof that her words affected Loughner and there is none, hence, your claim of causation is false. The reports that are coming out point to the cause as being his increasingly disturbed mind and Giffords refusal to answer his question.
    Don’t get me wrong, you can criticize Palin for her words all day, i have no problem with that. I was fine with the article until i read “her wreckless behavior caused 6 deaths and 14 to be injured”. The only facts that we have (which point to causation) are based on his mind, and not on what Kelly or Palin did. Again, this is a red herring, people are capitalizing on it to attack the other side.

  32. mars it was wreckless. bc one of the victims Congress woman Gifford asked her to stop.. she didn’t. secret service spoke with Palin b4 that when Obama was running for office.. her rhetoric was triggering.. she didn’t.. These politicos aren’t speaking from the heart and accidently saying the wrong thing.. The words are carefully chosen.. They are determined from focus groups and marketers with an end game in mind. I know this having been a part of such research.. We did it all the time in radio. Our slogans, words, even how we announced things were all crafted.. Palin is no different..

    She knew what she was doing and crossed that line repeatedly in her attempts to gin up the base….This is no different then me going on the radio in LA and saying things that would provoke gang conflict..One example of this was the restraint shown with announcing Mexicans (mexican mafia) were out to get Black people on Cinco De Mayo.. I’m referring specifically to a nasty letter that was sent out promising that 500 Blacks would be killed on Cinco de Mayo in 2006…Every radio station got the letter..all newspapers got that letter LAPD and sherriffs asked that stations not go on the air with this for fear of ginning up the population and causing gang conflicts.. This was especially true with stations like the beat and Power 106 which were primary audiences for the targeted groups..

    None of the stations went on the air.. not even the shock jocks.. why? because everyone knew damn well what would happen and blood would be on the hands of those who crossed that line.. When your a public speaker and have access to the media there is always aline to cross..

    I’ll say it again Palin has been beyond reckless.. Now she can pull that BS to the layman who don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but as a fellow broadcaster we know.. We know what words trigger and we know the types of restraints till recently most adhered to.. 6 people died and it much of had to do with the climate of violence caused by Palin and others..

  33. Dave,
    O.k I’m not talking about Palin in a way, but why aren’t these words considered a threat? You know, the woman who work for the “brother” that is in the Tea Party? Remember during the campain, when that woman said, “If my ballot doesn’t work, bullets will.”, why isn’t that a threat? That’s not freedom of speech to me or rhetic, to me you threating violence towarding elected official or the government.

  34. Davey,
    I never stated that Palin’s speech wasn’t wreckless. If using it in the quote indicated that, i apologize. You gave very great examples of how public speech can incite violence, i don’t disagree. It makes sense that Palin would use gun rhetoric to exicte a pro-gun base. I understand that it’s all calculated, such as this planned speech which was horribly read off of a teleprompter :). I do not disagree in your criticism of what could happen as a result of such speech.

    unfortunately, i don’t think Loughner’s acts were a result of this. From viewing the youtube videos, and reading his profile, what seems to be the most consistant info is his increasing odd and agressive behavior. His tattoist told the NYtimes he would “dream 14-15 hours a day.” There were the disturbances at school, which seemed to revovle around rejection ie anger over a grade or assignment. He shares some beliefs similar to the right but comes across as way to surreal with the concious dreaming and extreme nihilism ie he told the teacher “that’s not 6, that’s 18.” and then got angry. A little to young as well, the tea party is mostly older folks, so i doubt he was affiliated. There is also not a consistant belief system yet that we can peg him with. Just the surrealist phrases. So we can’t say that the rhetoric was apart of this “apparatus that brought the crazy out of this cat.” It seems the crazy was coming wether we wanted it or not.

  35. Mars ur focusing on the gun rhetoric..Don’t retreat reload.. That’s too simplistic.. Palin supported actions and had consistent rhetoric that was reckless… Its like this.. a lot of rappers who talk gun play in their songs wind up getting tested sooner or later.. It might be a reasonable sane gang memmber.. It could be a crazy guy.. But sooner or later most get stepped to… Many are told to cool it off or suffer repurcusions, bc some are crazy and will be triggered… Plain simply would not stop..

    Plain lied about death panels and suggested that anyone voting for HCR was un american and was out to kill elders. she also said the IRS would be increasing enforcement.. Gifford who is actually pretty damn conservative had her windows busted and her office broken into..We can quibble about whether the vandals had a direct political connection to what was said and their actions.. or it could be mob mentality…

    There are lots of crazed folks out there and they tend to come out when shyt is hectic.. Right now suggesting that we have enemies who are not american.. and supporting folks who say we need to shoot to eliminate in the manner that she does causes and has caused these problems..

  36. ” and supporting folks who say we need to shoot to eliminate in the manner that she does causes and has caused these problems..”

    I’m sure Palin has caused some of the examples that you mentioned, however, as i stated in an earlier post we can’t prove that Loughner was influenced by Palin or any of the actions stated above, that is simply a supposition. With your train of thought i could blame it on the Dem’s.

    “the dems pushed through the individual mandate, which would force people to purchase insurance. Since Loughner was anti-government and losing it, he decided to take matters into his own hands. It’s similar to the draft when people protested the government forcing people into the draft. the Dems willingness to use the force of the state to push there agenda triggered Loughner. When you force people to do things against there will, they will fight back.”

    I drew connections between the current political climate, the actions of the dems and Loughner, however, i have no info to back that up. Just as your drawing connections with the political climate, Palins actions and loughner. It could be tea party rhetoric, it could be a resentment toward Gifford for his ’07 run in, it could of been a book. The only facts we have are that he’s off his rocker. Why claim Palin caused it when you have no proof?

  37. Mars then u would never equate the outlandish boorish behavior of artists as being he cause for wayward kids right? Is it safe to assume that when Fox News and even palin uses such tactics.. which they routinely do.. then its dead wrong and they should held accountable for that right?
    For example, if Palin lies abt HCR.. we should end the convo and call her out on that and hold her feet to the fire bc its a lie.. right?

  38. “Mars then u would never equate the outlandish boorish behavior of artists as being he cause for wayward kids right? Is it safe to assume that when Fox News and even palin uses such tactics.. which they routinely do.. then its dead wrong and they should held accountable for that right?”

    The simple answer to your question is yes (though, i can’t lie i do my fair share of complaining about the media). I think you should call out fox and others for the blame game. o’reilly does it all the time. He protested Nas performing at Virginia Tech calling him “The worst gangster rapper” yet failed to mention songs like “coon” and I know i can”. The Ludacris thing with pepsie, but i didn’t here a peep from him when i saw Ozzy (the king of darkness) years later selling cell phones. I think what your hinting at is the hypocrisy from such types blaming music, whether it’s rappers or marlilyn manson for columbine, yet defending there own violent imagery. If so, your correct in your observation.
    With this Loughner case specifically, i dislike jumping the gun for 2 reasons:
    1. it makes it harder for us to defend the politcally charges Mc’s we enjoy, that use violent imagery.
    2. Like the old cliche “to assume makes an ass out of you and me.” If critics are right in their opinion, then it’ll look good. but if, for arguments sake, Loughner says santa caused him to do it, then they lose face. Why risk it until we know the facts?

    the fundamental question, i think, to this issue is: What is the cause of violence?

  39. Mars, I think you’re still missing the point. I’m gonna sum it up like this:
    1)Loughner pulled the trigger on Gifford;
    2)Sarah PalEFACE helped create an environment for Loughner to be able to do so;
    3)Gifford damn near begged Sarah PalEFACE to stop her trigger-happy rhetoric.

    If you don’t get that, then you never will. As far as “gangstas” who fallaciously rhyme about clapping guns and poppin’ caps on cats, the difference is clear: Sarah PalEFACE can issue that wack-ass fake-ass apology and not catch much hell. A “gangsta” would catch hell 7 ways til Sunday-and then some.

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