One year later We remember Haiti w/ a New Song from Jasiri X

One year after the devastating tragedy that struck the country of Haiti, sadly not much has changed. Thousands are still displaced, living in tents and many still struggle day-to-day just for basic necessities.

Last year, the Hip-Hop community stepped up tremendously organizing fundraisers all over the country, but this year it seems we’ve moved on. I decided to record the song “4Haiti” to raise awareness and as a reminder that so many are still suffering and in great need of our help. “4Haiti” was produced by Drum Gang Productions and all proceeds collected from the song will go towards purchasing a Mobile Max Pure solar generator that purifies water for our family in Haiti.

“4Haiti” can be downloaded at


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One comment on “One year later We remember Haiti w/ a New Song from Jasiri X

  1. What we are witnessing is nothing new. Haiti continues to be a failed experiment in captiolism at it’s worse. All the so-called middle class,primarilly light skinned Haitians,continue to do nothing but act as overseerer vampires for amerikkan and french corp interest.The masses are being used against each other to keep them from understanding who their real class interests are with. I watched two shows last nite on Haiti today,it saddens me so much to know that Amerikkan is responsible along with France for keeping this nation in the toilet. Whats most frightening is the detachment so many of us Afrikans in amerikka have toward other suffering Afrkans any where in the world. Yes I do know of some blk doctors one a friend of mine who have spend their time and energy to help my Haitian bros and sis.
    What to many of us here in Amerikka don’t get is we are not that far economic removed from some of the same conditions they face. We are the other part of that failed experiment Amerikka created.Unlike Haitians,we have no where to go,so the final solution in this country is death or prison. In the coming yrs this will become even more gloringly obvious.

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