Wendy Day vs Cash Money (the Big Payback)

Cash Money Records

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This is part of the video series to go with the book...The Big Payback.. The History of  Business of Hip Hop‘. This is a great book if you get a chance to peep it..It chronicles alot of the business dealings within Hip Hop..  This is one of the stories that they dig into.. Cash Money vs Wendy Day of the Rap Coalition.. It’s a story that has long been talked about, but now its up in bright lights for all to weigh in on..


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5 comments on “Wendy Day vs Cash Money (the Big Payback)

  1. Let this be a warning to all those “good white folks”, that want to go out and help those negroes in the hood…

  2. You’ve worked too hard to earn the acceptance of racist white people to have any tolerance for “good white folks”, huh Jose?

  3. Yeah this info has been around for a minute. Is Wendy Day still involved in the music business?? She helped a lot of people get deals….

  4. The ignorance/selfishness of a person has nothing to do with the color of their skin. White people do things the same way as any other race on this earth. People act on their personalities no one is better than another just because of the color of their skin. And Jose you have shown your ignorance…..even with out seeing your picture to determine your race.This is a financial dispute and I am very sure their are other races in the court house being sued for non payment.

  5. yo this is about money not race besides Wendy Day knew she was dealing with rap music not pop! Wendy is great at what she does plus look at Cash Money’s track record how in the hell you dont pay Mannie fresh! Baby and Suge Knight knew to build their labels around the producer and they both raped their producer’s. If you do business money will always be an issue good or bad. Jose shame on you!

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