This is How Police Brutality Should Be Handles in 2011

This is how folks should handle police brutality in 2011.. We are headed down the fascist highway where the folks who are hired to protect and serve are increasingly brutalizing and killing us..



11 comments on “This is How Police Brutality Should Be Handles in 2011

  1. first off, you deserve to get beaten by the police if you run out on to the playing field of any sporting event that you are not a participant or official of. Secondly, are you justifying the actions of the fan running on the field and justifying a mob mentality on all police officers? If so, this thing we call hip-hop, this thing that has permeated pop-culture is gonna get uglier …

  2. Thats WTF i’m talking about we have to band together and confront our fears. We all will leave this earth at least you can leave standing strong not in a fetal position getting your A… killed right on for the people who didnt just watch they what you called Moved The Crowd. Bring 2011 in with Freedom, Justice and Equality.

    Peace My Sisters and Brothers Stand Strong

    Lordrah! i’m out

  3. Hey Davey,

    Not a good look.

    For one, this is an old clip. If you watch the video though, you’ll see the security guard that was beaten unconscious was the one who actually stepped up and was telling the other security guard who was beating the kid to stop.
    In the end, the punk-security who was going off on the kid made it out with maybe a slap to the head. I can’t believe a whole freaking stadium of rioting fans were to afraid to take it to him cuz he was swinging his shank stick- what a joke. Also, the security guard who tried to stop him originally ended up unconscious with a concussion and who knows what else… as well as having to quit his work to avoid contact again for fear of permanent brain damage.
    Only thing I get out of this video is what I learned from Do the Right Thing or La Haine: retaliatory mob violence is always against the wrong people.

    Davey, you have a track record of exceptional journalistic skills. If you really want to know how to deal with the storm troopers, why not interview the young rabbi in Brooklyn who jaywalked on a Saturday and because the cop made him sign the ticket on Sabbath, he was transferred out of the borrough to east harlem!


  4. I could also show the old clip of the Rabbi’s who stormed the police station in Crown’s Height in brooklyn and made the police step up as well..The point being is that after doing all the right things.. video tapes, court proceedings..petitioning etc we still have unarmed people getting shot and killed.. What’s gonna have to change is the understanding of who is working for who..Are we working for the police or vice versa..

    I always find it puzzling when its suggested or alluded to that folks fight back we have all sorts of concerns and people saying calm down etc etc.. Wheres that rhetoric for the Oscar grants of the world.. or the DJ henrys in Westchester..

    @Pablo no its not Hip Hop it looks like soccer to me….as for beating someone who runs out on field.. thats really up to the crowd to decide .. The crowd could’ve joined in with the police if they were so enraged.. Instead they said enough to the police.. Perhaps one should think about why that was the reaction and not the other way around..

  5. Dave,

    Mixed emotions..

    Now while I am writing this, I will speak out of 2 personal experience of having been 1.beaten by cops plural and 2.strangled in a room with handcuffs on, with no windows or cameras duirng after an investigation for mouthing off and I guess insulting interogator. 2 separate occasions.
    On the second one I don’t what would have happened if other officer kind of blocked interrogator.

    I am definately on you with this part though. Beating anyone who is defenseless or handcuffed is COWARDLY. In the video dude is face down end of story. Hey it gets ugly but s happens. You reap what you sow; and yes that includes authorities.
    Is it legal? Is it right? I don’t know. But crowd or friends don’t really care at that point.

    Adaboy; I get your point but at that point it doesn’t matter; its a free for all. Its not the crowd but his own partner who fu… him.

    On the other hand, not necessarily the best message for youth to follow. very delicate situation.


  6. Ultimately, your opinion is going to be based on your own personal exp. with police.

    Keep in mind what you see on video is only a fraction of what isn’t caught on video!!!!!

    Back in the day; you could be hancuffed in an interrogtion room w/ no windows or cameras. No witnesses other than an interrogator and maybe a cop with him.

    I notice a lot of people who have a lot of opinions; media ect. whatever, only personal experience with authorities is what they happened to see what CNN happens to be selling them.

  7. Nick here’s the larger point… After Oscar grant was shot unarmed and killed on the subway platform in oakland in front of scores of people… How many police officers had a press conference to apologize for what took place? I did a radio show in LA on the incident and had a rookie cop call in and say if anyone ever talks back to him he would let them have it because the police must maintain order and control…

    Every police union in the state of California backed Johannes Mehserle. Every last one in the entire state…
    Myself and a number of activist who were upset about oscar Grant went and paid respects at the funeral when the 4 cops were shot.. We didn’t politicize it. Didn’t protest. Didn’t make remarks about this is what they deserved. Take a look at my twitter time line for that occasion and you’ll see .. What cops attended Oscar’s funeral? Who sent flowers to his mom? helped out with funeral expenses?

    Johannes mehserle was a BART that means Hayward PD where Oscar was from or oakland PD who were in charge of investigating the shooting could’ve showed an ounce of humanity… Now I’ve run into officers who said they felt bad but couldn’t speak for fear of breaking ranks? Really? What kind of organization is the police department?
    I personally have spoken at Congressional briefings, at FCC hearings and have written extensively about the wrong doings in my profession..why? Because I wanna see bad things disappear.. It takes a bit of courage.. I know I wont be working in a lot of places for being outspoken, but how is change gonna come? By being quiet like the other 99%?

    Either your with the community or you’re not.. Nobody wakes up in the morning with a hard on to do harm to police or anyone else, but it certainly seems like many come to work with a serious chip on the soldier and it sadly overshadows the hardworking good officers who wanna do their job…Those good officers are gonna have to speak up. They’re gonna have to clean up their profession and if they cant do it from the inside find ways to communicate with folks on the outside who can effectively agitate and advocate..

  8. first off, you deserve to get beaten by the police if you run out on to the playing field of any sporting event that you are not a participant or official of.

    First off, are we now justifying police beating people? for any reason? The police are not hired to play judge and jury…the police are also not hired nor paid to physically punish people. What gives them the right to assault someone who hasn’t attacked anyone? So what if they ran on a field. So what if they said something that the cop considered to be “mouthing off” (which usually means they did not like being put on notice that you are aware of your rights). Where is the law that states a police officer may brutalize citizens as they see fit? Show me that law? No one deserves to get physically beat behind “running on a playing field”. That makes no sense. Adding “professional” before the word sports doesnt change it from being a “game” that is played for entertainment.

    The police are suppossed to enforce laws not administer beatings. Police are not to attack anyone who is not attacking them or another person. If 3 or 4 men can’t subdue another human being without beating him after he is face down on the ground they are not qualified to be officers. If you not stable enough to control you emotions and/or anger when faced with a small situation such as an overzealous fan then you can not seriously expect people to “respect your authority” and you should have applied for one of the other city jobs…

    Good cops should hate bad cops and do everything to see them thrown off the force…the rotten one’s destroy people’s trust and respect for the badge. And when good cops quietly go along for the ride it makes them just as disgusting. They want suspects to tell the truth on one another but they get to hide behind some b.s. blue wall and present a united front even when they are completely wrong.

  9. I have often wondered what’s involved in the psychological exam that public servants in the police force have to take.

    Where I grew up, I was often shocked that some people who were very unbalanced managed to get through with flying colors and others who seemed like they could pass, would instead end up falling “outside the hiring parameters based on your psych”. What are they testing for?

    An acquaintance, or rather a neighbor down the street where I grew up, was one of the darkest, most vindictive people I ever met and I found out that this person is now in the police force. My hope is that this person matured and overcame that darkness but something tells me that it’s only been magnified by being in a position to affect the outcome of other people’s lives.

    The quick look I took online shows that:

    1. Police officers are “warranted employees of a police force.”
    2. “Most often, the term warrant refers to a specific type of authorization; a writ issued by a competent officer, usually a judge or magistrate, which permits an otherwise illegal act that would violate individual rights and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.”

    The trainees on my campus scare me. I was walking to the student center for a snack and a guy was walking in the opposite direction when all of a sudden, five officers pounced in then proceeded to cuff and question him without charging him for over an hour. I would like to think the officers toned their behavior down because I decided to sit down to witness what took place and ended up having others tag along curious about why I decided to do that. The officers escorted the guy off the campus but we never did find out why they stopped him. One officer kept shouting in his face, “I got you! We’re watching the videotape now.” Funny how it all changed once they rifled through all his things and found out the guy was the son of a professor on another campus. I didn’t know what to do expect keep watch and hope it didn’t get ugly. Others with me started videotaping.

    I know that Homicide: Life on the Street is just a TV-series but there was one episode that covered what happens to a cop that does do the right thing and instead of doing what all the other cops want to do (shoot a cop-killer suspect), he turns the suspect in. I forget the term used to describe what happens to the cop but in essence, he gets shunned by his fellow officers. They won’t provide back up when it’s requested and sabotage him if they could get away with it. Considering human nature and seeing how the power of groups* is harnessed by the worst of our kind, I believe this is what happens in real life.


    Davey D, I would love to see a follow up on this story. I don’t know if you’d be able to break it down for those of us by hiring process, whether the psychological exam consistent throughout the country, what a typical exam might look like, etc.

  10. It is quite disappointing that so many are defending one of the most world-wide corrupt, abusive, and down right terroristic institutions that the world has today. The police are little more than organized paramilitaries for the rich sent to make sure that the poor stay in their place. They do not “protect” or “serve” you if you do not make a certain amount of money. They are often the enemy of the people and any true democratic change. As for the man running on the field and how he should be treated by authorities… well you can see from the video that even the soccer players weren’t appreciative of the police actions. The people spoke loud and clear in this clip and I appreciate DaveyD for showing it.

    Fuck the police

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