Here are the Civil Rights Orgs that Sold Out the People to the Big Telecoms on Net Neutrality

We were sold out to the telecoms by those who were supposed to protect us!

Below is a list Anti-Network Neutrality filings by Civil Rights groups and organizations of color that sold out the community and backed the big telecom companies..We included their letters to the FCC that were requested on behalf of the big telecom companies.. AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.. These telecom companies spent almost a billion dollars in lobbying efforts..

These groups encouraged the telecoms to create a situation where the internet will no longer be an even playing field, but now its those who are rich, well connected and have political priviledge will have complete access and fast speeds while the rest of us will not..

When cell phone bills go up and you find that you have to pay extra money for what used to be basic services, be sure to remember these groups that sold you out big time.. Know their names.. Send them your bills and mark this date December 21 2010.. This is the day that the people were ‘snookered’ by those who were supposed to look out for them..

Lastly  words cannot began to express the profound disappointment with President Obama. He came out the box swinging on protecting Net Neutrality. H campaigned on protecting it.

 One of the reasons he won was because he was able to use the internet and reach young voters in a skillful way.. He instructed his FCC chair to back off a bit because the telecoms were applying pressure.  He basically sold us out big time and threw all those media advocates under the bus..

 Just so there’s no confusion, which is the game that many of these groups like to play … Here’s the deal.. The FCC agreed to keep Net neutrality in place for regular computers.. They agreed to let the wireless world be a place that is unregulated and will no longer have Net neutrality protection.. Why is this a big deal? because most people and especially poor people are on wireless communications..Here’s an article that explains how African Americans use the Internet

 This means if I have a website and i wish to make it accesible to you on your cell phone.. I now have to pay each of these big telecom companies.. If you wish to use Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, they need to pay the telcoms and you the user needs to pay them..  It goes down hill from there..

Here’s a short video explaining Net Neutrality 

When reading these letters dont get fooled by the flowery talk about providing access for all.. That was the buzz word to stiffle opposition and keep people confused. Similar language was used in 1996 with the Telecom Bill when Big media companies wanted to consolidate.

They said it would be a good thing and make radio and TV more accessible? We all see that hasn’t happned.. With respect to the Internet the Real Accessibility is being able to obtain information from wide variety of sources.. Basically these Civil Rights Groups sold us out and said we’ll leave the sources of News and information to come from hand picked sources by the  telecoms and maybe a few of these groups…Same deal was said about the Telcom Bill.. you see where that got us..   

 Urban League Chapter
National Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce
Hispanic Federation
Latino community Foundation in San Francisco
Native Americans
NAACP in California
Rainbow Push
Texas State Rep. Robert Alonzo
MANA, A National Latino Organization
100 Black Men of South Metro
100 Black Men of Mobile
100 Black Men of Greater Mobile
100 Black Men of Tennessee
100 Black Men of Orlando
Hispanic Interests Coalition of Alabama
SER: Jobs for Progress
NAACP Mar-Saline Branch
Japanese American Citizens League
Organization of Chinese Americans
Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies
Rep. Yvette Clarke

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13 comments on “Here are the Civil Rights Orgs that Sold Out the People to the Big Telecoms on Net Neutrality

  1. If the corporations take over the internet we’re going to have to do something drastic like (wait for it…) TALK TO EACH OTHER, OR DO LIVE SHOWS AND SELL RECORDS OR GET OUR NEWS (yikes) BY WORD OF MOUTH. Oh my God, horror of all horrors. Might not be so bad.

  2. Davey once again you proved your worth. Most of the viewers of your post are either to young or not that knowledgable about the goings on you regulary report on. Whats most important is once again we are faced with the ugly truth of just how easy it is for these corp financed so-called non profit organiztions,to FUCK the very people they claim to represent.
    I’ve said it over and over again,we are in a NATION OF WHORES AND TRICKS. For to many of us it comes down to being tricked,dicked, and sold out by the various so-called community organ.

    Zahieb,stop being so goddam naive.Your simplicsty statement,shows how not serious you take this post.

    Davey keep fighting the good fight,cuz there are some of us who are more then casual posters on thiese sites.

  3. @ Darklord: Naive huh? Davey probably remembers when Jah Bonz and Tamu and myself and others were kicked off KMEL by Clear Channel and they are still fighting over at KPFA after they’ve kicked most community voices off there. I was writing as a Staff Journalist for the Monroe Free Press during the creation of USA Today. I used to submit stringer to the Oakland Tribune which was the ONLY Black owned and operated newspaper in the nation. At that time there were thousands of independently owned newspapers in the US, now there might be a hundred or so. What you got in the Bay is the Alameda News Group (ANG). Hell, when television was created it was supposed to have as its basic application “The informing of the common people” and it was to be a FREE forum for good. Naive? Been there, done that, made the t-shirt, wore it out. What does this have to do with Net Neutrality? Young brother Darklord, what we are talking about is the corporate control of the means of production and communication and you can march or talk shit on these forums all you want but you aint gonna be able to do shit about it unless YOU GOT THE WHEREWITHAL TO BUILD YOUR OWN DAMN SATELLITE or BUILD A NEW INTERNET. I wish I were as naive as you are and then I might be able to fool myself, as you are doing, into thinking that there is something that can be done about the inevitable. This shit is a foregone COLLUSION (sic)!

  4. It’s amazing how gullible most everyone on the Left is. Some people will believe anything.

    Obama campaigned against the Patriot Act and then voted to renew it, twice I believe.

    Obama campaigned against government wiretapping and then voted for it.

    Obama was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the banker bailout because he is a complete and total slave to Wall Street.

    You have to wonder, would so many people have been caught up in the initial Obama hysteria if the guy was white? How many people voted for him solely because he was a black guy, who when you look at his actions, is a broken tool that is following the same agenda that that other broken tool Bush was following.

    At least some of the zombies are starting to wake up and realize that they’ve been had, Go back and read Webster Tarpley’s original analysis on Obama. He nailed it. This guy is an agent of finical capitalism of the worst kind and is nothing but a facelift for fascism.

  5. Hawk do u mean the same people who voted for Bill Clinton because he was anice guy who played sax and was young? or the folks who really thought GW was a Compassionate conservative.. or those who thought Ronald Regan was a great communicator.. What do all these people have in common..

    They all have been beholden to Wall Street, they all supported legilslation that chipped away at our freedoms.. the list goes on..

    For all its tough talk the Tea party crowd voted in corporatist as well..

  6. I think all those people who voted for Clinton or Bush Prime or Reagan were voting for the evil of two lessers, as the saying goes.

    But the Obama Zombies were the most arrogant and ignorant of them all. The vote was all a fashion statement to those folks. Like wearing a new pair of pumas.

    And for as much as you wanting to hate on the Tea Party, if Ron Paul was elected shit would get real. Ron’s been pissing me off lately, but he’s one of the few people that I know is not corrupted by Wall Street and love him or hate him; you know where the guy stands. Ron Paul is going to be standing in the EXACT same position before and after the elections, not like Barry Soetoro who flip-flops like a Clinton all over the place. I think that’s part of a reason why people hate him so much. He just doesn’t play politics like everyone else and people just don’t know how to debate a person like that.

  7. Seems like the proponents of the old “new world order” mentally are finally getting down to business by continuing to buy, bail, or merge big companies together, track and control what (cheep) consumer goods we buy and how we pay for them (store cards and credit cards), run the schools and prisons, defunct local governments by allowing them to continue to “cook the books,” use gentrification to merge and control the lower and middle class populations, control the drug game (pharmaceuticals), feed us poison via Genetically Modified Organisms and ill-fed livestock, utilizing secret and private mercenaries to try to police the rest of the world, reducing various outlets and “news” sources to gossip filled fear mongering media tabloids status, and polarizing religion into something comedic and illicit. How can the internet NOT be targeted next?

  8. @ Goldie You’re exactly right! We should spend less time lamenting the wounds inflicted by a known enemy and prepare to engage the enemy more fully. To waste engergy being shocked and surprised and singing woe robs us of the power we need to create NEW SOLUTIONS! Everything that existed heretofore is corrupted. A new platform is required because are amorphous and kind of like the Borg – they adapt the good we do almost immediately so that the minute something is construct it it’s virtually useless within its original paradigm. The only good use for the web will soon be as an instrument for sabotage. Remember what we’ve already learned with the advent and subsequent bastardization of television. That’s how the concept of GUERRILLA Television came into being.

  9. Ron’s a racist and is no different then any of the others.. He will not audit the Fed as promised.. and all those folks are corrupted by Wall street bc they have not blown the whistle on their colleagues who have been corrupted.. No excuses for not blowing the whistle.. As for your Obama Zombie comment.. come on now.. your not making any sense..

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  11. The same thing has already happened in some respects to community media (public access facilities) as well all around the country. It all goes back to a bunch of rich, out-of-touch, rarely-held-accountable wealthy white folks (and their non-white co-signers) arrogantly trying to dictate to everybody else what they think is important and vital. It’s that age-old, tired-ass battle of the haves trying to decide and dictate for the regular and have-nots folks whose voice is important and which content is important. We’re going to have to focus more on an independentlly run and operated COLLECTIVE media structure.

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