Whatever happened to Captain Sky? Remember these Break Beats?

Sitting here remembering some classic breaks decided to share them and take us all down memory lane..  I wonder if folks think about records the same way we did back in the early days.. We listen for every horn riff, every hand clap, every drum beat to see if it could be used as breakdown to rap over or dance to.. each record offered endless possibilities..

It was funny how back in the days all we heard was the percussion breakdown and wound up identifying songs by names that had nothing to do with cut.. I think its only now that I’m starting to listen to those old classics that contained essential break beats .. Anyway here’s a few that we should all remember..

Captain Sky .. ..Super Sporm


Dave Matthews-Dune


Edwin Starr- I Just Wanna Do My Thing


Kraftwerk-We are the Robots


Man Parrish.. Hip Hop Be Bop


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One comment on “Whatever happened to Captain Sky? Remember these Break Beats?

  1. Great rocks.

    Also shaun of the dead

    West Street Mob

    MElle Mel put the vocals on top of these type of beats White Lines.

    non commercialized original bad-a.. beats. This music was poundid 24-7 for awhile up and down.

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