Is this the ‘Season of the Vic’? NFL MVP Michael Vick??

After watching last night’s game where the Eagle’s bested the Cowboys.. I had to tip my hat to not only the NFL’s most improved player, but also the man who should be MVP.. I dug in the crates and pulled out a classic from Justin Warfield.. I told my man QD3 who produced this that a remake needs to be made where Justin re-works some of the lyrics, adds Black Thought and they flip a new video that lives up to the songs original title ‘Season of the Vic‘.

Y’all remember this joint? Back in the day the word Vic meant to be robbed ie ‘vic’timized.. Today it means to be robbed of a victory from the one and only Number 7 Michael Vick

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5 comments on “Is this the ‘Season of the Vic’? NFL MVP Michael Vick??

  1. Comeback player most definately.
    MVP highly unlikely.

    Can he stay healthy??

    The guy makes plays with his legs and arm all over the field; but at times is a bit reckless and wild. Leaves himself open to take big shots.

    If he does stay healthy and philly goes deep into playoffs and continues to make plays has a shot at MVP.

  2. Michael Vick = Rebirth, Revenge and Redemption. Congrats Vick… Hey PETA and all the Vick haters, how do you like him now. I am just imagining what he would have done to my Niners if he was healthy. He is a free agent next season (NOTE to NFL, please do not cancel next season) and would look GREAT in a Niner uniform as the starting QB (smile).

  3. they do the MVP before the Super Bowl but in my book if he beats Brady in the next Superbowl he will be the Sports MVP for 2010 (NFL season goes into early 2011, but…). Of course first he has some challenges in the NFC. They will win the division, but he will have to play against the Falcons in Atlanta, and will probably have to face the Saints or Giants first at home.

    A bad habit I’m seeing Vick get into he needs to stop now is going to quick over the middle 20 yard depth area with the rush on. It’s easy to get baited into that. His interceptions been up last couple of games. He needs to spin out the pocket more. Yeah he’s proven he can be that pocket passer but he’s been standing in on the heat to much lately and made a couple of bad throws. Other than that him, Brady and Ryan are playing the best. Roethlisberger is still not a 100%. Brady will have to face the Steelers, but he will probably do so from home. He’s already beat them on the road. If San Deigo gets on a roll they can score with you. The Jaguars are the team I think is ready to upset someone. I love the Ravens but losing that Steelers game at home puts us in the wild card. Not an impossible position but, we’ll see.

  4. i don’t watch much football anymore (grew up with Pittsburgh and Chicago parents and a family friend on the Superbowl Broncos, so i DO know the game) but i did see Anderson Cooper diss Vick for saying he wants to own another dog someday – Cooper (whose devolving into an entertainment reporter rapidly, if that isn’t what he was all along) put Vick on his “Ridiculist” and compared him unfavorably to Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears as celebrities the public supports in their rehabilitation. As a dog lover, I was disappointed. I hope he does get a dog sometime in the future.

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