Michael Jordan Responds to Lebron James-What Should I Do?

I like this spot.. Michael Jordan responding to Lebron James.. What should I do? commercial… I know its a mash up of a Nike commercial and ultimately designed to sell shoes, but the message is good and we should be inspired to do our own message type ‘commercials’ where wisdom is dispensed.. Its also humbling when you consider the over the top fan fare and hype Team Lebron subjected us to  this past summer with him hosting a prime time special to announce his new team..what say you?


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19 comments on “Michael Jordan Responds to Lebron James-What Should I Do?

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  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but when is it that we stopped living in a “free” country? I respect & admire Michael Jordan as an athlete. But, I also feel that this business of professional athletes have changed for the worse in so many ways.

    Michael Jordan never took a pay cut. If he ever wanted to leave, he could have, if the team was willing to hire him. As long as he was under a “contract” he “belonged” to the “Chicago Bulls” solely for two purposes to win games & to make money.

    What if Lebron wasn’t happy at Cleveland anymore? Should he have stayed, just for the sake of the city & the fans? What if the rumors are true that he found out that his mother was sleeping with some of the players, should he subject himself to that environment everyday for money & Cleveland?

    How much are you willing to sell your soul for? I think it is a lot more to it than we are aware. I think any man or woman should be able to change jobs for more or less money if they choose. When we think we own someone, or they owe us something, it doesn’t sit right with me in terms of equal employment & rights. Being that most NBA athletes are African Americans make me wonder if they would have given any other man the same treatment.

    A city own a team, not a person.


  3. You’re missing the point. if James wanted to leave, that one thing, but to leave like he did was wrong. “The Decision” was a ego ploy, for a guy who hasn’t won anything yet. I’m not just mad at him, ESPN is at fault as well. MJ last two seasons with the Bulls, he was a free agent and went back to the Bulls. LJ doesnt had what MJ in his heart, yes MJ made money, but on the court he wanted to win beside anything else. MJ was the NBA, LJ aint better than Kobe yet.

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  5. What’s up with Michael Jordon rocking the Hitler mustache lately?

    You can see it all over the Hanes commercials on TV these days.

    What a really bizarre fashion statement to make….

  6. both are sponsored by nike and thats bs alone. the question is ” why ” do we even give a f.,k
    , we have more important issues

  7. srowe45 dropped knowledge on this thread and yall slept on it.

    Professional sports, particularly, the NFL and NBA are the arenas in which the USA has its racial dialog. That’s all this is about. Demonizing Black men. White athletes and high profile public figures act much crazier and immature than Lebron has. This is 21st century white supremacy. Electronic style.

    And its much easier for everyone, even other Black people, to step and fetch, to play along (just like house negros did a hundred years ago) than it is to stand with your back straight and call this shit what it is—RACISM.

    The more things change…

  8. Hasn’t every modern day president been compared to Hitler at one time or another?

    I’ve lost count of how many Bush / Hitler posters I’ve seen in the Bay Area over the last decade. Put up an Obama / Hitler poster though and those same leftists will freak out.

    Interesting development in the Your Black Muslim Bakery murder trial –

    Michael Willis, a 33-year-old white man, was killed while walking on the street for reasons of “racial animus.” Bey and Mackey were sitting in a car discussing the Zebra Killers who randomly murdered white people in S.F. in the 70s as a means of seeking revenge for historical lynchings of blacks. While having this discussion, they saw Michael Willis walking down the street. Bey pulled the car over, Mackey got out, and shot and killed Willis, as some kind of spontaneous nod to the Zebra Murders.

  9. Davey, since I know that you are interested in racial relationships and Bay Area history in general, the Zebra Murders and the Your Black Muslim Bakery murder trial should make for an interesting post.

    There was a race war going on in SF in the 1970s where pissed off blacks were going around killing white strangers, some 71 people died in SF and 270 in the state of California, and I never heard about this till now? Everyone knows about the Zodiac killer but this, far greater, carnage was swept under the rug. Why?

    If you’re buying into that line that the media always wants to demonize Black men, then how come the Zebra Murders, like The Wichita Massacre and the Knoxville Horror (Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom) have been ignored by the major media? Those omissions seem to directly contradict that theory.

    I mean, if you really believe that the media wants to demonize Black men then they have plenty of solid ammo to do so in those three cases. How come we all have to go Wikipedia those cases to get up to speed and they aren’t as familiar to us like Oscar Grant?

  10. Wow, this post has gone from MJ/LbJ Nike ads to the alleged systematic demonization of Black men. Hmmmm, I don’t know. It seems to me that selling products and making money is all that’s really going on here. If MJ’s intent was to give wisdom to LbJ, then it wouldn’t have been through a Nike ad, or through any other public vehicle. It’s more likely that MJ would’ve addressed LbJ behind closed doors. Since both have contracts with Nike, I’d be shocked if LBJ had no knowledge of or input into this ad before it was created and aired. It almost looks like that old Dr. Dre/Luke, record companies’/radio staions’ sponsored, premeditated battle: create a big ado and sell a million records, and sell-out endless shows. Only this time it’s MJ/LbJ and a Nike/NBA sponsored ado to sell millions of shoes and NBA merchandise.

    Pretty much ALL media is sponsored. Sponsors sell products. Products need promotion. Media, in it’s various forms, is probably the biggest promotor for sponsors besides word-of-mouth. Pro-sports is a corporate sponsored, media driven product. The athletes are employees who, in return for money, agree to represent themselves and their employers a certain way before, during, and after gametime. How the media represents those athletes to the public (good and bad) largely depends on who the target audience is. With the NFL and NBA especially, the target (paying) audience is NOT Blacks. So often, the athlete’s media-controlled, public personna is pissing of one race while causing the other race to go buy whatever that Brother is endorsing. The people outside the target who still purchase is just gravy for the sponsor.

    If the media IS demonizing Blacks, then the question is “Why do we support it so eagerly?” If we recognize this demonization, then we should stop supporting it in it’s current forms in an effort to bring about change. So then the question becomes “Does what we would have to give up by abandoning the media outweigh our desire to change it?”

    Personally, I believe the media will demonize and/or glorify anyone as they see fit as long as they know the public will engage in it. LbJ’s ESPN show was aired for the same reason that Dennis Rodman in a dress was. PEOPLE WILL TUNE IN!!! And tuning in turns into cash for the sponsor. They didn’t really care how it made Blacks look. We weren’t the primary paying customers for those particular products. If you want to see an example of the corporate-sponsored media’s idea of representing Blacks correctly, then just watch any of the McDonalds, Coke, etc. commercials that air during predominately Black programs. In some of those commercials, I’m sure some caucassians are pissed at how they’re portrayed, when all we see is a commercial advertising a product. It’s all about the money!!!

    RIP Roger Troutman (11-29-51 to 4-25-99)

  11. Hawk obviously u dont do alot of reading.. The zebra murders were well publicized and in fact intensified cointel pro efforts by the FBI.. There were major cover stories on your Black muslim Bakery.. who killed what white people?? aah none.. but if your referencing the case around Chauncy Baily and the Eastbay express articles.. pretty well covered.. of course if you feel this is an issue you can write about them yourself.. and no hawk, i’m not interested in racial relationships in the Bay Area.. I’m interested in justice for oppressed people..

  12. @srowe45…….there is not equal oppurtunity for everyone. you think women and men are treated the same? they are suppose to be but they arent. neither are blacks and whites. why are black ppl called african americans and whites not called european americans. they are just called americans. singling out the blacks by makin them add african so we know where they came from. lebron james handled his leaving poorly and should take punishment for it. end of story

  13. Why has this thread become about race? Well, go figure someone who is African American brought it up. Everything is about race these days if you ask someone like srowe. Disagree with one of Obama’s policies? Well you disagree because you’re a racist. Same story over and over.

  14. in my book lebron james is better den kobe,michael j why? 1. reason he puts his team first unlike kobe 2.michael j is good but not dat good i put money he couldnt beat lebron at all…. in every all-star game kobe sits out 4 a finger or something, wen really he scared 2 play against lebron,dewayne, and bosh. cause they always take over the game…..

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