Pittsburgh Rappers Bring Heat in a Mean ‘BET Style’ Cypher

Look I’d be the first to admit, I’m not a big fan of their football team, especially after last week’s 35-3 beat down against the Oakland Raiders. And yes,  while its true I seek revenge from the Pittsburgh Steelers, I am a fan of their emcees, deejays and producers.

Jasiri X is my homie. Paradise from X-Clan is inspiring.. I was always a fan of Sam Sneed and Mel Man who produced joints for Dr Dre and put out their own albums..   Kellee Maize is nice.. Wiz Khalifa is making noise.. The Burgh has been overlooked..

Here’s a recent cypher featuring; Jasiri X, Boaz, Kellee Maize, S. Money, Cynik Lethal, DJ Huggy. Perhaps they set it off for other cities to follow suit and do their own.. yes, Pittsburgh is in the building.. salut.


Since we talking Pittsburgh I figured lets do some history and take a look back with this classic..


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16 comments on “Pittsburgh Rappers Bring Heat in a Mean ‘BET Style’ Cypher

  1. Other cities are following the BET cypher format and reppin’ their cities. Here is a video out of New Haven, CT (The Elm City)

  2. Dawg. I like the raw funky stawyl and they cool realness. They is sayin’ sheet that is relevant to da youth and shit. Mad props to theym and sheet. Go steelers & raiders!

    BET is obviously not dumbing down the youth.They just stick a camera in front of the people that are.

    If I had kids I would teach them that these people are an inside joke on the public and when the producers are done filming they all get together for a beer and laugh at it all.

  3. hey doc davey d,

    you know mac miller? he’s a kid from the burgh who’s blowin’ up, too.

    ps nice beatin’ ya!

  4. This shit is tight! They all are amazing, Kellee surely can hold her on. I love them all, so this was cool.

  5. pittsburgh hip hop is about to blow up, with wiz on top 40, mac the new king of underground, who knows what will happen with kellee, she can probably go worldwide like shakira … shes so versatile.

  6. Wow Mac Miller kills it in Knock Knock, never really listened to his music much, but again WoW. You guys should def check out Kellee Maize’s Hasta Abajo or Third Eye, she kills it in both. Hoping these two make it big!

  7. Pittsburgh is definitely a city that’s overlooked when it comes to music. Kellee Maize is definitely an artist that needs some more media attention.

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