Top Ten Reasons Why Black Leaders Are Ignoring President Obama’s Attack on Social Security

After a decades-long drumbeat led by the Peterson Foundation, corporate media, Wall Street and their minions of both parties, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are under attack. The current raid is being led by nobody less than Barack Obama himself. Only Nixon could go to China, only Clinton could end welfare, and only a black Democrat can undermine Social Security. But where is black leadership? Why are they silent? We think we know…

Top Ten Reasons Why Black Leaders Are Ignoring President Obama’s Good Cop-Bad Cop Attack on Social Security

by BAR Managing Editor Bruce A. Dixon

In the full week following the November 10 release of draft proposals by President Obama’s Commission on fiscal Responsibility, also known as the Cat Food Commission, the silence of black leadership has been deafening. Among other things, the president’s commission would cut Social Security benefits and exacerbate unemployment by raising the retirement age, would lower taxes still further for corporations and wealthy individuals, while instituting co-payments for all veterans medical services, all in the name of austerity and stabilizing the national deficit.

The president’s political strategy, as Glen Ford pointed out last month, is clear. Obama’s commission and its draconian cuts will be the bad cop. President Obama will then play the part of “good cop” offering some “compromise,” a point between actual hell, and just a very, very hot and uncomfortable place. When Bill Clinton did this, it was called “triangulation.”

But the burning question is this: Why is there no visible opposition among black leadership to these awful economic measures, measures which penalize every working and poor person in the United States? Since an outsize number of these are African Americans, that ought to make it a black issue. Nevertheless, black advocacy organizations, the black churches, who, to hear them tell it, were the sole authors and inventors of the Freedom Movement, along with virtually all the black politicians, journalists, academics and opinion leaders, are silent. Why?

We think we know. Hence and herewith, we offer the top ten reasons black leaders are silent on Obama’s campaign to cut Medicaid, Medicare and social security.

Reason #10

Quite a few black “leaders” have no idea the Cat Food Commission even exists.

This kind of radical cluelessness says a lot about the content and style of their “leadership.” Let’s just say their eyes are elsewhere. Watching God, maybe, in some cases.  Lots of prominent black preachers, for instance, are busy campaigning against gays and vying for faith-based funding for their ministries. Both these pursuits consume copious amounts of time and energy, and the latter can be quite lucrative

Reason #9

Some black leaders with a vague idea that the Cat Food Commission exists haven’t read its recommendations or just aren’t paying attention.

Like the ones who have no idea at all, these are busy and important people. You can’t expect such folks to spare the time to read a 50 page report, or even talk to anybody that has. There are just so many more important things to do.

Reason #8

Some others are silent because they DO KNOW the Cat Food Commission exists.

Black leadership these days, such as it is, is dependent on corporate and foundation largesse. SCLC’s Atlanta headquarters was paid for by a major utility company. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation is run by corporate execs and puts on its annual CBC Week with funds from Wells fargo, Lockheed, Bank of America and Wal-Mart. Telecom, insurance and other corporate execs on the “business roundtables” of everyplace from the NAACP to the National Association of Black State Legislators fund the activities, provide the “research” and literally set the organizational priorities. Even the black church, once financed solely by contributions from the faithful, has become shamefully dependent on faith-based taxpayer dollars. The corporate sector which bankrolls them all has unalterably opposed Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare since their inception. None of these “leaders” will bite the hands that feed them.

Reason #7

Some of what are called “black leadership” actually believe the corporate okie-doke about Social Security already being insolvent, a Ponzi scheme, or immoral.

For a significant share of “black leadership” being a leader means getting your opinions from the Washington Post or CNN or the New York Times. These established “leaders” value being accepted by the folks they regard as their peers, their donors, their party leaders, their professional colleagues, golfing buddies and the people that fly them to conferences and endow their departments. Not foolish enough to bite the hands that feed them, many black leaders regard it as their job to take the cues of the business world and corporate media, rather than to respond to the multiple crises of debt, incarceration, housing and joblessness experienced by the great mass of ordinary black families. Corporate media and their peers say the deficit and “entitlements” are the problem, and plenty of “black leaders” actually buy this crap.

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2 comments on “Top Ten Reasons Why Black Leaders Are Ignoring President Obama’s Attack on Social Security

  1. As usual your on the mark. We are as usual a day late and a dollar short. Just like most blk folks walking the streets,so called blk leaders are clueless some on purpose and some just because their mentally lazy empty MF’S. Dave our conditions whether here in Oakland with Meserle getting out of jail scott free or the latest murder of a blk man in Oakland,pt to the same lack of power and caring when it concerns blk life. We are running toward mass extintion and most of us are to goddam dead from the neck up to know or care.As you pointed out we will just like the Bro. just sentenced for Terrorism in NY are mear pawns in this captiolist nitemare called amerikka.
    As I type these words I’m listening to you talking about Judge Perry,another racist cog in this insane system .
    Mean while Cholera is running rampant in Haiti and I don’t believe its and accident.Haiti is a lab used to test out ways of depopulation that will be used in other parts of the world where large percentages of blk folks live.
    Again on the subject of so called blk leader ship they have been bought and paid for. Its just more apparent now then ever before.These vampires will never work in our interest,because we don’t have the economic clout.

  2. Think of how selfish the baby boomer generation is. It infuriates me that they were the ones who borrowed the money from our SS to fund their wars and prop up the economy long enough for them to hit 65. Now they’re going to tell us there’s only enough money for them to retire. GTF out of here. Worst most selfish generation in history. White, black, whatever they’ve all abandoned their responsibilities to the future. They’ve squandered everything the “greatest generation” left them and left nothing for us.

    We need to get ready to go French on these guys. If they try and touch SS we need to hit the streets immediately. No leaders are ahead on this. White or black. Our leaders are reactors not actors in the process. We can’t afford to wait for this to happen then react, it will be pointless. They need to fear us and they don’t.

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