Hip Hop History: Respect those Who Came Before Us (via Davey D’s Archived Essential Hip Hop Articles)

As we continue celebrating Hip Hop History Month, here’s another vintage article from November of ’99. Here we run down a list of key pioneers from NY and Cali.. Wish I was a bit more expansive in my thinking because I’ve would’ve included pioneers from Miami, the South and Detroit… I missed a big opportunity, but this was a good first step

Hip Hop History: Respect those Who Came Before Us RESPECT THOSE WHO CAME BEFORE US In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think all of us who are involved or down for Hip Hop should take time out and give thanks to all those who gave us the music, the culture and the game. For example we all owe a bit of gratitude to pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa and his Universal Zulu Nation. Here's a guy who came out of New York's ruthless gang culture and succeeded in creating something positive when there was so … Read More

via Davey D's Archived Essential Hip Hop Articles

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