Racism is Alive and Well in America..Black Postal Worker Attacked

This is a disturbing especially in midst of all the hatred and vile speech we hear on radio and seen at Tea Party events.. I said it once I’ll say it again, this is the  Reconstruction Era all over again and folks of good will and open hearts will have to step up and seriously condemn these types of scenarios. They are not as uncommon as one might think..

For those of us experiencing such treatment, we better learn better coping skills. No way one should have to put up with this.  Walk away is the first rule. Do not be glutton for punishment.



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31 comments on “Racism is Alive and Well in America..Black Postal Worker Attacked

  1. So what else is new. We are the sheep of this nation,only fighting and murdering each other never defending our own and generally passive and dead from the neck up. Reconstruction is a joke played over and over on us. We have been asleep for so long that most are just to far gone to ever understand how genocide in a modern society takes place.
    40yrs ago Samuel Yette wrote a book called THE CHOICE, THE ISSUE OF BLK SURVIVAL. Of course most blk folks never bothered to read it or understand it.We are on the road toward our final call.Most will either support their own destruction or try and drug and fuck their way thru this increasing nitemare.

  2. Since she seems to know so much, I hope she knows that she could be “slapped” with some jail time and/or fine for assaulting a postal (or even federal) worker while they are contacting official business.

  3. She has been identified as Erica F. Winchester. She’s 60-years-old, a public speaking coach, and from Hingham, Massachusetts. She runs a website for her company: http://www.thespeechcompany.com/

    It’s amazing in these times how fast information can be traced back to the source. People are posting her phone number and address all over the internet.

    It’s also amazing that in these days and times people are still talking like this.

  4. Darklord how’s this exactly the brother fault or the black community fault? This man was doing his job, (o yea black people do work) that lady was so out of line, but you want to blame the community. This brother was not a thug, gangbanger or anything, he was just giving this woman her mail. This is racism plain and simple, no way to justify it. What do black on black crime has to do with it? The only one who’s not awake is you, you know it doesn’t matter to certain people, how smart you are or how you dress, cuz they just see one thing, your skin color. When that white woman didn’t get her way, she had a fit calling him all type of “n” words, Darklord how is that right? The next time it may be a white man, who might beat a brother to death or that woman may have a gun and shot the brother, you never know.

  5. To show how desensitized we seem to be as a community to our own self-inflicted hate, there are countless videos circulating on the internet of random ignorance and violence perpetuated by our own people and we act as if it should be accepted/expected yet when a white person shows their true nature and how they really feel about us or the cops forgets the meaning of “warning shot” we are quick to decry and rally the troops so to speak. I am in no way excusing ignorance and violence against our people at the hands of others but I really don’t get it. Shouldn’t we try to at least acknowledge the plank in our own eye and collectively find ways to remove it? Will we ever stop defending the curse of our own undoing? Will it ever be a shame to accept the many wrong, hurtful things so many of us now seem to zealously condone now a days? Just a few rambling thoughts!


  6. Why did the brother allow himself to be verbally assaulted by this ignorant woman? He’s delivered the mail, she has signed for it, he is in the truck, she is outside of the truck.

    Drive off and leave her dumb ass standing there! End of story.

  7. Awww shit. I just watched the second clip. He’s asking her why she slapped him? And asking her for permission to call his ’employer’? AND he’s STILL trying to be civil?

    I’m not feeling that turn the other cheek bullshit. While she had her hand in the window trying to slap me again, I would have rolled the window up and called the police on her dumb, ignorant ass.

  8. Basically, it would’ve been a comedy routine of her hanging off the side of my truck while I’m driving off. Regardless of service, when they start to argue, keep it moving or learn a dictionary full of responses!

  9. She assaulted a mail carrier. She’s doing time for that, guaranteed. It’s a federal case, not local. Her little backwoods sheriff can’t do anything to cover this up. Nobody gets away with fucking with a mail carrier. You get in a collision with their little truck and you’re at fault no matter what. It’s true. Look it up. While this woman was enlightening herself on “niggers” having low IQs, she should have studied federal laws regarding mail carriers while she was at it. She’s in trouble.

  10. dAVEY,

    gET serious man. you search the internet for something racial; and you will find is 60 yr. old granny.
    makes you look stupid. Step up your game!!!

  11. What difference the woman age make Nick? So Dave should had found a 30 years old white woman? 25, 30 or 60 a racist is still a racist? I wonder if Nick is nevermind.

  12. Yo Steve,
    It sounds like granny is a monster threat to you. Boy maybe you and that punk ass mailman should call each other up and discuss how to protect candy ass from that fearful villian.

  13. And if the mailman would have took matters into his own hands and back handed that women right across her jaw, like many people wish he had, Nick would be calling him a thug. It’s a game people like Nick like to play. The bottom line is that this mailman handled the situation perfectly. And he got her outright criminal behavior on tape. He’s a good man. She’s anything but good.

  14. nick now I’m a punk cuz I won’t hit a woman? Wow, look how tough you are! Beside if I or that or any brother would had laid one finger on that white woman, we’d be under the jail. I don’t women period. Yes, she may have just slapped him, but a person with that much hate, you don’t know what she could had did. How do we know, she didn’t have a gun in her purse. You know she could had killed that man and she would make some kind of excuse, why she shot him. Maybe you should find yourself another web site, Nick.

  15. Steve I’m sorry your still frightened of granny. Who’s talkin bout hittin anybody-not me. It;s called standin up for yourself. Many ways to do it.
    Whole thing looks almost staged anyway.
    No need to reply. Don’t waNT TO BATTLE WITH YOUR FOOLISHNESS.

  16. LOL. If you thought it was staged Nick why didn’t you say that at first? You’ve discussed the matter at some length for having believed all along it was staged. Who’s the fool?

    And, of course, you wish it was staged because the video proves that many white people who appear to be “mainstream” and “civil” are still quite racist. That woman fits just about everyone’s profile of a normal, well to do white person, based on appearance. She’s the last person a cop would ever pull over, the last person that would be asked for ID when writing a check at the grocery store. Yet here she is, calling a black man a nigger. White supremacy is not just on the fringes of society, it’s in the mainstream. And don’t give me this, “she was just mad, she flipped”. That only makes it worse. When you’re angry you say things you’ve been bottling up for some time.

  17. Rob and Stevie nunya.
    I don’t want dialogue with you. If you want to pile on; bring it but bring it good.
    My original message was adressed to Davey. And I have no disrespect for the man.
    Where I grew up in Benson H n.y. late 70’s and 80’s this SHIT is completely laughable. We called our area DG, DEGE GHETTO.
    I don’t know where yu all from; but if this episode is something to be fearful of or somehow dangerous you haven’t seen shit; and I really don’t give a — what race you are; that’s not important.
    With your outlook you would places like Bedsty, Flatbush, South Benson would swallow your ass up in half a second. Why? Because rascist granny, by the way theres millions of all races, seems to be a major problem
    On your next emaillet me know wher4e to meet and we discuss it over a cappucino instead of hiding behind your computer.

  18. Do it have to be dangerous and you know it wasn’t dangerous?

    Nick said:
    I don’t know where yu all from; but if this episode is something to be fearful of or somehow dangerous you haven’t seen shit; and I really don’t give a — what race you are; that’s not important.

    So if a person called you a racial name and put their their hands on you, what would you do? Maybe getting slap and being called a vile word, doesn’t bothers you. Where I from, really that’s matters? So I guess living in America, I should expect to get smack by a person for no reason? I don’t give a damn what part of this country you’re from, nobody deserves to be treated like that! Not to mention, the guy was doing his job, but that’s doesn’t matter to you.
    Don’t give me that crap that you don’t care about race. You know, if that was a white man who got slap by a black woman, you’d be pissed. Because it was a 60 years white woman, she just a granny. If that was a sister you’d be calling her all type of ghetto, violent so and so. Since she white and lived in a “good” neighbor, she’s just nice sweet granny(even though she has a nasty mouth and violent). Race matter cuz for some reason, white people get the benefit of the doubt, and black people well we’re guilty, until proved not guilty.

  19. Couple of thinngs here bro.
    First of all race doesn’t matter. Does it really matter what color someone is when there isi disrespect involved. If someones comin at me either verbally or whatever what does race have to do; with it.
    Disrepect is direspect
    You don’t have to tell me what you are to try to make your point its irrelevant.
    You don’t have to educate me on who is rascist. For the record I/vge seen it as bad as it gets/ I grew uup on14th ave. in South Bensonhurst. That area we referred to as Dego Ghetto .
    None ya seen real racial tension but I was taught through example that disrepect has no gender or color.
    My cousinsi , neibhor crew carried this motto. We earned respect this way. I used to ride into the Bronx with my cuz when I was a teenager get off at a place called the Disco Fever and nobody ever f with us. OTHER than a dude named Sal who my cuz had some sort of frienship we were the only non african[am. but we got much respect and they coould feel us. They could feel us because they knew even without words it was all about respect not gender or race. Yo Steve somethin to think about its called lookin at the bigger p[icture. With respect Nick.

  20. Respect? Can you answer a simple question, I have asked you? Dude, its doesn’t matter where you’re from or you’re age, nobody should be treated like that. Before I ask you my question, let me make this comment. You should get respect from jump, period. Anyway, Nick how would you react in that situtration if it was you? If you think race dosen’t matter, that tell me two things about you: a. you’re not black or a person of color and second, you have hang around white people too much. The biggest thing about your attitude is, you have no ideal what you’re talking about. If you’re not a person of color, maybe you don’t understand that even today, there are things that black men can’t do. And am I scared of a old white woman? yes, cuz that white woman can easiler take away my freedom. White women have always have power to take away black men freedom, learn some history son. White women have lied on black men since there was a USA. If that brother would had even try to push her away, who you think would go to jail? If that brother would have yelled “Stop touching me!”, wouldn’t you think that white women could make something up? If you don’t understand that this happen to brothers all time, then maybe you should go to another websight.

  21. Your completely missing the point dude. I think your smarter than this and your just side-steppin with a bunch of word games. If not, I’m wasting a lot of time.
    #1. I don’t or never did in my comments ever condone behavior of rascist lady-show me where.
    #2. This is where we will differ. If someone strikes you; you have a right to defend yourself. Now according to you because lady is a white woman you are not to defend yoursellf because legal system is 100% rascist and you will have no shot in court.
    Well you tell me. There are many things the postman could have done rather than assume the frickin fetal position and squeel like a child. And I’m not talkin about violence.
    Now yes this is where our backgrounds come in. If you must know or haven’t already figured it out I’m Italian-Am. Me personally I don’t think thats pertianat to make points but to you race is everything obviously. Now there are a ton of stereotypes about our people as well but who cares. If you let it it feeds on itself; and than what you gonna do walk around afraid of your own shadow. But you know what I’m not going to try to let you bait me into the race game.
    What if the lady was a black woman then what postman has access to other ways to defend himself. Tells me a lot how you respect your own women. Time to man up homie; show some pride!!!
    And yes race doesn’t matter unless you let it!!!! If you do let it you’ll live your stereotype.
    And oh by the way should I say stevie or davey or stevie- I think its the same; I’ve been around quote people of color all my life. And whats a colored person; Maybe you should tell me Davey I’m Italian with kind of dark skin. Am I know colored, asshole. Most all agree with me.
    I thought this was a hip-hop website. I would have been able to add a lot. Iknew all the players down at Disco Fever. I knew Sal the owner, dominick ect. I knew both bugs; June and luv. All the original DJ’s started there; not the whack us commercial shit kind of like I’m thinking this website is. People afraid to discuss issues like a man. People afraid of a new pardigm or not willing to look at new views. Or people not able to respectfully disagree because there views are still up in there ass. Pull it out Stevie/ Davey maybe you ‘ll be open to a different outlook.
    Davey you knew me being Italian from the City was only going to react this way. That stereotype I will say is true. But I’m not going to go back and proof read and re-edit. I’m speakin from the heart. out Nick

  22. “i’m not predjudiced, you fucking nigger, i’m just pissed off…”


    that lady’s real problem may be that she looks like she hasn’t gotten screwed since Nixon was in office. deep down, i bet she secretly fantasizes about being “Mandingoed.”

    so, uh, yeah, disturbing, but i have to admire the African dude’s restraint. if that was me, i would have opened up a can of whup-ass on that ignorant-ass cracker bitch. but homie is probably supporting a family of 12 plus sending money back to Upper Volta on that gov’t slave job, so that’s why he didn’t retaliate.

    ps nick, no one cares where you’re from or how ghetto you think you are. that may sound harsh but its the truth. sorry ’bout that.

    Italian-Americans are kind of a joke anyway, just like French-Canadians. I know this chick from Tuscany–you know, the real Italy– who lives in East Oakland and she’s realer than you could ever be. cooks a mean gnocchi, too. fyi, she told me she doesnt like white boys because their dicks are too small. go figure.

    and speaking of low IQ scores, nick, you appear to have problems typing grammatically-correct sentences and basic syntax. that probably has nothing to do with race. if i were you, instead of insulting people who are way smarter and much more coherent than you, you might want to brush up on basic literacy skills. just sayin’…

  23. Nick said:
    #2. This is where we will differ. If someone strikes you; you have a right to defend yourself. Now according to you because lady is a white woman you are not to defend yoursellf because legal system is 100% rascist and you will have no shot in court.

    It’s not just according to me, ask a 100 brothers and I bet not one will not strike that woman. Why even put it into the hands of the legal system, when you don’t have to? Again, we are not the same especially in the eyes of the legal system. They won’t see you as a threat, or a thug or a danger, because of your skin tone. They will see my skin tone and to them I am threat, a thug and a danger. Again, in this country white women are vaule way more than any black people, especially black men. I could be the most educated, well spoken brother and all they see is black. Do you know how many black men have been killed bc something a white woman said? Black men have been lynched, shot and falusey imprision over something a white woman said.
    There’s have been white women who have killed their kids, but blamed black men before they got caught. These women know full well, if you don’t want to get caught just blame black men. Nick, you may be color blind, but america still see black men as something scary. I’m not talking about the 1950s or 60s, I mean these things still goes on. Remeber Susan Smith?

    Nick said:
    What if the lady was a black woman then what postman has access to other ways to defend himself. Tells me a lot how you respect your own women. Time to man up homie; show some pride!!!
    And yes race doesn’t matter unless you let it!!!! If you do let it you’ll live your stereotype

    Again, it would be awhole different situtration, the black woman would had been in jail. Yes, of course if the dude was white he could had defended himself, cuz he don’t have to worry about what we have to worry about. Shoot there a white guy who shot four unarm black men, bback in the ’80s, and with no surprise no jail time. White people can “defend” theirselves, but again we don’t get the benefit of the doubt.

    If everything was fair and color blind, that woman would never had those ignorant thoughts or been violent. Hack, there wouldn’t had been slaves, jim crow laws, segreation, the war on drugs, police bruality or racism, but that’s not the world that we’re living in.

  24. nick, you wish you could go to my level. i’m actually surprised you’re still hanging around after what you wrote earlier. i did notice you’re getting more succinct — perhaps because you’ve been served accordingly?

  25. Sounds like your looking for dialogue. What’s wrong no one will talk to you? Iguess that’s what happens when your up sending emails at 4:33 in the morning e-wack.
    Well looks like you rally burned me. Gee. Wally and beaver comes on soon.

    Your an amateur.

    Italian americans are a joke. Somethin about a penis.
    Sounds like you a got a hard-on for me. I’ve got some referrals for you though. You would make a perfect bitch. I got lots of extend. fam and compas in Rykers they be glad to fit your needs; there’s some Italian Stallions for you. Don’t worry though its a while befo they out. If you want to continue we can start a file for you.

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