MC Hammer Talks w/ All Hip Hop Why He Checked & His Victorious Over Jay-Z

MC Hammer wants people to know some things about him. First of all, he’s a staunch Christian that doesn’t take light anybody taking shots at it. He also wants people know that he’s more than a rapper that sold a bunch of record, made millions and lost it in a bankruptcy.

In the midst of his squabble with Jay-Z, Hammer was meeting with Tony Blair (the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Michael Arrington of acclaimed blog TechCrunch. These may or may not be significant to some people, but it does speak volumes to Hammer’s penetration into a world with no apparent relation to Hip-Hop.

In this exclusive interview, MC Hammer explains why he responded to Jay-Z with “Better Run Run,” the new video that depicts the Devil chasing the Roc Nation mogul. He also chronicles in detail why he didn’t appreciate Jay-Z’s verse on Kanye West’s “So Appalled” and he retort to his naysayers. And lastly why, despite Jay’s repeated denial, he feels his counterpart “romances the Devil.” You are the talk of the town, with what is going on with the video “Better Run Run” and everything. First of all, how do you feel about things?

MC Hammer : You know you can’t even drop a song like that from my perspective and not expect it to be conversational. So I wanted to spark conversation around the issues that I raised within the song. Without a doubt across all platforms, all mediums, global, broadcast radio and television all the way to ESPN sports – the conversation has been sparked and that was my goal. What was the response that you got? I’ve seen stuff from different angles, you retweet things. What have you been feeling generally the consensus is?

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Jigga talks about that in in the video below..


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9 comments on “MC Hammer Talks w/ All Hip Hop Why He Checked & His Victorious Over Jay-Z

  1. If Jay-Z wants to worship d’evils what does it really even matter? To each his own; live and let live! And I know some will say that he is a “role model” but that doesn’t cut it. Especially when snoop dogg, a man whom seems to praise the chronic, gets a pass. Parents need to get real with their kids and stop relying on entertainers, athletes, etc. There are so many more greater issues that should have the attention of such a man of influence that Hammer seems to appers to be, so why not give attention to them vise wasting time trying save souls that aren’t asking for his grace. if anything king hammer should have been more irate with Rick Ross whom made an entire song entitled mc hammer with crap lyrics such as:

    “My gun dirty, my brick clean
    I’m ridding dirty, my d–k clean
    She talk dirty but her mouth clean
    B—h I’m MC hammer.. I’m about cream
    I got 30 cars, hole lot of dancers
    I take them everywhere.. I’m MC Hammer
    Started selling dough, I’m too legit to quit
    When its hammer time, I’m pulling out the stick”

    I guess this is cool though, right?!?

    Got hypocrite?

    c’mon son (O _ o)

  2. why is hammer a hypocrite for not responding to rick ross? if i’m not mistaken, jay dissed hammer. RR is using a metaphor/analogy. his lyrics might be filthy, but he’s not disrespecting Hammer anymore than Outkast were disrespecting Rosa Parks.

  3. To me, it seems that Hammer is blowing it way out of proportion. The “Empire State of Mind” joint from Jay-Z wasn’t criticizing Jesus directly or indirectly nor was it calling for the church to end. More than anything it was describing in detail that New York, or “big city” life and the powerful allure of it that one can find themself in (in this case, a girl new to NY). When he mentions “life begins when the church ends” he’s saying that once church ends (actual church service) life begins (parties, clubbing, etc.). It’s no different than those who party Saturday evening and going to church Sunday morning (sinner/saint).

    The one thing about songs and films is that they’re both open to interpretation.

  4. my point was that if you tout that you are a man of god does not his god renounce being unevenly yoked with those whom don’t live a life of and believe in the scripture?

  5. I watched the video, “On to the Next One”, to confirm this. I didn’t see bullet holes around Jesus. The scene in question is a crucifix necklace, chain and all, with a bullet on the left and right side. Personally, I interpret this as a constant reminder to the rap artist of death and a faith in God. How do I come to this? Hip Hop has lost legends due to the gun (Pac and Biggie). Artist all the time are caught with guns (Lil Wayne, TI).

    Unfortunately, the culture is plagued with the thought that a gun will protect you from “haters” and individuals who rather see you dead than successful. Blame it on the artist or the corporate restructuring of the culture (I’l leave that up to the individual to decide).

    Artists have a faith in God just like anyone who hopes to persevere through life’s obstacles.

    This goes along with me saying that interpretation is in the eye of the observer.

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