Johannes Mehserle Supporters Expect Him Home for Thanksgiving: Recall Efforts to Remove Judge Robert Perry Underway

Mehserle supporters expect him to be home in time for Thanksgiving

So it looks like killer cop Johannes Mehserle‘s father Todd is predicting his son will be home in time for Thanksgiving.. You can peep  his remarks along with the sentiments of his police and pro-police supporters on the Face Book page they set up.

Many have been hawking the police talking point that Oscar Grant brought this death on to himself.  It’s the like they borrowed a page from the old adage ‘repeat a lie often enough and it soon becomes an indisputable truth‘.  So at the end of the day, no matter whats said, expect to hear the retort that Grant was responsible for his death. Its a PR tactic that obviously worked with Judge Robert Perry.

Whats also interesting his reading the remarks where Mehserle supporters were angry with the judge. They said he should’ve known better to bring this to trial. This underscores to me the importance of us fully knowing who sits on these benches. Obviously the Police crowd fully expect judges to ride for them.. That has got to change…

Right now folks on the Oscar Grant side are already starting the process to recall Judge Perry. many are still stunned by his hurtful remarks and light rulings this past Friday.

Here is more detailed information for the steps needed to impeach a judge..

Here’s some more footage from Oscar Grant Rally

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5 comments on “Johannes Mehserle Supporters Expect Him Home for Thanksgiving: Recall Efforts to Remove Judge Robert Perry Underway

  1. He says on his wall, “we love you unconditionally”. Meaning, they know he did something wrong. These people are confused, period. They want to believe he did the right, patriotic, law enforcement thing or whatever, but they were brought up knowing it’s wrong to take someone’s life unless it’s the only thing you can do to defend yourself. Our real feelings always slip out of us. And if you read their comments, they’re slipping left and right. They keep saying they love and support him no matter what. No matter what…means even if he does something wrong. If they truly believed he did nothing wrong, they would never say these things. They would just support him, and leave out the “unconditional” party. They could love him conditionally if he hadn’t done anything wrong, right?

  2. His parents were anything but confused.They did what any parent would.Are they racist,if they live in amerikka more then likely.
    What so many of you who I see posting seem to be missing is the obvious,NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT BLK LIFE.One young sis said it best at the rally in Oakland,”when are we gona see blk people march and shout out about us killing each other?”
    The reason the mehserles of the world can do what they do and get away is 3 fold,1 their white,2 they are the arm of the state and 3 they are only killing powerless people who society as deemed as having no real value.
    Over and over I see some of them more sad comments coming from so many of you about how surprised you are by the verdict. Just how many more of us have to die before you get it thru your heads,Amerikka don’t give 2 dead Haiti babies about ya not even the so-called MIDDLE CLASS.
    The wars in our communities center around economics and control of the territory we live in.Gangs are the direct result of this powerlessness.All this bullshit about controlling gangs,is just a subtrafuse to keep us from dealing with the ugly truths of what this country is really doing to us. If the word DOWN SIZING,only means jobs then you are missing the big picture. Amerikka and its allies are downsizing their surplus populations,thru wars,deseases, and mentacide,(people killing themselves and others like them.) To many of you are so far gone that all you contiune to do is pray,scream,get high or contiune abusing your own familes and loved ones.
    This form of music thats so loved among the masses Rap is just the latest form of urban poor folks therapy to scream about all the insanity and madness that so many feel.
    I expect with in the next few months to see the same tired comments from so many of my broken mentally deranged bros and sis,all basically whining,begging and waiting on some bullshit Jesus myth to make the changes that only a serious revolution can make. And as we know so well,NIGGERS,NEGROES,COLORED PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF REVOLUTION!

  3. wow, darkoverlord, cuz tilting at windmills on a mb is so much better than protests and petitions. what are YOU doing? other than typing insults and expletives? you’re so full of hate, you’re just as much the problem as the people you’re lambasting.

  4. Thankyou Darkoverlord for pointing out what I’ve been saying for years. Black and brown people better gather up the guns and get ready for war between us and the “authorities” in the near future because there’ll be much more Oscar Grants out there! THE POWER STRUCTURE DON’T WANT US HERE ANYMORE!! COULD IT BE MORE EVIDENT?? DID POST-KATRINA ATROCITIES IN N.O. NOT SEND A MSG TO BLACK FOLKS?? SHAWN BELL?? ABNER LOUIMA?? JAMES BYRD?? MUMIA ABU JAMAL??? We were once commodities to them, but now we’re just dead weight (pun intended)! We protest and march and that gets the attention of the rest of the country and maybe the Feds, but in the end, a family member is still gone and another new case comes up. We’re going to get to the point of where we are only going to have 2 choices: Make amends with God and live out the rest of our lives on our knees or be a sinner and pick up that weapon and fight for your constitutional right to EXIST(i can’t believe i gotta say that!). This fucking joke of a trial has me thinking of Ice T’s band Body Count’s most famous song (for those over 35, u know what it is)…THATS HOW ANGRY I AM AND I’M A PEACE LOVIN BROTHA!!


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