Johannes Mehserle Supporters Expect Him Home for Thanksgiving: Recall Efforts to Remove Judge Robert Perry Underway

Mehserle supporters expect him to be home in time for Thanksgiving

So it looks like killer cop Johannes Mehserle‘s father Todd is predicting his son will be home in time for Thanksgiving.. You can peep  his remarks along with the sentiments of his police and pro-police supporters on the Face Book page they set up.

Many have been hawking the police talking point that Oscar Grant brought this death on to himself.  It’s the like they borrowed a page from the old adage ‘repeat a lie often enough and it soon becomes an indisputable truth‘.  So at the end of the day, no matter whats said, expect to hear the retort that Grant was responsible for his death. Its a PR tactic that obviously worked with Judge Robert Perry.

Whats also interesting his reading the remarks where Mehserle supporters were angry with the judge. They said he should’ve known better to bring this to trial. This underscores to me the importance of us fully knowing who sits on these benches. Obviously the Police crowd fully expect judges to ride for them.. That has got to change…

Right now folks on the Oscar Grant side are already starting the process to recall Judge Perry. many are still stunned by his hurtful remarks and light rulings this past Friday.

Here is more detailed information for the steps needed to impeach a judge..

Here’s some more footage from Oscar Grant Rally

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MC Hammer Talks w/ All Hip Hop Why He Checked & His Victorious Over Jay-Z

MC Hammer wants people to know some things about him. First of all, he’s a staunch Christian that doesn’t take light anybody taking shots at it. He also wants people know that he’s more than a rapper that sold a bunch of record, made millions and lost it in a bankruptcy.

In the midst of his squabble with Jay-Z, Hammer was meeting with Tony Blair (the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Michael Arrington of acclaimed blog TechCrunch. These may or may not be significant to some people, but it does speak volumes to Hammer’s penetration into a world with no apparent relation to Hip-Hop.

In this exclusive interview, MC Hammer explains why he responded to Jay-Z with “Better Run Run,” the new video that depicts the Devil chasing the Roc Nation mogul. He also chronicles in detail why he didn’t appreciate Jay-Z’s verse on Kanye West’s “So Appalled” and he retort to his naysayers. And lastly why, despite Jay’s repeated denial, he feels his counterpart “romances the Devil.” You are the talk of the town, with what is going on with the video “Better Run Run” and everything. First of all, how do you feel about things?

MC Hammer : You know you can’t even drop a song like that from my perspective and not expect it to be conversational. So I wanted to spark conversation around the issues that I raised within the song. Without a doubt across all platforms, all mediums, global, broadcast radio and television all the way to ESPN sports – the conversation has been sparked and that was my goal. What was the response that you got? I’ve seen stuff from different angles, you retweet things. What have you been feeling generally the consensus is?

continue reading article over at All Hip Hop...where MC Hammer shares his thoughts about  Jay-Z giving  him props in his new book

Jigga talks about that in in the video below..


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