Killer Cop Gets away w/ Murder: Johannes Mehserle Gets 2 Years w/ Credit for Time Served!

This man got two years w/ credit for time served for shooting an unarmed , subdued man at point blank range..


Hard Knock Radio Oscar Montage: ‘The Verdict & the Letter-We Want Justice

This is a montage put together by DJ Mike Biggz of HKR…This is what we opened our show with this aftermnoon…

Today we had a gross miscarriage of justice.. Judge Robert Perry threw out the gun enhancement clause.. (10yrs) and then gave Johannes Mehserle 2yrs with credit for 146 days with time served..

Football star Plexico Burris did more time shooting himself than Mehserle. Michael Vick did more time  than Mehserle..

Rally today at downtown oakland 2pm.. Shame on mehserle., the Judge and any police officer who sat back and allowed this to take place without speaking out..

Today was not a good day..It makes you wonder if there even is a such thing as JUSTICE.. Maybe it doesn’t exist. maybe we been hoodwinked and bamboozled..

Lemme know if someone knows where JUSTICE is at?

Eric Holder? President Obama? Why are u guys in office if your not gonna make sure justice is not carried out..

We should also remember that earlier today, Neo Nazis showed up at the courthouse and started funk with Black folks, in particular the Black Riders.. One Neo Nazi was arrested while three Black Riders were arrested. Yep the racism was thick both on and off the bench.

Here are two heartfelt speeches to give folks better context as to what’s at stake.. The first one is from Oscar Grant’s ‘sister in law’ ( the aunt to his daughter Tatiana… Its a letter to Judge Robert Perry where she breaks down how his death has impacted the family.. The second is from Minister Keith who has been on the case from day one.. He sums up everything that has happened and what we are ultimately seeking-Justice.. Open Letter to Judge Robert Perry Minister Keith Speaks

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53 comments on “Killer Cop Gets away w/ Murder: Johannes Mehserle Gets 2 Years w/ Credit for Time Served!

  1. a few things here…

    1) the disconnect between the brutal act which ended Grant’s life and the sentence meted out for his death shows the system is unjust.

    2) a longer sentence may have been warranted and would not have corrected this injustice in and of itself.

    so, in a sense, this is a good thing, because we can clearly see the corruption and bias of the legal system. now its on us to take action and keep fighting until the system changes.

  2. Please. If Grant was white, would any of you still give a shit? Probably not. The race card is getting old. The courts went with the evidence and wasn’t influenced by the media for once.

  3. There is a big difference between “murder” and involuntary manslaughter. Try using some common sense.

  4. Disappointing, Davey, but not a surprise. Who in here quoted Malcom X yesterday? “Ballot or the Bullet”? What he said.

    This has nothing to do with tuesday’s election, but these types of decisions and this type of policy is what’s to come in this country.

  5. Do we really want Obama to chime in on this, only to watch his pathetic apology 3 days later, after Fox News and the cop unions come after him for it?

    You also have to consider the possibility of Obama weighing in and Supporting Mehserle. Holder will probably hire Mehserle as his Marijuana czar.

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  7. @J “The race card is getting old” How can it be old, when it’s a reality for a lot of people everyday?

  8. @Nick: Don’t confuse one person’s reality with another’s convenience. If this was white on white or black on black, it wouldn’t get the attention it did.

  9. I’m sick and tired of bigots having the balls to keep saying “the race card, the race card, all you do is complain” we do because this happens. Equality for all. This is ridiculous. When someone who shoots themselves gets more time then someone who MURDERS someone especially video. No respect for people. Disgusting.

  10. Not Surprising; Still Disgusting.

    Young Black Brothas are still considered lower than dogs in Amerikkkan Society, and our In-Justice system is the legal perpetuation of grave inequality and oppression of our Communities.

    How can the judge say that there wasn’t enough evidence and throw away the Gun Enhancement? SMH; The whole trail was so disheartening and I’m trying not to go back over the details in my head, but damn…
    Post-Racial Society my ass;

    1 thing I have to say in regards to Judge Perry is, Do your homework on your Judges/Justices before you randomly vote Y/N. Better Believe Conservatives/Regressives do (their goal is to prevent change); few ways we can have some influence in our Legal System.

  11. @J: please stop. now. i cant say for certain that people wouldnt have organized the way the Oscar Grant supporters–who, incidentally, were a multicultural coalition–have, were Grant white. but certainly the added context of Grant’s race made the injustice even more egregious. you obviously dont live in oakland, so your opinion doesnt mean diddly, since you obviously havent been at any of the demonstrations. in other words you dont know what you’re talking about. if anything is getting tired, its arguments like yours.

    who the fuck told you you could post on a hip-hop comment board anyway? go listen to justin bieber or coldplay and stay in your lane.

  12. I’m outraged. I haven’t seen such injustice since Malice Green. Let’s remove White and Black for a minute, and just look at the flawed judicial system as a whole. What kind of society do we live in when a cop gets 2 years with credit for time served (1 1/2 years total) for shooting an innocent man while he lay face down on the concrete with cuffs on, but in Atlanta, you give a young woman 36 years for a hit and run. Then lock her mom up for 8 years for accessory??? If I ever understood, surely I don’t now. I’m afraid for what can happen to us at this stage. My prayers go out to the family of Oscar Grant, and the entire West Coast, because I got a feeling shit’ s about to get ugly before it gets any better.

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  14. Get out and vote Black people, vote in Black people, vote in latinos judges. If you dont vote, they keep bring in the same kind of people that dont care for Black people.
    When are you going to understand. This is the way the system works. If you are in power, (judges), you get to make the rules. Dont hate the game or the player. Get in the game and get some new players.

  15. The Jusge’s sentence illegally nullified the jury’s verdict by throwing out the gun enhancement. The gun enhancement was imposed after the jury specifically requested the judge to explain the ramifications: It could only be imposed IF THE JURY BELIEVED THAT MEHSERLE LIED WHEN HE SAID SHOOTING OSCAR GRANT WAS A MISTAKE. The gun enhancement was issued because the jury did not believe Mehserle had tried to taser Grant. They had to have thought Mehserle 1) Pulled the gun either on purpose to shoot Grant out of anger, or 2) Lost control and pulled the gun to shoot Grant but “Did not intend to kill Grant. Only by considering one or both scenarios could the jury, after receiving the judge’s instructions and explanation, have added the gun enhancement. This means that THEY DID NOT BELIEVE THE LIE ABOUT THE TASER. The judge therefore erred by throwing out the enhancement, or if the enhancement was thrown out, the judge erred by giving the minimum sentence because a judge cannot reverse what the jury decided from the testimony.

  16. J, do you think every gang member and drug dealer isn’t going to buy a taser and keep it on them at all times, now? So they can use the taser excuse just like Mehserle if they catch a case?

  17. The assassin gets 2 yrs less double time served for “good behavior”
    Oscar himself took a picture of Mehserle HOLDING his taser before the creep chose to inhilster his gun and shot him dead.
    Surely the creep will get mucho $$$ and extra food & steroids on his books, private, nicely decorated cell isolated from the general population, and a brass band / victory party at the gate the day of his release. The Great White Hope will be recruited by Taser International or as top security guard by Palin, as a national hero.
    On, today, I saw only ine picture posted from Ogawa Plaza demo, poorly attended ?
    and under comments, someone entered a lame comment TWICE, under 2 DIFFERENT NAMES. saying that it was an occasion for Joy and Merriement, great time meeting with new Oakland folx, and really a “celibration” (SP)
    Laid back law enforcement presence, no crowds photos.
    Was it infiltrated ?

  18. @e-scribblah: No, I don’t live in Oakland, but how is that relevant? Have you even been to Oakland? I have, as I live 30 minutes away. I don’t recall saying anything about the verdict itself and whether it was just or not, only that people have made it a race issue from the beginning when it’s not. Any time a black person is wronged by a white person, it’s automatically a race issue. If it’s a white on white or black on black crime, you would care less. That’s called reverse racism. Justice is flawed both ways. Apparently you forgot about the OJ trial. For the record, I was all for OJ getting off. But after seeing his behavior after the fact, I’m not so sure he didn’t do it. Furthermore, you’re under the misconception that your childish retort will actually work on me. Come at me like a civilized adult next time.

    @RobThomas: Did every gang member and drug dealer go out and buy under-sized gloves so they could use the “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit” excuse?

  19. A lot of people are going to use the taser excuse now, J. If it fails, their lawyer will appeal and refer to THIS case. Lots of guys are going to walk.

  20. The thing that is sad to me is how black folks kill each other every day, shooting each other in the backs like dogs in the streets on the daily but no one is protesting that mess. Oh and everyone knows who is doing the killings but everyone wants to keep their lips sealed cuz snitchin aint cool. Oscar did not deserve to die at the hands of the cops but would anyone be protesting if he had been murdered in the streets like happens everyday over breezies and dope? I think that when folks is done breakin windows and tearing stuff up that they should go home and make all of the liquor stores, dealers and pimps broke by boycotting them as they kill way more of the community that all of these cops do. One last thing, cops are assholes mostly but who wants to deal with the stuff they deal with? Who wants to be the ones to show up for the 13-16 year old fellas with their wigs split over bullshit on a daily or for the sick wife beater alcoholic? Easy to say whatever about how bad they are, but if we would do the right thing more often then they wouldn’t be in our neighborhood as often. Remember Chris Rock’s funny video how to avoid be beaten by the Police: Rule 1: Obey the law. So the Cop gets 2 years while there are tens ot thousands in our community killing people and never being caught, where is the justice for that??

  21. forgive me if i seem callous by saying this, but what disgusts me most about oscar grant’s death is not the killing itself. as davey d himself has pointed out, there’s nothing at all unusual about a young black man catching a bullet. while this is a wholly unacceptable state of affairs and a “norm” we are shamefully ineffectual at undoing, what truly disgusts me about this whole ordeal is that the online forums, including this one, are full to bursting with racist and xenophobic venom. i have seen the video of oscar grant’s slaying and i have read opinions from law enforcement officers which lead me to believe that: a) mehserle was a complete dumbass if he couldn’t remember which side of his body his taser is on*, and b) more importantly, there seemed to be no clear and present danger from which mehserle needed to protect himself – or his colleagues on the scene – which would necessitate his use of a taser in the first place. now, the elephant in the room – the thing that we can’t (and shouldn’t) convict mehserle of is that he was a step above a rent-a-cop, armed with the means to incapacitate or kill, in a rowdy (presumably intoxicated) crowd that he may have felt was antagonistic against him because of his ethnicity and his position of authority. OK, so the kid got scared and he dropped the hammer on another kid for some reason or another and in this instance the mistake was fatal. if we take color out of the equation (officer, victim, crowd) and we assume that the officer felt threatened and felt the need to show force to maintain order, it seems pretty cut and dry. i am not a legal scholar but i am guessing that the offending officer gets off light. maybe gets stripped of post and goes back to guarding the local strip mall. what people have failed to recognize, in my opinion, is that there is a whole lot of straight up fury in the black communities of this country because a lot of straight up racial killing has been swept under the rug as “honest mistakes” or “resisting arrest”. to view this incident outside of that context is just as dumbass a move as to pull your live sidearm when you meant to pull your taser. however, to jump to the conclusion that mehserle is a monster – and not just a dumbass – is equally unjust. i am not going so far as to characterize johannes mehserle as a racist. i have never met the man and have not taken his measure (although i do think the “i thought it was my taser” defense is flimsy at best*). however, i would suggest that the same racism that we as a community put on him – that we assume motivated his killing of oscar grant – infects all of us who would respond in these online forums that there can be no justice so long as racist cops have a genocidal agenda and the racist judges (and juries) find white offenders less culpable for their missteps than their black counterparts. i would love the opportunity to discuss and debate this issue at greater length with anyone who cares to participate because, as i am sure you have surmised if you’ve read this far, i don’t have any answers. as i alluded in the opening of this entry, i’m just aching for a conversation about this subject that doesn’t devolve into finger-pointing. there. i’ve got that off my chest. go back to calling everyone names and having everyone else call you names. i’m gonna go over here and do my thing.

    *i keep my wallet and keys in one front pocket and my phone in the other. when i need to make a call i invariably reach for the correct pocket. when i want to make a withdrawal from an ATM i invariably reach for the correct pocket. i do this on the daily – and there aren’t lives hanging in the balance of my making the right decision. i’m just saying.

  22. Disgusted? Yes. Surprised. Not really. In the end more and more cops will continue to do this bullshit, and politicians will look the other way. Hell, some will even support it.

    Also, J, why do you use the old “race card” avoidance trick and not see the point of this blog?

  23. @Will: I’m not dismissing the fact that there are racist cops. I’m in total agreement with kenny_b on the issue, and couldn’t have said it better myself. My whole point, however, is about reverse racism in this country — people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton especially. If a white kills a white, it’s acceptable. If a black kills a black, it’s a shame. If a white kills a black, it’s racism. If a black kills a white, it’s justice.

  24. Anyone who insist on using the tired excuse that folks have and do not protest, march or show upset for crime in their community..Please list the name of organizers around the Oscar Grant movement who do not do this on a regular.. I’ll wait.. until then its falsehood and second one has nothing to do with another. Cops are paid for by tax dollars, thugs causing mayhem in the community are not..

    But as I said please list the names of those organizers.. This challnge was issued to a reporter 4 days ago who has not been able to do that.. perhaps some of these concerned citizens posting up that nonsense can provide more relevant information

  25. Whatever Davey D, ya stole me name cuz I’m older than you son.

    Maybe Oscar’s family has had a “lets stop killing each other march/protest/rally”, I just didn’t get the memo. But why don’t you have one next weekend Davey D at 14th and Broadway in Oakland and then the following weekend at 7th and Pennsulvania in Richmond, CA and the Saturday after that at Fillmore and Webster in San Francisco at 11:00 AM. You announce it and I will be sure to be there.

    Many thugs are paid with tax dollars (Section 8, Welfare etc) so lets cut the BS seriously. It is a crime when a pig kills us but no big deal when we kill each other? Of course I am a concerned citizen because I am not a black who pretends to be black but is really white inside.

    Yes the Cops are mostly assholes and yes the taxpayer’s pay for them mostly (the property owners who are taxed and the citizen’s who pay sales taxes and the victims of parking tickets and moving violations which are nothing more than a tax to generate revenue to keep the pigs working overtime. Which your bitch/fella Dr. Joe Marshall has done nothing as his tenure of the San Francisco Police Commissioner to address) through over the top taxes.

    But I want to see the community express half of the outrage over our young brothers (and sisters) being murdered on the daily. The reason this does not happen is that you can’t excite the “progressive liberal” whites to show up and protest the murderers in our community because they haven’t found a way to get some political traction with it. But if a Pig kills one of ours in the streets every phoney liberal do-gooder shows up to pretend that they give a damn. I’d like to see the Quakers who protest at the Federal buildings by reading the names of the dead iraqi’s and solders do the same at hot-spot dope shots and hoe strolls, but read the names of the people that we all know.

    Come on Davey D, you are a big wheel in the media so put your money where your mouth is and announce to us all where to meet next Saturday so we can protest the black on black, brown on brown, paper white on paper white violence. Why don’t you keep it real and stand up for those of us in the community not as privledged as you are. And did you even check out the link to that video I sent? Is that the kind of behavior that you think is OK because it wasn’t the pigs doing it? Gots to keep our side of the streets clean. So lets start here, some of the names of the Richmond soldiers whos life was taken in vain:

    Raymond Henry Clary
    Kenny Ford
    Maceo and Billy Booth
    Sally Mayne

    Do I need to go on?

  26. well what did you guys exspect? did you exspect a different outcome? this counrty knows the black community is PUNKED OUT and our interest is only on degrading our women and families. there is no justice for us becasue we don’t have a cause to have justice. we are afraid to shead blood for our justice!! we are afraid to go to war but we will go in the armed forces and go over seas to fight people that has done nothing to us!! and what’s going ot happen now we are going to sing and dance carry a few signs, get a PERMIT TO march and then go away this is what they know we are going to do so what is the point!!!! let’s stop the playing and admit we are PUNKED and just shut up and take what they have ALWAYS DONE TO US AS A people. What you think they are going to treat their SLAVES any different? HELL NO, they are not then you have your house niggers that want to keep their position and will keep their mouths shut to stay in th emassa house. it has to be FREEDOM OR DEATH no in between. this is why this country don’t fool with china or any country or people that will fight back and they are now putting our fight in the same box as legalizing GAY rights what does this tell you people??? WAKE UP DAMN!

  27. “The Black man has no rights which the white man is bound to respect.”

    The Dred Scott Decision

    It ain’t never going away until we take it to the streets and give freely to the ultimate sacrifice.

  28. Think about all the upstanding black citizens that helped pave the way for everything the black community has accomplished. Yet the young generation insists on disgracing their honor and hard work. You’re a fool if you think racism will ever be completely abolished. Contributing to it will never solve anything. I promise you, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you. That’s just the way it is. The energy you put out in the world is what you get in return. Whether it’s positive or negative is up to you.


  30. “@e-scribblah: No, I don’t live in Oakland, but how is that relevant? Have you even been to Oakland? I have, as I live 30 minutes away. ”

    J, i live in Oakland. it’s relevant because people who dont even live here have a stereotypical, misinformed view of the city. i notice you dont list where you live–30 minutes away could be Pleasant Hill or Concord, areas not known for racial diversity.

    “I don’t recall saying anything about the verdict itself and whether it was just or not, only that people have made it a race issue from the beginning when it’s not. Any time a black person is wronged by a white person, it’s automatically a race issue. If it’s a white on white or black on black crime, you would care less.”

    hmm, so how would you characterize the judge referencing Barack Obama, or the defense attorney repeatedly playing the race card during the trial? actually, this is an accountability issue which is colored by race. you dont know me, so you can’t say i would care less had OG been white. but there is a historical context here of police brutality against the black community. i think you would have more of a point, however, had all the OG supporters been black or Latino. in actuality, that hasn’t been the case.

    “That’s called reverse racism. Justice is flawed both ways.”

    reverse racism is an oxymoronic term. it doesn’t in fact exist. in the OG case, we have not seen random instances of racial violence directed at whites, so your asertion is just not credible, as it is not based on reality, but speculative assumption. it is true that justice is flawed, but for it to go both ways, it would have to uphold the rights of the oppressed, which it clearly didnt in this case.

    ” Apparently you forgot about the OJ trial. For the record, I was all for OJ getting off. But after seeing his behavior after the fact, I’m not so sure he didn’t do it. Furthermore, you’re under the misconception that your childish retort will actually work on me. Come at me like a civilized adult next time.”

    WTF??? OJ has nothing to do with OG whatsoever, except that both are black. talk about racist perspectives….

    face it J: you’re out of your league even trying to debate with me. prove to me that your education level goes past 4th grade and i might just concede that you are an adult.

    in the meantime, siddown and STFU, because you aint saying nothin’ of relevance whatsoever–just proving that you are among the many ignorant ass-wipes who think they have something to say.

  31. When I heard the verdict, I actually cried and was overwhelmed with emotion, literally sick to my stomach. Knowing all the work that had been done to make sure Johannes Mehserle got some sort of time for his crime, because the verdict was not justice in itself.

    Being that I had just watched the Mark Furman interview on Oprah the day before, I should have expected this. I start to delete the program, but something said just watch it. And when she got to the part of why he denied using the word “nigger” in the OJ case, I immediately thought about the Oscar Grant case.

    The police is a “brotherhood”, he looked up to all the ones before him, and this is the language they use, but he forgot about being taped nine years earlier. My question is how do the African American police feel about this?

    The problem is like the justice system is there is no “justice” system, it is a legal system. The term “justice system” is based on Europeans that made it, which were racist, wealthy, and slave owners.

    The police department was started by Europeans for Europeans that was racists to protect the wealthy and money talked. They have the old teaching the new, how much change can we expect?

    Now that we have cameras, more and more of what has been going on for centuries is being caught and proven, but how can you break up a group of people that work with each other every day & after work? Attorneys & judges are friends, they party together, drink together, sleep together, you name it. The same with police nation wide.

    But we can’t act in a way to give them a reason to make them look down on us in a more negative light. And to have a reason to continue to stop us for no reason. No one has a right to tell us who to associate with. As long as we are law abiding citizens, they have no right to detain us or kill us because they are scared. If you scared you are in the wrong field. We already have too many innocent African Americans serving time right now, because of racist idiot police, prosecutors, and judges, because the state makes money off of us, and we lose the ability to vote. It is a true conspiracy for many states.

    So, if you have to stay homes, get designated drivers, party at home, don’t give them a reason. Don’t lose your voice!!


  32. J says:
    November 6, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Think about all the upstanding black citizens that helped pave the way for everything the black community has accomplished.


    You know what racist whites call those “upstanding black citizens”?

  33. Please tell me this “real Davey D” isn’t the white DJ that was on FM 102 in Sacramento in the ’80s and ’90s. He was annoying.

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  36. @Will: I’m not dismissing the fact that there are racist cops. I’m in total agreement with kenny_b on the issue, and couldn’t have said it better myself. My whole point, however, is about reverse racism in this country — people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton especially. If a white kills a white, it’s acceptable. If a black kills a black, it’s a shame. If a white kills a black, it’s racism. If a black kills a white, it’s justice.

    J, I really shouldn’t reply to you seeing as how you were buried by others because of your typical, tired accuse to blame blacks for supposed “reverse racism” and avoiding the issue at hand because you can’t seem to comprehend or even face the issue here. The bottom line is that you DO dismiss the fact that there are racist cops because your whole point has been about reverse racism.

    What’s even more sad is that you listed two names when you mentioned reverse racism, but never said why. How are they examples of this “reverse racism” you’re crying about? Do you even know what racism is beyond elementary school definitions?

    Also, what are YOU doing to help stop the white-on-white killings? I’m guessing NOT A GOTDAMN THING. The truth is that race in this country matters as to how we respond to who kills who. The media wants all of America to feel sorry when a white girl goes missing or is killed, and there is proof that if anyone kills a white person, chances are they will likely get death. Not so definite when the victims are black. Why? Because America made it so that white people’s lives are more valuable than the lives of anyone else. This whole trial is but one example, but that doesn’t matter as the myth of “reverse racism” is more important.

    I could go on, but it’s futile. J’s already humiliated himself.

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  38. Ignoring a large portion of the facts seems to be standard practice for this case. As a Black man in Oakland, I see the protests of this situation as the single most significant impact upon negative race relations in Oakland. One of the most important facts ignored by ‘supporters’ of Oscar Grant is that their cause has been hijacked by self-serving anarchists throughout the state and even out-of-state. The message, after this third protest that ended in violence and destruction, is that the so-called non-violent intent of protest is merely a cover for the anarchist’s violence message and opportunistic theft. Like it or not, even those who were sympathetic are now disgusted.

  39. there was no violence shea.. and no anarchist.. we interviewed an number of folks who documented and monitored that march.. Had them on the air today.. and on friday and even if it was anarchist.. The police know who they are..

  40. Its not a black and white thing anymore. It is the result of his participation in the masonic lodge that made getting away with murder possible.

    I’m gettin pretty tired of blacks still throwing the race card out there. Don’t you people know what the civil war was faught over? If you answered to end slavery, you’re very wrong.

    It was the opposite. The civil war was faught to make sure that slavery would never end. So, what happened? They changed the requirements for becoming a slave. They made it so that whites, and reds, and browns, and blacks could all be eligible to become a slave. They also changed the name of “slave” to hide the fact that slavery still exists.

    They even made it where you or your parents have to fill out an application in order for you to become a slave. Remember I said they changed the name. Instead of calling a slave “slave” a slave is now known as “citizen”. So, why did they do this?

    Well, because we live in a free country created for freemen and a freeman inherits his rights from his creator, god. Since these rights where inherited they are unaliable and cannot be legally taken away. Our government was created by freemen and thus inherits it’s rights from it’s creator, the people.

    The government cannot control the people, just as a man cannot control god. However, a “citizen” is an entity that was created by government. A citizens rights are given to him by the government, just as a master grants a privelige to his slave. A citizens rights are not unaliable and can now be legally taken away. The same process applies for a master removing a privelige from his slave.

    What about the constitution and the bill-of-rights? The meanings depend on who you are: Are you a “citizen”? If you are, then your constitution and any rights to free speech, free trade, freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness may be suspended or permanently discarded 100% legally, you are a “Slave”. If you are not a citizen, then your constitution and any rights you may have are unailiable and cannot be legally taken from you!

    How do you know if you’re a citizen or not? Did you or you’re parents fill out the application? The application is better known as a “Birth Certificate” or “Naturalization Papers” for those born in other countries.

    Basically, if you have a social security account, you are a slave. No point in arguing for your rights, if you still have any, they may be taken from you at will!

    So, please, if you love freedom and you’re having a child, please, please, please, refuse to sign the birth certificate. Don’t sell your child to the government. Have you ever read the contract written in fine print on your birth certificate.

    It basically says, that your parents agree to tranfer ownership of the property described by whatever your name is over to whatever state you were born in. Since you are now a child owned by the state your parents are granted the privalidge of being your primary caretakers. If you’re parents are deemed as unfit to take proper care of state property, the state has the obligation of finding a suitable household for taking care of it’s property.

    Yes, this means that your parents are assigned to be your legal guardians by the state that owns you. That’s pretty much what CPS is for. Managing the care of the states underage slaves. Don’t want to have to worry about CPS taking your children away? Don’t sign the birth certificate?

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  45. I hate whites because they run almost the whole damn world.
    I hate blacks because they blame everything on the white man.
    I hate Jews because they are greedy as hell.
    I hate Mexicans because they are taking everyone’s jobs.
    I hate Asians because they are smarter then me.
    I hate gays because love should be between a man & a woman but I love lesbians!
    I hate homeless people because they get paid to sit around while I work hard at the job I took from a white man.

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