Michael Eric Dyson Goes off on Obama: Your Message is Unclear-You Should Be More Like George Bush

Professor Michael Eric Dyson goes in on President Obama..He hasn’t been feeling the prez for a minute.. Him and Cornel West stomped for him early on only to be cut off and discarded just before the inauguration. He did this commentary the other night. See if you agree.


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43 comments on “Michael Eric Dyson Goes off on Obama: Your Message is Unclear-You Should Be More Like George Bush

  1. Real Brother here.

    Wrong[and Stupid]. First of all Eric Micheal Dyson, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley and every other Black Idiot who was afraid to stand with President Obama until after he won the nomination because they all thought he would lose because he didn’t appear to worship and love White people enough. Then after swearing up and down he couldn’t win the election unless he made Hillary his VP[a Dumb claim they continue to make] now have some advice? And that’s after refusing to tell the damn truth that White Racists oppose President Obama for one reason and one reason only and that’s the fact that he’s Black.

    These Black Idiots have some serious nerve afraid to take these White Racists to task but yet will blame President Obama for not explaining to Stupid Idiots that should KNOW why White Racists are able to rally behind destroying a Black President. What about Racism is President Obama supposed to explain to these DUMMIES?

    Shut yo Dumb Black Sellout azzes up and protect this man from them Damn Racists before they send all of us back to the 18th Century.


  3. Interesting, However I do not agree with you Mr. Dyson. I remember when Brotha Malcolm once said; “eigther it wil be the ballet or the bullet”! I believe it was the idealism of non violence and the ballet that prevailed! I also believe moderates and progressives have always held themselves to a higher standard civility because of their intellect! That rage these Tea Party folks display is savagery like wild animals protecting their kill (this land of the natives)! These people are masters of hipocracy. It is a part of their psycological weaponry. They once called the natives savages and Indian givers after it was they who took war with the very people who extended a welcome and fed them.

    Vincent Edwards
    I know I am in know way giving you a history lesson, however, it seems as if many of us are expecting for President Obama to act to our clouded judgement. We need him to LIVE! The agressive alternative other than the masterful way he plays politics would be litteral SUICIDE! He is the head of the Executive body of government in the United States of America! The thought of that makes me tear up! A long way from the excitement of having the opportunity just to be the first to give his life for a freedom one like a Chrispus Attucks knowingly would never see!

    The Tea Party did not began with the new House Speaker Boener! However, Boener and the Sarah Pailins of the world are clever enough to know they can capitalize off the ignrance of a pathedic lost group of poor uneducated whites that wealthy whites have justified their violent and murderous crimes with false propaganda for centuries! These poor uneducated whites have always been here. They did not leave after the Civil Rights Act! They have just been merely supressed by the evolution of the educated whites and their corporate masters since!

    I say to the so called progressives, It is us, not he, that should unite and pool our small dollars together to provide the purchasing power of advertisement conglomerates much like Fox News to spread the message of pogrssives! We need to purchase the media airwaves to put on progressive programing much like the corprate conservatives. You see, I believe Mr. Dyson, his narrative is clear! We just have not provided him with a army that has the econimic resources to offer trade, services and goods to challenge and force the corporate masters of poor whites to listen, debate with civility, work together, not be so filled with greed to out source jobs from Americans and to STAND THE FUCK DOWN!

  4. @ Vincent Edwards, I think you mean ‘ballot’ not ‘ballet’ unless you’re indicating that Obama has been figuratively dancing around issues like a ballet dancer.

    The whole “pool our resources and sustain ourselves…” mentality has been around for decades yet there are so few black people who actually do it. Look in your own neighborhoods and ask yourself “how many black owned businesses are there that provide our needs versus our wants?” I’m talking about gas stations, banks, grocery stores, department stores, etc. Yet our neighborhoods have plenty of barber shops, nail salons, liquor stores and ridiculous recording studios. Too many of us have misguided ambition and until a true movement is in place that shows people the importance of focusing on needs over wants real progress will never be made.

  5. Let’s take the obvious out of the equation. We know these Tea Party cats are racists, we know Obama doesn’t speak to the issues of minorities like he did in his days prior to running for office. At the end of the day, I’m seeing alot of people out here struggling & scared. I & many others don’t care who started/inherited this “mess”, we just want to see something done.

    There is no faith in this new Republican controlled House, just like there would have been no faith in a Democratic Congress (if they retained control). If Obama claims he’s nit concerned about re-election, then he needs to stick his neck out on issues that matter.

    What should he do? I don’t know, most of us don’t, but many of us, his supporters, feel let down, the same way we would no matter who was in office.

  6. Ditto to TONE!!! Speak on it, Homie!

    Truth be told, Obama has done esxactly what Bush wanted to do: (i.e. signed the FISA bill. into law….sent more troops to the Middle East…..signed the Preventative Detention bill…..bailed out the rich (Wall St.)….supported offshore drilling….etc.).

    Not to mention that he was able to get an immense amount of “black/brown” support in an increasingly “browning” nation. But the agenda never “changed”.

    You don’t turn a ship around by steering it in the same direction, and unfortunately, this is what this President has done. A LOT of Black people don’t want to acknowledge because they just want to see the Black man succeed. I get that. But truth is truth; and the truth of the matter is that things have only “changed” for the worse.

    But like TONE said, if a white man would have done these things, we would be up in arms!

  7. The biggest piece of advice that Obama could take from Michael Eric Dyson’s commentary is: “Tell the truth about what you represent.”

  8. TO TONE:

    Real Brother her.

    You got damn RIGHT you’re a Sellout if you don’t support the continued existence health and survival of the Black Race and Culture and of Blacks to enjoy the same rights under the U.S. Constitution as the White Racists trying to kick us back to the 1800’s do.

    President Obama by beating these White Racists and Supremacists dispelled a 450 years held MYTH that Whites are Superior and Blacks are Inferior. Blacks couldn’t ask for anything more then to have this vale of being inferior LIFTED. That Black Sellouts and Idiots like Dyson and Cosby and Dr. West and Tavis Smiliey wanted a Black President to reinforce the belief that Blacks are inferior as opposed to dispelling the MYTH makes them Sellouts. Why in the HELL would any Black Idiot want a Black President to fail even if that failure meant Black Idiots get more Welfare? The Black President being destroyed by White Racists is far more damaging to Black people then you STUPID AZZ IDIOTS getting free Government cheese. I reiterate SHUT UP and support this Black man before these White Racists send your DUMB AZZES[and me] back to the 1800’s.


  9. The problem I have with individuals like West and Dyson are that they are quick to comment on Black issues, yet they are professors at Historically White Colleges and Universities (HWCU) that have low Black enrollment. Further, individuals like them are quick to tell everyone else what needs to be done, but what have they really done for the community in terms of tangible progress. I recall during the John Salley Morning Radio Show in L.A. that a local community activist challenged Dyson by asking him to discuss to the audience what has he done for the community. Specifically, has he rolled up his sleeves and let his actions rather than words (and his constant media and book whoring) do the talking. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for Dyson to reply, but giving his reputation for always having something to say, he did not offer a rebuttal. Also, is it me or does it seem that all of this Black professors are having a little temper tantrum because no one is listening to them. Come on now, just because you have a doctoral degree and sit in HWCU that most Blacks could not get into (be it financial or grade-wise), does not make you the God or spokesperson for the Black community. They need to get off their high horse, have a little more humility and maybe get more involved in the Black community from the ground level and not from the Ivy towers. As such, Obama would problem do better seeking the advise from those in the trenches rather than from the so-called academic and liberal elites.

  10. this cats message to me though unclear is “speak effectivley so if i get on enuufff media programs maybe IIII could be a better president since im more articulate””but thats still unclear..lol

  11. In this amer. we are faced with the spector of Niglet puppets. All the professional negroes most of you mentioned have one thing in common,they have been allowed to voice their thoughts on a nation wide scale. What they have in common is the following,they are all supported and to some extent depended on white econmic powers. Obama is a weak scared negroe,who is controlled by Corp interest and the Jewish lobby.
    What all of you seem to miss is the following,white racism has never stopped it just keeps mutating into new forms.There is no differents in either of the political parties.They constantly play people back and forth each election. I called this the “TWEEDLE,DEE,TWEEDLE DUMB principle. It comes down to the devil you know versues the devil you think you know.Either way Afrikan folk are getting fucked,big time.
    What you all are missing is the dounut,cuz you focus on the hole instead.
    This nation is running toward a serious revolution,it was started about 20yrs ago by the Aryan nations and the Order,who laid out the blue print in the book”THE TURNER DIARIES”.IF you don’t know about any of this stuff,it just proves my point about how factually out of touch so many of you are.
    Back in my college days in the 70’s at Howard Univ, I came across a book entitled “WHO NEEDS THE NEGROE”. It’s premise,in the near future, regardless of the degrees blks might have or their skills,they would be in compatitions with whites for these positions. At the time I tried to dismiss this as just so much right wing bullshit,well I was wrong as we see.It matters not whether you agree with me,cuz events around us will prove my point.
    As so many of you contiune to debate silly character bullshit about these media clowns,right wing fascist with the support of NEGROBOTIC CLONES,are moving forward toward their goal of the final solution regarding Afrikans and people of color in this fucked up in sane nation.Remember I told ya so the next time you watch, Obama’s weak attempts at placating insane crackers and not having the nerve to ever speak the truth to power.
    Ask yourself this question if you were him and didn’t care about getting reelected,wouldn’t this be your time to really start kicking asses and taking no prisoners?Wouldn’t you now really start showing what you were made of and not taking any shit from any of these vampire crackers whether on his team or the oppostions?

  12. Valid point Dyson is making is you have to cater to a mass populace that willingly only accepts sound bites…an elevator speech if you will. That’s why the mantra “smaller government, less taxes” is so effective. Quick and to the point, and more importantly, consistent! What is our President’s/progressive’s “elevator speech”??

  13. True on some points – PO has to put a stake in the sand…everybody is not going to love you Mr. President, you are going to piss SOMEBODY off, deal with it. However, I don’t agree that PO should solely focus on what he’s done for minorities, nor do I think that would’ve caused more of us (or those who didn’t) to vote. In fact, it would’ve even more energized tea party ppls. The tea party HAS been paying attention – they SAW that holes were being filled and foundational improvement were being made..and the thought of losing sole ownership of wealth was enough to cause them to unite and engage….I say this, I think PO knows this is chess, not checkers and MED needs to recognize that, but it is time to move from defense to offense. Think of it this way..you run the ball to create play action pass…if they can’t stop the run you keep running…once they put 8 in a box and the safeties start cheating, BAMMMM – the tea party movement was putting 8 in a box, time to go long

  14. People are naive to think that leverage is able to change immediately. Things have to get grounded and catch momentum and the results of that momentum will garner results in time.

    It’s like going to the gym and putting some weights on the bench and doing a set of reps for the first time and thinking after you leave the gym you will be in ideal shape. So it’s almost impossible to see immediate results directly after new policy ist in place.

    To top it off people aren’t really riding with policies that will get the necessary momentum that can eventually give them some leverage and eventually undo what’s been done by by previous administrations.

    The right uses transformational vocabulary and fear to trick poor whites and racist whites who would actually benefit from the current administrations policies. But the right wing doesn’t want the effects of this administrations policies to get rooted and catch momentum and show positive effects.

    They want to stop them in the tracks and change the momentum back before they are able to resonate. In the meantime while new polices haven’t got rooted and garnered momentum, the people who aren’t keen on how the “current” functions expect something immediate, and universal law just doesn’t work that way.

    You must first sow the seed and then water and nurture it, and only then will you reap the fruit when it’s time to harvest.

    People that are complaining that Obama hasn’t done enough haven’t recognized the things that he’s done that at least tilt the momentum in our favor so we can push it and take it where it needs to go. People can say he’s done little but when the right controls the tide you’ll wish you supported the things that at least gave us something to work with. When that window closes shoulda woulda coulda isn’t going to help you.


  15. Basically, it’s the people (fragmented) vs. the corporations (including foreign). Couple that with the non-interest in the midterms and you have an officially bought & paid for House of Reps (which are mainly white districts). It flies in the face of logic, but we have HIStory chock full of stuff!

    It’s a toxic stew of hypocrisy, greed, and “recessive” attitudes. Looking at the structure of govt. power, Obama has a handful of BS to deal with. Yeah, he could stick his neck out to channel the original rebel (executive orders), but with watered-down liberals, nutty teabaggers, and a populace stuck on “peculiar”, that’s next to impossible.

    Knowing how these politics are, those executive orders would get struck down when he left…that amounts to nothing! I’m surprised he got what he did during the past 2 years (whether good or bad). As far as channeling Bush…LMAO! I rather he channel Dr. Frakenstein and build an army full of “marxists”…

  16. Real Brother here.

    A lot of Back Idiots still want to blame President Obama for not being White enough to please White Racists and not Black enough to please Black fools who think he should give them more welfare. The bottom line is no matter how STUPID you are you have to pool behind President Obama NO MATTER WHAT because we may NEVER get another chance. For better or worse Racists will use a Black Presidents failure against us. If we as Blacks can suck it up for six more years then we’ll be home free. These Racist Idiots will have their White President back and they can feel superior again.

  17. Well actually Real brother……Barack was the one keeping his distance from THEM in order not to offend his white fans. Remember…. he didn’t show up at Tavis’s convention but offer to send his WIFE.

  18. @Talktalk

    Real Brother here.

    Like I originally said I do NOT blame President Obama for not believing that he couldn’t win the election or he couldn’t run the Country because he’s Black. The Idiots like Tavis Smiley and them didn’t think he could win so they wanted him to act like a fool and scream Black Power to make his run for President a Political Statement and not an actual campaign that he can win. Of course now that he won all these Idiots who would have made sure he didn’t win expect something and its stupid. Barack Obama dispelled the myth that Whites are Superior and that’s all we could as for him to do.
    We can’t mess that up now. He won that was the hard part keeping White Racists from killing him should be easy.


  19. Here here on Obama having to be more like Bush. A lot of people have been saying that since it became evident he was getting pushed around by Republicans, early in his presidency. He got 70 million votes, and he acts like he’s on some kind of probation. 70 million is a mandate. He ran on “change”, he won big…..so CHANGE THINGS! And if Republicans and their pit bulls in the media don’t like it, remind them why you were elected and just how many people voted for you. Tell them you’re doing what the people want. All Obama has done the past 2 years is basically be as progressive as Republicans allow him to be. And, of course, he lost the congress. Shows what you get for appeasing Republicans.

    Also noteworthy, Howard Dean took over as Democratic National Committee chair, imposed the 50 state plan, finding where the progressives are hiding in EVERY state, even the ones that Democrats are told they can’t win. What ensued was a takeover of the congress and senate in ’06, additional gains in the house and senate in ’08, and the presidency. Howard Dean stepped down shortly after the ’08 election. First election after Dean’s resignation, Democrats lose the house. Just a thought.

  20. Can someone please give Realbrother a “real” hug? -LOL

    So, we all know that its nice to see a black face in the President seat. But honestly, what has he done; specifically for the community that admantly and unquestioningly supports and defends him with the same vitriol as Realbrother???

    I mean, isn’t unemployment/underemployment still up and highest in the black communities. Aren’t black men/boys still getting shot in the back…..even in Chicago (the Prez’ hometown). Aren’t brown/black people being killed in mass numbers in Africa and the Middle East??? Aren’t black kids still the biggest victims of broken schools??? Don’t we need more than just a black face in the President seat???

    It doesn’t take long to do right. So, what has been done by the Black president to bring balance to an imbalanced nation???????


  21. Obama I think made one big mistake by avoiding “hooking us up”. He should have left health care alone, nobody is happy with the new bill in it’s entirety. Not even Barack. He wanted to take on a colorblind social issue, and all it’s done is give fuel to his opposition and leave his friends feeling cheated.

    What I would have liked to see him do is increase college grant money to low and moderate income families to the peak levels he could get away with. An education stimlus, if you will. Our people get college degrees, they will get jobs that have decent insurance. This isn’t Africa. We don’t need more cheap clinics, we need people with the potential to be college graduates becoming college graduates.

    Obama could have showed some just favor. I understand he had to be ambiguous to even become president, but once in he could have quietly but the focus where it helped us. What could the Tea Party say. He’s giving kids with good grades and working parents college money. You want to build a case against him on that. Really.

  22. A true leader should never have to be ambiguous. Doing so is called being a”politician”, and the greatest and most necessary changes never came by way of politicians. Never!

    The fact of the matter is that Obama is a “politician”; a true leader speaks the truth and seeks equality and balance for all. Politicians work on behalf of a few (which is why Wall St. is the only one who has been bailed out thus far).

    Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus (if you want to take the religions approach), Buddha, Harriet Tubman, and Ida B. Wells (to name a few) were leaders who brought profound change, and NONE of them were politicians. Two great leaders who later became politicans – Mandela and Toussaint L’Ouverture – were actually more effective BEFORE they entered into politics.

    Moral of the story: A politician is a politician. And the one who raises the most money wins.

  23. I agree with Real Brother 100%. No real populist rage, that’s a lie fox/news makes relevant with 24/7 bullshit. Obama message was clear, itz just republican obstructionism that obscures it. You dont run a Black campaign on Race and Class, the White folks get to do that. Gridlock and lockjams will continue, the republicans deliberately chose to slow down the White House. Look at all the judges and other personnel they prevent from being appointed. Credibility from republicans is a joke.

    Most cowards speak against Obama, most havent even voted. The real reason Obama Dems lost the midterms STUPID, you dumbasses didnt get out and vote. If you didnt vote, I mean U., no whining about my vote doesnt matter. A whole lot of jackasses like you lost the midterms for the Dems. Get registered and vote from the comfort of your home with a ballot-by-mail. No excuse not to vote. And for those that say, “we should vote for Obama because he’s Black?”

    As to that question, Just Vote Stupid. The 14th and 15th amendments were for you; 1965 voting rights act was for you. Men, women, children and babies died trying to get you those rights and privileges afforded all citizens of the United States of America; least you could do is honor them by voting, taking part in the Democratic process, regardless of how you vote. Catch me on Twitter @Soulful1 . holla

  24. Real Brother here.


    See I’ve seen this kinda’ Black Idiot before. Scared to death that he will have to get off his DUMB azz and do something because the excuse that he can’t do nothing because the Black President didn’t give him enough Welfare won’t apply anymore. There is only one reason why you can’t see what President Obama has done for you Dumb Azz by just getting elected and that’s because you’re STUPID.

    There was a little MYTH that has been in effect in this Country for 450 years that Blacks are inferior and this MYTH was strengthened by the FACT that never had there been a Black President. By dispelling that MYTH Black Idiots no longer have to believe that we have to kill someone else Black to be somebody. If you’ve been in bondage for 450 years and you had ONE WISH would you really wish for a New Car and a big screen TV?

    No if you were in PRISON and your STUPID AZZ had ONE WISH you would ask TO BE FREE[Stupid] President Obama FREED YOUR DUMB AZZ and you want to criticize him and join the Racists trying to kill him?” Why do you think White people want to Kill him if he isn’t doing anything for you DUMB azz? You think the White Racist LOVES you[STUPID]?

    Stop being stupid and protect this Black man who FREED your STUPID AZZ before you have to do another 450 years of bondage you freakin’ IDIOT.

  25. Why don’t guts like this run for elected offices themselves and try to make the difference they want others to make since they are so passionate about the issues and so quick to tell others how to do their job? Is it just lip service and a way to get attention to sell book, get viewers, etc. or do they really care?

  26. Real Brother, you haven’t answered MY question. I can therefore assumed that you either missed it or chose to ignore it.

    In any case the first sentence of your reply with Tungz is disturbing. In fact your whole rants are frightening. You just typed what most whites think and feel when it comes to blacks, and to rub salt on the wound, you call them black idiots especially if they don’t agree with your thoughts. It shows symptoms of the colonized mind where the oppressed takes on the minds of the oppressor. Plus, you go so far as to call the man stupid in capitalized letters. Come on, man.

    Also, what exactly has Obama done that deserves support from the black community? Sure, it was a great night two years ago when he won the election, and yes, it was a great day watching him get sworn into office, but that was the only “change” we saw.

    This myth of black inferiority has not gone away, it remained and, in some cases, strengthened. The fact that we have the first (half) black man in office doesn’t dispell that myth or any other myths. If it was not true, then why are the Tea Baggers still marching around in resentment because of some bizarre, racist fears? Why have Fox News cohorts tried everything they can to make Obama look as evil or as inadequate as possible? There are mounds of evidence that prove that the myth is still strong and other demoralizing myths are surfacing, and you are contributing to that myth.

    How exactly did Obama free…anybody? We have a high number of black men in women in prison largely due to nonviolent drug offenses. Oh! I forgot, they’re in prison because they simply broke the law and are committing the most crimes in this nation. That has to be the reason, right real brother? (SMH)

    And just because there are blacks that don’t support him doesn’t mean they side with racists. That’s an erroneous absolute brought on by anger fueled by the inability to accept differences. In other words what you’re saying is just plain stupid. All you’re summizing is that blacks should support Obama and shut up. It’s just like a conservative commentator saying that people should just support and love America and shut up.

    Truth be told, I don’t support conservatives OR liberals in the political arena because in the end politics isn’t about community service, it’s just business. In the end the rich stay rich and get richer and the poor are still in poverty no batter which party is in office. Period. Should we blindly follow someone in office or in any position of power who, in the end, have done nothing to effect the kind of change needed to save their communities or nations? Should we just believe that the only faults lie in the people and ignore the faults within the complex machinations of society?

    Real brother, do yourself a favor and think about what was said instead of calling them black idiots or stupid. You look like a troll in this forum, a trolled served by a REAL BROTHER.


  27. I’m going to have to co-sign w/ Soulful1 and Realbrother.

    What a lot of folks are asking for amounts to Pres.Obama issuing executive orders on various issues. The trouble with that logic can be summed up to politics and we should all (hopefully) know how that works out. If he were a dictator, sure thing…I’m all for it. That’s not the case in the US, especially when you have so many fence-sitters and an opposition near the size of his supporters. You got checks and balances AKA the Courts and legislature.

    To summarize, look at the make-up of those 2 options as far as political leanings and then revisit the question of why POTUS can’t/won’t do this or that. I’m sure he’s thought similar, or we wouldn’t even have this discussion. Sure, you can bring up history’s examples of change-makers, but even they had assistance. Look how long it took for the Civil Rights Movement to take shape and enact change…it wasn’t 24 months if my memory of history is concerned. Otherwise, prepare for the long haul!

  28. I don’t really understand where Real Brother is coming from. Not only do you have a revised version of history but your reasoning seems flawed. It kills me when folks want to make Obama into some sort of a revolutionary or freedom fighter when he’s clearly a politician. Why do we feel the need to paint him blacker than he is? He didn’t ride into the WH on some black power tip. Yet you credit him with being the savior of black folks and declaring any black person who strays from his way of thinking a sell-out. If I remember correctly, Dyson was one of Obama’s earliest supporters but Obama was the one afraid to take whites to task and embrace his staunchest supporters (black folks) publicly. He avoided Smiley’s forum because HE was afraid of how it would look to white supporters giving an ear to black issues.

    Real Brother, history doesn’t support your claims and your reasoning is void of any real logic. How can you tell a whole constituency to shut up and not have an opinion for six more years and if we do that magically we’ll all be saved by Obama because somehow we will no longer look inferior. Meanwhile we suffer through the highest unemployment rates and the worst living conditions and highest incarceration rates with no indication from the WH that we are even on the radar and when we look to the president for solutions you call it welfare. Yet you call anyone whose educated and speaks out in defense of the disenfrancised stupid. Any real point you may have gets lost in all the name calling. For the most part your arguements are hard to follow and remind me of the character in prison Damon Wayons played on In Living Color.

  29. @getagrip…

    that was necessary but hilarious. honest intelligence kills stuperiority every sunday. we need to realize that this political machine of democrats an republicans no longer represent us. not just us but whites an whoever else. i have voted since i was able an the only satisfaction came from feeling important cause my vote counted. im older now an i can honestly say that ive never been satisfied. never. can any one of you think of a time when your alderman, councilman, or even senater has done right by your city or state? did they ever make you proud you voted them in? or has it just been one scandel after another?

  30. @ Keef
    I appreciate the love and I completely understand your point. I too have been voting since I was 18 and have continued to see our condition get worse regardless of who we put in office. I seriously considered sitting this one out. If it weren’t for some referendums I felt I needed to support I would have. My congresswoman was caught breaking off scholarship money designed to help the community to her own family. But the guy that ran against her was a complete nut. That meant I had to vote not for her but against him. Once again my only choices were the lesser of two evils.

    At this point, I don’t subscribe to the idea that voting is the answer. I used to want to respect the ancestors that died for the right. But their fight was for freedom and justice, not just the right to punch a ballot. These politicians, (Pres Obama included) don’t respect your vote. What they really respect is your power. He respects your ability to send him back to Chicago after one term. He and other democrats won’t respect the black community because he will never have to work for your vote. 95% will vote for him automatically. Organizing a strong movement that will kick these politicians to the curb when they crap on and ignore the people is our only hope for real change.

  31. Real Brother here.

    A lot of Black Idiots who don’t get it and still don’t believe that a Black man was elected President so they’ve justified it in their hollow minds that the Black President hasn’t “done anything” for them personally. Do you DUMMIES know what these Racists have in store for your STUPID azzes if you let them destroy President Obama? I know you’ll feel better because your life long belief that your own Race and Culture is inferior will be realized but still its DUMB. Those Racists will make your lives even more miserable then they are now if you let them get to Obama.

    The one Stupid Idiot asked me again what Obama has done for Blacks and he’s obviously as dumb as a doorknob because I told him that by PROVING that Whites are NOT SUPERIOR to us he freed us. He did the biggest favor he can do for us. But see DUMB Black Idiots don’t want to be free they’re scared to death of being free and the love White folks. White folks hate Obama[gives their silly azzes fits] and these good Slave azz Negroes hate it when their Masters aren’t happy.

    Another Nut thinks Obama’s not Black because he ain’t saggin. No what you see from Obama is a Real Brother. His fathers Black he’s Black. There is no such thing as 1/2 Black don’t make up no nonsense to make you feel better about thinking your Race is inferior. Grow up. Finally, you DUMMIES are betting against the President out of fear and being raised by your mothers. Oh another Black Idiot said that I support Obama because he’s Black and to that I say you Self-hating Idiots who think Whites are Superior and wish you were White don’t support him because he’s Black and that’s worse.

  32. Getagrip, I can subscribe to Realbrother’s thinking as to us as American Black Race so far as standing up for and refraining from rhetoric that put him down for any effort or attrempt to straiighten up the mess that President Bush and our Congress got us into.
    I feel like pukeing when I seeing poor people, especially Black people, standing in front of a Nazi symbol or pic of Hitler with blood red lips saying Mr. Obama, i am disappointed with you, and I want my country back. They you never had it in the first place. This leads to arrogance like parading with assult weapons at political rallies. Is this something new or have I been missing something all these years.
    Your comment “At this point, I don’t subscribe to the idea that voting is the answer. I used to want to respect the ancestors that died for the right. But their fight was for freedom and justice, not just the right to punch a ballot.” in my estimation, is very harmful. This says to that you, and perhaps many others, do not see that without the VOTE there will never be “freedom and justice”. These would work if the poor and middle class would use it. Admittedly, with our two Supreme Court decisions: (1) giving Bush the Presidency in 2000, and (2) allowing coorpations to contribute to elections as though individuals our democratic system tilted to where America will have no more middle income or class of people. I think Dyson could have been a bit more selective, and if Obama fail as meny wish, Lord please let him fail honorably not llike Bush who misled our country down many paths to enrich himself and big business friends.

  33. Real Brother here.


    Thank you Ted because so many Blacks have grown up in some of the worst conditions imaginable all because of the belief that Blacks are inferior and Whites are Superior.Finally that myth is dispelled and the very Black Idiots who stand to gain the MOST from it want to destroy that man? Its silly. We must rally behind him we can’t just assume that Whites are Superior so they’ll win. Whites want to take credit for President Obama but he made it because of his belief in himself and not White folks or these Black Idiots like Dyson. I’ve written a brilliant Blog on why the Dallas Cowboys should Hire a Black Coach check it out: http://wp.me/p18LGX-2U

  34. Pingback: 12 Beefs We Should Remember from 2010 « Davey D's Hip Hop Corner-(The Blog)

  35. Sad to that say as bad as Obama is doing,the alternative is nightmarishly worse.Republicans sold this country to China,Tywann,the Plillipians,Korea,Japan and Mexico. Teapartiers want to take the country back(Klan in disguise). Who are they taking it back from?Obama should have focused on the ECONOMY1st,education 2nd, and the criminal “injustice” system in a country that incarcerates more of its citizens than 3rd world countries.The system is broken. It’s time for an American Spring Revolution because no one is doing what is best for the general populance.Obama should have used his Democratic majority ,when he had it ,to put his programs in place and to hell with the Republicans and their tax cuts to the rich that were in place when we damn near went into a Great Depression.The Republicans insanely want to give us more of the same.He missed a real opportunity to prove that the CHANGE he preached so eloquently would actually work. When the HNIC fails to lead boldly(trying to please everybody) and his policies fail,he gets the boot like any other CEO whether he’s white,black,green or purple.The frightening thing is unless we have a real revolution like the one in Egypt and Lybia 10% of the people will continue to controll 90% of the wealth.Which means there is no real democracy because “he who has the gold makes the rules”.

  36. Real Brother here.

    Nonsense. Obama didn’t miss a damn thing. Obama would be criticized by fake Black Nationalists who think God and Allah are White and White Racists and Supremacists no matter what he did. Americans need affordable Health Care that industry is the number one employer of Black women. You want jobs then let Obama provide affordable Health Care to 50 million Americans there’s your jobs. As for that LIE that he’s failed somehow? Stop it. Obama ended the 450 years held myth that Blacks are inferior. Man up and help him.


  37. In a room fully of clowns, each one stands to dance his jig and pt his finger at ghost,host and myths they choice to use in defense of their own impotent understandings of what really haunts their thoughts. No hope, for dopes who continue to play the game and wonder why its always the same.So who do we blame for things staying the same as we sit on the sidelines of HIS story?

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