Michael Eric Dyson Goes off on Obama: Your Message is Unclear-You Should Be More Like George Bush

Professor Michael Eric Dyson goes in on President Obama..He hasn’t been feeling the prez for a minute.. Him and Cornel West stomped for him early on only to be cut off and discarded just before the inauguration. He did this commentary the other night. See if you agree.


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A Historic Day in San Francisco-Over a Million People Showed their Love for the Giants

The mood on this Historic Day in San Francisco was incredible well over a million people came out to the Civic Center and Market street and showed their true colors

This sign says it all..

Notice my man has an Oakland A's hat..But he put on his orange vest and was slinging papers..

Yep everyone got in the act..notice the Oakland Raider Colors but the SF Giant Logo and spirit-This was a Bay thing indeed

SF Pandas Overlooking the crowd

u can peep the entire photo album HERE


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